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Katherine's creampied 70something pussy Katherine's creampied 70something vagina When this scene opens, 71-year-old mother and grandmother Katherine Merlot is going over some house plans with Tony. She's wearing a tight, blue dress that shows a lot of cleavage. She's tiny with her creamy skin and red hair.I thought there were a few other options we could explore before I make a decision, she tells him, grabbing his tie. But she's not interested in cabinet colors, and she makes that obvious by climbing onto the desk, spreading her legs and rubbing her vagina through her panties. I prefer something much more horny than cooking. Do you like older women Do you like older vagina Ooooh, baby, do you like that nice, mature, juicy vaginaHe obviously does. She obviously loves having it fingered. And fucked. And creampied. Katherine's actions here might seem unusual, but they really aren't, at least for women over-50. Girls in their 20s would rarely be as sexually aggressive as Katherine is here, going after Tony's 33-year-old cock and talking dirty, referring to her vagina as her vagina. But that's part of the beauty of mature women. They don't beat around the bush. Actually, Katherine doesn't have a bush. She shaves her bush. But you get the point.See More of Katherine Merlot at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Sheri fox - paddle that pussy! shave that pussy! have sex that pussy! Paddle that kitty! Shave that kitty! have intercourse that kitty! Sheri Fox takes her long, excited red hair and large boobs to a bathroom, where she gets her boobs out of a Latex dress in a hurry. Actually, her boobs are never really in the dress, which is lovely for Sheri because she loves to pinch her nipples, and doing so is a lot easier when they're not covered.Judging by Sheri's loud moans of delight, she's enjoying herself. Sheri, who's 52 and from Central Florida, is one of those women who can enjoy herself when she's with a man or by herself.In this video, we get some great angles of Sheri's large boobs and some very intimate looks at her funkily pierced kitty. Then we get to see her paddle her kitty, which is something you don't see too often. She slides the edge of the paddle between her kitty lips, she moans louder, then she slaps her kitty harder.At around 15 minutes, Sheri grabs a canister of shaving gel and applies it to her kitty mound. She makes a real mess with that cream and shaves off what's left of her red kitty hair. When she's done, she washes it off then grabs a black dildo and fucks her kitty hard.What happens next She cums. You cum. And if you don't, you just might be dead.See More of Sheri Fox at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Busty kitten Busty Kitten Before kitty charming slips out of her tight top and skirt, she has a quick chat with our photographer. kitty likes to sing, dance and travel. She wants to visit Mexico and enjoys reading and watching TV shows about the country and its people. kitty loves being a model and wants to become a professional makeup artist. Romanian girls like to be romanced and expect guys to be romantic in their approach. After all, Romania is the land of romance. kitty loves getting flowers and chocolate. She expects a guy to be a gentleman and to pull out chairs for herkitty has a smooth and easy way about her when she gets undressed and gets her great, natural breasts out. She has a great smile, and her bedroom-eyes open wide as she jiggles her tits and claps them together. To make herself purr, kitty runs her hand through her bush-covered vagina and rubs quickly, her fingers a blur.See More of kitty charming at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Marina's ass, kitty and jewelry show Marina's ass, kitty and jewelry show The last time we saw Marina Rene, this 49-year-old MILF was make love two guys. They were taking turns on her make love holes and making her multi-pierced kitty (there's a lot of jewelry on that kitty of hers) jingle. When Marina's kitty jingles, appealing things happen.And, yes, her kitty does jingle in the video version of this scene, but that's because Marina makes it jingle. She isn't with a guy. She's by herself and proving that even if there aren't any cocks around, she's a no-holes-barred kind of woman.Marina is from Germany. She's a blonde. Her nipples are pierced, too. She's a mom. She has large breasts and a large ass, and you're going to get large views of both.Those who don't know me are surprised when I take off my underwear, said Marina, who also goes by the last name Montana. That's because Marina's kitty jewelry is so large. It stretches out her kitty lips, but don't worry. 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