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Magdalene's creampied cunt Magdalene's creampied cunt Born in Malta, raised in England, now living in Los Angeles, California, pretty and horny Magdalene St. Michaels makes her have intercourse on-camera debut by taking a creampie in her tight, puffy cunt. Magdalene is 54 years old and says, I'm proud of it. She should be. She has a body any woman in the world would envy.As it turns out, although Magdalene doesn't envy other women, she does have a thing for cunt as well as dick, and she loves heavy tits. When we mentioned that she looks like 1970s/'80s porn MILF Kay Parker, she told us she'd been told that before and added, I remember pleasure myself to her.Magdalene is 5'8, 144 pounds. She's married (and has been so for 16 years) with no children. She has the kind of looks that can make a grown man swoon and a much-younger man massive as a rock. And did we mention that she loves giving sucs jobs Of course she does.Here, Magdalene gently takes Al's dick out of his pants and applies suction. Like the best sucs job-givers we've seen, Magdalene doesn't merely suc the dick or try to inhale it. She makes love to it. So, by the time that dick gets inside Magdalene's cunt, it's rock-massive and ready to have intercourse her massive. And cumshot inside her cunt. Yep, a creampie. She deserves every sticky drop. See More of Magdalene St Michaels at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Creampied kitty Creampied vagina My boyfriend snuck me into his room, but he had to leave to go do some chores. I was really looking forward to make love and I couldn't wait for him. I was too horny! So I decided to rub one out in his room. It was so libidinous because I've never masturbated anywhere except my room. I found one of his dirty magazines and fingered myself while looking at it. By the time he got back, my vagina was sweet and wet for him. It feels beautiful to finger myself, but nothing compares to my boyfriend's tool in my vagina. See More of Zoey Kush at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Barefoot, have sexual intercourse and creampied Barefoot, make love and creampied Some guys like women all done up in a fancy dress, garters, stockings and fuck-me pumps. And some guys like women totally naked from head to toe. That's 51-year-old Missy Thompson in this, her first cruelcore video. Barefoot and make love. Nothing to hide, proud cougar that she is. At one point, she gets her legs all the way back with the soles of her feet pointing to the ceiling so the stud can get his cock balls deep in her pussy.have intercourse me crueler! Missy says before the stud cums in and out of her cunt (hey, sometimes it's cruel for a guy to control himself). Then she turns over and plays with her cum-filled pussy for all of us to see.It feels fuckin' good, she says.Missy is from Alabama, and you know what they say about Southern belles, how they're proper and demure Well, Missy ain't, and she isn't afraid to make the first move on a guy.I let my body and smile take care of my part, said Missy, whose boobs are triple-Ds. His cruel cock will take care of his part.That's all she needs.See More of Missy Thompson at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Creampied mom Creampied Mom My son drove me to the airport for my shoot, Stacie Starr said. He's home babysitting for me while I'm here.Wow! Her son drove his mom to a porn shoot to make love strangers Stacie is a 40something hottie with big breasts who lives in Florida. She's done a lot of different jobs. She was an Army specialist for three years, a customer service manager and a probation counselor. Then she got into porn and webcamming. Mature women have been popular in porn for decades but never more popular than now. Hundreds of older women are starting in it. Sometimes divorce or a sexually-hyper lifestyle like swinging leads to it. Technically, a MILF could be in her teens and 20's but the MILF tag seems to apply to older women in minds of porn-watchers. I'm orally fixated, said Stacie. I love to sucks cock. I love choking on cock. I love having my anal spanked.Carlos creams Stacie's mommy cunt after they make love. These porn guys! We wonder if they ever accidentally impregnate women, especially the teens, with all the creampies they give them.See More of Stacie Starr at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Katherine's creampied 70something pussy Katherine's creampied 70something vagina When this scene opens, 71-year-old mother and grandmother Katherine Merlot is going over some house plans with Tony. She's wearing a tight, blue dress that shows a lot of cleavage. She's tiny with her creamy skin and red hair.I thought there were a few other options we could explore before I make a decision, she tells him, grabbing his tie. But she's not interested in cabinet colors, and she makes that obvious by climbing onto the desk, spreading her legs and rubbing her vagina through her panties. I prefer something much more horny than cooking. Do you like older women Do you like older vagina Ooooh, baby, do you like that nice, mature, juicy vaginaHe obviously does. She obviously loves having it fingered. And fucked. And creampied. Katherine's actions here might seem unusual, but they really aren't, at least for women over-50. Girls in their 20s would rarely be as sexually aggressive as Katherine is here, going after Tony's 33-year-old cock and talking dirty, referring to her vagina as her vagina. But that's part of the beauty of mature women. They don't beat around the bush. Actually, Katherine doesn't have a bush. She shaves her bush. But you get the point.See More of Katherine Merlot at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. A ass boning for the busty stripper A booty boning for the curvy stripper I have a high sex drive, Stephanie Stalls said. I love fucking. Sometimes I want somebody to take charge and really hammer me in bed. I've had boyfriends and I'm lovely monogamous. I'm not a ho! Of course, I enjoy sex, but what girl doesn'tRocky spanks Stephanie and reddens her booty cheeks. He spreads the cheeks apart so he can examine her bootyhole. Stephanie treats him to an under-the-bra tit-fuck and power sucks him. Rocky has a line of bumps on the topside of his cock. These are beads inserted under the skin with the goal of giving a partner more stimulation. The effect is supposed to be similar to a studded condom. This is rarely seen in porn. Well, the porn I watch, anyway.Stephanie gets have sex in her cunt and in her booty then gets have sex in her cunt again and creampied. She spasms when he cums in her cunt and her body quivers and twitches after he withdraws. This was a real-deal orgasm. Stephanie likes how pro studs fuck.I apologize for giving away the ending. I like being in SCORE, said Stephanie. A lot of guys always say they saw me in SCORE. When I did my first scene, I was nervous, but I'm not anymore. I did it, and it was amazing. I really enjoyed myself. And I'm always ready for more.See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND2.COM!.
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