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For starters, a creampie for jacqueline For starters, a creampie for Jacqueline Jacqueline Jolie, a 63-year-old divorcee from Arizona (born in California), makes her porn debut by getting a creampie from a 25-year-old. Jacqueline was referred to us by another MILF, Lin Boyde, which is a very lovely reference, considering how lustful and wild Lin is. But Jacqueline doesn't think of herself as wild.I'm pleasant tame, really, she said. My sexual fantasy is just to have the man of my dreams make wild, passionate love to me out in the middle of a field with the sun beaming down on us so we can slip and side all over each other. But I haven't had any of what you might call kinky sexual encounters. I wouldn't consider them kinky. Just fun!For example, Jacqueline has had sex with other women but not in nearly 40 years. And although she says she dresses casually-I don't like to draw attention to myself in public-she describes herself as sexually assertive. How often does she have sexAt least five times a week, she said.Jacqueline does some quivering and blowjob and ejaculate in this scene, which ends with a creampie. For starters...very nice.See More of Jacqueline Jolie at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Farrah rose eats her creampie Farrah Rose eats her creampie Farrah and her guy are already going at it when this scene starts. This 46-year-old divorcee is talking in her babydoll voice and making him-and us-harder by the second.Baby, does that feel attracting touching your penish she asks him. Then she spreads her legs so he can rub her cunt, which is already out. Before she knows it, Farrah is gulp his penish and taking it deep in her cunt. She takes his ejaculateshot deep in her cunt, too! We get lovely views of Farrah's creampie, and she sticks her fingers deep in her pink little cunt so she can get every drop. This scene ends with Farrah's just-fucked cunt spread and dripping and Farrah licking the man ejaculateshot off her fingers. 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A creampie for bea cummins A creampie for Bea Cummins There's nothing about sex that I don't enjoy, said Bea Cummmins, 68, a mother, grandmother and wife and one of our most-popular GILFs ever.After years of lousy sex in a tepid marriage (something almost epidemic among the ladies here, it seems sometimes), Bea is finding that life, especially her sex life, kicks in high gear after 65, when most women are settling down to a life of retirement communities and senior citizen discounted movie tickets.If you told me a few years ago that I would be making sex videos with young guys and being in magazines, I'd have laughed at the thought. People always ask my daughter if I'm her sister. It gets her mad, but I love it!The funniest pick-up line Bea has ever been handedIf I had legs like yours, I'd be home playing with myself.I like sex as often as I can get it, said Bea, whose husband always accompanies her to our studio. I can't even begin to tell you how being here satisfies my sexual fantasies.And today, she's getting a creampie.See More of Bea Cummins at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. A creampie is on the menu A creampie is on the menu Summer Meadows, a 48-year-old MILF from New York City, is sitting at a table in a crowded restaurant, looking over the menu, when her waiter Juan comes over to take her order. Summer is having trouble deciding what she wants, but Juan knows exactly what he wants...he wants Summer. In his mind, he gets her. Which means we do, too. He eats Summer's pussy. She blowjob his cock. He fucks her violent every which way.ejaculateshot inside me, fantasy Summer says.So Juan treats her to dessert: a creampie.Back in the real world, Summer is a former dancer, correctional officer and private investigator. She isn't a nudist or a swinger.I'm a typical girl-next-door, but I have a wild side, she said.She's also a bit of a romantic.I want to make love in a field of daisies.Very romantic. But can we still ejaculate in her pussySee More of Summer Meadows at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. A proper creampie for ciara A proper creampie for Ciara Ciara, a 50-year-old wife and country club member from Atlanta, Georgia, isn't usually a woman of few words, but in this video, she doesn't say much. She just moans a lot and engages in some have sexual intercourse talk. Clearly, she's enjoying herself, and clearly, she's into it, just as the cumshot shot gets into her in the final minutes. Yep, a creampie for Ciara!I don't think the women at my country club would even know what a creampie is, Ciara told us.Ciara, a sweet-talking Southern belle, is our favorite kind of MILF: the kind that isn't a porn star, isn't a stripper, isn't in this for the money. She's here, right in front of your eyes, because she's fulfilling a fantasy.I'm not sure every woman wants to do something like this, but I know I did, Ciara said. I'm a highly sexual person. 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