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Louisa's hairy asian vagina

Louisa told us that she's always hustling. What does that mean That means I've got, like, three jobs and I'm in school full time. I'm also Instagram and Twitter famous. I'm an amateur fashion model, a professional DJ and a club promoter. I don't want a boyfriend right now because he would probably just slow me down! I grew my pubes out just for you guys. I know that a lot of blokes don't like haired pussy, but I'm starting to enjoy having a bush. I was masturbating the other day, and I pulled out a little mirror so that I could admire how my cunt looked as I made myself cum. See More of Louisa at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


Dj louisa DJ Louisa Louisa does a little bit of everything. I'm a deep house DJ, a club promoter, and I'm in school. I'm also hustling, she explained. Basically, if there's a job to be done, I'll do it. If there's a way for me to get my name out there, I'll be banging on your door. I've done fashion modeling before, but when I met this guy and he told me he could get me published in a magazine if I stripped, I asked him when and where I could meet him!The guy who took these photos is a NN subscriber, and he told me that everybody who reads the mag likes bush, so I stopped shaving my cunt for a month and a half before we shot these pictures. It was harder than I thought it would be! I had to buy new cotton underwear to let my cunt breathe, and I even started taking multivitamins to help my hair grow in quickly and strong. Gwenyth Paltrow says that the bush is back in style, so I want to be on the front end of that curve. I love being a trendsetter. It's kind of funny, though. I realized as I was growing out my pubes that I had never actually had a full bush before! I had always shaved. See More of Louisa at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The doctor has large tits, a haired cunt and a dick-sucking mouth The doctor has large tits, a hairy vagina and a dick-gulp mouth Now this is our idea of a thorough physical exam. Dr. Monir, cleavage busting out of her top, is making sure every inch of her patient is in tip-top condition, and we do mean every inch. He seems to be in perfect condition, but there's one more thing Dr. Monir has to check: his package. His penish and balls.Yes, you're very healthy, Dr. Monir says admiringly.Before the patient knows it, 54-year-old Persia has his penish out of his pants, and she's showing off her super-hairy vagina and gulp his penish and jacking it, and how does this examination end With the apparently healthy patient shooting his load in Dr. Monir's mouth.Now, about Persia's vagina...there's a serious overflow of hair going on down there.Guys love it, Persia said. My men would be very upset if I got rid of my vagina hair. I used to shave it all the way, but not any more. As a woman, I want to maintain my vagina in such a way that a guy wants to spend as much time as possible down there. Wouldn't you want me to spend as much time as possible on your penishPersia is divorced and lives in South Florida. She can be seen at 50PlusMILFs.com doing a lot of have sex (including a large scene in which she's a stripper who fucks a customer). As bodies go, she can match up with any woman of any age. As large tits go, she's practically a SCORE Girl. Basically, 50somethings don't come any better than Persia. See More of Persia Monir at MILFTUGS.COM!. Bush baby lacey Man, it feels like it's been a while since we had a Bush Baby. Sure, we've had girls with hairy pussies, but a little triangle of pubes isn't enough to warrant the title.Lacey is looking like a stream in a desert for us fans of hairy cunts. She's a gift-wrapped package in white lingerie and sheer stockings. She knows that we're interested in her hairy treasure hole so she doesn't waste much time with her short striptease. She gets her fingers right in her hair pie and tussles her locks as she spreads and plays with her wet pussy, and she does it with a smile. See More of Lacey at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Nana aoyamabusty asian nana aoyama fucked in the vagina Busty asian Nana Aoyama fuck in the pussy. Erica's dp cunt-stuffing and ass-chute filling Erica's DP vagina-stuffing and anus-chute filling So two guys are sitting on a couch, and a horny MILF shows up.No, this is not the start of a corny joke. There's no punch line. There's just horny 58-year-old Erica Lauren wearing a delicate bikini top and a short skirt and fuck-me pumps, and before long, she's on her back getting her firm little boobs manusaged and her hairy vagina spread and fingered, and then she's on her hands and knees taking one tool in her mouth and the other in her vagina from behind. She gargles that tool, trying to choke herself on it, but Erica can't exactly choke on it because she has no trouble taking it all down.What happens next, you might ask After Erica blowjob their tools and fucks their tools, what's next on the agendaAss-fucking. But not just any kind of anus-fucking. DP. Double penetration. One in her vagina, one in her anus at the same time.The guys shoot their loads all over Erica's good face. They glaze her. You could call that the punch line. We call it the money shot. And this time, Erica doubles our pleasure.See More of Erica Lauren at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Lusty cunt Excited vagina The word nice may not come to mind when checking out the shapely bod of lascivious babe vagina pretty. She has more curves than the mountain roads of Romania's Carpathian Mountains.SCORELAND: Do you have any sexual fantasiesvagina: My dream is to have sex in an elevator.SCORELAND: How would you describe your sexual personalityvagina: Passive. The man should be the leader in sex.SCORELAND: What satisfies youvagina: A nice massage and nice oral sex.SCORELAND: What about kinky playvagina: I don't have any. I prefer normal sex. I have no fetishes or interest in fetish. See More of vagina pretty at SCORELAND.COM!.
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