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British super-tits

British Super-natural tits Shannon Blue wanted to change her life after hitting fifty. She wanted to have bigger boobs. A British grandmother, she got divorced and used part of her settlement to supersize her boobs from 34D to 32MM. One of her goals is to have the biggest natural tits she can bust a bra with. SCORE's editors read about Shannon in the British newspapers and made contact with an invitation to pose. Shannon accepted and was flown to Prague to meet one of our photographers. She took to nude posing as if she had been doing it for years. Shannon's happier now. I can't get enough of my new boobs, she said. They've completely transformed my life and they look and feel amazing. Most of my clothes are stretchy so my boobs are always on show. Now living in Bulgaria with her fiance, Shannon is geared up to show off her huge natural tits on-camera more often. She's found her pleasant spot as a model instead of working as an office administrator.See More of Shannon Blue at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


British super-tits British Super-tits Shannon Blue made a major lifestyle change after her fiftieth birthday. A British GILF, Shannon divorced her husband and used part of a settlement to supersize her boobs, skyrocketing from 34D to 32MM and then moving to Bulgaria with her supportive fiance. Shannon also slimmed down and toned up (Shannon does waist-training), making her heavy tits look even bigger.The editors at SCORE read about Shannon in the British newspapers. Editorials about large-breasted women are the only reason we read newspapers. An invitation to model for SCORE (for the February-March 2018 issue and SCORELAND) was accepted and before long, Shannon was being photographed in Prague.Even though it's an accident that I can make a career out of this, I'm just going to milk it and get everything that I can, Shannon said on the Channel 5 TV show OMG: My Midlife Plastic Crisis. That's an interesting choice of words.Yes, it's a brand-new way of life for Shannon Blue. New, huge breasts, a new lifestyle and a lot more attention than ever before. Check out Shannon's exclusive interview in a second video. See More of Shannon Blue at SCORELAND.COM!. Bliving doll/b Living doll I was a geek at school, always studying and being a goody-two-shoes and doing the right thing, said Dolly delight, a slim 'n' stacked J-cupper with a dirty mouth. I was in the choir. I was always singing on-stage and in shows. But I transformed myself, and now people can't believe how much I've changed. It's fun to be one thing when people expect something else, especially the people I grew up with. I mean, they see my tits and my anatomy and they can't believe I'm the same person.One and the same. Dolly is a walking, talking doll. A have intercourse doll. Tight and right. Blonde. Stacked. Loves to show off her tits and her shaved snatch, as she does in this video.I like being watched, she said. That definitely turns me on. I'm a real-life Barbie doll but with much largeger tits!Dolly is a bit unusual in that she's a Brit who super-sized her rack. Most British girls have come to us in their nature state, but Dolly pumped 'em up and took 'em out. She transformed herself into the ideal woman.I love large tits and I always wanted to have them, Dolly said. I always had large tits, but now they're super large, and I love them. I just think they look super, super lusty and they make a woman a woman.When she was young, Dolly would stuff balloons down her shirt to make herself look bustier.I guess you could say I'm living a dream, she said.Dolly started off as a singer, so she's used to performing for an audience. Now she's a SCORE Girl and her audience members have their cocks out.That's how it should be, she said. I love being someanatomy's fantasy girl.See More of Dolly delight at SCORELAND2.COM!. British bon bons British Bon Bons Amanda White should have had a bigger following, at least with fans of British adult videos and mags. She had the stuff to be the biggest, bustiest black porn star on their side of the pond.Amanda joined the ranks of the English super titter parade that included Sammie Black, Jennie Hill and Chaz but none of those bust stars did hardcore. She lived in London, where she read our newspaper ad asking for figure models. This notorious classified, which conjures up images of guys with beards and berets sketching models in a sun-windowed loft, is one of the all-time greatest pieces of copy writing. It was a mammary magnet in its day. This scene opens like Alice's scene, with Amanda flipping through a SCORE Group magazine. The cameraman-director gives her step-by-step directions, from her oiling and breast play to her toy fucking. There's audio no one has ever heard before outside of the editing room because it was all wiped clean.There is an element of total male control and domination that the director's verbal direction brings that transforms what would have been a routine masturbate video into something that makes everything hornier. See More of Amanda White at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Leanne crow wet tshirt02 trailersuper busty leanne gets her super tits wet outside Super curvy Leanne gets her super tits wet outside. Leanne crow wet tshirt02 videossuper busty leanne gets her super tits wet outside Super busty Leanne gets her super tits wet outside. Watch the british gilf who loves being watched Watch the British GILF who loves being watched The British MILFs just keep on cum at 50PlusMILFs.com. Here's Dimonty, a 58-year-old from London who's going to make love a guy who's easily young enough to be her son. She blowjob and make loves him, then he unloads his load onto her pretty face.I love being watched while having sex, which is why I love doing videos which will be watched by thousands of people, Dimonty said.She's married. She has children and grandchildren. But that hasn't stopped her from being a randy swinger for over 15 years and having sex on her personal website.I love having my mouth make loveed, said Dimonty. I love being make loveed from behind.Dimonty likes men who are kind and considerate in the restaurant and libidinous in the bedroom. Her perfect day would be spent out shopping for excited clothes then going out in the evening wearing them then a night of passion.She's a passionate woman, as you're about to see.See More of Dimonty at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!.
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