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Boob talk with shannon blue

Boob Talk With Shannon Blue What inspired Shannon Blue to supersize her boobs in mid-life Does she know how much they weigh Have her boobs changed her life Have they changed her sex life Do people now stop to ask Shannon about her tits or just to start a conversation These questions and many more are answered in SCORELAND's exclusive interview with the British bra-buster who shook things up by supersizing and now has much more to shake up after following her dream. See More of Shannon Blue at SCORELAND.COM!


British super-tits British Super-tits Shannon Blue made a major lifestyle change after her fiftieth birthday. A British GILF, Shannon divorced her husband and used part of a settlement to supersize her boobs, skyrocketing from 34D to 32MM and then moving to Bulgaria with her supportive fiance. Shannon also slimmed down and toned up (Shannon does waist-training), making her heavy tits look even bigger.The editors at SCORE read about Shannon in the British newspapers. Editorials about large-breasted women are the only reason we read newspapers. An invitation to model for SCORE (for the February-March 2018 issue and SCORELAND) was accepted and before long, Shannon was being photographed in Prague.Even though it's an accident that I can make a career out of this, I'm just going to milk it and get everything that I can, Shannon said on the Channel 5 TV show OMG: My Midlife Plastic Crisis. That's an interesting choice of words.Yes, it's a brand-new way of life for Shannon Blue. New, huge breasts, a new lifestyle and a lot more attention than ever before. Check out Shannon's exclusive interview in a second video. See More of Shannon Blue at SCORELAND.COM!. British super-tits British Super-natural tits Shannon Blue wanted to change her life after hitting fifty. She wanted to have bigger boobs. A British grandmother, she got divorced and used part of her settlement to supersize her boobs from 34D to 32MM. One of her goals is to have the biggest natural tits she can bust a bra with.SCORE's editors read about Shannon in the British newspapers and made contact with an invitation to pose. Shannon accepted and was flown to Prague to meet one of our photographers. She took to nude posing as if she had been doing it for years.Shannon's happier now. I can't get enough of my new boobs, she said. They've completely transformed my life and they look and feel amazing. Most of my clothes are stretchy so my boobs are always on show. Now living in Bulgaria with her fiance, Shannon is geared up to show off her huge natural tits on-camera more often. She's found her pleasant spot as a model instead of working as an office administrator.See More of Shannon Blue at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The cumback milf The ejaculateback MILF Shannon is a 46-year-old redhead who seems so proper until she has a cock in her cunt. But then, anything goes.I'm crazy, she said. I'm wild. I don't think about the consequences of anything I do. I used to care so much about what everybody thought, but now, I just want to be authentic. This is a large time of my life. I was married for 17 years, had four kids and was unhappy for too many years. I've re-created my life. I love what I do now.She does a lot of things. She rode a mechanical bull in a bar. She wasn't wearing panties. The security guard threw her out for showing pink, as he put it. She's have sexual intercourse on-camera. A guy she met a half hour earlier is blowing his load on her face.Life is good, as she rubbed the last of the ejaculate into her skin and took one final lick. Very good.See More of Shannon at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Rachel aldana sky blue skycandidsset 1blue bra boobshi guys they are of me in the sky blue bra and with the usual assortment of creative angles that always seem to be a bit more big boob oriented than the way most glamour models shooti hope you Hi guys! They are of me in the Sky Blue Bra and with the usual assortment of creative angles that always seem to be a bit more great boob oriented than the way most glamour models shoot. I hope you like them and stay tuned this week. xoxoxo -- Rachel. Linsey dawn mckenzie - blue on blue Blue On Blue If more girls would dress like Linsey, there would be no more wars. Looking like a million pounds in her tight blue top, blue heels and tight blue skirt, Linsey is enough to give a guy blue balls. And that vibrator's blue also. She lubes it with her mouth juices and stuffs it in her punani for an explosive climax. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Teacher gets a creampie Teacher gets a creampie It's not easy paying attention in class when the teacher is a horny MILF like Shannon West and the subject she's teaching is sex education. Oh, sure, your eyes are always on the teacher (how could they not be), but you're not listening to what she's saying. You're thinking about how nice it would be to get some private sex-ed tutoring from her.So, one day after class, she calls you to the front of the room and asks you what's on your mind. You stammer, turn red, then you say, You're so attractive and you're teaching sex-ed. I can't really focus very well. I'm embarrassed to say that.She sees no reason for you to be embarrassed and offers a cure for your problem. Maybe you need a hands-on approach, she says.And then, all of those things you've been fantasizing about They happen! Every single one of them. You even get to ejaculateshot deep inside her kitty and watch your ejaculateshot drip out of her just-fucked 51-year-old kitty. This is one class you just might get an A in. See More of Shannon West at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!.
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