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British mens magazine star

British Mens Magazine Star The late 1980s and early 1990s.... A time when models had voluminous hair, and we do mean BIG, wore headbands, spandex and all kinds of frilly, Madonna-like outfits. On the other side of the coin, no one had tattoos, and if she did, it was one or maybe two, and almost no one had body jewelry. Today, you can't find girls without any tattoos unless you look to Eastern Europe. Debbie Q was also known for her black nylons and high-heels, always a popular look in the UK. She was known as the pretty girl model. You had girls like Nilli who did hardcore with men and women and both at the same time and was outgoing, and you had girls like Debbie who was quiet, almost bashful, and took her career advice from her mum. She was one of the most-popular voluminous-bust models in British magazines at her peak, eventually retiring and dropping out of sight. See More of Debbie Q at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


Chloe and sarah Chloe And Sarah SCORE and busty Magazines first published photos of British bra-buster Sarah Lee in 1994. She seemed a ripe, juicy girl to pair off with Chloe. She was invited to try a girl-girl--and she liked it. Later, she tried a boy-girl (with Marino aka Super Mario) but she never became a full-on porno star. Sarah dropped out of sight around 1997. She was a solid busty model with many shoots under her garter, although she didn't become a huge star. She's due one day for a retrospective in busty magazine.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. British bon bons British Bon Bons Amanda White should have had a bigger following, at least with fans of British adult videos and mags. She had the stuff to be the biggest, bustiest black porn star on their side of the pond.Amanda joined the ranks of the English super titter parade that included Sammie Black, Jennie Hill and Chaz but none of those bust stars did hardcore. She lived in London, where she read our newspaper ad asking for figure models. This notorious classified, which conjures up images of guys with beards and berets sketching models in a sun-windowed loft, is one of the all-time greatest pieces of copy writing. It was a mammary magnet in its day. This scene opens like Alice's scene, with Amanda flipping through a SCORE Group magazine. The cameraman-director gives her step-by-step directions, from her oiling and breast play to her toy fucking. There's audio no one has ever heard before outside of the editing room because it was all wiped clean.There is an element of total male control and domination that the director's verbal direction brings that transforms what would have been a routine masturbate video into something that makes everything hornier. See More of Amanda White at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Lingerie play Lingerie Play nice Essex girl Michelle Willings (April 1995 busty magazine) seemed to be everywhere in the 1990s. She was a favorite girl in the British tabloid newspapers and could be seen showing her natural tits at men's clubs in London. And wouldn't you know it...there would be a paparazzo hanging out nearby with a camera.Pictorials of Michelle were published and republished in just about every British men's magazine. Sometimes she was Michelle Willings and other times, the editors changed her name to something like Sonja or Lola. Sometimes Michelle was blonde. Other times brunette. She looked best as a blonde.Put Michelle in a fetish outfit and it just didn't work. She didn't look the type. Put Michelle in fitness outfits or girl lingerie and she looked just right. In this uncut scene with original audio, Michelle has come home from lingerie shopping and tries on her purchases. Michelle was a model not an actress so there's a bunch of bloopers and retakes left in, the way it was. See More of Michelle Willings at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. British bon bons British Bon Bons Amanda White did hot hardcore scenes including several for busty magazine, one with Marino, a mainstay of Brit porn in the '90s and '00s, and Lee Henshaw, another Vmag and SCORE regular. Amanda, a Brit of Jamaican ancestry, appeared in the tabloids after she said she had a threesome with rapper Puff Daddy (aka Sean Puffy Combs). Amanda told reporters that she and a girlfriend went back to Diddy's hotel room and took turns giving him a blowjob. Amanda also said she sucked off a well-known TV host and other Brit celebs.Amanda measured a whopping 48-30-38 with a bra size of 40FF. She said she likes traveling and posing. Her dislikes: mustard and cold weather. For her occupation, she listed the ubiquitous office worker. We once got a letter from one of our readers, one Gypsy Boris, who swore on a stack of busty magazines that he once worked in an office with a Vmag model named Star so maybe there was something to this office worker stuff after all. Some claim that Amanda now lives in New York City. We don't know if this is true or the usual erroneous internet claim. See More of Amanda White at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Canadian housewife darlene lupone Canadian housewife Darlene Lupone Darlene Lupone is mistakenly thought of as a plumper, an overused term, especially today. However, Darlene's body was in very beautiful shape, voluptuously toned and taut and far from chubby. What she did have that set her apart from other women was a pair of gigantic, natural tits. Heavy, pendulous and solid, the very definition of sweatermeat. She was a housewife from British Columbia, Canada. In 1989, Darlene mailed photos of herself to the editor of Gent Magazine in Miami, John Fox, several years before he launched SCORE Magazine. Darlene was booked immediately and sent a plane ticket to Los Angeles for a shoot with British voluminous boob specialist John Graham and his photo team. John and his crew often shot North Americans in California in those days. Darlene posed for several sets. Her first was in the morning and Darlene got some mild sunburn. Her next shoot was in the afternoon. She flew back to Canada the next day. See More of Darlene Lupone at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Stacy owen: from scotland with boobs Stacy Owen: From Scotland With tits The name Stacy Owen and the various differences in spelling depending on the publications (Stacy Owen is on her model release) will be instantly recognizable to men of a certain age who were Stacy fans in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She was one of the most-popular girls in British men's mags and newspapers.Stacy was born in Glasgow, Scotland and posed for pin-up pictures in Scottish newspapers such as the Daily Record. She entered wet T-shirts contests popular in UK nightclubs and won several of them. Stacy was discovered by British glamour photographer Peter Kay in the famous London nightclub Stringfellows. Stacy relocated to London where the real modeling action was. She became a UK men's magazine and tabloid newspaper sensation very quickly and her fame spread to North America and Europe. Hardcore with guys or girls, or both, followed. Publisher John Fox has very nice memories of Stacy. Stacy was shooting for all of Britain's best glamour photographers of the day. Peter Kay, Donald Milne, John Graham and others were all clamoring to book the new star. The late John Graham, my partner in The SCORE Group, eventually signed Stacey to a one-year exclusive beginning in the fall of 1987. Stacy would continue to pose until 1991 when she retired to teach riding near Surrey.See More of Stacey Owen at SCORECLASSICS.COM!.
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