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The nice body of natasha dulce

The pleasant body of Natasha Dulce Natasha Dulce was a dancer in Tampa, Florida, a city with many strip clubs, when we found her. SCORE Editor Dave directs and guides the beginning of this scene, and Natasha is a happy student. Sergio, a lucky bastard who's have sexual intercourse Eva Notty and other busty hotties, kindly kept quiet and just provided the flesh-and-blood dildo for Natasha to give suck and ride. Natasha told an unusual story about how she became a stripper and lap dancer. She was working at McDonald's when the game-changing event happened. I wasn't wearing my hat, Natasha said, and my manager told me to go home, and at that time my car was in the shop so my parents had to drop me off at work. Well, that happened like 10 minutes after they'd dropped me off, so my mom got really mad, and then my dad ended up picking me up, and he cussed out the store manager, and then she fired me. I started looking for a job, and it took me like two weeks to think, 'Why don't I just start dancing' and I started at a bikini bar. I told my parents I was a waitress. Natasha was fired by a female manager. A male manager wouldn't have fired her; he'd have been spending every waking hour plotting and scheming to get into her hot pants in the back room or the parking lot. The fast food industry's loss is your gain. And the sad part They don't even care. I'd place BeASCOREModel.com flyers in as many fast food places as I could, but I know they'd toss me out into the street, so I nixed that idea.See More of Natasha Dulce at SCORELAND2.COM!


Bnatasha dulce takes on the champ of voluminous cocks/b Natasha Dulce takes on the champ of big dicks First, Natasha Dulce was fired from her job at McDonald's for not wearing a hat. Then she became a dancer at one of Tampa, Florida's notorious lapdance joints. The kind of place where some guys stick on a condom before they get a lapdance. Not because they're expecting sex. Because they're expecting to cum. Finally, Natasha came to SCORE at the pleasant young age of 22. She made this scene, blow and make love massive-dicked Johnny Champ. It wasn't her first on-camera make love scene (she had filmed her first two years earlier, in 2010), but this was, by far, the biggest dick Natasha had enjoyed on-camera.Elliot once collected his favorite Natasha quotes. They are as follows:People think I'm a pleasant girl. They say, 'Oh, you look so innocent.'Natasha sounds pleasant, too.Some of my friends might have more sex than me, and I have a lot of sex.I need to meet those friends.I dance at a lot of places and I have run into a lot of people I know. You can't forget my boobs. Nobody forgets about me.Natasha is memorable. So are her boobs.I would feel weird whenever the teachers would stare at my boobs. I'd cross my arms across my chest or zip my jacket up. You really don't want your teacher looking at your boobs in high school. Maybe in college, but in high school, it was creepy.I don't really see the difference. High school teachers, college teachers...they're still the same boob-loving perverts who want a little relief from the drudgery of teaching people who aren't listening to them.Natasha grew up near Tampa. I think I read once that 90% of all pleasant girls with big boobs who are born in Tampa go on to become lapdancers. But I could be mistaken. See More of Natasha Dulce at SCORELAND2.COM!. Natasha's horny bikini shower show You know that Natasha nice is smokin' hot and where there's smoke, there's fire. That fire has to be extinguished so Natasha cools off her insane body in the shower. She's brought along something to please her cunt after she showers and it's not soap-on-a-rope. I love oral sex, Natasha said with the assistance of a translator. Every man should practice oral sex on his woman and he should be skilled in this. I love to give a man the best blowjob job and if he has a large cock, that is even better. I appreciate great sex even more now than when I was younger and I know my body better. The men in my videos have very sweet cocks and know how to please a woman.delicate woman! Someone needs to get her pregnant and her huge boobs full of milk! commented pskao8.No thanks, pskao8. We don't need Natasha taken out of circulation! We need her back at SCORELAND. See More of Natasha nice at SCORELAND.COM!. Natasha's libidinous bikini shower show Natasha's lascivious Bikini Shower Show Natasha nice's incredible, busty anatomy is on fire. This delicate bikini shower show Natasha does might cool her down for a few hours after she explodes with the help of her thick girl-toy. But only for a little while as the heat builds up again in this passionate woman.Natasha lives in Italy and if there is a bigger-breasted babe just as petite and shapely as Miss nice, she's going to have to contact us and prove it.I feel my sexiest when I am wearing a very tight dress that makes my tits stand out, Natasha says. It should be tight all over. Red is my favorite color for a dress when I want to seize every man's attention. I always wear the highest heels. Many men compliment me about my walk when I am dressed in a tight dress and high-heeled shoes. See More of Natasha nice at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Skeet for nice Skeet For nice Known as one of the toughest female executives in the international corporate world, Natasha nice is actually a fair and rewarding boss to her employees, notably her executive secretary Thomas. Every morning Natasha and Thomas have their meeting to plan the day's schedule, and when they're done, Natasha has to have her regular ritual of teasing him, following by his and her reward.And that ritual and reward is what's going on in this SCORELAND scene. After showing Thomas her famous natural breasts, declared one of the world's greatest sights by numerous business newspapers and magazines (such as Who's Who in large Boobs), and spreading her vagina open to wet his appetite, Natasha likes to lean over his lap and dangle her tits over his dick and tit-have sexual intercourse and gulp him--all at the same time. Once satisfied, Natasha will lie back so she can have her daily morning have sexual intercourse before her busy day begins. As Natasha said when she debuted, I like very active and polite guys who can be pleasant slaves. They have to be pleasant at sex and know how to manage great boobs, because I have a lot to manage.Amen to that, Natasha. See More of Natasha nice at SCORELAND.COM!. New discovery! New Discovery! Wow! Meet Natasha nice! You'll be seeing a lot of her at SCORELAND.Natasha lives in Italy and is originally from the small Republic of Moldova (official language: Romanian) that's bordered by Romania and Ukraine. Now, according to a study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, American women have the world's biggest breasts. We think this is bogus when you consider all the girls in the eastern European countries.Natasha's very photogenic and smooth on-video. She's definitely a natural on-camera. I am interested to read the things that the guys will say about me Natasha told us. I had fun making my pictures and videos. I think this SCORELAND is the right place for me because there are so many pleasant girls with big breasts.I like very active and polite guys, Natasha said. Guys who can be cute slaves and guys very cute at sex who know how to manage big boobs. No doubt Natasha has no trouble finding volunteers for these duties. See More of Natasha nice at SCORELAND.COM!. Three the violent way When Dellon sees Natasha nice talking on her phone while waiting for gentlemen to approach her, he yells, Even her boobs have boobs! He and his bro Max were out looking for a girl with heavy boobs to party with. Max said he knew a street populated by hookers with huge hooters. They drove over and sure enough, there's the unbelievable Natasha nice, ripe for the plucking.Natasha walks over to their car. She can't speak fluent English but she doesn't need to. Dellon and Max go crazy over her. That's the usual effect she has on guys, and when that guy is a diehard tit-man, they go even crazier. Natasha is ready for some have intercourse fun right away and a two-guy sausage party is fine with her. After they drive Natasha back to their pad, she's on their dicks as soon as they walk in. Each man takes a breast and gets busy give suck and licking it. Natasha blow and jerks each cock, taking turns with her lips and hands. The guys frantically help her undress so they can expand her out on the couch, one man to pump her wet pussy, the other to get his have intercourseing cock and balls blown by her talented mouth. Then they switch sides. Natasha is one spectacular specimen of a woman and gushes hot sex. They'll be wiped out and drained dry by the time she gets done with them. See More of Natasha nice at SCORELAND.COM!.
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