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Boobs, boots & nipple toys

Boobs, Boots & Nipple Toys Mya Blair's boots are made more for sex than for walking. We get a beautiful view of her well-rounded analy as she makes her way up the stairs where Peter is taking a nap. Mischievous Mya wakes him up for morning sex by placing a mini-breast pump on one of his nipples. He quickly puts a lip-lock on Mya's nipples. Putting the pump on Mya's right nipple, Peter suc on her left nip. Her large breasts are soon out of her fishnet bodysuit and Peter has his hands full of boob meat. Mya wants cock, and after she gives him a cock sucking job and ball-licking, she's ready for a different kind of pump. As he pumps her pussy, Mya licks her boobs and rubs them. Holding her by her kinky boots, Peter fucks Mya from behind. To cap off their morning pleasure, Mya gets on her back and holds her large-and-in-charge breasts together, jiggling them and urging him to nut so she can see the cumshot land on her chest.See More of Mya Blair at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Katie thornton's nipple games Katie Thornton's Nipple Games Decked out in a bullet bra, stockings, garters and heels, the old-school men's magazine look that never gets old, Katie Thornton checks out the passing boaters as she stands on the terrace of our Miami pad. Too bad those passing speedboaters are going too fast to see the sight of one of England's sexiest babes, a girl of almost unearthly beauty. There's just one thing different about that bra supporting Katie's large tits. There are holes cut in the cups.Why's that So Katie's nipples can poke through and she can try out two little toys, miniature breast pumps that elongate the nipples. All Katie has to do is place the pump on the nipple, twist the handle and a suction is created that pulls the nipple. No bulbs or handles to squeeze. The suction on Katie's pointers have her moaning with delighting right away. My nipples are very sensitive, Katie said last year. The slightest touch just gives me tingles. When Danniella Levy played with Katie's nipples and boobs, you could see how much Katie enjoyed having her nipples rubbed and licked.Katie proceeds to have fun with her breast toys. She pulls and jiggles the pumps, stretching her nipples. The feeling of pressure and nipple captivity gives Katie waves of delighting. Her nipples really are super-sensitive. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Hot red boots Hot Red Boots Do my shiny, steel-heeled boots turn you on asks cougar Caelea. Does the thought of greasing them up with your sperm and then buffing them to a shiny finish make you sweet and violent Whip out your tool and let me see it. I want to be inspired so that when I slip on my sheer, thigh-highs and I can feel my gash oozing juices, I'll know you are as turned on as I am. Milk your considerable penish for me and I will make myself cum. I want every drop all over my boots, too. Because later, I am going to lick them clean.See More of Caelea Starr at LEGSEX.COM!. These boots were made for make love Chloe is usually a beautiful girl with a considerable temperament...until you make love with her shoes. There is one thing that Chloe loves in life, and that's a beautiful pair of high heels. Whether boot or stiletto, her shoes are her pride and joy. So when she takes them to a new shoe repairman and he does a shitty job cleaning them, Chloe lays down the law, making him lick her boots clean. When she sees that he is truly sorry, she soothes the sting of her harsh words by letting him coat her pink boots in cum.See More of Chloe Chanel at LEGSEX.COM!. Bra-buster in black boots Bra-Buster In Black Boots Sharon Pink has many sides. She can be the appealing woman and she can be the nasty one. Here Sharon is the bad, snarly fuck-bitch squeezing her large boobs together so Kamil can fuck them. Sharon's tongue snakes out between her hand job and her tit-make love to lick the head. She makes dirty-girl sex sounds, staring at him, worshiping his cock like she's his slave. Keeping on her bitch boots, Sharon squats over him and lowers herself until every inch of cock fills her cunt. She's not called Sharon Pink for nothing. She knows every sex trick in the book. It's a lap dance with make love as she bounces hard.This is Sharon Pink at her nastiest. She begs for a face splattered in hot man-magma and no man can refuse her. See More of Sharon Pink at SCORELAND.COM!. Tiffany towers - puss in boots Puss In Boots It was the considerable Nancy Sinatra who said that her boots were made for walking, but it is Tiffany Towers who you want to walk all over you. Here we see the blonde bomber in her boudoir in some kinky, thigh-high boots. Will she keep them on during sex Maybe. Will she fuck your brains out Totally. Tiffany told us that in the bedroom, she wants you to take charge. Okay. That sounds pleasant. You know what else sounds pleasant Exactly how she wants you to stick it in her. My favorite position is to lie flat on the ground and a guy lies on top of me and he just grinds it. That's the best. Our legs are all together. Because I'm lying on my stomach and he's lying on top of me. My legs are totally stiff and straight, like a piece of wood. That's my favorite. I grind a little bit, but my legs are totally straight and together. My favorite is definitely not on top. This is going to sound bad, but I'm too lazy! Yeah, I get too tired, plus I don't get as much out of it. I like a man to just take control and do it! I'm not a take-control girl, sexually. I like being taken.See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. A relish for fetish A Relish For Fetish So what's Marilyn Mayson doing poking around in this dark warehouse She's found someone's hiding spot complete with furniture and a mirror. Judging by the fetish toys all over, someone's been getting their cookies off there. She checks out a paddle shaped like a hand, a sorority paddle and nipple jewelry. Someone's been a bad girl. Marilyn decides to try them on her own dynamic danglers. She can't find a toy for her vagina so her finger will do. Fingers don't need batteries anyway.I have a small ass toy, very small, that has ridges on it, kinda like ass beads, Marilyn said. I like that a lot. I like to sit on it and then play with my big, white dildo. That's my favorite toy. The only two toys I use in my vagina are absolutely redonkulous. I need a medium-size one; between the little one I have now for my analy and the huge ones I have for my vagina. Perhaps that could expand my bootyhole out a little bit.See More of Marilyn Mayson at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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