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The 50something/60something four-way

The 50something/60something four-way In this scene, 65-year-old Scarlet Andrews and her assistant, 51-year-old Jenna Covelli, are both dressed in very low-cut business suits that show a lot of tit. They introduce themselves to James and Carlos, a couple of young guys who sell hip-hop shirts. They're a little skeezy, a bit downmarket, and they think they know everything. Their corporate headquarters is in Carlos's mother's basement! The women are impressed...not by the fact that Carlos and James are working out of a basement but by the success of their business. But the boys are hesitant. They don't want to be perceived as sellouts. We can show you ways to plug up every single hole in the market, Jenna tells them, a bit suggestively, if you ask us. Carlos and James excuse themselves to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, behind them, Scarlet and Jenna have taken off their jackets. Boys, let us help you make a decision, Jenna says. Let us show you what we can do for you, Scarlet adds. Now, we don't know how sucks cock and have sexual intercourse is going to help sales, but it's a lot more fun than sitting around making T-shirts. Before we know it, Scarlet is down there sucks Carlos's cock and Jenna is having her way with James' rod. And then the ladies are bouncing up and down on the boys' cocks and getting fuck every which way. In the end, James and Carlos cumshot on the ladies' faces. But did Scarlet and Jenna close the deal Did they land the account We're guessing they did.See More of Jenna Covelli at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!


50something cee cee loves young tool 50something Cee Cee loves young cock Cee Cee, a 56-year-old wife, gives us a point-of-view lesson in how to please an older woman. Of course, she also gives a lesson in how an older woman pleases her young stud. He's 30 years younger than Cee Cee, which means he's young enough to be her son. Notice how pretty Cee Cee is at jacking this lucky guy's cock. Notice how rhythmic her cock-riding is. That's because she's had plenty of practice. In this scene, you get to learn something...and jack, too!Cee Cee is from Canada. She's 5'2 and has C-cup tits. Even though she's in her 50s, she wears thong panties. charming for her! She once sucked off her hubby in a club in France while a lot of people watched.It was fun, Cee Cee said. It got me ready for this. See More of Cee Cee at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. 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But something's missing.I never did get that dick, so let's go somewhere where I know I'm gonna get some dick, she says.And you know where that is...our studio!I am so have sexual intercourseing horny, Calliste announces as her tool-toy gulp on her tits. She gulp his tool deep (she pays attention to his balls, too) and says, I'm gonna make that tool beautiful and big so it goes in my cunt and have sexual intercourses me. When the tool is ready, Calliste perches over it and says, Put that tool in my cunt. You gotta love a chick who says cunt.There's nothing romantic about this scene. It's just a 50something babe getting the shit have sexual intercourseed out of her and loving every minute of it.See More of Calliste Garnet at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Two cocks help the 60something relax Two cocks help the 60something relax I never thought I'd do this. It's wonderful to be someone's fantasy, said Donna Davidson, a 65-year-old wife from Montana who lives a very rustic, laid-back life at home but here is getting have sexual intercourse by two guys she met, say, about five minutes earlier.It's an honor to be 65 and doing this, Donna said. I think a lot of 65-year-olds wouldn't want to let their bodies be on camera, but I feel like I've worked really heavy to take care of mine, so it's fun to be here. I know a lot of guys out there are going to be looking at my video and fantasizing about me. That makes me feel good. I never thought I'd be 65 years old and someone's pinup fantasy.Jack fantasy, Donna. That's even better than a pinup fantasy.See More of Donna Davidson at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Curvy bea, her 60something vagina and you Busty Bea, her 60something cunt and you Bea Cummings, 67 years old in this video and one of the most popular GILFs ever, shows off her incredible body. Bea, who's married and lives in Kentucky, is lovely in many ways (her body, her face), but maybe the most lovely part of her is how excited she gets for the camera.At the start of this video, Bea says, I'm Bea Cummins, I'm 67, and I'm hot and I'm excited and I know what you're doing right now. So why don't you just sit back, unzip and enjoy yourself because we're going to have some fun. Just you and I.Bea talks to us a lot in this video, other than the times when she's fingering her very juicy cunt (you can hear it squishing when she slides a few fingers inside) or jiggling her large breasts or have intercourse her old cunt with a dildo. Yeah, we said have intercourse her old cunt. Nasty, right But not as nasty as a 67-year-old woman sucking her fresh cunt juices off a dildo. She does that, too. See More of Bea Cummins at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. 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