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Congratulations, stella! you're a porn star!

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Can you sweet-talk your way into stella rose's mouth Can You Sweet-Talk Your Way Into Stella Rose's Mouth If you think you can talk your way into Stella Rose's panties...well, you just might be right.I like sweet-talkers, said this 48-year-old divorcee from New York. I'm a pushover for a man who knows how to talk to a woman. I've definitely been picked up more than a few times. One time, a guy came up to me and said, 'Where have you been all my life' I just about melted. Five minutes later, I was dick sucing him off in the front seat of his car.But unlike the men she is attracted to, Stella Rose isn't exactly a sweet-talker. She's more of a nasty fuck-talker.I wanna suc your voluminous dick, she says to her stud. I love jacking your voluminous dick, baby. slap me with that dick!Which he does, and then Stella continues slobbering all over it while rubbing her pussy. The dude's dick is thick and long, but Stella can take it. And tug it. And open her mouth to taste his cumshot on her tongue.Here's the heavy thing about Stella Rose: You see women like her all the time. Every day, in fact. At the gym (where she works part-time). Maybe at the university (she's a part-time student, too). She isn't a porn star. She's the MILF-next-door. And, yet, she fantasizes about having public sex, and she once had a threesome with two other women and she masturbates every night. Because that's what the MILF-next-door does.We asked Stella Rose what she wants to do that she hasn't done yet, and she said, Be in a porno. And here she is!See More of Stella Rose at MILFTUGS.COM!. The milf-next-door loves anal, too The MILF-next-door loves anal, too As you watch this scene, it's important to keep in mind that Stella Rose is a 48-year-old woman-next-door from upstate New York, the kind of woman you might see at the mall or the supermarket or even at the gym. Got thatI really wanna be have intercourse up the arse. I'm gonna find a hot stud to have intercourse me in the arse. I need to be have intercourse in my tight arse so hard, Stella Rose tells us as she touches herself all over at the start of this scene.Come here, baby, she says to her stud. I need to be have intercourse in my arse so hard. You want this arse, babyBy the way, the people back home in Stella's town don't know about this. Nor do her kids. Or her ex-husband.The stud spanks her arse then pulls down her pantyhose and slaps her bare arse. She lies back so he can finger her arsehole.Oh, deeper, baby! she moans, her arse getting even more in the mood than it was before.She suc his dick. She gets her face have intercourse. 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I have had three-ways with each of them and some of their other girlfriends. I found it quite horny and sexy. I don't think they would team up to be in a three-way with me though, which is such a shame!So you must really want to be with two guys at the same time then. Yes, it is one of my fantasies. All the threeways I have been in were with another man and girl. Now I would like to see what it's like to have two men have their way with me. If my boyfriends don't want to help me, I'm sure I can find other guys who will. But there's no rush. I have lots of amazing sex now, and I have the rest of my life to experience these things. Plus, I am already fulfilling another fantasy by posing nude for your magazine.See More of Stella at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Milf sasha fucks the delivery boy Sasha Bell, who's now a second-timer since her first time was with us in December, does the ol' horny-MILF-have intercourses-the- delivery-guy scenario. The way we see it, before a woman can call herself a porn star, she has to have intercourse either some kind of delivery man (groceries or pizza) or some kind of service employee (electrician, plumber, cable guy, etc.). Then, and only then, can she call herself a porn star. So, congratulations, Sasha!The truth is, Sasha is not a porn star, nor does she want to be. She's a 42-year-old divorcee who lives in Arizona and goes to medical school. She's a mother of two. In school, she has done the MILF-have intercourses-the-younger-classmate scenario.Sasha is a soccer fan. She likes to crochet. She said, I like my alone time, but a wonderful day at the beach with drinks and someone I care about is the best thing. She also said, I like to dress in skirts and heels even when I'm not at the office.Sasha enjoys being spoiled. We spoiled her when we photographed her. We always spoil our ladies. Do their hair and makeup. Take care of them. Give them porn studs to have intercourse.I don't mind being naked in front of others, she said. I'm proud of my body.She should be. It creates hard-ons.See More of Sasha Bell at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Demi the porn star Demi the porn star Demi Delia was once interviewed by The Village Voice newspaper, and when asked how she balances being a mom and a porn star, she said, It's difficult sometimes because you sort of live two lives. When I'm at home in the morning before a shoot, I'm running around like a mad woman making sure I have everything I need, the dogs have food and water, the kids have things to eat for the day and the house is straightened up.Then I get to the set, get into makeup, wardrobe and I become Demi Delia the porn star. I have to change my frame of mind immediately, and when I walk in my home after shooting, I leave it all behind and become Mom again.In this scene, Demi is Demi the Porn Star. Her husband hired her a new physical trainer, and this dude doesn't seem to know much about training. He just keeps watching her, doing nothing, and then Demi bends over and pushes her anal into his crotch. Finally, he helps her stretch...by pushing her legs all the way back. Then she does pushups. He tells her she has pretty tits. What the hell is going on here She has him sit on the couch and tells him her husband is always gone, then rubs his cock through his shorts.Can I take it out she asks.What about your husband he says.He's not orgasm home, she promises.Of course not. Because this is Demi the Porn Star, not Demi the Mommy. And fantasy is always better than reality.See More of Demi Delia at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. I want to be a porn star! Ah, yes, there are so many things we love about Riley Starr, who's 23 and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We love that she wants to be a porn star. We love that she's a graceful blonde wearing a short, red dress. 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