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The pancake-sized areolas of honey moons

The Pancake-sized Areolas of Honey Moons Honey Moons was much sought after by big-bust photographers. One look at those extraordinary aerolas, her huge, tan-lined tits, full muff and slim body had our flags flying at full mast. I'm just myself, Honey said. She was a feature dancer based in San Francisco. Her home club was the infamous Market Street Cinema, which was cleaned up in later years after the Spearmint Rhino chain took it over. I was fired from every club in San Francisco, except Market Street, because I have a low tolerance for shit! Top-billed names like Honey would be booked for a week into clubs that specialized in big-bust stars. Sometimes the behind-the-scenes drama was intense. All features have their own stories. Honey was one of the most-revealing models and talked about life as a feature dancer to SCORE. It's tough because that doesn't always make me the best money person either. People at the clubs always tell me I should be stupid, act dizzy and I'll make a lot more money, but I don't like to sell out. I want to be myself and still succeed. It's not all the feature's fault, because there is this image of them and they tend to get caught up with it. They always hear, 'Don't trust the house-girls. Just do your job and get out of there.' Features take a huge ration of shit from the house-girls because they're critical of everything. They look at the features who come in and think, 'I'm prettier than her,' 'I dance better than her,' 'She's nothing special,' and other crap. They tend to forget, after seeing so many features, that we're people too, and we're all in it for the same thing. I don't blame them, though, because I was a house dancer and I used to do that too. I used to think that because the feature was up there making a lot of money, she must be really conceited. Now, I tend to make an effort to go out and talk to the house-girls. See More of Honey Moons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


The wet, big boobs of honey moons The Wet, voluminous tits of Honey Moons When it came to gigantic, tan-lined tits--the creamy white part of the tits capped by huge, dark areolas--several names stuck out in voluminous boob history. Tabatha Towers was one girl. Honey Moons was another breast superstar. British bust specialist John Graham and crew took Honey to the beach and then to a pool for a day in January, 1992. Honey was a dancer. She talked about her experiences on stage, the nice and the bad.Dancing is a business, and you'd be surprised just how much of a business it is. A lot of dancers treat it solely as work and all they care about is making as much money as possible. I understand that dancing is a business, but I have a lot of fun doing my job, which is more than I can say for most people. Each crowd is different and they determine whether the dancer is working or partying. I like a rowdy, mid-20s to mid-30s bunch of guys who aren't looking to get any pussy...they're just out to drink, make a lot of noise and have a nice time. If you pull them on stage, they'll dance with you and all of their friends are cheering them on!The real depraved crowds are those that can't have fun. You see, the fun crowds you can dance over and bop them on the head with your breasts and they play along because they know they're just becoming part of the fun. The depraved guy will say 'Ohhh, yeah!' and slobber all over you. They think that just because you're a dancer and they've paid the cover charge, they can treat you like a whore and that's bullshit!See More of Honey Moons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The perfect pair This pairing of Tabatha Towers and Honey Moons was a perfect physical match, a pairing made in hooter heaven. They had very similar fleshy, curvy, milky bodies, pendulous, tan-lined boobs with saucer-sized areolas, trimmed bushes (very few models and strippers shaved or waxed bald back then) and an overall kissin' cousins appearance.When it came to personalities, Honey and Tabatha were totally different. Honey had a dominant nature, was very outspoken and let her likes and dislikes be known very clearly. Tabatha was more easygoing. She did swear that she hadn't had a boob job and most magazine editors with any awareness didn't speculate about that in print. See More of Tabatha Towers at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Saucer-sized areolas & a milky body Tabatha Towers, sometimes known as Tabby, had an unusual style for a big-bust feature dancer. She had the face and the milky, curvy body of a girl-next-door in a profession that was dominated by the more in-your-face glam girls with huge hair and super-implants. Tabatha's breasts were pendulous and massive, real hangers, and her areolas were bigger than teacup saucers. Occasionally, she could lactate. Tabatha could self-suck her own nipples, something many big-boobed girls can't do. She does this in her video in a private, wooded area.Tabatha was a great tit tugger, like Honey Moons. She could really stretch her tits by holding and pulling on the nipples. This kind of tit-play is difficult to see with today's big-bust models, either because they just physically can't do it or their photographers don't ask them to. See More of Tabatha Towers at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Honey comes clean Honey Comes Clean Some magazines got under Honey Moons' skin and Honey didn't hold back about expressing her feelings about them (or any other subject).You know, I shouldn't say this because Juggs magazine ceased publication in 2012 really likes me, but I hate them because they always interview me and never print what I tell them, Honey told a SCORE Group editor in 1995.They said I was really in love with surfer boys and a lot of other weird shit. I didn't even finish reading the article. I understand they have to sell magazines, but the guys would probably buy more if they knew the shit was true! Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against them. Some things they do I hate, but they're part of the business too. I would just like them to print what I say. Some magazines print exactly what I say, but all they're concerned with is sex. Other magazines give the reader a huge ration of shit!Honey was in England for shoots, including her first XXX scene with a guy (British porn star Marino), when she sat for this interview video with John Graham and filmed a shower scene. She also talked about her piercings and her tattoos.See More of Honey Moons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The wet, considerable breasts of honey moons The Wet, voluminous breasts of Honey Moons Honey Moons is at her absolute peak of perfection in this poolside bikini shoot. She's slim and her big breasts are orgasm close to snapping the thin straps of her swimsuit top. With her very long blonde hair and tan lines, Honey is a true beach baby. She stays on-deck in this photo shoot. The aquatic action can be seen in her video.At the time, she was based at the Market Street Cinema in San Francisco where she lived. At one time, it was known as a really wild place where anything went, like have sex and sucks jobs.I worked in every club in San Francisco as a house-dancer when I was younger and Market Street Cinema was the only club where I stayed more than 30 days. I was fired from every club in San Francisco, except Market Street, because I have a low tolerance for shit! Honey was, and probably still is, a student of the mystic arts.My basic view on life is do whatever you want as long as you're not hurting anybody, and that also goes with not hurting Mother Earth and all that nice conservation stuff. With men, I have to see that they're open-minded and insightful...not so much concerned with being politically correct, but to see that they care about things around them! I need to see a gentleness of soul.I'm a witch. No, I'm not a satanic witch. I believe that there is a greater force that unites man with nature. I have on my bookshelf The Sacred Earth, The Art of Magic, The Complete Astrologer, Tarot For Yourself, Modern Primitive, The Creative Visualization, The Star Herbal, my cookbooks and Twelve Steps. That's just a few. See More of Honey Moons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Built for bikinis San Francisco's Honey Moons was with the SCORE crew in California for this September, 1993 bikini shoot. She was a student at San Francisco State and danced locally and on the national club circuit.I have a lot of fans around the country, and I don't bullshit them, so they don't do the same to me, Honey said. During breaks, we talk, and, if I have a long break or after shows, we go out to get something to eat. It's pretty to have friends, real friends who aren't just looking to score. Like other feature dancers, Honey had a love/hate relationship with club life.You get used to the management bullshit, and the fans, on the whole, are wonderful. One thing I really hate is when you meet another dancer and give her the respect she deserves and treat her the way you would want to be treated, then they play the game by lying to you. It's ridiculous. They lie over insignificant things, like their hair, and I think, 'God, I know they feel they need to lie to their customers, but I don't really care.'See More of Honey Moons at SCORECLASSICS.COM!.
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