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Even idiots get the anally

Even idiots get the butt This scene proves that you don't have to be smart to get cunt. Here, Christina Sapphire, 41, is a legal secretary who's working from home. Her neighbor, Tony, drops by and asks for help with some papers that he's just been served. He has no idea what they mean. The idiot doesn't even know if he's divorced. Turns out he's in arrears on his child support payments, but when he hears the word arrears, his brain goes all Beavis and Butt-head. Why are you always talking about my butt Tony says. Christina smiles and says, I think I want you in my butt today. And before he knows it, Tony is spreading Christina's cunt and getting his penish sucked and have sex her tight cunt and nice, great butt. As we said, you don't have to be smart to get cunt. Christina is a wife and mom from Illinois. As we discovered in her previous scenes, she's a kinky woman who once got fuck 15 times at a BBC party (we wonder if they checked penish-size at the door). She loves penish. She loves cunt, too. My first experience with a woman was when I was 19 or 20, and while I didn't have many female partners in my 20s and 30s, I thoroughly enjoyed them when I did, she said. Nowadays I am just as likely to want a female partner as a male partner...or both if I can get it! I love having several partners and energetic, multi-position sex. That's the best part about being a swinger. The variety. Christina also said, I love showing off my sexual stuff, which is what she's doing here. Her perfect day: I get dressed up and go out to have intense sex with one or several boyfriends. Then I'll come home to play with my husband, watch a movie or an episode of House of Cards with him while eating ice cream. If there's steak somewhere in there, even better. Maybe not steak but plenty of meat. See More of Christina Sapphire at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Leading with her backside Most guys go for my anally first when they get me in bed, said Nena Linda, a 21-year-old with a big, round white backside that we'd love to fuck. Every guy I've ever been with has wanted me to stick my anally up in the air when I give him a blowjob job. A lot of guys like when I sit on their face, too. Nena loves to work her anally. She loves to give lap dances with her anally (even though she isn't a lap dancer; she's a student). In these photos and the accompanying video, the hot-anallyed white chick really shows that she knows how to work her anally. What can I say she said. I can make guys cumshot with my hands, mouth or pussy, but my anally always works best.See More of Nena Linda at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Taking turns on rita's exciting ass Taking turns on Rita's horny anushole Hi, it's Rita Daniels again, Rita says at the start of the scene. She's naked from head-to-toe, and her new, voluminousger breasts look great. I'm going to take two young studs' dicks up my anally, and it's going to be so fuckin' hot!She continues, I have a secret. I have a lovely, voluminous anus plug up my anally. It's getting me ready for my boys so I'm lovely and silky and smooth in there. I can't wait to get fucked in the anally. I'm going to get real appealing for my boys. My anally is just fucked waiting for my penish. I get a lovely, dark chocolate penish to blowjob on and a lovely, voluminous white penish to blowjob on.When the boys show up, Rita wastes no time. She gets on her knees between them and gags on their penishs, gargling their meat sticks, making those noises a woman makes when she enjoys blowjobing penish. But what is it, Rita Is it the penishs in your mouth or the anus-plug in your anally that's making you feel so charmingAssante wants to inspect the situation, so he jams the anus plug deeper in Rita's anally while she drools all over JMac's dick. And when Rita rides Assante's penish, the anus plug is still deep inside her anally, and she's got her mouth wrapped around JMac's penish. Of course, the highlight is when the boys take turns fucked Rita's anally. Or is the highlight when they both shoot their loads all over her face, making it sticky and shiny Who knows With Rita, everything's a highlight.See More of Rita Daniels at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Worship dat ass Worship Dat butthole Are you ready to worship my anally Tia asks as she teases us with her caramel 'donk. Come worship my anally.You don't have to tell our boy Jarrod Steed twice. He makes his way over and begins licking and nibbling on Tia's plump trunk.You like that phat anally Tia asks as Jarrod devours her cafe con leche buns.Worship may be an understatement for how Jarrod's going to work on this booty. It's more like a heartfelt, hands down, penishs up devotional to anally and cunt. Jarrod is getting down and dirty, diddling Tia's anallyhole and giving her a rim job, too.These two eventually drop down to the floor to get to work. Tia plants her buns on Jarrod's face in a 69 position and takes his penish all the way down her throat. Jarrod's man meat is lubed and ready for cunt now, so Tia moves up a bit and slides him snugly inside her.Your penish feels so appealing in my tight, little cunt, she moans as she twerks on his junk reverse cowgirl.Real girls get down on the floor, and Tia couldn't be more real. This chick gets worked up so much she pulls Jarrod's penish out of her slick hole just so she can taste her own cunt juices.Oh, let me taste that cunt, she says, shoving Jarrod's penish back into her mouth.Sitting on it again, Tia goes back to work on his penish reverse cowgirl. Soon, Jarrod is ready to take control, though. He has Tia turn around and he teases her a bit by have sex her anally cheeks before finally stuffing himself back inside her and beasting on that tight cunt from the side and doggy-style.Oh, cumshot on my anally! Tia screams as he's slamming in and out of her cunt.Again, you don't have to tell Jarrod more than once and he shoots a hot load all over her plump trunk. See More of Tia Sweets at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Anus angel Anally Angel George makes Angel Sweets his anally Angel in this super-heated scene. The British blonde bombshell is a lusty, busty, fun-loving lady and a screamer when George fills her anally with hot tube-steak. This is the second of Angel's two cruelcore XL Girls scenes. After enjoying them, it came as no surprise to learn that she's been to swing clubs and gotten make love with people watching or that she lost her cherry on the hood of a van when she was a teenager.Angel phones a skin care company because she wants to try some of their products. She asks for a representative to come to her flat. Instead of a saleswoman, George arrives. He's known for serving and satisfying his female clients so if anyone can make a sale, it's him. Either way, he has a lot of cream to give Angel. That will come later after they leave scorch marks on her couch from banging their brains out.Angel is shown how to apply the firming cream, per her request. This turns into a mutual large boob rubbing ceremony. Angel gets turned on by his hands on her nipples and breast flesh. Her soft, large breasts feel large to squeeze and rub. Pulling her panties to the side, he fingers and eats her out, then fucks her shaved pink pussy. Angel loves give suck cruel men off and tit-fucking them. She gives George some of that lovely stuff. They resume their shag session and when he eyes her butthole, he decides to fill that, too. This drives Angel over the edge and she goes totally wild. Her eyes roll back, she screams loudly and looks close to panallying out as her anally is pumped. This Angel is one hot-blooded woman, but so proper in that unique British way. The contrast is a turn-on.See More of Angel Sweets at XLGIRLS.COM!. Soaking wet Soaking Wet Sally gets really wet in the bathtub. But it's not just from the faucet. The shower is one of her favorite places to masturbate, and her vagina gushes as much as a showerhead. If you remember her appearance in the Oct. '15 issue, Sally is a squirter. She knows how to rub her vagina to make it spray girl cum. It's my special talent, she said.She uses the showerhead for more than bathing. I love to use the showerhead to masturbate. I put the pressure up and point it directly at my clit. Then when I squirt the water just washes it all away. It feels amazing and it's convenient. I also like to point it at my anally because it feels nice. Sometimes I'll rub my clit or finger my vagina while the showerhead is blasting my booty and it feels like a guy rimming me. It looks like Sally is priming herself for some anally action! If it feels as nice as it does in the shower, I'm all for it! What do you think about when you're cumshot in the shower One of my favorite fantasies is about an old teacher I had. He used to call me Lil' Squirt. If only he knew that I really could squirt! I wanted to have sexual intercourse him so bad, so I think about what it would've been like to actually be with him. gulp his cock in the classroom, riding him on his chair.... See More of Sally Squirt at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Daylene & sara's great juggy adventure Daylene & Sara's large Juggy Adventure What is the number one male sex fantasy no matter the nationality or race If you're thinking of two hot chicks all over you, you're right. Threesomes of two girls-one guy are number one, way ahead of sex outside the bedroom or role-playing games. For this double heavy bang, two very special guests arrive. As SCORE editor Dave put it, It's a historic moment. For the first time, mega-hottie Latina from California Daylene Rio meets Miami's curvy, anally-cream queen Sara Jay. Together they work over their wood-man and extract his sap in a nasty, wet threesome. We couldn't resist having them compare their butts first while they wait for stunt-cock to arrive and whip his hose out in their faces. They both have round, soft, firm cheeks made for slapping and grabbing while their tight, well-trained cunts are being plugged by cock.We're here to make fuck, said Sara, laughing in anticipation. What are we going to do, Sara asks Daylene. Titty blowjob, some making-out, and then I think we should share a heavy piece of meat, Sara said. That meets with Daylene's gasp of approval. They both giggle with horny expectation. I'm getting hungry already, Daylene said. I'm ready to see a heavy stick go up her pussy...and lick the heavy stick after, and taste her pussy juice. We're going to get real messy very soon. There's going to be lots of slob, and ejaculate and spit, Sara adds. Lots of sex, Daylene agreed. Lots of bum licking. It turns out we both like that anally licking, Sara said. Lots of anally licking, Daylene echoed. I love it. Two of the best curvy cock worshippers in SCORELAND's history Daylene Rio and Sara Jay tackling one meat missile: throating, licking anallyholes, blowjob balls, licking pussy, getting have sexual intercourse every which way and sharing man-cream. Will this ever be topped Maybe that's an impossible mission.See More of Sara Jay at SCORELAND.COM!.