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Big-Boobed dick Time Girl Years ago, a home improvement magazine titled Mechanix Illustrated had a monthly penish girl named Mimi. The TV show Home Improvement picked up on the super-hot concept and made dick Time Girl Pamela Anderson a household name. Alix Lakehurst is the kind of worker who does the penish belt girl union proud. Alix is our penish-belt girl. She uses her heavy penishs to repair this old camper. Alix works better with her clothes off. She knows the sight of her lush body will make cocks massive enough to drill concrete.See More of Alix Lakehurst at XLGIRLS.COM!


Jeri does a considerable cock Jeri does a great tool I was really horny about doing my first boy-girl scene, but then I saw the size of the guy's tool they put me with, said South Carolina divorcee Jeri Does. Then I started getting scared.No worries, Jeri. Our man is a pro, and he loves make love mature women. He handles Jeri with care. Gets her cunt all wet and squishy before he shoves his tool inside.I must admit, though, I had a massive time getting my mouth around his tool, Jeri said. Usually I can deep-throat a guy, but him No way! But once I got into it, it was very exciting. He didn't have to eat my cunt to get me wet. I was already soaked!Jeri doesn't know if she wants to do this again or if it was a one-time thrill.I enjoyed it, but I've never seen myself as a porn star, Jeri said. Then again, if I could handle this guy's tool, I could probably take anything. Maybe I'm ready to find out.See More of Jeri Does at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Penish time girl Tool Time Girl Karina Hart once said, I thought I would model once or twice and that would be it. I didn't plan on becoming a star.Karina didn't model once or twice after all. She posed many times.There was no way Karina could not become a big-bust star. She was voted number-two in the Twenty Greatest Girls contest posted in Specials, only topped by Linsey Dawn McKenzie.Karina was turned loose in a workshop in this video and pictorial. But working in a machine shop is not really for her, nor is it a nice idea for her coworkers. This big-boobed beauty would distract them and they'd hammer their thumbs more than the nails. Karina gives up after a few minutes to do what she does best.See More of Karina Hart at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Butt up, face down Bum Up, Face Down pussy greets us with a warm smile and squeezes her butt as the camera pans over her body. She slaps her plump bum a bit, leaving behind a red handprint on her right butt cheek. 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