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Her first audition Her First Audition Nikki is yet another aspiring model, but she has no delusions or fantasies of catwalks and fashion shows. She wants to be a fuck-model. So she gets right down to it in her first audition. We love when the girls get off to a fuck start. She's a student from Kansas who's into fuck as much as she's into...well, just about anything. Posing by myself sounds boring, she said. I'll do it, but what I really want to do is fuck. Nikki likes being in school, but she's had porn on her mind lately, and that might be the direction her life takes for a while. I get fidgety in class because I'm always horny, she said. I need a job where I don't have to think about fuck. I can just do it. Nikki has come to the right place.See More of Nikki Vee at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Legendary xl girls Legendary XL Girls Toni Kat Vixen was one of the early XL Girls. She and her husband were internet porn pioneers. They started doing porn in 1994, got married in 1997 and began a website in 2000. They're still active in the adult scene.XL Girls: Why do boob-men like to tit-fuck busty girlsKat Vixen: Because you can move the breasts and change the pressure on the dick. Plus there is the added bonus of being able to cumshot on her breasts or face after having the fuck feeling.XL Girls: What do you like about tit-fuckKat Vixen: I love to titty-fuck, but not many girls do. What I like is the rhythm of the dick movement, kind of like the fuck of the pussy. It is even better when I have a toy in, fuck me at the same time. Very intense.XL Girls: What dick size do you likeKat Vixen: I prefer at least six inches, but any bigger then 10 can hurt if they don't know how to use it. I have had 4-inchers who made me scream with pleasure and 10-inchers that hurt. See More of Kat Vixen at XLGIRLS.COM!. Home run honey Flat Madison likes to go all the way. Madison's used to hitting home base, and not just because she plays softball. If we get to third base and your mouth is on my vagina, then we're definitely gonna fuck.Once an athlete, always an athlete. Madison played soccer for 12 years and also did track, swimming and tennis. Now she's using that stamina to fuck! I would consider sex a sport. You get all hot and sweaty. And I even get competitive trying to out-fuck my partner.How does one out-fuck their partner, Madison You try to last longer than them. Someone has to tap out eventually, and since I can have lots of orgasms I usually win. Guys usually only have one orgasm, and they seem to have them lovely quick with me. They tell me it's 'cause my little vagina is tight. I like knowing that I can outlast them, but at the same time, I wouldn't mind a challenge. I'd like a guy to fuck my brains out, until I can't take it anymore and I have to tell him to stop because my legs are shaking. Maybe that's something an older guy could do for me. I've heard they last longer and are pleasant in bed. And I've always found silver foxes attractive. I might just have to try one out.See More of Madison Reese at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Make love bound Fuck Bound Nikki's holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, fuck me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you've got a tight, tempting body like Nikki does, you don't even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn't matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that's what they do. And that's all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Everyone has to have a hobby Everyone has to have a hobby Chennin Blanc, a 40-year-old wife and mom from Southern California, says she doesn't have a lot of hobbies.I like to go to the beach, said Chennin, who sunbathes topless. I like to fuck. I like to penish sucking dick. I like to get fuck in my ass.Hey, that's four hobbies right there! And we betcha she likes ejaculate all over her face, too! Five hobbies!When this video open, Chennin is rubbing herself. She's obviously ready for penish. After a few minutes, her penish for the day arrives on the set. He's not pleasant for much, but he's pleasant for a hard-on. And Chennin, who's very pleasant at her hobbies, knows what to do with that.As long as people want to watch me fuck, I'm gonna keep on doing it! Chennin said.She once had a threesome with her husband and two guys.They took turns with me, she said, meaning while one fuck her, the other two watched. Sounds like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.See More of Chennin Blanc at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Barushka fucks to pay for her daughter's wedding Barushka fucks to pay for her daughter's wedding We asked Barushka what she wants to do that she's never done, and she said, I've done it now!She means fuck on-camera. Barushka is 57. The dude who's fuck her is 23. She might have been referring to fuck a much-younger guy, too.Here, Barushka starts out dressed while her dick-for-hire starts out totally naked and hard. She blow his cock loudly and enthusiastically. This is large stuff from a lovely, horny lady who really could've been a pro if she wanted to. Instead, she's simply fuck and sucks to help pay for her daughter's wedding. Isn't that a lovely story Excuse us while we cry and jack.Can you imagine the conversation at her daughter's weddingHey, Mrs. Barushka, large spread!And Barushka blushes because she thinks he's referring to her kitty and asshole. Which, come to think of it, he might be.See More of Barushka at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. A little dancing, a lot of butthole A little dancing, a lot of anal Dancing makes women horny. That is an undeniable fact. Go to any club (or wedding, for that matter), and we can guarantee that it's the girls on the dance floor who are going to be fuck later (and the guys on the dance floor who are going to be fuck those girls). So here's a suggestion for all you guys out there: Take a girl dancing. Dance even if you're a shitty dancer. The girl will appreciate your effort and reward you later with a sloppy sucks job and a wide-open cunt.She might even give you her anus like Shirley Lily does here.Yes, Shirley, a 52-year-old divorcee with a huge rack, has just enjoyed a night on the town. Dining, drinking, eating. And now, she has her date just where she wants him: back at her place for some private time.I just want my bum fuck and a big load of cumshot on my face, said Shirley, who's a proud mother and grandmother. A proud MILF and GILF.An bum-fuck MILF and GILF, that is. Welcome to the club, Shirley. I love being watched, Shirley said. It's lascivious to know someone is watching me and enjoying every minute, jacking their cruel cocks to me, watching me getting fuck in the bum. When Juan was fuck my bum, I couldn't stop thinking about how many guys were going to see it and jack off while I got fuck in my bum.Shirley has DD-cup tits. She says she enjoys organizing community events. Swinging is not one of those community events, but it could be because Shirley has had some beautiful wild parties, too.See More of Shirley Lily at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Just be straightforward Just Be Straightforward When I saw this 'MODELS WANTED' flyer I knew it was either going to be a legit gig or a totally bogus sex scam. I was down for either. If someone wants to give me a shot at being a model, great. If they just want to fuck...even better. So I get to the address and it's like some hotel room. I already knew how it was going to go down; I just hoped the guy inside was cute. When he opened the door I was really glad I didn't wear a bra. He was cute! So I told him, 'Let's cut the bullshit, I know this isn't a real audition. Just fuck blowjob my titties.' I guess he must've liked how straightforward I was because he really have intercourse the shit out of me. You know, guys don't have to make up these elaborate stories and auditions to get girls to fuck. There are plenty of chicks like me who want fun, no-strings-attached sex as much as they do. See More of Kirra Lynne at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Angela jacks you off Angela jacks you off From our many interviews and knowing Angela over the years, we didn't need glasses to see that she had a high-powered sex drive, whether she's by herself, masturbating or with another girl. We didn't need to guess that she's just as horny with a man at hand. We just knew it even though that part of her was kept behind closed doors. Until now.I never script my sexual sessions, Angela says. I just let it flow. I like it natural and spontaneous.And this boobs & Tugs Her first in front of an audience of breast-men from dozens of countries How will Angela rate herselfIt's not going to be a performance because I'm gonna be loving it. So it's going to be a 10. I'm going to put it at an 8 out of 10 because if I give a guy a titty-fuck or a tug-job, I'm going to want to fuck them. So it's going to be a bit of a tease for me, too.The fuck came next. But first, as they say in Australia, let the wanking begin! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Little fuck-doll Little Fuck-doll What a little fuck-doll Genie Onyx is! She's a little pixie at only 4'10 tall so she wears big fuck shoes to compensate. But look beyond her height and notice how shapely and defined her libidinous legs are. She must spend hours keeping them in perfect shape. She has the legs of a ballerina. In this video, Genie shows off her pins for the Leg Sex camera, tightening each muscle so you can study them. She removes her do-me shoes and exposes her tiny, appealing feet. How many guys have doused her precious peds with their ball-batter A lot! says Genie. My boyfriends have spent hours on my legs and feet. They love to gulp and lick my toes and they always ask me to walk back and forth in high-heels while they lay back and play with their cocks. Because I'm so small and light, most of them can pick me up and have sex with me in the most libidinous positions!See More of Genie Onyx at LEGSEX.COM!. Boobs & tats Boobs & Tats To be terse, Claire Dames is a freak. Just read what she said to us before shooting this scene. We weren't quite sure how to respond, but we thought you might like it. My great ol' natural tits turn me on. Do they turn you on I hope so, 'cause I'm really fuck lusty and I'm tired of stuffing my twat with this stupid dildo. I'm tired of putting my clit under the water faucet to cum. And my fingers don't even do shit for me anymore. No, I need a real cock, right now, in my pussy. I want to be fuck so heavy that I don't even remember my name anymore. You know what it's like to be fuck like that, right Like when your balls are slapping against the girl's anus and her pussy whites are smeared all around the base of your cock 'cause she's so wet and lusty. Yeah, I like that nasty stuff. I get all creamy right before I cum. That's how you know you've satisfied me. And if the guy fuck me the way I like, I let him squirt all over my face and natural tits. Man, I wouldn't mind getting sprayed right now. Amen! See More of Claire Dames at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Brandy talorehot blonde brandy talore with huge natural tits performing a voluminous titty fuck also a sweet fuck Hot blonde Brandy Talore with huge natural breasts performing a large titty fuck! Also a beautiful fucking.. Zoraya's new anus adventure Zoraya's new anus adventure Some women were born wild. Some were born to be wild. Zoraya Mora was among the latter, but she didn't know it until she divorced her fuddy-duddy ex husband and hooked up with the guy she's married to now. Which is how this 42-year-old wife and mother from Cuba ended up here, have sex a 23-year-old stranger.I wonder what would happen if my friends and co-workers saw me here, Zoraya said. It would be a large laugh. 'The girl who looks like Zoraya,' but no one would dream it was me.Maybe. Maybe not. Not many women look like this exotic beauty with her big breasts and big, round, juicy ass. It's simply a damn shame that her ex didn't appreciate her.By the way, her liberal new hubby was sitting a few feet away while Zoraya fuck Peter.Then again, it's nothing new for him. He was in the swingers club with his wife when she blew 12 guys.This is a woman who finds nothing sexier than a hard-on. Who fuck a total stranger in the dressing room at Wal-Mart. Who fuck an 18-year-old five times in one day.Doing this Getting ass-fuck by a guy who's nearly half her agePiece of cake.See More of Zoraya Mora at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Swirl We're down with the swirl here at BootyLicious. There's just nothing like seeing a hung black stud fuck the brains out of an ivory-skinned white chick. It's beautiful. It's poetry. And there's nothing our girl Klaudia Kelly loves more than have sex black guys.I love black men, she said. I like how aggressive and strong they are. And, of course, what they say is true about their size down there. Black guys aren't the only guys I've fuck with voluminous penishs, but every black guy I've fuck has had one.We had to pull out the voluminousgest black penish in our stable when Klaudia told us this. Of course, that means our boy Lucas Stone. He's never seen a whootie he didn't like. He has exactly what it takes to fill up a girl like Klaudia. And he fills her up with a hot creampie in her cunt, too. See More of Klaudia Kelly at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Flexi make love Flexi fuck They call me the human pretzel. I'm flexible and it's definitely a lot of fun when I have sex! I'm a huge exhibitionist so I love getting in crazy sex positions and having someone else watch me while I fuck. There's also something hot about me being spread wide open and the guy I'm having sex with being able to see every inch of me. I don't have any shame about my body or sex. I'm open and I just want to have fun!See More of Athena Rayne at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Cock wash Dick Wash In a lot of ways, a car wash is like fuck. The car enters a tunnel and gets wet. The penish enters a tunnel and gets wet. Then creamy, white stuff gets sprayed everywhere. In this car wash scene, everything going on outside the van is happening inside the van, too. The one doing the penish washing is Jayden. She wants to show her appreciation to a guy for picking her up out of the rain. Inside the car wash it's just her, him, a camera and the car buffers-the perfect situation for her to get naked, cock sucking and fuck. Having sex with that guy in the car wash was exciting, Jayden says. Because it's still kind of risky. You're sort of in a public place but you have enough privacy to do naughty things. I was just worried that car wash wasn't going to be long enough to do all the fuck I wanted.See More of Jayden Moore at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Wet angel Wet Angel Angel Sin is a very lusty girl. Her favorite way of masturbating is by rubbing her clit very quickly with her hands and that's what she does in the tub in this XLGirls video. Angel likes to talk hot and dirty with a teasing glint in her eyes. She talks about guys' violent cocks rubbing her nipples and breasts, and shooting their loads all over her body. Angel slaps her tits together and, with direct eye-contact, she talks about guys fuck her tits while she slaps them together. Angel prefers fuck on top so she can smother guys' faces with her giant knockers. There's a whole lotta woman to fuck when you're pounding Angel. Stock up on the zinc and lecithin pills 'cause you'd need 'em! She truly is an angel of sin...and salvation! See More of Angel Sin at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Are you jmac have sexual intercourse my ass! Are you JMac have sexual intercourse my ass! Brianna Shay, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom, thinks the guy who's checking out the place she's renting looks familiar, but she can't quite place him. She's wearing short shorts and a tight top that shows plenty of cleavage. She has big, fake tits, and she's very curious about this dude.You know, my ex-husband used to watch a lot of porn, she tells him, and when he admits that he's JMac, she says, Nice, she says. Come inside!She wants to see his cock. She actually wants to sucks his cock. And squat on it. And get fuck in the ass by it. She shows off some serious porn star moves while he's giving her the porn star treatment: rough and hard, but Brianna can take it. She can more than take it. She wants it. She wants to eat his cum, too.Is fuck some random guy who came around her house something Brianna does every day Well, yes, it is. By her estimate, she's fuck about a quarter of the National Hockey League and a decent number of football players, too. Yes, this is a wild woman. A wild MILF. She's not just a mother you'd like to fuck. She's a mother who fucks a lot.Looks like JMac came to the right place.See More of Brianna Shay at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Sindy's anal ambition Sindy's bottom ambition There are many reasons a woman decides to fuck on-camera. We've heard just about all of them. Some women do it because they're exhibitionists. Others do it to please their husband or significant other. Some do it out of curiosity. Some do it because they just got divorced and want to turn loose their wild side. We've had women who visited us to have a last fling before getting married. And some women are swingers who like having sex with as many different people as possible.Sindy Silver came to because I wanted to see if I could take one of your big-dicked studs up my ass.Sindy is a divorced mother of four, but the kids are out of the house now so she's free to do whatever she pleases. And one of those things she pleases is getting ass-fuck by one of our big-dicked studs.I was a swinger for a while because the guy I was seeing loved to watch me get fuck by other men, said Sindy, who lives in Washington. My wildest swinging experience was when I was at Gang Bang Friday and they put the spotlight on me. When I was done, I noticed the whole club had gathered around me. Everyone was clapping. I had cumshot dripping off my face and all over my tits. I lost count of how many guys I fuck that night. Five, 10, 20. Maybe more.Gang Bang Friday they have happy hourIt's always happy hour at Gang Bang Friday, said Sindy, who should know.Anyway, as we said, there are many reasons a woman decides to model for us. And if getting ass-fuck is Sindy's reason, that's fine by us.See More of Sindy Silver at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Sexual behavior in prague Sexual Behavior In Prague I have to have sex with a man, Veronika told our staffers. I think I would go crazy if I didn't have a man inside my pussy for more than a week. I don't care what a guy's face looks like. He can be ugly for all I care, but if he can fuck massive for a long time, that's fine for me. The lovely boys always seem to be gay, anyway. My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older. That's why I love making pictures and videos. If I am alone, I will look at them and wank with one of my vibrators. I consider myself 100% sexually liberated and I'm happy that my country no longer has any stupid sex laws. I feel sorry for the women in many other countries.Tom is all over Veronika as soon as the camera started rolling. The thumping of their bodies as they fuck is loud and clear on the soundtrack. He really gave her a ram-bam. Czech beer must be loaded with nutrients the way the citizens fuck.See More of Veronika at SCORELAND.COM!. Is she qualified Is She Qualified I know I have what it takes to be a porn star. I'm cute, young, very sexual and I love to fuck! That's all you need, right Sometimes when I'm fooling around with a guy, I like to pretend like I'm doing it in front of a camera. I really put my all into it, and knowing that one day guys all over the world will see what it's like to fuck me really turns me on. I'm an exhibitionist and I love to be watched. I know I'll be voluminous as a porn star, just wait and see!See More of Ryan Heart at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Fukofuko performing a large cock sucking and a nice titty fuck Fuko performing a big blow and a charming titty fuck. Two is better than one Two Is Better Than One Haileey and Angelica are firm believers in the buddy system. They go to the bathroom together, they go to the mall together and they hitchhike together. But best of all, they even fuck together. These bisexual cuties enjoy eating each other out as much as they do suc dick. So when they team up to fuck some guy who gives them a ride, they all get double the pleasure. One girl blows the guy while the other give suck his balls. Then they take turns fuck him while licking the other girl's natural tits and pussy. Haileey spreads her legs for a dick while Angelica spreads her pussy for Haileey's tongue. The girls go from suckin' to fuckin' to suckin' and fuckin' over and over again. Obviously, these rough riders are down for anything. This guy was elegant enough to give us a ride, so we wanted to repay him with another kind of ride, said Angelica.See More of Haileey James at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Daughter fucks good, but mom fucks better Daughter fucks beautiful, but mom fucks better For the record, we'd just like to say that although Cassy Torri, Miranda's 44-year-old daughter, is a very beautiful fuck, as proven by her video on, 66-year-old Miranda is a better fuck. Which makes sense, you know. Experience, and all that.In this video, her first ever, Miranda gives us ownership of her pussy.You can see it. You can look at it. It's all yours, baby, she says. We're gonna give suck. We're gonna fuck, and I hope it's one of you, because I want to give suck you and I want to fuck you. And she keeps talking about the things she wants to do to our penishs until her stunt penish shows up.I want you to take your penish out of your pants and stroke it, she says.Invitation accepted. Miranda slurps on our stunt penish's penish and goes appealing deep. She eats his penish like she's eating a popsicle. I love give blowjob your dick, she says between slurps. Then she takes his penish deep inside her 60something cunt. It drills her beautiful until it spurts all over her face.Yeah, her daughter can make a penish do that, too. But Miranda is 66. Enough said.See More of Miranda Torri at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Stephanie stalls - scoretv: uncut & uncensored SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored You'd have a tough time finding any girl as eager and feisty to get it on with a stud on-camera as Southern gal Stephanie Stalls. A feature exotic dancer touring the States, Stephanie's only done roughcore at SCORE and maybe posed once or twice for another photographer. Other than that, she's been a SCORE Girl through and through. This scene was part of the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. Stephanie's interview on the set of SCOREtv with host Dave right before she jumped on Jack's cock is posted at SCORELAND.The thing about Stephanie is that when she fucks a guy on-camera, she's also into putting on a show for the viewer at the same time. She acknowledges the reality and the viewers. I used to see this kind of girl in live sex shows, as in an actual couple fuck on a stage in front of a real audience, at porn palaces. The message is Look at me, look how I fuck. Don't I make you rough Stephanie is actually even more Yee-hah! than anyone I'd ever seen fuck on a stage. I think live sex shows in the USA are a thing of the past in these unenlightened times. They're still going strong in Europe. Anyway, that's the impression I always get from Stephanie, even in her more-scripted videos.So you're the one who's gonna be fuck me up the ass, Stephanie says to Jack, her hands planted on her hips, like she's challenging him. Then she looks at the camera. Well, let's give the boys what they want and you give me what I need.Did I mention Stephanie's large fuck boobs Let me include those, too.See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND2.COM!. A 60something czech hottie named regi A 60something Czech hottie named Regi When this video opens, 61-year-old first-timer Regi is lying in bed wearing skimpy, sheer, red lingerie. She has blond hair and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks excited but classy. Then her guy shows up and finishes getting dressed.Come on, baby, let's go, he says. He doesn't mean, Let's go fuck. He means, Let's go out.But Regi doesn't want to go out, and he immediately gets the message.You want to fuck more he says to his Czech MILF. That's exactly what Regi wants to do. And when a woman like Regi wants to fuck, you'd be a fool to turn her down.I haven't been turned down too many times, said Regi, who has long, pliable, suckable nipples. Never.See Guys are beautiful bright after all.It is a lot of fun to do this, Regi said. I know a lot of younger Czech girls are doing porn, but why not meIndeed, why notI think we are a very excited country, Regi said. I don't know why.But does it really matterSee More of Regi at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Angela & brandy talore Angela & Brandy Talore Pardon the cliche, but this is a match made in heaven. Hooter heaven. Brandy Talore, who would go on to become one of the hottest naturally stacked porn stars in the world, and Angela, who wasn't fuck on-camera when this scene was shot in 2004 but might have gotten some inspiration from Brandy.In these photos, Brandy and Angela are sharing a hotel room, and they're dressed to fuck. Not much sleep is going to be happening on this night. Brandy straps on a fake cock. There are more fuck tools in her suitcase than a plumber has in his repair kit. She stands on the bed and fucks Angela with it. She fucks her tits. She fucks her vagina. The girls share a double-headed dildo. There's kissing and vagina eating and more. Don't you wish you were there Well, in a way, you are. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. How to tit-fuck katarina dubrova How To Tit-Fuck Katarina Dubrova It's show and tell time as smiling Katarina Dubrova demonstrates how to best make love her big tits. Her teaching tools: a stick-in toy and a bottle of lube.We didn't have sex ed teachers like Katarina when we were in school. They were overweight 50-year-old gym instructors. If only they had looked like this busty beauty. Things are much better now.See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND.COM!. Is daisy lou our best cock sucker ever Is Daisy Lou our best cock sucker ever No setup here. No scenario, either. Just a cock-hungry 52-year-old divorcee named Daisy Lou who, for the first seven minutes of this scene, tries her hardest to get as much of Juan's penish into her mouth as possible. She licks it, she suc it, she smacks it against her face and then she goes down on it some more. Talk about a penish-hungry mature slut! We've never seen anyone like Daisy Lou.Daisy Lou takes a elegant pounding, too, saying things like, fuck that Daisy Lou pussy. fuck it! fuck it hard! Completely losing control of herself. Totally forgetting that the camera is there. Holding on for dear life while Juan practically fucks her off the bed before ejaculate all over her face.A woman like Daisy Lou isn't classy in the bedroom. She's basically a cock-hungry slut. A cum-lover. Not that there's anything wrong with that.See More of Daisy Lou at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Dangerous curves Dangerous Curves One of the truly great things about Daylene Rio, besides the obvious, is her attitude. She embraces the fact that she is a fuck-toy for men. Daylene does what she does and continues to do it because she knows that as long as she's Daylene, she's a fuck-toy, here to get men shooting their loads over her. This attitude is one of the reasons for her longevity when countless others all over the world have left porn after a few months or a couple of years.I never wait for a guy to make his move, Daylene said. I have sex whenever I'm horny, and that's a lot. I wake up in the morning with my hand under my panties. When I want to fuck, I don't play games like other girls. A porn star and escort, Daylene was born to make men happy, and she knows she has the smoldering sex drive, hot body and great boobs for raw, nasty sex. Her fuck buddy in this scene asks Daylene what she would call herself: a dirty girl or a nice, good, old-fashioned girl No, I'm a dirty whore all the way, she says. I wanna have fun. Spit over tool and cock sucking it. Daylene gets on her knees and plays with her boobs. She fingers her pussy. By this time, she's begging for a dicking. It's time for her to open her legs and get fucked.We ask you again: Is Daylene Rio one of the hottest sex-kittens ever at SCORE See More of Daylene Rio at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Daily anal diet Daily bottom DietA lot of girls claim they're into certain kinks. It's not rare to meet girls who say they're into girls, or girls who say they like butt. A lot of them are all talk. Especially when it comes to taking it up the rear. But Suzumi Wilder definitely is not one of those girls. She's a girl who can't get enough butt sex. She's also featured in the best-selling DVD Thick Chicks on Dicks bottom Edition 2. I love butt sex, Suzumi told us. I love butthole play in general, though. Having my butthole licked and then fuck is a fast way to get me off. When I'm with a guy, we'll often skip vaginal sex at times and go straight for the butt. It's awesome. Suzumi says her orgasms from butt sex can often be more intense than the ones she is pushed to from being fuck in her pussy. We're just glad we get to enjoy watching her get fuck in both holes today. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Magazine subscriptions Magazine Subscriptions Christy is always horny when her pictures run in SCORE magazine, so she decided to try and sell some mags, door-to-door, to raise money for her college fund. (Yes, Christy is currently enrolled in college and studying forensic psychology. Yup, brains AND breasts. It doesn't get any better than Ms. Marks.) She trespasses, er, finds her way into this guy's backyard where she gives him a sample of what he can see in her magazine by throwing her breasts in his face. 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