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The curvy bobby The busty Bobby I literally woke up one day and had double-Ds, Toni Evans told Linzi Drew, the wife of British porn producer Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). At the age of nine, I was in a B-cup bra. I came in for such stick at school. I got beaten up and everything.Toni was at the famous strip club Stringfellows when she met Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Linsey suggested Toni try modeling. After that, Toni's career moved like lightning. She's amassed a staggering list of credits and filmed all over the UK and the continent. Uninhibited to the max, Toni would do everything from DPs to giant orgies. Her sex drive became legendary with porn producers and consumers.I think my first shoot was a normal topless shoot for The Sport newspaper. I hated posing for those photos. I'd come up to London to stay with some friends and it just went from there. The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. The more eccentric I became. The more outgoing I became. I wasn't like one of these girls who'd be going around flashing my tits everywhere, but I would always wear the most-provocative, the most-see-through outfit I could get away with. See More of Toni Evans at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The legend of british porn The Legend of British Porn Toni Evans is a beautiful, buxom, big-haired blonde vixen with legendary status in UK porn. She was everywhere in the 1990s and known under a variety of modeling names, some created by the editors of whatever magazines her layouts were published in.Those names included Kirstyn Halborg, Kirstyn London, Cristin London, Janet Tennant-Smythe, Kirsten Churcher, Kirstyn McLeary, Kristen Churcher, Kristen, Lu Lu Lamborghini and Petula Pearl. At John Graham's studio in London, she used the name Toni Evans. Born in Wales, Toni had triple-D boobs at 13. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. At school I was known as juggs, Toni said. Toni was once interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn producer and performer Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). I was in Stringfellows and Linsey Dawn McKenzie came up to me gave me two business cards. One was John Graham's and one was David Sullivan's. I called David Sullivan because I lost the other card.Besides posing for magazines and doing hot porn, Toni also owned an adult entertainment modeling agency. She was married to the giant-dicked porn star Omar. Her filmography is as massive as her boobs. She shot porn all over Europe and was game for anything. When I was asked to do DP, it was like 'No. No!' Then two weeks down the line it was like, 'I'll have a go!'Toni posed for busty magazine as late as 2006. See More of Toni Evans at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Just katie Just Katie A video like this with Katie would usually be edited and have the audio wiped and replaced by music before being released unless the model was verbally interactive as she stripped and masturbated. That was rarely the case. In this raw, complete and unedited video, we hear the director guide Katie every step of the way as she follows his orders. In a way, these scenes become hotter than had they been polished and edited. Katie was a mainstay at John Graham's studio in London for over three years, from 1995 to 1997, posing for many magazine shoots, plus she did some girl-girl and boy-girl action.I don't know why I did it, said British brunette Katie when we asked her why she decided to take the plunge and become a nude model. I saw an ad for models and I was in the neighborhood one day and decided to take a chance.The neighborhood she spoke of was in the Wandsworth area of London where John Graham's studio was located. Katie walked in and big-boob magic was made. That first time in the studio, Katie wore a wig so she wouldn't be recognized. I didn't know how I would look, so I asked to wear a wig so nobody would recognize me if the pictures turned out bad, Katie said. Apparently they turned out well. She would make 16 appearances in SCORE and curvy during the 1990s. Katie looked great, and she later charmed the pants off the pbootyengers on Boob Cruise 1997. She also charmed the pants off famous UK porn jack of all trades Ben Dover for the 1997 movie Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise. Shot in P.O.V., Ben gets to feel up her breasts and booty on the deck of the ship as she sunbathes.Katie shot for a SCORE photographer one last time in 2001 in a hotel room while visiting an adult expo in Las Vegas with her friend and fellow model Susie Wilden. She then quit modeling, moved to Tampa, Florida and supposedly got married. See More of Katie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Beach balls Beach Balls Danni Ashe appeared in several videos: Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise, Best of Boob Cruise and The Best Of Voluptuous. At the end of the 1990s, Danni was the softcore queen of the web, a content producer and a darling of the E! Channel. She became a true role model to thousands of aspiring models who wanted to copy her success, but no one quite captured the lightning in a bottle she did.Danni sold Danni's hard Drive in 2004 and immediately retired from all forms of modeling. Her last appearance in SCORE was in the February 2004 issue. In the June '08 issue, Danni was voted by readers and web-members into the SCORE Hall of Fame. In the temple of big-boob superstars, Danni Ashe is a legend. She accomplished what few models have.See More of Danni Ashe at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Vanessa, the quiet one Vanessa's time modeling was short, just a few years. She can be seen in the DVDs The Best of the Boob Cruise and Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise. In this 1997 movie, British porn maven Ben tries to feel up the boobs of nearly every girl on the ship and has a buffet of boobs feeling up the oily and sweaty bodies of Vanessa and Katie on-deck as the girls play with each other. He also managed to get a double cock sucking job from them out of sight below deck.Vanessa was a really quiet, languid type, but real hard-on material. On her first Boob Cruise in 1997, she was always eager to dive into the fragrantly scented muff of fellow model Katie for the passenger photo shoots. Vanessa was the serious type, Katie was the giggly smiler. Together, they complemented each other. Since they were also cabinmates, there's no doubt that they were getting each other off with tongues and fingers and who knows what else in their cabin. See More of Vanessa at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Testing the waters Testing the waters Seeing Minka in the SCORE bathtub reactivates memories of her classic girl-girl with Danni Ashe in a London bathtub pictorial shot in the early 1990s. First, a little wet SCORE tank top action. This pictorial was published in March 2004 SCORE. Minka had just promoted SCORE Xtra #5 starring Kayla and Minka and Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise at our booth at the 2004 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. She drew a huge crowd and they all wanted photos with Minka. Danni Ashe saw Minka and came over to the booth to say hi. Danni and Minka hadn't seen each other in a long time and it was voluminous to see them together again. It was almost ten years earlier that they kissed each other's nipples in SCORE's London studio.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!.
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