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Southern charmer When you hear Kendra speak, you fall in love with her Southern accent. Then, when you hear what she's saying, you fall in love with how slutty she is. For example, she told us, I lost my virginity to my best friend's step dad while everyone was home.My kinkiest sexual encounter was a gang bang at a porn theater when I was 19. My boyfriend at the time set it up for me as a gift. I knew that I was going to fuck him, but not that everybody in the building was going to take turns on me! My guy brought enough rubbers for everybody, so all 12-or-so got to take turns on my little, teenage pussy.See More of Kendra at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The really big, big boob threesome The Really great, great Boob Threesome curvy Brittany (now known as Brittany O'Neil) had a prolific career in the Los Angeles porn industry. She amassed a voluminous number of credits to her name and was always in demand. Her visit to SCORE in the UK led to an out-of-production tape called curvy Brittany Takes London. It included this scene in an edited version. This SCORE Classics version is the original raw video with the original audio including the director's instructions. It has never been seen before. I'm used to being on-camera, so I'm not shy with posing nude and having sex in front of the camera, but in everyday life, I'm definitely shy, Brittany said in an interview in 2003. I keep to myself. I'm a paradox. What I'm like here is not what I'm like at home.Brazil's Angelique was a SCORE regular during most of the 1990s. She modeled in London and the Caribbean and sailed on two Boob Cruises.Angelique's entrance into the big-bust scene started when she met a German photographer in Brazil. He convinced Angelique to try modeling in Germany. Angelique loved Germany so much that she settled there. She and the photographer sent a letter and pictures to SCORE. In a short time Angelique was flying to London for the beginning of a long association with the magazine. Her first appearance was in the December 1994 edition. She was the covergirl and this launched her career. She immediately became one of the most-popular big-bust stars in the world. Her command of English was limited but that was no impediment. She charmed every guy on two of the Boob Cruises she sailed on in 1995 and 1997. A visa issue prevented her from going on the Cruise in 1998. This is the first and only pairing of the two super-busty sex stars. They work their partner's cock over like the wildcats they are in a very lengthy video. See More of Angelique at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Rachel aldana rachel aldanared tank top and white bra 15 minuteshey guys and welcome back to another fab friday weekend update nbspthis is just like the weekend update they have on saturday night live in the usa except with more huge titshope y Hey guys and welcome back to another fab friday weekend update! This is just like the Tit-fucking the british lady Tit-make loveing The British Lady Goldie Blair reminds us of one of those way-too-hot young moms you might see at one of your kids' back-to-school/meet-the-parents nights. You know the type. Smokin' hot, somewhat haughty look, bored, looks like she needs to be pounded by someone besides her husband, and sporting some breasts that you just know she is dying to wrap around a dick. You see, this is the type of chick they write all those Real Housewives of reality shows about. She is so bored that the minute she gets a chance to jerk off a total stranger, this type of woman jumps at the chance. Not because she can't make love anyone else, but because she lives in a glass cage and she just wants to be reminded of her younger, free days when she ho'ed it up for fun with everyone who came her way. So, do a little public service if you bump into a smokin' hot chick like Goldie Blair. Gentlemanly offer Goldie your dick to jerk and tug. It will make her day and she will make you spray. See More of Goldie Blair at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. September carrino freeonesset 2another large tits salutehi everyone and happy large boobie friday i have got another awesome new photo set of yours truly in the fabulous freeones cami top that was absolutely built for large tits like mine have a fa Hi everyone and happy considerable boobie Friday! I have got another awesome new photo set of yours truly in the fabulous FreeOnes cami top that was absolutely built for considerable tits like mine! Have a fantastic weekend! xoxoxo - September. Kay loove green bra01 videoskay drops her greenbra showing super big tits Kay drops her greenbra showing super large tits. Sarah nicola randall hayride hottie02 videoseven more of allnatural sarah nicola randall Even more of all-natural Sarah Nicola Randall. Brandyrobbinsbrowntietop2brandyrobbinsbrowntietop02 Brandyrobbins-browntietop02. Posing for the troops Posing For The Troops I love military guys, especially Marines, said Jamie. I'd sure sleep with a Marine on a first date if he was treating me good. My roommate's boyfriend left a few issues of NN for us to look at and I soon decided that I wanted to pose. She agreed to take the photos. We've seen each other naked lots of times and even screwed guys in the same room before. The idea of being paid appealed to me, but I wanted to show my bod to all the military guys who might get to see your mag or your website. See More of Jamie Franklin at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Big, pointy breasts and a mouth made for sucking Big, Pointy boobs And A Mouth Made For sucks Alexa Rae is dressed to go out, but her guy isn't in the mood. He's tired. Been working all day.I know what we can do if we stay in that will make you feel better, Alexa what would that be Maybe a suc job Some cock-tugging Yep, that'll do the trick! Alexa turns around so he can slap her bubble butt, then gives his cock a workover with her mouth before jacking his cumshot onto her big, pointy tits. Now, we're guessing that at this point, the guy still doesn't want to go out. He probably wants to go to sleep. Shooting a lovely load can do that to a man. But Alexa isn't exactly ready to go out, either, with spunk all over her rack.Because we know you'd like to know, we'll tell you that Alexa is a 48-year-old wife from Kentucky who calls herself a WILF.Wife I'd Like To Fuck, she offered. I don't have children.I have butt sex with my husband all the time, she said. He knows I'm always ready for it. You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and you're spooning and that turns into sex Well, he's been known to try to slide his dick into my pussy, and wouldn't you know it, he's in my analy instead. That's a nice surprise!In her spare time, Alexa enjoys gardening, reading, playing online games and traveling. She's a fan of the Nashville Predators hockey team and says she gets very turned on watching them play. It's so physical, she said. Whenever I watch hockey on TV, I'm always ready to have sex right afterward. She isn't a swinger but she's open to the idea. And she says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here.I wouldn't call myself conservative but people wouldn't say I'm out-there, either, she said.Maybe she used to be conservative. As of right now, she's out there! See More of Alexa Rae at MILFTUGS.COM!. Alyssa rubs one out Alyssa Rubs One Out Alyssa seems a little ditzy, but give her a break. I'm a little horny, says this 18-year-old, 4'11 cutie from Orlando, Florida. Alyssa has A-cup titties with prominent, speckled areolae, She has a inviting little butthole that she loves to show off for our viewing pleasure. She bends over and spreads her butthole, then bends over a little further, so much so that your penish's going to start to ache. She lays down on the couch, plays with herself, rubs her kitty, spreads her legs a little wider, rubs her kitty more vigorously. She has thick kitty lips. A guy walks over. If he were a gentleman, he'd eat Alyssa's kitty. But he's not. And since she's a lady, she takes out his penish and strokes it. You have a lovely penish, she says as she tugs on his dick while fingering her kitty. It feels amazing. The guy ends up cumshot on her face. It looks amazing.See More of Alyssa Jersey at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Sarah satori - eva & sarah's notty adventure Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure I get to have intercoursey-have intercoursey with my friend, says Eva Notty, sitting on the bed next to her BBF (Big-Boobed Friend) Sarah Satori. Yes, Eva brought you a new SCORE Girl as a more than thoughtful gift. Sarah has large natural tits too and she's hot as Eva too. Birds of a feather, you know. Hopefully I get to blowy-blowy too, Sarah adds. Not hopefully, corrects Eva. You'd better. You'd better share, you little cock-goblin, Sarah replies. SCORE's editor is naturally inquisitive about this dynamic duo. There will be tit-blowing. Pussy-blowing, the girls explain in unison. We haven't met a pair at SCORE like bosom buds Eva and Sarah since Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek. A woman knows what a woman wants, Eva says. And what does Eva want She wants her cunt licked, Sarah replies. She likes her clit blowed a little bit too. Eva demonstrates the technique using Sarah's forefinger. They will head south to snatch-land shortly. Attention turns to their large hooters. Together and separately, they cause major distractions wherever they go. She almost caused a car accident in San Francisco, says Sarah. This news should not surprise you. Are they responsible for those seismic tremblors on the west coast While these two horny, fun-loving sex kittens wait for the sausage in their girl sandwich, Eva licks Sarah's cunt, then they 69, Eva on top. As they 69, Mr. Shaft arrives. Eva is ready and begins to blow him off while Sarah continues to lick Eva's cunt. The have intercoursey-have intercoursey starts; one man, two women--and what women! The #1 male fantasy. Eva's extra-prepared. She's even brought along her strap-on to have intercourse Sarah with while she's being have intercourseed from behind. Enjoy Eva & Sarah's Notty Adventure. And a large thanks to Eva for introducing Sarah, Our question is: who sleeps on the wet spot See More of Sarah Satori at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Huge tan-lined tits Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, the huge-breasted brunette with bikini tan-lines became an exotic dancer in 1986. She first called herself Titsianna and made her way into the big-tit magazines, then changed her stage name to curvy BriAnna with a capital A.BriAnna appeared in SCORE magazine several times. Her last appearance was the July '99 issue. BriAnna was known for her eye-popping flexibility. She could put her ankles behind her neck and do super-splits that very few girls can do. BriAnna could have made some very athletic porn videos. She had no interest in doing splits on cock on-camera, although she did some shoots with equally supersized 1990s girls such as Tawny Peaks. See More of curvy BriAnna at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Rachel beach bikini01 trailerbusty rachel flashing her huge juggs at the beach Busty Rachel flashing her huge juggs at the beach. Mamma mia! Mamma Mia! XLGirls: Are there any models at XL Girls that you would like to meet one dayMia: Oh my God, I would love to meet all of them. They are all so lovely but if I would have to choose few, I would love to meet Maria Moore, Lexxxi Luxe Anorei Collins and Arianna Sinn.XLGirls: What clothing do you think you look sexiest inMia: To be honest, I would go for a tight T-shirt and some tight jeans that would show my best assets.XLGirls: When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit rightMia: I once told an ex that if he wants to buy me a bra he should put it on his head. If it fits then it will fit my boobs! I usually go for one brand in my country and I know the exact size but I do always try them on in the shop just to make sure they are okay.XLGirls: How long does a bra last youMia: They last for a good amount of time because the brand I buy makes really strong bras for large boobs, thank god for that.XLGirls: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedMia: In my house, I am almost all the time naked. I think my neighbors see me naked through the windows a lot. That's why they always give me a cheeky smile when they see me on the street!XLGirls: What do you wear when you go to sleepMia: A pair of socks. I sleep naked but have to have socks on. I know. I'm weird. LaughsXLGirls: Rate your sex drive from 1 (low) to 10 (high).Mia: Well, I would say it's an 8.XLGirls: What do you like to do most on a free nightMia: I love to be home and just enjoy a quiet evening in front of the TV. I stay on cam eight hours a day so when I get home it's relaxing time on the couch.XLGirls: Do you have any favorite TV showsMia: Oh, there are so many. I'm such a couch potato. I love The Walking Dead and I have a new personal favorite, Sheldon. It's just so funny.XLGirls: At home, do you watch adult videosMia: I do sometimes, yeah. My favorites are still amateur porn. Don't ask why because I won't know how to answer that.XLGirls: What are the negatives about webcamming, if I may askMia: There are too many out there stealing content and recording live chats when I'm online. Every day I find two-to-three videos that I report. When I first found a video with me on a free porn site, I started crying. I couldn't understand why someone would do that. What do they have to gain from that I will never understand. There are too many good things about webcamming and that's why I won't stop doing it.XLGirls : I'm happy to know that. See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. By the pool By The Pool Linsey once said that the best way to pull (pick-up) a girl was to NOT talk to her. This is one school of thought in the seduction playbook and Linsey seems to have subscribed to it early. What does she mean You get so many people orgasm up to you that you get bored with it. If he just ignores you, and he looks nice, and he's not paying any attention to you, it gets you wanting more, I think. You want to go up and talk to him. Sort of like 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.' If he ignores me all night, how do I know he's actually interested in me Well, I don't! I have to go up to him and find out. Sometimes the chase is the best. Judging from these pictures, being a photographer is a beautiful beautiful way to get girls to take off their clothes right away without having to pull any techniques on them. Just point that camera at them and they start to slide out of their bathing suits. Sweet!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Carry on nurse A gorgeous girl who walks and talks softly and carries good large boobs, Joana is one of the more quiet SCORE and curvy Girls. It's not that she's shy. Joana would rather let her anatomy do all the communicating over the past ten years. There's not one inch of her that's not 100% sexy. We hope to get more interviews with Joana in the future and learn even more about her.As a hot fantasy nurse, Joana fills the prescription. No boner pills are needed with a girl like this. All Joana needs to do is get naked. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.Joana has only gotten sexier and shapelier over the years. She's never lost her enthusiasm or interest. What's her secret Maybe it's her yoga practices, vegan diet or her happy and ethereal personality. Joana may change her hair color at times but her tits remain full, heavy, suckable and ripe without sag or droop and she keeps her figure toned yet supple and curvy. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Rachel aldana webcam 64screenshotswebcam wednesday everyone WebCam Wednesday everyone!. Katie thornton katie thorntonholiday wishes 25 minutesthere is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with great boy and boobs that makes us go absolutely bonkers and katie is the epitome of the kind of superstacked babe we absolutely adore so s There is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with great boy and boobs that makes us go absolutely bonkers, and Katie is the epitome of the kind of super-stacked babe we absolutely adore so stay tuned for more incredible stuff from her comeing soon, including her first strip tease!. Hitomi - tokyo pick-up Tokyo Pick-Up Girl of many mysteries. In an earlier decade, Hitomi would have been cast by the great Japanese film directors as a femme fatale actress in their cops and gangster thrillers and their pink titillating movies. She knows how to keep a man on edge just with a curious glance and a well-manicured forefinger resting on her lip. This address your contact in Tokyo gave you is in an area where anything can happen. You can either get mugged and robbed or you can meet a petite young girl with enormous, natural tits. As soon as you pull up to the location, your vehicle's highbeams throw their light on her highbeams and her appealing face. Your contact didn't lie. Hitomi approaches, sizes you up and then beckons you to follow her into this shabby building. It's now or never. Back up the car and take off or walk behind her and let her take you to a secret side of Japan you haven't seen. It's your call.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Leanne crow vol09 set01big breasted brunette hottie wears only her panties Large breasted brunette hottie wears only her panties. Rachel aldana rachel aldanared tank top and white bra 11 minutehey guys and welcome back to another fab friday weekend update nbspthis is just like the weekend update they have on saturday night live in the usa except with more huge boobshope y Hey guys and welcome back to another fab friday weekend update! This is just like the Sarah randall sarah randallsugar plum babeset 2this year i decided to go a little different with the color scheme for my holidaysthemed shoot and with any luck it will leave you with some visions of sugar plums dancing in your head once you see my  This year I decided to go a little different with the color scheme for my holidays-themed shoot and with any luck it will leave you with some visions of sugar plums dancing in your head once you see my large sugar plums busting out of it. ;). Rin kajikarin kajika posing her monster natural big boobs while a guy massages her breasts Rin Kajika posing her monster natural big tits while a guy massages her breasts!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerbaby pink braset 1hey guys happy monday and happy feburary too i have some libidinous new photos here from a new shoot that i think will go a long way toward that goal so i hope you are ready for another eyeful of huge huge Hey guys! Happy Monday and happy Feburary, too! I have some lustful new photos here from a new shoot that I think will go a long way toward that goal, so I hope you are ready for another eyeful of huge huge natural breasts here and lustful smile. :). Autumn and linsey Autumn And Linsey Another set of Autumn and Linsey Dawn McKenzie blowjob and tonguing each other's good pussies and nipples from their breast fest, Linsey's Lezzie Seduction. In the studio, once the action began, these two busty sex kittens couldn't keep their hands off each other. Linsey was one of Autumn's first mistresses in the art of vagina lapping. If you love Lesbo tit fondling and knocker kissing, this is real beat-off material. We should know! Autumn and Linsey are both in September 2001 SCORE Magazine, a special edition devoted to the 20 greatest naturals in SCORE history.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. September blacklacebra5d01 trailerseptember sporting black lace September sporting black lace. Monica mendez spanish blueset 1this is a excited shoot one of my favoritesi felt very excited while making this shoot and i think it shows in the photosi am wearing this elegant tank top that easily slides up and down my huge breaststrust me yo This is a lascivious shoot, one of my favorites. I felt very horny while making this shoot, and I think it shows in the photos. I am wearing this tiny tank top that easily slides up and down my huge tits. Trust me, you will like these shots! love Ya! Monica. Leanne crow diary entry 19hey guys happy monday i was due for some new diary shots this month and we are starting a new work week here yay so i thought i would drop some great bombs on all of you attracting people and your great boobloving brains as my Hey guys! Happy Monday! I was due for some new diary shots this month, and we are starting a new work week here (yay!) so I thought I would drop some voluminous bombs on all of you beautiful people and your voluminous boob-loving brains, as my all-natural JJ-cups are here and ready to make your Monday soooooo much better.. My busty valentine My curvy Valentine Jenna Valentine's first SCORE shoot was at the TSG building in Miami. Her second was in early 2010 for On Location Grand Bahama with Arianna Sinn, Karla James, Natalie Fiore and Taylor Steele.Her third shoot was for On Location Puerto Vallarta with Leanne Crow, Hitomi, Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells. This scene was shot in Miami a year after that week in Mexico.Jenna's big breasts were even bigger than before at 36HH.They're so heavy! Jenna said. I want to weigh them but I think you need a vegetable scale because you can't put them on a regular scale. It doesn't work. My natural tits weigh at least five pounds each. This is a lot of weight.My natural tits have gotten bigger, which is strange because I lost a lot of weight and I feel like they shouldn't get bigger because I've been doing this Pilates/ballet-bar class every day. I don't know why my natural tits got bigger. I don't want them to grow anymore. This is cute enough. When I started with Voluptuous, I was a 36F. Then I was a 36H.Jenna became a makeup artist on adult shoots. She gets porn dudes asking her if she'll do her first hardcore scene with them. That's to be expected.Her answer to them: I'm like, 'Nope. I'm never doing it.' See More of Jenna Valentine at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bcasey's first iscore/i shoot/b Casey's first SCORE shoot This scene was Casey Deluxe's first SCORELAND scene. She's a German model, so our German photographer had the honors. good and slim, Casey had heard of SCORE and had seen back issues of the German edition, Hot SCORE. She started out as a bikini model and was posing topless-only when she connected with SCORE.It's not easy to find busty German models. We're not overrun with German applicants, and our shooter there rarely sees anyone. I can't explain it. Anyway, back to Casey.I always wear T-shirts and dresses that show a lot of cleavage, she said. I wear hot-pants and high heels to show off my legs. I like a lot of attention, but the guys are too shy to talk to me.Casey does something that a lot of SCORE Girls do at home. This habit seems to transcend all nationalities.I touch my tits often while watching TV without thinking about it, she said.Did any models inspire herI like Chloe Vevrier. She is so horny and has very huge tits. I communicate often with Micky Bells.If you need a reason to go to Germany, you're looking at her! commented Matt when this scene was posted. big beer, excellent food and the best women between Germany and Poland. See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND2.COM!. Antonella kahllo antonella kahllopink satin corset 35 minutesit is midweek and that means it is time to get some serious great boobs up in the house here at pinupfiles as we bring back none other than one of the best all natural great tits models o It is midweek, and that means it is time to get some serious large tits up in the house here at PinupFiles, as we bring back none other than one of the best all natural large tits models of all time, the incomparable 32J Antonella Kahllo!. Full & perky Full & Perky Even though my breasts are kind of large I never wear a bra. I don't think I need to; my boobies are nice and perky. There are some new studies out that say that bras make your breasts sag even more. That's all the evidence I need to keep going braless. A lot of people stare at my chest, but it's mostly in a lovely way. Like they're admiring my breasts and want to touch them and blow them. Boys and girls. Can't say I blame them.See More of Missy at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Stranded Stranded Hitomi wheels her suitcase down a back street looking for the house she's supposed to be staying in. It's quiet and empty. The perfect place for Hitomi to toss off her tight clothes. Luckily, no people in the neighborhood saw her. Or maybe they did and enjoyed the show also.SCORELAND: Hitomi, are you shy or outgoing in person Or are you a party girlHitomi: When I was a teenager, I was naughty and more outgoing compared to right now. I have become more introverted the more I became famous. Lately, I really enjoy being by myself in my apartment. But I am always looking for something exciting. So send me a party invitation!SCORELAND: Are you different now sexually since you became a modelHitomi: I had an inferiority complex because of my large tits but after I became a model, I became more self-confident of my body. I am proud of my career as a model. I realize that my tits make me special.SCORELAND: Your slim body and pleasant face make you special too. How do you like a man to touch your titsHitomi: My secret part is my nipple. I wish it were touched every day. I like a man to touch my tits hard.See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. Maggiegreenyellowblouse01maggie green yellow blouse Maggie Green yellow blouse. Samanta lily samanta lilyvol2set 1we thought it might be charming to see what samanta looked like in one of our classic tiny bikini tops so we got one for her and not only did she do the bikini top justice but she served up a heaping helping of h We thought it might be pleasant to see what Samanta looked like in one of our classic sophisticated bikini tops, so we got one for her and not only did she do the bikini top justice, but she served up a heaping helping of huge breasts justice for all of us.. Rachel aldana - golden camis with sarah randall - set 3. Rachel Aldana Not only am I back here for you with yet another ravishing new photo set full of lusty beautiful stuff because it's not just of me and my all-natural huge boobs, but I also am lucky enough to be joined by the cute and talented 32H Sarah Randall as well!. Rachel Aldana. Rachel aldana bikini waterfallhd videopart 230sechey hey everyone happy monday Hey, hey everyone! Happy Monday.. Lana kendrick lana kendrickneon fetish gopro 13 minutehey guys time for some more horny voluminous breasts action in my stretchy neon fishnet here voluminous tits always look charming in a fishnet top like this one and i really love this whole colo Hey guys! Time for some more lascivious considerable boobs action in my stretchy neon fishnet here! considerable boobs always look cute in a fishnet top like this one, and I really love this whole color combination we got going for this shoot, so I hope you like it, too!. Sarenna in a pink wig SaRenna In A Pink Wig Bow before her magnificence. Looking as breathtaking as ever, SaRenna is smashing and exciting in this cool party wig, proving that gentlemen prefer pinkies too.Time for some bra questions:Favorite brand: Goddess (made in Houston, Texas) Favorite style: Lacey ones that hook in the back. How many bras in the closet 10. Bra size: 34H Does SaRenna always wear a bra Yes. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlermistress 5d 13 minuteshey guys are you ready to be dominated again lol my huge natural tits are back and bondaged and ready to spring free and bounce around right in your face so i hope you are ready for some serious bi Hey guys! Are you ready to be dominated again? LOL...My huge natural tits are back and bondaged and ready to spring free and bounce around right in your face, so I hope you are ready for some serious big booby action here on a Friday!. A day in the life of carrie A Day In The Life of Carrie The very pleasant English girl Carrie was photographed at the SCORE studio in London in 1995 and 1996. She modeled before she got pregnant, then posed with a huge baby bump and again after childbirth. Fortunately, pregnancy did not give her stretch marks and hurt her normally slim, graceful figure.Carrie debuted in September 1995 busty magazine. She was 18 years old. When she told photographer John Graham she was pregnant, Carrie was asked to pose in stages. In this video, Carrie poses for cover shots against seamless paper. Those photos were taken with a medium-format transparency camera. The video then shifts to Carrie dressed in girl-next-door clothes (a belly shirt and cut-off jeans over her growing bump and much bigger tits) on the roof of the studio. After some shots in the parking lot, Carrie changes outfits for a country girl barn set. It was a full day and a fruitful one. See More of Carrie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Blue frills 1stretching and pulling my big boobs out for you30sechey there gangi have another considerable new heartstopping hd video up and ready for you to make your friday that much better and take you into the weekend with a smile Hey there gang!I have another great new heart-stopping HD video up and ready for you to make your Friday that much better and take you into the weekend with a smile.. Dunked & drained Dunked & Drained Some people head out to the pool for some sun and some people head out to the pool to get their workout on and do some exercise. But not Soleil Hughes. She heads out to the pool to jack off this guy with her meaty tits and eager hands. We assume that the benefits of this location are obvious but just in case, we want to remind all of you potential tug-ees that having a chick drain your nuts by the pool is great. First of all, she will be in the water and won't get overheated. Secondly, you can just dunk her in the pool and rinse her off once you coat her in your spunk. And in case she cannot make a sufficient amount of spit to lube your dick, she can always use that pool water to aide her hands and hoots in their cock-milking. Now that you know this, you should head out to the poolside immediately with the busty lady of your choice and get to stroking!See More of Soleil Hughes at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Samanta lily samanta lilyanatomy oil 15 minutesyes we are talking about anatomy oil combined with the staggering awesomeness that is allnatural 32j samanta lily in a tight white tshirt do we really need to say anything moreseriouslyjust l Yes, we are talking about body oil, combined with the staggering awesomeness that is all-natural 32J Samanta Lily in a tight white we really need to say anything more?Seriously... just LOOK at here here!!!!. September carrino september carrinored tie 11 minutethe bodacious large tits of none other than the scintillating 32jj september carrino of septembercarrino com are backalong with the rest of herthey both kind of go together that way stay tuned The bodacious voluminous boobs of none other than the scintillating 32JJ September Carrino of SeptemberCarrino.Com are back -- along with the rest of her -- they both kind of go together that way! Stay tuned for more big stuff from September. ;-). Rachel aldana black bra gopro 13minheya there everyone and welcome to friday and the weekend once again Heya there everyone and welcome to Friday and the weekend once again.. September carrino freeones 1getting my large boobs out for my pals3minhi everyonethe weekend is here yay and once again i have another awesome hd video special for you Hi everyone!The weekend is here (YAY!) and once again I have another awesome HD video special for you.. On the rocks On The Rocks In this upgraded scene, a SCORE crew hit the beach with Lillian Faye for some extreme bikini time and then some. Those voluminous boulders provided a beautiful cover from any potential birdwatchers. Lillian's from the other side of the USA, on the Pacific northwest coast where it's a lot cloudier and cooler. She didn't say if she wears teeny bikinis there but she's got the bod for them, for sure. Lillian could be a poster girl for a beach resort. 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As long as I like myself, that's the most important thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, I've been going on your website and looking at the kinds of girls you shoot and it makes me feel better. And the guys really like them so that's a confidence booster. That's cute because Zeta once thought about--horrors!--breast reduction. My nipples are sensitive so they need to be handled carefully. For a while I was actually considering getting a reduction or a lift, and one of the side effects is loss of sensitivity. But now I'm thinking against it. I want to keep these boobs. Strutting her stuff at XL Girls gave Zeta new ideas. I like to dress up because I don't get the chance to do it too often. I go into work with jeans and a t-shirt. But I like to dress up. The only thing is that I don't have the best fashion sense. 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