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Between her tits Between Her breasts Goldie Blair, a mature bra-buster, is appealing handy at hand jobs and tit-fucking. Goldie's handiwork on the kitchen floor was impressive. Goldie didn't let the guy jack his load out himself. She did it for him, which is the whole idea anyway.  Goldie is a kinky Brit transplant living in California. She's known better for wrestling, being hogtied and ball-gagged, cosplay, dildo-machines, face-sitting and other fetishes than for tit-fucking and hand jobs. With these interests, she's definitely qualified to teach girls' physical education classes. See More of Goldie Blair at SCORELAND.COM!. The many sides of mirabella amore The many sides of Mirabella Amore When this scene opens, Jimmy is already playing with 44-year-old Mirabella's tits, and she seems to be on the verge of cumshotming. Maybe that's because he has his hand on her vagina, too, and she has her hand on his cock.  Can you suc on my nipple, baby Mirabella asks in her libidinous voice. Play with my clit. My vagina is getting wet for you.  Jimmy is the kind of guy who doesn't have to be asked twice. He have sexual intercourse Mirabella in her first-ever porno scene here at In this scene, Mirabella shows how comfortable she is on-camera. She talks dirty. There's a three-way mirror, so we get to see her getting have sexual intercourse from a variety of angles. It adds to the hotness factor, and Mirabella knows it.  She also knows what we want. Jimmy cumshots on her face. The cumshot drips off her nose and down her chin. She sucs the cumshot off his cock-head. When we talk about hot, mature, big-titted blondes, we're talking about women like Mirabella.  Mirabella was born in Georgia. She now lives in South Florida. She's been a stripper. Now she's a care-giver, and the guy she cares for is the one who sent her our way. Hmmmm...exactly what kind of care is Mirabella giving  Mirabella likes romantic guys who put her on a pedestal. She enjoys swimming and walking her dog. She says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here (although we can think of a few people who wouldn't be surprised). We asked her if she's into any fetishes, and she said, I'm starting to explore what they are.  Explore with us, Mirabella.See More of Mirabella Amore at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Czeching out ivy's rack Czeching out Ivy's rack Ivy Darmon is an intense fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison. Why that is, I couldn't tell ya. But she loves that classic '60s American rock group.  I like a lot of American music: rap, hip-hop and some rock, Ivy said. I think Fergie is a true star. If she had not become a singer, she would have been a wonderful model. I can tell by the way she moves her body.  Ivy doesn't do hardcore fuck on-camera, unlike most easy-riding Czech models. She has a graceful face. Most of the time, I find myself staring at her face instead of her fantastic body. What I and the photographer who's shot her don't understand is why Ivy doesn't inspire the kind of fervid interest that other girls do. She really does have everything a man could want in a woman. The photographer told me that she was a dream to shoot even though she doesn't have a large command of English and he knows no Czech. She knows basic English, enough to get by.  I don't think Ivy will ever become a major superstar like Karina Hart even if she did boy-girl. However, I do think she's girlfriend material, which to me is just as fine and exciting. She doesn't seem out of a guy's league. Ivy does get very beautiful props from V-Men and SCORE Guys, like Alan: Ivy Darmon is in a league of her own. Her face, tits, ass, posing, sex appeal and outfits are all second to none. Definitely in love.  This well-shot scene starts off with every tit-man's fave: trying on bras. First, we get to hear her speak in English. The first bra our stylist tosses to Ivy is too small. The second bra is even more ridiculously small. The third bra looks like it belongs to an 18eighteen model! The bra tryouts end as Ivy gets completely nude and barefoot. Halfway through, Ivy fingers her bald pussy. She eventually lies back to get lost in her masturbatory reverie and loudly moans until she orgasms in a display of genuine female masturbation. Luckily, a curious landlord didn't decide to knock on the door at that moment. The Czechs are nice about privacy. See More of Ivy Darmon at SCORELAND2.COM!. Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  comic beauty 1  1 minute  hi guys time for another great dose of horny great breasts on a friday here for you all to imbibe and enjoy as i get my huge natural tits out of this horny onepiece swimsuit that is inspired by comic Hi guys! Time for another great dose of lascivious great tits on a Friday here for you all to imbibe and enjoy as I get my huge natural tits out of this lascivious one-piece swimsuit that is inspired by comic tits books. I hope you like it! :-). Echo valley  blonde porn star echo valley titty fuck with her monster silicone tits she also fucks in lots of big positions for a girl of her age Blonde porn star Echo Valley titty fuck with her monster silicone tits! She also fucks in lots of large positions for a girl of her age :). Ericajelenamaggiemeasure1  ericajelenamaggiemeasure01 Erica-jelena-maggie-measure01. Have intercourse gigi's plumbing Have sex Gigi's plumbing You know, sometimes we think we oughta have our heads examined. Here's Gigi Jewels. The first time she visited us, she said, I decided I wanted a relationship, and that's why I moved to South Florida. So what do we do We have her play a wife whose husband is cheating on her, make love tramps all over town, as she puts it in the opening minutes of this video.  Now, yeah, Gigi is only playing a role. But this is the kind of message we send to her That husbands and boyfriends cheat, even on their hot wives/girlfriends Not pleasant, gentlemen. Not pleasant at all. But then again, we don't want Gigi to get married or find a boyfriend. If she does, he might tell her to stop make love for us, and that definitely wouldn't be pleasant.  By the way, in this video, Gigi gets revenge on her fictional husband by make love a fictional plumber. But his cock is real, and her vagina and dick-sucking mouth are real, so in the end, we all get what we wanted.See More of Gigi Jewels at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!. Rachel kitchen cleavage set3  curvy babe rachel slipping out her massive boobies Curvy babe Rachel slipping out her hard boobies. Leanne crow vol09 bts set01  candid shots of leanne showing her huge boobs on cam Candid shots of Leanne showing her huge tits on cam. Rachel aldana purple fishnet01 videos  rachel in purple fishnet top exposing her huge boobs Rachel in purple fishnet top exposing her huge tits. Brandy robbins
 brandy robbins  sunshine silver 1 3 minute  welcome to wednesday everyone and we have some pleasant news for your hump day  30g brandy robbins is back  yes the libidinous slim and stacked babe with the awesome big breasts and bedroom eyes  Welcome to Wednesday everyone and we have some attracting news for your Hump Day:  30G Brandy Robbins is back!  Yes, the sexy, slim and stacked babe with the awesome large tits and bedroom eyes has returned for another slice of .... The body of your dreams The body Of Your Dreams Micky Bells is a knockout, her low-cut blue top, laced up the front, and her tight, blue shorts can barely contain her ripe, curvy curves. She knows how to dress for success. Her hair in pigtails this time, looking like the Rubenesque girl-next-door, Micky lowers her top to show how her bra keeps her 36J naturals in captivity. She's got to free them from this prison of cups and straps and let them dangle free.   What Micky does over the next 20 minutes is something you have to see for yourself in The body Of Your Dreams. If you love seeing chicks give suck on their own nipples, you'll see one of the greatest self-give suckers. How did Micky like playing with Terri Jane and Gya Roberts in Jamaica and making the movie Montego Babes   From trying on lingerie to running around an estate in bikinis or wearing the air, they had a bouncing wet time. We had so much fun because we were in the tropics in Jamaica and the weather was very nice. I like Gya and Terri a lot. They are both very beautiful and funny. We did a scene with water guns and we were running and squirting each other. I liked that. Micky rings those bells! See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!.
Karina hart - laundry day Laundry day Ah, Karina! She can make an ordinarily mundane task, like doing the laundry, exciting. Riddle: How many H-cup bras can Karina stuff into the washing machine at one time Probably two or three, at most. I don't wash my bras in the washing machine, Karina said. They are too expensive. I wash them with my own two hands. Okay, show of hands here, men: How many of you would volunteer to do Karina's wash, just for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to handle her bras and panties and see how stretched out her tight tops really get. Count us in, and we hate doing the laundry. I hate it, too, but this time, it was fun, Karina reported after getting all soapy, for who knows what reason. Really, why is Karina pouring laundry detergent over her precious boobs Because they're there!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Sarah randall
 sarah randall  black fishnet 2  3 minutes  hiya everyone    and welcome to the weekend i am going to keep it short and pleasant this time around  are you ready considerable natural breasts    fishnet top   warm sunshine   fab pool  oh yeah  Hiya everyone... and welcome to the weekend! I am going to keep it short and pretty this time around -- are you ready? heavy natural boobs.   Fishnet top.  Warm sunshine.  Fab pool. Oh yeah, and LOTS of boobie play, too!. Sarah randall - sparkle hot tub bikini gopro 2 - 5 minutes. Sarah Randall Hey guys! I'm here to send you off in style to your weekend, with another supremely horny HD video of my incredibly beautiful GoPro camera, which is always a good thing in and around pools and hot tubs like this because of their water-proof nature.. Sarah Randall. Raxxx to the max! Raxxx To The Max! busty editor Dave wrote in the November 2016 edition, She's 18 years old and has JJ-cup naturals, and if that's not enough to give suck your mind, consider this: Girls like Rachel Raxxx don't come along too often. In fact, until she came along, they hadn't come along at all. She's in a super-naturally busty class with Miosotis and Roxi Red, but, let's say this one more time: She's a teenager!  Rachel shows how to bust a bra in this scene with lots of tit-creaming and breast pleasuring. Dave is right, of course. Girls with a rack like Rachel Raxxx is blessed with don't come along every week. There may be lots of them but few of them get down on-camera like Rachel. Consider yourselves very fortunate!  SCORELAND: You wrote that you ran track in high school. Please tell us how that's possible.  Rachel: Well, my grandmother would take ace bandages and wrap them around my tits after I put on a sports bra, then I would put on another sports bra after that and a tight tank top, and that would hold them. I was able to run cross-country and do discus and shot-put. It held them, but it made it harder to breathe. I was actually the slowest because I couldn't move as fast.See More of Rachel Raxxx at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sarah randall
 sarah randall  cool mint lingerie 5d 1  5 minutes  hey there guys get ready for not just the weekend but another excited and cinematic hd video from my 5d camera which gets right up on my considerable tits and practically busts not just my  Hey there guys! Get ready for not just the weekend, but another exciting and cinematic HD video from my 5D camera which gets right up on my voluminous tits and practically busts not just my bra but the camera lens, too! ;-). Michele marks' first time Michele Marks' first time Michele Marks, a 46-year-old divorcee and swinger who's kinda married, kinda partnered, has some advice for you before you watch her first hardcore video.  Grab it by the base! Michele says.  Sure, Michele! And stroke it, right  Michele strokes a cock in this scene. She also blowjob it and fucks it. Then she opens her mouth for the guy's cum. It's an excellent debut.  I love sex! Michele says. I love how much delight and release there is.  We asked Michele how she came our way, and she said, I was looking for a job that I would love, and then one day, I was watching porn and I thought, 'Any job in the porn industry I would probably love.' And so I've been an assistant and I'm trying to get behind the camera as well. I'm trying to get my feet wet in all the facets of the industry, and this is one of them. Lucky me!  Lucky we!  I love porn. I've been watching porn since I was 18 or 19 years old.  Michele is into BDSM. Her parents were swingers, and now she is one, too. She's from Kansas and lives in California. She says young men look to her for her sexual openness.  I like that they go home and jack off to me.  Just like we're doing now.See More of Michele Marks at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Erica campbell
 erica campbell  ironing board babe 1  3 minutes  erica starts in a classic pinupstyle outfit and slowly strips down ironing the clothes she is wearing all along the way and she has never looked better doing it   in fact we venture to say t Erica starts in a classic pinup-style outfit and slowly strips down, ironing the clothes she is wearing all along the way, and she has never looked better doing it.  In fact, we venture to say that no other woman ever has looked this attracting doing housework!. Antonella kahllo
 antonella kahllo  pink satin corset 2  5 minutes  antonella is so pretty and so much fun to shoot with that we ended up getting too much large footage for this video and it was nearly impossible to pick the screen caps for it because the Antonella is so inviting and so much fun to shoot with that we ended up getting TOO much great footage for this video and it was nearly impossible to pick the screen caps for it because there was simply way too much inviting stuff to choose from!. Andria zammi  andria zammi posing in a horny colored bikini Andria Zammi posing in a libidinous colored bikini. Septemberwebcam26  webcamupdate26 Webcamupdate26. I'll show you mine if you show me yours I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours. We can see why Lily wants to show off her body. She may be a skinny, little thing, but this teen has a pair of perky, round boobs on the cusp of being a C-cup. She also has a sweet outie kitty that's glistening with her wetness. She wastes no time getting naked and sticking a dildo in her fuckhole, making sure to spread her juices around her meaty folds. Now she's ready to play. Lily alternates between have sex herself and making circles around her clit with the dildo on full blast. She twists and turns the toy in her kitty for friction. And she cums with her legs spread wide and a smile on her face.See More of Lily Jordan at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Voluptuous, stacked and make love Voluptuous, stacked and make love Arowyn White, a large-titted, 42-year-old blonde from Indianapolis, Indiana, introduces herself by give suck cock and make love. Oh, and by taking a dick between her large, natural tits, too. This is the kind of thing you gotta love: a trashy, busty, chunky blonde who's old enough to know what her body is best used for. delight men, delight herself.  Women with bodies like Arowyn's are rare. So many mature women spend far too much time in the gym, hoping to somehow achieve society's ideal body. Arowyn is just happy to have large tits.  They make my men happy, she said. And they get me what I want.  Which is  More men, silly!  She's a refreshing change of pace from a lot of MILFs you see these days. You know, the ones who can't pull themselves away from the gym for more than five minutes. The kind that think men are turned on by skin and bones. Not Arowyn. She has large tits, large tits, a large butt...she's a large girl, and she's proud of it.  boobs and butt are some of the things that separate women from men, she said. I like my men to have something to grab onto so they know what they're dealing with.  With Arowyn working your knob, you'll always know what you're dealing with. See More of Arowyn White at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Jugg-cercise Jugg-cercise Just look at Brandy Talore's bouncy bust, heaving up and down as she makes her way down this pleasant suburban street. (Just like you we are wondering where the have sexual intercourse this is because we certainly don't get to see juggs jogging around our quiet neighborhood.) And then she bumps into this ogling onlooker and instead of telling him to stop checking her out, she actually lets him train with her and then, in exchange for helping her work out, she helps him rub one out with her chesticles.  Just another example of neighbors helping neighbors. See More of Brandy Talore at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Lila payne - feel the payne Feel The Payne Feel The Payne. Lila Payne's low-cut outfit with its overflowing boobage spilling forth has kind of a Renaissance Fair look. She's definitely the kind of girl knights would joust over!So if a guy gets a session with Lila, what will happen between themIt can be anything the man wants. I do traditional dominatrix sessions. I do lots of wrestling and strong-woman sessions for people who like to be picked up and carried around. I do breast feeding. I do wrestling in custard and sploshing. I love the creepy stuff. If you go to my website, I have these packages I offer. The first one is The Sanctuary, which is a really intimate, passionate girlfriend experience with no kink. The second one is The Awakening, which is for people who are interested in exploring a little bit of kink or they like the idea of being with a dominant woman or being tied up and used like a have intercourse toy. They want to be with a sexually aggressive woman, but they don't know how kink works or what they want, so I guide them through it. And then there's The Banquet, which is for people who are more experienced and know what they want and want to do. It could be cross dressing or wrestling or something else. They might have specific scripts they want to carry out. I create something really elaborate for them with decorations, and the outfits are elaborate, too. It's a really tailored, detailed experience. That's what I love, when my clients have really specific wants. I like a challenge. I like to make the sessions really special just for them. See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. Taylor's pale white sucklers A TSG editor talked to Taylor Marie after her debut photo shoots. At the time, she was living on Miami Beach and making her living as a stripper. By happenstance, one of our photographers spotted her when he was making his rounds looking for big-boobed girls to photograph. He struck out more than he succeeded, which happens to every photographer because most girls think it's a scam to get sex. With Taylor, he succeeded after some chatting and leaving her with his business card.  She's a magnet, he wrote. We went out to lunch on Miami Beach and the whole place was staring. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, ordinary clothes, but the whole place was in lust. And it's just not because she's beautiful. Taylor's sexy.  It's a 'bashful' sexy, though. Some girls know they're hot and they never let you forget it. Taylor knows she's hot but she doesn't act like it. She smiles at everybody, loves to talk to people, is very touchy with her hands and she has a voluminous smile. When she smiles at people, you can see them melt. See More of Taylor Marie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. September carrino
 september carrino  leopard lair gopro 1  3 minutes  hi there everyone and welcome back to another fridayweekend i have another new hd video for you to drool over featuring another smorgasbord of jawdropping closeups of his huge natural  Hi there everyone and welcome back to another Friday/weekend! I have another new HD video for you to drool over, featuring another smorgasbord of jaw-dropping closeups of his huge natural boobs... hope you are sitting down!. On the rocks On The Rocks In this upgraded scene, a SCORE crew hit the beach with Lillian Faye for some extreme bikini time and then some. Those voluminous boulders provided a beautiful cover from any potential birdwatchers.   Lillian's from the other side of the USA, on the Pacific northwest coast where it's a lot cloudier and cooler. She didn't say if she wears teeny bikinis there but she's got the bod for them, for sure.   Lillian could be a poster girl for a beach resort. Leaning back against the rocks, Lillian creamed her boobs with SPF#50 to protect her sensitive, lily-white skin from burning in the surfside sun. A girl like her can never be over-moisturized. She's really a total girl-next-door in every way. As far as we know, Lilian is still a web-cam girl.See More of Lillian Faye at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Stone cold estonian fox Occupation: Theater concessionist; Age: 20; Born: February 12; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Cotton; Anal: Licking only; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Of course.  It's no secret that we love European girls. The French are sexual revolutionaries. The Brits are secret freaks. The Italians are sensuous. But what are Estonian girls Well, if the rest of them are anything like Chloe, they're submissives who will do anything to please their partners. I'm dating an older man who likes when I dress up like an innocent schoolgirl, Chloe shared with us.  I'm studying hotel management in school right now, Chloe told us in heavily accented English. So I have to learn at least three languages. English is the hardest to master, but it's easy to go on YouTube and watch American and British comedies to pick up slang words. The guy I'm dating is a professor at my school, and he helps me practice my languages. I dress up in my schoolgirl outfit and act as if he's my teacher. If I get a question wrong, he spanks me! We end every session with me pushed up against a bookshelf with his cock in my pussy and him whispering in my ear that I'm a very naughty girl. I love how powerful and violent he gets when he's taking me from behind like that.  I have to keep my labia perfectly smooth at all times for my guy. He watches me shave to make sure I've done it to his liking.See More of Chloe at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Leanne black zipper02 trailer  leanne crow in a black zipper bikini Leanne Crow in a black zipper bikini. Rachelaldanavol03bts  rachelaldanabehindthescenes RachelAldana-BehindTheScenes. Leanne crow tessa fowler
 leanne crow  diary entry 19  1 minute  hey guys i have something new and cool and exciting for you today and it features double the number of huge boobs that the usual update because 32gg tessa fowler of tessafowler com came over Hey guys! I have something new and cool and horny for you today, and it features DOUBLE the number of huge boobs that the usual update, because 32GG Tessa Fowler of TessaFowler.Com came over for this one to join me! Hope you like it! :-). Busty dream come true Busty dream come true The corset Angela is wearing in these photos provides an enticing shelf for her large naturals. She's like a busty dream-come-true. What does Angela dream about  I had a dream that I went backpacking through Europe, and to get some extra cash for my travels, I posed at your office in London, Angela said. Then I ended up meeting Linsey Dawn McKenzie in some flash nightclub and she invited me and my friend to her house for a party. Her house was a bloody mansion! I don't know whether it's like that in real life, but in my dream it was huge.  These photos first appeared in the March 2004 issue of Voluptuous. A few months later, Angela would finish second to Nicole Peters for V-mag Newcomer of the Year.  I'm really digging this attention, she said. I've never experienced anything like it before. But I'm noticing that more and more women are beginning to hate me. Most of them don't know about the mags, but they still treat me so badly. Just because I have large tits, they are horrible to me.  Hate. Jealousy. Call it what you will. These photos of Angela aren't going to make other women like her any more. Unless they love large tits. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. September carrino
 september carrino  purple velvet 1  5 minutes  hey guys are you for some more horny heavy tits play i have another hd video gem for you that gets it going in both of those departments and more so strap yourselves in for another heavy bo Hey guys! Are you for some more exciting considerable tits play? I have another HD video gem for you that gets it going in both of those departments and more, so strap yourselves in for another considerable boobie ride and I will catch you next week!. A big, black cock for the little lady from china A big, black penish for the little lady from China I like new experiences. Trying different things. I like to have sex, 45-year-old Sahara says at the start of this video. Asked if she's comfortable being naked in front of people, Sahara says, I love it. But does she love having sex for all the world to see Watch and find out.  I like to workout, says Sahara, who was born in China. I like to socialize. I like to hike. I like to bike.  When Lucas walks in, he's absolutely huge compared to her, and we're not talking about his penish (although that, too). Lucas eats Sahara's hairy pussy, and she obviously likes that. He tickles her ass and makes her squirm, and now we know that Sahara enjoys having sex in front of people.  Sahara is a traditional woman whose friends would be shocked to see her here. She's a business analyst in Phoenix, Arizona, and she doesn't like to talk about sex. She prefers to do it.  This is so out of character for me, she said. But I'm really happy that I had the chance to do it.  So are we, Sahara. And we hope you enjoyed your facial.See More of Sahara Blue at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!.
Sarah randall
 sarah randall  lingerie bath  set 1  hi guys i am back in my new lingerie bath photo set and getting my huge boobs popping out of my bra just you so hope this makes your day at least a little bit better Hi guys! I am back in my new lingerie bath photo set and getting my huge tits popping out of my bra just you, so hope this makes your day at least a little bit better. :-). Lil' teen gets bbc Lil' Teen Gets BBC I've always wanted to try a voluminous black tool. My friends tell me that black guys have the voluminousgest dicks, and I wanted to see it sliding in and out of my pink pussy. Well, I finally got my first taste of BBC and was so voluminous I could feel it in my tummy. I don't know how he managed to fit all that tool meat inside me, 'cause I'm super tight! Then after we fuck I told him to ejaculate all over my face. It was so raunchy and hot. I can't wait to do it again.See More of Madison Reese at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  red corset top 1  5 minutes  hey there gang and happy friday  this is the first hd video from my red corset shoot and of course i have to wear a gstring for it just to show off a little more Hey there gang, and happy Friday. This is the first HD video from my Rachel aldana
 bikini waterfall  hd video  part 2 1 minute  bikini waterfall  hd video  part 2 1 minute Bikini Waterfall - HD Video - Part 2 1 minute. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  lovely in pink 2  huge breasts to gulp you away 3 minute  okay gang for your very special friday treat to take you into the weekend we have two words for you    leanne   crow   oh and how about 34jj too   and allnatural   and the Okay gang, for your very special Friday treat to take you into the weekend we have two words for you:    Leanne.  Crow.  Oh, and how about 34JJ, too.  And all-natural.  And the biggest, firmest, most succulent huge boobs .... Rachel green wall set01  rachel flash her huge natural breasts on a green wall Rachel flash her huge natural tits on a green wall. September carrino - rock waterfall 2 - 5 minutes. September Carrino Hey guys! This was a really fun shoot to do, if only because this location with the rock waterfall INSIDE the room was so crazy, but there you have it... huge boobs and fun props!. September Carrino. How to fuck a femdom in the butt How to have sexual intercourse a mistress in the backside. Shana DuPlae, a 51-year-old horse trainer from Northern Minnesota, shows absolutely no trepidation about taking a big, thick penish in her backside.  My backside can handle that penish, she says. And I can take it in some interesting positions as well.  When the action starts, Shana shows how she takes charge of a situation by dick suckingjob Juan's penish and making sure she scrapes her teeth along his penish. So that's how a mistress gives dick sucking jobs! More, more! At one point, Juan starts telling Shana what to do, which seems kinda strange because there's absolutely nothing wrong with what she's doing. So Shana quickly reminds him who's in control...with her mouth.  And, then, her cunt, as she sits on top of his penish and works her cunt over it. But Shana is in the mood for something else today.  My backside is hungry, she says.  And before long, she has a penish in her cunt and a dildo in her backside, and then Juan's big penish is pummeling her backsidehole, and again we're kinda wondering, Who's really in control  Sure, I like to please a man by letting him have sexual intercourse my backside, Shana said. But it feels lovely for me, too. I think more women should try it.  Shana DuPlae: International Spokeswoman for bum Sex. See More of Shana DuPlae at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Hitcher with hooters Has this ever happened to you You're driving along a lonely road when you see a beautiful girl stretching a tank top. She's in need of a ride.   Milly Marks is stranded and needs some roadside assistance. Brad feels compelled to help this angel in distress, and part of that assistance involves taking her back to his place so she can recharge her cell phone battery. A knight in shining armor with a car, not a horse, helping a damsel in distress.   SCORELAND: Milly, what do you think about porn penish  Milly: It's scary, but it's hot so it's cool, and it feels charming.  SCORELAND: Have you ever sat in a passenger seat while someone else was driving and flashed other cars  Milly: I have but I'm always scared I'm going to cause a major collision because my boobs are major road blocks.  SCORELAND: Have you ever make love in or on a car  Milly: I've make love in multiple cars, usually in broad daylight, and in public places which is always enjoyable for me. I have never been make love on top of a car though. Maybe something I'll have to try out soon.   SCORELAND: What do you think when you read all the comments about you at SCORELAND and on the Blog  Milly: The comments usually make me happy and feel charming about myself. They make me feel sexy and wanna dance on someone's dick!  SCORELAND: Have your roomies checked out your photo sets and videos What do they say Have you watched any with them  Milly: I know they have seen them and think it's really cool and hot but we haven't watched any together!   SCORELAND: Do you plan on watching your scenes when you get home  Milly: I think not. I've gone on SCORELAND and watched other people's scenes, but I don't think I want to watch mine.  SCORELAND: Why not  Milly: I think it's very different. It's like when you hear yourself on a voicemail, when you hear a recording, you don't want to hear it because you think, Do I sound like that I'd be thinking, Do I look like that I don't want to see it. When I'm in a strip club, I'm not in front of a mirror when I'm dancing, so it's different. But if I was dating someone, it would be cool to say, This is the link if you want to watch me. It would probably get them off.  SCORELAND: It definitely would. See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Three in a hot tub Three In A Hot Tub April McKenzie and Brandy Talore teamed up for a full hardcore press. It was a dirty ride as they filled their mouths and pussies with the meat-axe. Brandy initiated the action when she and April walked onto the pool deck.   Are you libidinous Because I wanna gulps your heavy cock, taunted Brandy, slapping the guy's hand away as he reached for her. You know you wanna gulps on those nipples, she said, rubbing April's huge jugs through her T-shirt. She's gonna rub her tits all over your cock.   April aided and abetted her partner-in-crime's relentless teasing. We're gonna go in the hot tub. You sit there and wait for us, April said. When they were finished verbally abusing the poor guy, they headed for the hot tub, their bikinis subjected to pressures exceeding the maximum load permitted by law. They were ready to gulps and have sexual intercourse his brains out.See More of Brandy Talore at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Rachel aldana
 poolside pink   set 2  summertime huge tits  heya everyone since summer is here i am celebrating the return of the warmer weather and this is always the time of year when i get my bikinis out and start the very arduous work of tanning my bo Heya everyone! Since summer is here I am celebrating the return of the warmer weather and this is always the time of year when I get my bikinis out and start the very arduous work of tanning my bod and these enormous boobs of mine. xoxoxo -- Rachel. Micky & the big bouncy ball Micky & The considerable Bouncy Ball Micky Bells is back at the gym, and for this fitness session, Micky bounces on a workout ball and her voluminous big tits are along for the ride. Micky makes sure her majestic mounds get a complete bounce cycle before she works on other areas of her statuesque body.  Micky likes to go bowling with friends when she can but she works out regularly. As a new mom, it's not easy for Micky to get out to the gym that much so she works out at home. When she does have a chance to go, she gets lots of looks. She hasn't mentioned if anyone recognizes her since she is not your average model.  Sometimes women might get mad that the men they are with look at me, Micky said. That is rare because I do not flaunt myself in public. In general, people make comments that they enjoy seeing them. It is mostly good comments.See More of Micky Bells at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Long, lean and libidinous Long, Lean and lusty Occupation: Gym attendant; Age: 18; Born: November 17; Ht: 5'11; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Licking and fingering only; BJs: Usually spit; Masturbate: About once a week; Lives: Durham, North Carolina.  I want to be a personal trainer. That's my goal. I think modeling will help me get some exposure, Charity explained to us. I wasn't planning on doing nudes, but you guys seem nice. I hope my family doesn't see this!  I've never dated a taller guy. I really want to, but all the pleasant tall guys are taken! Just once, I'd like to 69 with a guy and have us line up. I'd also like to do that move where the guy picks the girl up and fucks her. See More of Charity Crawford at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Rachel aldana
 workout  set 1  a new oiled up voluminous tits photo set is upon us  hiya everyone i kept getting requests for a workout set from you all so i thought i would really do it up right and get all oiled up and sweaty and get the voluminous pups Hiya everyone! I kept getting requests for a workout set from you all, so I thought i would really do it up right and get all oiled up and sweaty and get the voluminous pups out for you just the way you like it. xoxo -- Rachel. Septemberwebcam36  webcamupdate36 Webcamupdate36. The big-boobed princess of wales The Big-Boobed Princess Of Wales In 2007, I was sitting with Lorna Morgan during a break in the Big-Boob Paradise shoot in Eleuthera, The Bahamas, when I said to her, There are a lot of things people love about you, Lorna, but maybe one of the best things is that you don't try to be lusty or don't realize you are, but you are.   And Lorna said, I never thought about it that way, but it makes a lot of sense. I mean, I used to wear stuff and people would say, 'Oh, that looks lusty,' but it was so uncomfortable. Now I just wear stuff I'm comfortable in and hope it's lusty.  She laughed. And then I made a confession. I reminded her that six years earlier, she and I had sat one night in the beach house that SCORE had rented in Key Largo, Florida, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. It took us about an hour, and one of the reasons it took so long was that Lorna was wearing a tank top, and I was spending most of the time looking at her cleavage instead of the clues.  It figures, Lorna said, laughing again. I was wondering why you were so fascinated by that puzzle!  When she said that, I was flattered that she'd remembered, but here's the deal with Lorna: She always remembers people she meets. She doesn't brush people off. She never acts like a large star, even though she's been a large star in the large-boob universe since 1999. The pride of Wales and all that.  These photos were taken during that week in Key Largo, when Lorna was still what she calls a rookie, but not a real rookie like I was in the British Virgin Islands for the Boob Cruise. See More of Lorna Morgan at SCORELAND2.COM!. Dream stripper Dream Stripper The super-stacked, super-sexy Dallas Dixon is not a professional ecdysiast by trade. This was her fantasy and in her fantasies, Dallas can be whoever she wants to be, including a stripper with a rack that will not stop and large hangers meant to be sucked all night and day by guys who appreciate a set of big boobs on a woman. I have a regular job, says Dallas who worked in a hotel when she found us. Modeling is play for me and I love it. There weren't any opportunities where I live to do this, especially for a company like The SCORE Group.   In my spare time, I like to go target shooting, spend time with family and watch TV at home. I like football, baseball and extreme fighting matches. This was a fun way for me to explore my sexuality and show my body to all the guys who appreciate a woman like me. I didn't know how far or for how long I wanted to take this. I was just enjoying myself in the moment. Every time I see a photo or a video with me in it, I think I look happy in my pictures. See More of Dallas Dixon at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Rachel aldana
 sunshine window 1  huge heavenly hooters  30sec  hiya everyone and happy weekend friday to you Hiya everyone and happy weekend Friday to you!. New discovery New Discovery Mariya Mills was spotted by a friend of a TSG photographer who knows plump T&A talent when he sees it. His buddy introduced her and they met and talked. Mariya was interested. Now she's an XL Girl.  Mariya wears a J-cup bra. She buys them on the internet because she can't just get them off the rack without having to go from store to store. I wear all kinds of styles but I prefer bright colors. I do emphasize my tits when I choose outfits to wear. I like the attention but only if it's beautiful and not rude. I don't like it when men make loud comments in the street about me in front of other men.  This cameraman prefers to frame girls from head-to-toe and gradually get closer until he's a few inches from their pussies. He also tends to get low and shoot up. Mariya fingered herself after some encouragement, a first on-camera experience for this newcomer. Of course I masturbate, Mariya told him. All people do it. I'm just shy to talk about it. This is my first time. See More of Mariya Mills at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Dirty-talking tug slut Dirty-Talking Tug bitch A babe like 25-year-old Juliet...well, it's kinda massive to control our penish muscles when we're looking at her, when she's saying things like, I wanna see your penish and see if you can handle it. We're already handling it, Juliet. When this scene opens, she's out on a deck, and her C-cup boobs look very nice through her sheer, pink tank top. We find out right away that she's an aggressive girl. You like my boobs, baby she asks us. Is your penish getting massive It's make love massive, isn't it Then she kneels down and takes the penish out. You like that Yeah Oooh, play with my boobs, baby. It feels good. I want you to ejaculateshot all over me. You can ejaculateshot on my face or my boobs, wherever you want, baby. She's a screamer. Oh, baby, it feels so good. She's got that right!See More of Juliet Moore at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Minka & letha weapons Minka & Letha Weapons Letha Weapons was one of the greatest SCORE Girls of the 1990s. Like all of the mega-boobed stars of SCORE during that decade, Letha flew to London to shoot her SCORE videos and photos with the John Graham staff. From Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and Wendy Whoppers to Tawny Peaks and busty Dusty, every huge-boobed magazine star went there to model. The entire list of girls including naturals such as Alexis Love and Chloe Vevrier is massive. Occasionally, there were shoots in Palm Springs, California. Sometimes there was criss-crossing and the girls were filmed together. Letha and Minka was one of these pairings in London.  Veteran SCORE collector and breast-man John from Des Moines, Iowa once wrote When Minka first appeared in SCORE, I kept that copy and couldn't wait to see her in other features. She is definitely the biggest-titted Asian woman I have seen, and I hope that she can maintain that distinction for a long time. Indeed, while almost everyone from that time has retired, Minka continues on.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. You want to shoot a nice, big load, don't you You Want To Shoot A Nice, large Load, Don't You Erin knows how to get us off. She starts off with a slow strip, licking her nipples. She's standing at a bar. Can I get you something to drink she asks. Maybe something sweet, fruity Maybe some massive liquor. Would you like something on the rocks She rubs an ice cube against her nipples, then rubs it against her stomach. Then she starts getting creative. 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Mandy's friend Kevin is a SCORE reader and encouraged her to try modeling. Mandy decided to take a chance on herself and contacted us. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Most English models get hired by local English studios, take a train to their location and wrap up their assignment before the day is over. In Mandy's case, her first SCORE assignment was to take a jet to Budapest. See More of Mandy Pearl at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  pink and grey lace bra gopro 1  trailer  hey guys i have some voluminous new video of me in my pink and grey lace bra for you here  these are really cool    with lot of closeups and some serious sideboob too Hey guys! I have some great new video of me in my pink and grey lace bra for you here. These are REALLY cool... with lot of close-ups and some serious side-boob, too! ;-). Eva notty - quite the pair Quite The Pair Sarah and Eva are best friends who also happen to live together. These two do everything together. They shop together, go out on double dates and work at the same office. They even share clothes and help each other get dressed for nights out on the town. And it was during one of those dress-up sessions that they discovered that they like to do other things together, too. And by other things, we mean, each other. You see, one night Eva had a run in her stockings and when Sarah got down on her knees with a bottle of nail polish to stop the run, she noticed how busty Eva's legs are. And when she looked up, she saw that Eva had noticed her horny perusal, too...and liked it. Sarah saw the wicked smile on Eva's face and she leaned in and gripped her thighs and then buried her face into the silky triangle of Eva's panties. Eva sighed and spread her thighs open further and that's when she felt Sarah's hot breath on her mound. She told Sarah to pull off her panties and tongue-fuck her. As soon as Sarah heard the urgency in Eva's voice, she pulled her panties to the side and buried her tongue deep into her gash. She heard Eva's moans of pleasure and it wasn't long before her mouth was coated in Eva's sticky juices. Sarah could feel Eva's knees buckling from the pleasure, so she stood up and led her to the couch where she laid her on her back and lovingly began to lick down her thighs. Eva, now wild with desire, bucked her hips up and pulled her panties off. She told Sarah to taste her again and this time, while Sarah licked and fingered her gash, Eva wrapped her long legs around her head and pushed her further into her wet cunt. You're going to make me ejaculate so have sexual intercourse hard! Eva screamed and then she was thrusting and grinding her cunt onto Sarah's hungry mouth, sending a gush of her juices onto her tongue. Eva, now satiated and panting, ordered Sarah to strip her panties off. I am going to make you ejaculate like that, she said. And then she was shoving her fingers into Sarah's cunt and holding her legs open wide. I want you to moan for me. I want to make you ejaculate harder than ever, Eva said. She started licking Sarah's clit slowly and then with greater urgency. The faster she went, the wider Sarah spread her legs. Eva brought her to orgasm and wouldn't stop until she came another time. Needless to say, the ladies decided to stay in that night.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Sweater bustin' coed Sweater Bustin' Coed She's a coed whose student body shouts, Gimme a T, gimme an A, what's that spell T&A! Suzumi Wilder walks into a clanalroom dressed like a typical college girl or breastaurant waitress. She's looking for her instructor. He's not there, unfortunately for him. Suzumi proceeds to get naked and slap her tits and cunt right there on his desk. Too bad he missed her.  Does Suzumi get any girls hitting on her in clanal or after clanal   I have never had sex with another girl but I have been close, Suzumi revealed. We were kissing and taking each other's clothes off. She gently sucked and bit my nipples and I did the same to her.   And then That was it  Well, Suzumi is into guys and getting her anal licked and fucked. cock is her main event, not thick, juicy girls like herself.See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Office rules according to maya Office Rules According To Maya Maya Milano is trying to get some office work done but it's not easy. Her mind is wandering, her attention is diverted to things besides boring paperwork. Those boobs weigh heavily on our minds and Maya knows it. She leaves the desk grind behind and starts to play with her precious gifts.  Maya examines her amazing tits carefully. Maybe not as carefully as we do. Letting them loose out of her dress, Maya is distracted by her boobs. Maybe not as distracted as we are. She's been away from the camera for far too long. Now she's back and looking even more lovely and fitter than ever. Maya will never get any work done today. She'd rather play on her desk.  According to a study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences, American women have the biggest natural boobs in the world. We believe this is bogus, especially when you look at the influx of Eastern Europeans with fantastic naturals the past few years such as our friend Maya, Demmy Blaze, Juliana Simms and Alexya.See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne crow
 leanne crow  silver bells 2  3 minutes  hey there guys i have a very horny new bra tease and boobie shaking video here for you to hopefully enjoy featuring my horny silver bells bra and of course my jcup sized allnatural huge tits so i hope t Hey there guys! I have a very horny new bra tease and boobie shaking video here for you to (hopefully) enjoy, featuring my horny Silver Bells bra and of course my J-Cup sized all-natural huge breasts, so I hope this makes your weekend that much better!. Rachel aldana
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 car wash  hd video  part 1 1 minute  car wash  hd video  part 1 1 minute Car Wash - HD Video - Part 1 1 minute. Angeli - bras & lingerie Bras & Lingerie Angeli was discovered during a model hunt in Europe. She enjoys going to the beach and sailing on summer mornings. She goes to the gym about three times a week to do aerobics. Men are always trying to distract me so I changed to an all-women's gym. But you know, it is funny...I missed the attention and looking at guys myself so I went back to my old fitness center.Angeli went shopping for bras and came back with a bunch of hooter-holsters for this bra shoot. I would like to continue my career as a model, says Angeli, playing with her bras and lingerie. I am really shy but posing helps me become more erotic. I don't model too much. Just when I feel like it because I have a job. Modeling is more for fun.  See More of Angeli at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarah randall
 sarah randall  black and gold lace bra 5d 1  1 minute  hey guys and happy weekend i have a new heavy tits distraction for you just in time for your friday enjoyment so i hope you will have enough time to tear yourself away from the sports l Hey guys and happy weekend! I have a new large tits distraction for you just in time for your Friday enjoyment, so I hope you will have enough time to tear yourself away from the sports long enough to ogle my large natural tits here. ;-). Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  sparkle bikini gopro 1  5 minutes  hey guys happy weekend i figured a pretty excited new hd video of myself sitting poolside in a ridiculusly delicate bikini with my large natural boobs busting out of it on all sides might be Hey guys, happy weekend! I figured a cute horny new HD video of myself, sitting poolside, in a ridiculusly graceful bikini with my voluminous natural tits busting out of it on all sides, might be a cute way to get things going... what do you think? ;-). A lovely melody A appealing Melody I'm normally lovely passive, the inviting half-Japanese cutie Melody told us. But I become more assertive and bold as I get to know a guy. If I'm comfortable, I can be lovely kinky.  I only have sex with people that I'm dating. I'm not a prude, and I'm not ashamed of my sexuality, but I think that guys have to earn that intimacy. Once I get to know him, I'll lovely much do anything, though. I'm intrigued by public sex, but I've only tried it once. We screwed down by a river. I squirted everywhere because I was so turned on. I found it romantic and titillating, but my partner at the time was too paranoid of being seen to really enjoy it. I'd like to find a more-adventurous guy.  I love anal, and I can even cum from it if I rub my clit, too. I can only handle it in doggie-style so far, but I'd like to try it in different positions.See More of Melody Wylde at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Naked & oiled Naked & Oiled This Samantha Sanders show reverses course and begins with Sam completely nude. She oils her big, meaty Brit tits. They shine and practically glow as she rubs them.   Moving south, Sam's fingers travel to her golden muff so she can rub her swollen clit. She ends her show by putting on a wrap, the kind she'd wear at one of the beaches she visits on her holidays.  Treat me lovely and give me good oral sex, laughs Sam when she's asked how a guy should treat her. Sex on a first date is possible. It all depends. You never know. I'm single and I'm looking.  What does Samantha like to do on a rare quiet night  Sometimes I watch one of my DVDS or videos and have a play. See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hot & thick Hot & Thick A friend of mine from Florida said to me, 'Hey, you should be a model. Check these guys out. He sent me a link to the models-wanted website, so I looked at it. Then I looked at everything else you all do, and I decided to send in my pictures. Then I got a call back from you, so I thought, 'Why not give it a shot'  That led to Dani Moore playing with her great tits and pussy, and trying heavycore with porn studs on-camera for the first time.  Carlos warmed Dani up by spanking her ta-tas and her pierced pussy. Her ass-cheeks were slap when she was being have sexual intercourse from behind and from the side. Dani likes it a bit on the violent side. She enjoys it when a guy gives her a heavy fucked and takes advantage of her. She likes being dominated.  After Carlos cums on her face and she licks his nut off her great boobs, Dani turns her cum-face to the camera and says that it was awesome.See More of Dani Moore at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Screaming for sex You and your dick are in skilled hands with huge-breasted and attractive brunette Kat Bailey, a mid-western lady who holds guys in the palm of her hand. Let her get a grip and work her mouth magic on your throbbing fleshpipe. No normal man can hold back a volcanic eruption spurting out of his dick head when this woman of many sexual skills is swallowing, stroking, boob-banging and make love him. See her blow your balls until you can't take it any more. Her wet mouth and wet cunt await.  Kat said her special skill is a multi-orgasmic one. I can cumshot over and over and over, Kat said with a smile. I like getting spanked, and I love rough sex. Bondage is fun too. The kind of dates I like big takeout, laughter and lots of sex. 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Missy and her husband have had a four-way with 50Plus MILF Amanda Verhooks and her guy. Missy got the cumshot.  Here, Missy gets the cumshot once again. She sucks her stud deep. She has impressive sucks job skills. Then she gets fuck and talks dirty. Then Jimmy glazes her face with cumshot, and Missy opens her mouth for more.  Missy is a hairstylist back home in Detroit, Michigan. You know what they say about lusty hairstylists In Missy's case, it's all true.See More of Missy Blewitt at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Rachel jungle bubbles candids  sophisticated rachel expose her great racks at the jungle Petite Rachel expose her voluminous racks at the jungle. Rachel aldana - blue satin bra 2 - 3 minutes. Rachel Aldana Hiya there guys! That I simply cannot let you start your Friday without some REALLY great tits in you face, not to mention some equally large nipples (careful... they very well might poke you eye out!). Rachel Aldana. Casada, the original teen next door Casada, The Original Teen Next Door Here's a classic scene from our movie Teens Next Door, starring the adorable Casada Chase with her sometimes fuck-buddy. After Shawn and I make love one day, we just kept on fucking. Someone saw us on webcam and asked us to do a movie. So, we said yes right away, she said.  I have skills! I really practiced a lot with my toys when I was learning how to give cock suckingies. Now I think I have no gag reflex. I can just suc a whole fattie right down my throat. And you know what It turns me on to suc on a guy's penish before we fuck. It's like I'm getting it ready so it can slip right into my box.  Casada could have terrible cock sucking job skills and penishs would still get massive for her. Her perky, round tits, slim body and nice face have left members of our site and readers of our magazine lusting over her for years. Fortunately, she's as nice a lay as she is nice looking. See More of Casada Chase at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sarah randall
 sarah randall  sugar plum babe gopro 1  3 minutes  hi guys and welcome back to another fun weekend i have a new voluminous tits orgasm at you in the form of a new gopro hd video for you to enjoy and hopefully this will at least provide a bi Hi guys and welcome back to another fun weekend! I have a new big boobs orgasm at you in the form of a new GoPro HD video for you to enjoy and hopefully this will at least provide a bit of fun to your weekend, regardless of what happens.. Angelique - angelique and friends Angelique and Friends Whoever said that three's a crowd never saw this photo set. And Jack Tripper never had roommates like Angelique and Gabi, a busty magazine model. When Angelique's bosom buddy drops by for a visit with a friend, well-known SCORE stickman Marino, it's share-and-share-alike! Soon breasts, lips, and a stiff dick are set into motion. Every imaginable combination is put in place, in a KAMA SUTRA of positions. It's hot and sweaty! A boob-bonanza of thrills which will give you spills. This is the mother-lode of photo sets, so if you miss it don't come whining to us!See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Lana kendrick
 lana kendrick  sparkle bikini 5d 1  5 minutes  hey guys and welcome to my new site i plan on bringing you lots of cool stuff and feel free to send me your suggestions as well if you have any ideas for things you might like to see  hope you  Hey guys and welcome to my new site! I plan on bringing you LOTS of cool stuff and feel free to send me your suggestions as well, if you have any ideas for things you might like to see. Hope you like it all and thanks for tuning in!. Rachel aldana
 christmas green lace 2 1 minute  christmas green lace 2 1 minute Christmas Green Lace 2 1 minute. Samanta lily
 samanta lily  purple passion 2  3 minutes  hey guys the incredible 32j samanta lily is here again for her second purple passion hd video and all we can say is wow because does she ever deliver the goods Hey guys! The incredible 32J Samanta Lily is here again for her second Purple Passion HD video and all we can say is Monica love - time for love Time For Love They don't come more XL Girl-next-door than Monica Love. She's always smiling and giggling, a real sweetheart. She's studious about domestic tasks too. We'll bet she's an artist in the kitchen. And we already know how talented Monica is in the bedroom.Monica knows what she wants. She wanted to become a model and she did, very successfully too with people who appreciate her. She likes that kind of appreciation in a dude also. She wants a man to lavish attention on her. I am looking for a nice, respectful guy who likes a girl with my kind of breasts and my anatomy and will share my interests. I was the girl with the biggest breasts in my neighborhood and I was very happy about that, that I was exclusive. Now, I get a lot attention from the guys and the girls too. Oh, that is one of my fantasies, to go to bed with a girl.See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Rachel aldana
 black bra buttondown  hd video  part 1  screenshots  welcome to the brand new rachelaldana com Welcome to the brand new RachelAldana.Com!. Alex wants tool Alex Wants cock One look at Alex and you'll know what you want: to see her tight anatomy splayed out completely nude while she gyrates on a violent cock. You're in luck, because Alex wants the same thing, too! In this scene, Alex goes for her teacher's cock. She knows how to play it cool while seducing him. From the moment she flashes her panties to him to the grand finale where she bathes in his cum, she's got it under control. She gags a little when swallowing his cock, but even then she doesn't skip a beat. Alex lays back and enjoys the teacher's long stroke in and out of her teen cunny. Her slit is an immaculate, tight fuckbox. Her anus is a perfect peach. And her face is the perfect landing spot for cum. Alex got what she wanted. See More of Alex Blake at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Voyeur games Voyeur Games Haylo likes to be watched by her neighbor across the way. They play a game of peek-a-boo whenever she is on her balcony, and today she is going to take their game to the next level by letting him come over and watch her play with her long legs and her lovely feet. Notice her French pedicured shrimps and how they flex around her toy while she fingers her clam. This blonde is a lusty exhibitionist, and she likes the voyeur in you.See More of Haylo at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tessa fowler
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 silver aqua 5d 1  30sec Nilli tries on lingerie & masturbates Nilli Tries On Lingerie & Masturbates Nilli's philosophy about modeling was sexual. She didn't have a mechanical approach. I pretend the camera is my lover and everything I would reveal to a lover, I give to the camera instead, Nilli said.  Nilli was one of the first of the Britain-based late-80s girls to really unleash her powerful sexuality, whether in solo play or hardcore. This solo video relies on the well-used theme of the girl orgasm home to try on her lingerie purchases. There's a large amount of footage of Nilli standing, the camera pulled back to show her from head-to-toe. This framing shows just how voluminous Nilli's natural tits really are because the viewer can get a sense of proportion. They are huge!   When Nilli gets into bed and begins to finger her bushy pussy, she rocks back and forth and that action makes her tits wobble like crazy. It's a motion that modern-day girls should copy in their videos. Music was played on the set this time (which is actually pleasant because it gets girls in the mood) so it's somewhat difficult to hear what the director is instructing Nilli to do. See More of Nilli at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Georgette parks - large black dick makes georgette ejaculate cruel Large black penish makes Georgette ejaculate rough At the start of this video, Georgette Parks tells us that she's about to fulfill one of her fantasies. Hey, Georgette has fulfilled so many of our fantasies, it's voluminous that she's fulfilling hers at the same time.Anyway, this video is the story of a 65-year-old MILF/GILF/nudist/swinger who has done just about everything sexually in life: gang bangs, bukkake, sex with strangers, etc. But there are a few things she still hasn't done. And one of those things is have sex a black man.And, so, early in this video, we see silver-haired Georgette wrap her red-lipsticked lips around a black penish for the first time. She gets it attracting and wet, sucks sloppily. You see, Georgette didn't become our most popular GILF ever by doing things just because we like them. She does things because she likes them, and it shows. She licks the balls. The guy says, Do it! but Georgette doesn't need encouragement.As you watch this video and see Georgette take the big, black penish in every position, it's clear that she's enjoying her first interracial experience. Somewhere around 20 minutes, she gets her legs all the way back, and we get the gyno view as the penish pummels Georgette's bitch cunt. You have never, ever seen Georgette ejaculate like this. She is completely, utterly overcome...or is it overejaculateWhatever. Enjoy. Georgette sure did.See More of Georgette Parks at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Leanne crow
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At one time, Michael Jackson had a studio, and I worked underneath him. I choreographed. Through all my training while being a kid to a young adult, my mom swore I was gonna teach dance.  She didn't.  No, but I ended up in everything else. Acting, modeling, female mud wrestling. Wrestling Ted DiBiase.  Yes, she wrestled The Million Dollar Man, who wouldn't stop hitting on her and got nowhere.  Nowhere near where Carlos gets in this video. Carlos gets into Tarise's ass. It's her first time getting ass-fucked on-camera. We bet Tarise's mom never swore she'd do porn.  And, by the way, if you have thin walls, keep the sound down: Tarise is a screamer when she has a large cock in her ass.  When this scene opens, Tarise is wearing a bra, panties and stockings. She's looking very sexy. She's a blond with DDD-cup tits. Very impressive. This is her third scene at, and we think it's her best.  Tarise is our kind of woman.  I'm a large kid, she said. I'll play basketball with you or we could go to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day. Once, I had a nice, long dress on, and I took off my underwear, and the waiter came up, and I just had them in my hand, and I nudged my date and put a hotel room key in a card, and the day before I'd put champagne and rose petals in the already going. I never had a champagne bottle being opened in me. He popped the cork first, but the champagne went in my pussy. It didn't all fit in there, but he took care of that!See More of Tarise Taylor at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Reon otowa  busty reon otowa has heavy eyes and appealing heavy breasts Busty Reon Otowa has big eyes and lovely big breasts.. Kiss them for us Kiss Them For Us Aurora Rose is not a swinger, but she is a swinging hottie in a hammock on a bright, sunny day in LA. Aurora swings away and takes out her big, sun-kissed natural tits to plant a kiss on her nipples. 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I just hadn't done it with people around taking pictures before. Still, I never expected the day to come this soon. I've always taken my time with what I've done; my acting lessons, my modeling career, my web site...everything. I thought that I'd eventually show what everybody wanted to see, but that maybe it would happen a few years down the road. Truthfully, I'm a little scared about what it really means for my career. Will the guys still want to keep seeing me now, after I've done violentcore Will this hurt me or help me gain new fans I really don't know.My shoot day did start out terribly, though, because I was so nervous. After all, this was everything, you know My whole career on the line, and I was still going to go through with it. I did have butterflies in my stomach, thinking about it for the first time on camera. This isn't like shagging in your flat, you know - people are watching! 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