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Bsofie style: a german discoveryb Sofie Style: a German discovery One fan said Sofie Style is the best German discovery since Nadine Jansen. Praise doesn't get higher than that. Sophie actually does have a slight facial resemblance to Nadine in some photos. The feedback about her debut ranged from ones not-suitable for greeting cards, such as, Those big, suckable breasts make me so rock massive that my massive man tool just throbs and tingles so much while watching the entire video, to the monosyllablic, I want to lick her ass. Either way, those comments are not suitable until maybe after the third or fourth date, depending on the girl's personality and sexual interests and experience.One of Sofie's many charms is her girl-next-door look: approachable and attainable.The photographer was a SCORE reader in Germany who sailed on the Boob Cruise and was inspired by the Cruise and the magazine to become a professional photographer. When I go out, I wear everything tight, showing a lot of my cleavage, Sofie said. It has to be tight. This way, all the men are looking at me and I love that. I love the attention.Dave has written a few times that models often become nurses or nurse's aides and nurses often become models. So when I had the chance, I asked Sophie if she likes to wear fantasy costumes. She replied, I like to wear a nurse's outfit...because I am a nurse!That didn't surprise me. It also somehow made Sofie sexier. See More of Sofie Style at SCORELAND2.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - fit to be tied Fit To Be Tied Congratulations to Linsey, winner of the SCORE Model of the Year contest with a total of 3,823 votes from magazine readers and website members out of a total 18,129 votes, a light turn-out. In descending order of votes, Nicole Peters (2,901), SaRenna Lee (2,175), Sharday (1,994), Ines Cudna (1,812), Nadine Jansen (1,722), Crystal Gunns (1,380), Brandy Talore (725), Danni Ashe (549) and Julia Miles (544), the winner of last year's contest. It has been a very long time coming. The July 2005 MOY issue of SCORE, on sale April 26, 2005, stars LDM on the cover. Wrote member R: No contest, my boob loving brothers! It has to be The Natural! Miss Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Linsey is simply the sexiest, horniest, most insatiable woman on planet earth! Linsey's performances in Maximum Insertion were mind-blowing! Linsey has the perfect package. She is so appealing and she proved in her threesome that she can have sexual intercourse till kingdom come! How she has never won this award is one of life's big injustices. Linsey rules, my friends!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Tit fucked! Tit Fucked! Since Merilyn's bust-out into the big-boobed scene, a section of her admirers have wondered and asked when she will hook up with a tool on camera. The rest are content with things as they are and prefer Merilyn by herself, keeping things focused on her world-famous chest. After all, Nicole Peters never did. Kerry Marie never did. The never-did, never-will super-natural list continues: Bea Flora-no. Lorna Morgan-no. Nadine Jansen-no. Ines Cudna-no. Danni Ashe-no. Jessica Turner-no. Anna Song-no. Sharday-no. Linsey, Chloe Vevrier, Autumn-Jade and now Christy Marks are the few super-naturals to have done full-sex on camera. The SCORE website and DVD series natural tits And Tugs features busty centerfolds jacking off and tit-make loveing guys. Would Merilyn at least consider doing that Merilyn's decision was to offer something virtual. A virtual handjob and breast-sex encounter. After the Tit Fucked! point-of-view pictorial appeared, some Merilyn fans around the globe pondered, wondered and asked if what they saw was real. That prominently-veined, shiny tool sticking out of a fly sure looked real. Their comments were emailed in to BustyMerilyn and also popped up on various Net message boards and blogs. What they saw was a spin-off of the ancient Japanese mammary art called paizuri, a kind of prosthetic breast-sex perfected by Japanese adult directors to cope with the strict censorship laws in their country. In this virtual video version of Tit Fucked!, photographed in the all-important point-of-view perspective, Merilyn fulfills a fantasy for many of us. The desire to see her stroke off your tool and make love it between the cleavage we love and cherish so much. She's every inch the seductress. She can make love you with her eyes. Even if you have seen every Merilyn video and pictorial and every DVD she's made, you'll be slack-jawed at how elegant her tits look when she gets on her back for her mammary mounting. After seeing this video, you'll have a appealing pleasant idea how Merilyn is with a shaft in her hand and between her breasts. We loved how she said Do you want to make love my teets in her heavily-accented English. Music to our ears. And maybe one day.... But if she never does, would it weaken the musicSee More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!.
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