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Tessa fowler tessa fowlerchristmas is orgasm 13 minutesthe present comes in the form of 32gg tessa fowler of tessafowler com who is quite simply one of the most jawdropping glamour gals of any generation much less our own generation and test it was The present comes in the form of 32GG Tessa Fowler of TessaFowler.Com, who is quite simply one of the most jaw-dropping glamour gals of any generation, much less our own generation, and test it was kind enough to dress up for this special Christmas shoot for us here at PinupFiles, with her perfect all-natural heavy tits and heart-melting smile.. Voluminous boobs & booty Great tits & butthole Now a redhead, Stephanie Stalls is a take-charge girl. have sexual intercourse yeah, she's take-charge and that includes getting a dicking-down. Stephanie's on her deck lounger talking to her girlfriend and making plans to go out later that evening. She's only wearing bikini bottoms because she wants some sun. Meanwhile, behind the deck, Peter is washing her car. He's never seen Stephanie before. He'll need a cold water hosing himself after they get acquainted.After her phone chat, Stephanie shoots some selfies. She needs a wide-angle to get all of her huge tits in the pics. Peter watches her from behind and photobombs her. He's flipping out over the stacked sweater-stretcher. Stephanie sees him in the reflection of her phone and begins teasing him. As flexible as a rubber band, Stephanie does some of her hot, impressive stage moves that produce erections during her strip club shows. She spreads her legs wide, wide and wider. This drives Peter close to a meltdown. After Stephanie has her fun, she wants more fun and tells him to come over.They make out for a few seconds, then Stephanie pulls him inside the house. While he's cock sucking and squeezing her bra-busting bazooms, she plays with his cock and balls. After she blows a tune on his skin-flute, he have sexual intercourses her tits. This is mandatory with a girl with tits like hers. They get down to the dicking and after Stephanie does breast-bouncing deep-knee squats on his pole, she wants more and cries, have sexual intercourse my ass, baby! Oh, c'mon, have sexual intercourse the shit out of it, oh, yeah! That's our Stephanie. Always all in. See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarah nicola randall red satin bra 1 3 minutered satin bra 1 3 minute Red Satin Bra 1 3 minute. Sarah nicola randall silver aqua 5d 13min Rachel easter blue01 videosa great natural breasted babe rachel stripping naked A heavy natural breasted babe Rachel stripping naked. Leanne crow leanne crowsolid gold 21 minutehey guys i have my second hd video at the beach and i must say that this is the kind of thing i need to do more often it is a lot of fun to roll around in the warm sun on the wet sand and let loose with  Hey guys! I have my second HD video at the beach and I must say that this is the kind of thing I need to do more often.It is a lot of fun to roll around in the warm sun on the wet sand and let loose with my hard breasts. Hope you like it! :-). Chloe vevrier - feeling manly Feeling Manly This photo set was shot near the end of a two-week visit by Chloe to Scoreland in Miami. The ChloesWorld photo staff was running out of photo set ideas. Trying on men's clothing is a bit unusual, but the two week period was full of curious, novelty shoots that work very nicely on the Internet. Chloe is in the closet of her close friend Peter Wall, a veteran SCORE photographer that Chloe dearly loves and respects. They have gone on Boob Cruises together and have much in common, including cooking. She found plenty to do in Peter's closet, discovered many interesting male garments to play with. Whoa! Wait two seconds. That fake prick wasn't in Peter's closet before Chloe walked in. She must have planted it there, the little minx.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Make love it! Have sexual intercourseed it! Age: 21; Born: June 4; Ht: 5'3; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cheeksters; Anal: Nope; BJs: Usually swallow; Masturbate: Almost every day. Cedella has a have sexual intercourseed it attitude. She's not rude; she just doesn't give a have sexual intercourseed what anybody thinks about her. I'm living my best life, she explained. I got my first tat when I was 18 and people kept telling me that I'd regret it, but I don't! I love who I am and what I look like. It's like when people told me to not send in my pictures to you guys. have sexual intercourseed that! This is what I want to do. Who are you to tell me not toWhen I got my nipples pierced, I was afraid I was going to lose sensitivity in them. They say that it's a 50/50 split between heightening sensitivity or losing it. I'm so glad it was the former for me! I've always liked having my nips licked and sucked on, but now it's have sexual intercourseeding ridiculous. I can get 90% of the way to an orgasm when a guy twists them during foreplay! Add a little bit of fingering to the mix and I'll be sure to cum buckets! See More of Cedella Kors at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The royal rack The Royal Rack We bow to the Royal Rack. The Duchess of Dugs.The Queen of Romanian Ta-Tas. The Sultana of Shabba-doos. The Countess of Cleavage. The Goddess of Gazongas. We're talkin' Joana! Let's get to know her a little better.SCORELAND: Please tell us about your life in Romania. Joana: I have a lot of pretty friends. I do a lot of spiritual things like meditation and yoga. Every day I do something like that. I enjoy it.SCORELAND: When did your connection to spiritual life begin Joana: When I was 16, I was in school. I felt something pretty happen to me, and a very pretty friend of mine taught me about yoga, and I started to practice.SCORELAND: What is your routine Joana: I do two hours of yoga positions and meditation a day, but if I'm busy, I just do meditation.SCORELAND: What kind of yoga do you do Joana: Hatha yoga, which focuses on physical and mental strength.SCORELAND: Have you ever practiced yoga while naked Joana: No, but if you are at home, you can certainly do that.SCORELAND: Do your great tits get in the way when you're doing yoga Joana: No, not at all, which is pretty. I love having great tits. I didn't like them at first, but I love them now.SCORELAND: Do you practice any yoga when you're having sex Joana: Yes. I practice some Tantric yoga. It helps me feel the connection with the other person.SCORELAND: How has Tantric yoga changed your sex life Joana: Oh, it has changed me a lot, but it's not so easy to explain. It's something you have to experience.SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with a person on the first date Joana: It happened one time. It wasn't sex. It was something more than that. I can't just have sex right away or it can't be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Brandy robbins brandy robbinsmeasuring tape 2trailerwe could take a booming dose of brandy and her bodacious voluminous boobs any time or day of the week and she stays true to form in this one as she uses a very lucky tape measure to measure her ma We could take a booming dose of Brandy and her bodacious big tits any time or day of the week, and she stays true to form in this one as she uses a very lucky tape measure to measure her marvelous breasts, and then strips down from her exciting bra and shimmies and shakes like the world-class booby gal that she is. :). Southern charmer When you hear Kendra speak, you fall in love with her Southern accent. Then, when you hear what she's saying, you fall in love with how slutty she is. For example, she told us, I lost my virginity to my best friend's step dad while everyone was home.My kinkiest sexual encounter was a gang bang at a porn theater when I was 19. My boyfriend at the time set it up for me as a gift. I knew that I was going to fuck him, but not that everybody in the building was going to take turns on me! My guy brought enough rubbers for everybody, so all 12-or-so got to take turns on my little, teenage pussy.See More of Kendra at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. What kelly bought What Kelly Bought Kelly had been shopping, and she couldn't wait to show you what she bought: a lustful black bra and matching thong. Oh, her new lingerie is hot, all right. But we're much more interested in the purchase she made at her local sex shop. That new dildo might not match her black undies, but Kelly manages to put it to nice use anyway!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Large boob teen in pjs Naughty 18 year old teen Toni Summers pulls up her charming pajama top to show off her large 32G tits. Hitomi asukahitomi asuka measuring her considerable boobs the guy who is measuring her boobs is amazed with her 105 5 cm real boobs Hitomi Asuka measuring her big boobs! The guy who is measuring her boobs is amazed with her 105.5 cm REAL boobs!. Brandy robbins brandy robbinsvol16set 1today we lighten the burden of monday with the always awesome 30g brandy robbins who is back with her awesome voluminous boobs and horny slender and incredibly toned bod Today we lighten the burden of Monday with the always awesome 30G Brandy Robbins, who is back with her awesome considerable breasts and sexy, slender and incredibly toned bod!. Brit sex doll Brit Sex Doll Tia Clegg started off her modeling career by entering beauty contests and doing swimsuit and lingerie modeling before moving into topless and nude modeling. She's gone much hotter since then, spreading and toying her cunt on Brit TV and cam call-in shows such as Babestation and Redlight. Webcams are plentiful in the States but there's no television equivalent as there is in the UK. When Tia's doing the call-in TV channels, Brit fans chat her up on their cell phones for mutual filthy conversations while they watch Tia get into fucked poses and play with her breasts. Sometimes she uses a great toy. As you can see, she's become an expert at that, drilling deep into her pink.I always play with my breasts, says Tia. I rub Nivea in them to keep them soft and moisturized. In her video interviews, Tia's usually titillating her breasts or her thighs. She masturbates in the morning and later in the day, besides all of the TV wank shows. I play with my breasts all the time. My nipples get heavy very fast, says Tia. I have to cum after that. See More of Tia Clegg at SCORELAND.COM!. Exciting pussies like hot cream Exciting Pussies Like Hot Cream Eva Notty has it all and one of the big things about her is that she likes to share all of it. We've known it from the start. That's why she first came to SCORE in May 2009. That's also why Eva's never left the top-20-rated SCORELAND models list. J.C. wants some of what Eva has while the getting is pleasant in exciting Pussies Like Hot Cream. He makes a head-dive right for Eva's nipples and then to her clit and cunt. She repays tit for tatas by giving him a blowjob job. His giant shaft is too big to get all the way down her throat but it tucks well inside her cleavage when Eva's tit-fucked. Eva wants her cunt filled. The build-up has worked her up. She really loves fuck and it always shows. The camera becomes another piece of furniture as she gets lost in the act of being fucked. Every inch of the cock gets inside her cunt-hole. It blowjob it in, wanting every inch rubbing against her pink walls. Eva warms up with a cowgirl ride that allows gravity to open and fill her cunt completely. Following that, they move to a doggie position that hard-hits all of Eva's pleasant spots as she's drilled to the hilt. Then they flip to missionary until it's time for dessert. In Licky Licky Sticky Sticky, Eva's mouth was nutted. This one is a serving of creamed pie. Eva provides the pie, J.C. the cream. exciting pussies like hot cream.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Open tryouts Open Tryouts What does a chick with a great ol' butt do when she's lookin' for work Well, if you can drop and pop it like our girl Luccia Cardona, you tryout for a chance to be a dancer at one of the most poppin' clubs in town. Our boy Carlos owns one of the best in town, and he needs a girl just like Luccia.What makes you different from the other 27 girls that came in Carlos asks Luccia Cardona as she drops and pops her butt in hopes of becoming his newest dancer.I think I have a lot of potential for a first-timer, Luccia responds. Oh, and I have this.Luccia is referring to her phat, tan donk. If it were up to us, we'd give this bad lil' Latina the job right on the spot. But Carlos can be a bit more demanding than we are. He requires a hands-on approach. Carlos cups, smacks and kisses Luccia's butt to begin her final examination.Oh, is this part of the job, too She asks. That's awesome.Luccia gets on her knees and gives him a sloppy cock sucking before he bangs her cunt out doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. When he's done evaluating, Carlos drops a huge load on her ass. Luccia definitely has the job after this. She passed the interview with flying ejaculate shots. See More of Luccia Cardona at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Hand party Hand Party Many famous models such as Daphne Rosen and Summer Sinn, and others not so famous, have jacked off dicks at SCORE. Here's a hand party performed by a hot, sweet girl and, importantly, photographed in point-of-view so we don't have to look at some yahoo's gruesome face. This babe's name is Kasey Grant. Kasey jerks a load out and has big technique. She knows how to dress to show off her slim and stacked body. A two-piece, pink, mesh slut outfit. Stripper platforms.Starting out as a stripper, she became a Bunny Ranch Girl in Carson City, Nevada, and make love at Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. After that, Kasey moved into porn for several years.See More of Kasey Grant at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Rachel aldana rachel aldanawebcam 1775 minuteshi guys time for another webcam wednesday check in i hope you all are having a nice week and are ready for our collective hump day so come on in and say hello and see what pretty updates i have for you  Hi guys! Time for another WebCam Wednesday check in! I hope you all are having a pretty week and are ready for our collective Hump Day, so come on in and say hello and see what pretty updates I have for you, as well as treat yourself to more eye-popping glimpses of my heavy tits here. :-). Leanne crow leanne navysatinbra bts set1behind the scenes with leanne in navy bra Behind the Scenes with Leanne in navy bra. A close shave for vanessa y It was almost a close shave for Vanessa Y., two-time busty Model of the Year winner (2016 and 2015). The bra-busting pride of Poland went into the bathroom with her photographer intending to document the removal of her thick thatch with shaving cream and a razor. The bush garden so beloved by her devoted fans would be removed. Not even a landing strip would remain. No longer would she be able to stroke the fur of her beaver. Vanessa had told no one except her photographer in case protesters waving picket signs showed up at their secret location.Once in the shower, Vanessa creamed her follicle forest and picked up her blade. But then the moment of truth arrived. She was filled with conflicting emotions. Vanessa's hand froze just as she was about to level her cunt patch and go bare like so many girls today. Vanessa couldn't bring herself to do the deed, the conflict apparent in her expression.Banishing the instrument of deforestation she held in her hand, Vanessa picked up another bathroom accessory, one her cunt would appreciate. It was indeed a close shave for her hairy highness. Look in any book about celebrities in Poland and check out the section about considerable tits. There you will find a picture of Vanessa Y. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerpinup polkadots 5d 21 minutehey guys and welcome back to another friday weekend i have a very excited and lascivious new hd video of me rubbing and playing with my big natural breasts outdoors in the glorious sunshine so  Hey guys and welcome back to another Friday weekend...I have a very horny and horny new HD video of me rubbing and playing with my great natural tits, outdoors in the glorious sunshine, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did shooting it for you!. Bjessica hot gets some sweet boob lovin'/b Jessica Hot gets some nice boob lovin' I'm a hairdresser, so I decided to do porn to have some fun, said 52-year-old divorcee and mom Jessica, who, here, has fun with Steve.Steve is one of our studs who often have sexual intercourses voluminous-titted SCORE Girls, and he might've thought he was doing a SCORE scene when he saw Jessica's F-cup naturals pouring out of her too-tight bra. He's a breast man, of course, and he has a large time with Jessica's voluminous tits, squeezing and blowjob them. He licks her nipples, which are rock-hard, then both of them play with her nipples, tugging them like taffy. She likes that. She sucks his penish. She likes that; he likes it more. She also throws him a tit-have sexual intercourse.Of course, Jessica and her guy have sexual intercourse every which way, and because she knows he's a tit man, she jacks his penish onto her rack. And that's a very happy ending.We asked Jessica if she gets a lot of attention because of her voluminous tits, and she said, Yes, and I like it a lot. When I go out, I always dress to show them off. I'm always walking around with cleavage.That's nice to know. She should show what she's got. She should be proud of her hot, mature body. But in this scene, Jessica doesn't have time to be proud because she's having too much fun. Steve makes her cumshot a half-dozen times.Jessica once had sex in public in Croatia. She sometimes masturbates while she's cooking. That's something we'd love to see. Love to see more than this No.See More of Jessica Hot at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Gotta please the mom first In these pictures, the mom (from our title) is Jessica Sexton, a 53-year-old wife and mother from Florida. The dude is supposed to be her daughter's new boyfriend. Jessica is a very pleasant mom. She's gonna try out her daughter's new boyfriend to make sure he's pleasant...well, let's just say she's gonna find out whether he's pleasant meat. Isn't that what moms are for So Jessica dick sucking his dick and has him make love her cunt, and the guy must be doing something right because he even progresses to the bottom stage of the approval process. Or maybe Jessica just plans on keeping him for herself. We also must call your attention to Jessica's little handful of an anal and how pleasant it looks when she spreads it. delicate anal usually means easier access to the woman's cunt and analhole, and that's the case here. Of course, with Jessica, access to her make love holes is never difficult. Sometimes, all ya gotta do is ask.See More of Jessica Sexton at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Bb nina returns! BB Nina Returns! Day two of Bush Baby (BB) weekend is a doozy! Today we have the return of Nina, a BB with thick, dark fur. We even got a video of her!Nina is a college student with bills to pay and a furry pussy to show off! She's not very talkative in the video, but you don't need to hear her voice to see that she's enjoying herself. Stay tuned tomorrow for another Bush Baby!See More of Ole Nina at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerbaby pink bra 11 minutei have more hd goodness of my big natural ggcup breasts here for you today stripping down out of my baby pink bra so strap yourself in and be sure to pay special lose attention to the parts where i  I have more HD goodness of my voluminous natural GG-cup tits here for you today, stripping down out of my baby pink bra, so strap yourself in and be sure to pay special lose attention to the parts where I try to wear it backwards... :-). Sarah randall sarah randallbed time bra 2trailerhey guys i have this horny red and black lace bra that was way too cumbersome and constricting so i simply had to take it off and let them free you know what i mean have a big weekend and diary shots  Hey guys! I have this exciting red and black lace bra that was way too cumbersome and constricting, so I simply had to take it off and let them free, you know what I mean? Have a voluminous weekend and diary shots and other goodies are orgasm next week.. Rachel aldana rachel aldanaswat babe 5d 11 minutei have to say this outfit i wore for my swat babe shoot makes me laughit is like it was built specifically for meor actually any woman with elegant voluminous boobs like minejust so i can get I have to say, this outfit I wore for my Tessa fowler tessa fowlerred black christmas lace 23 minuteshey guys and happy new year now that 2015 is actually here i can say that with authority so i hope all of you had a cute one that was safe and full of fun i have a brand new hd video her Hey guys and happy New Year! Now that 2015 is actually here, I can say that with authority, so I hope all of you had a pretty one that was safe and full of fun. :-) I have a brand new HD video here for you of me playing with my voluminous tits, so that should help out even more, right? LOL.... Tessa fowler tessa fowlercandy stripe bikinibtsset 1hey guys time for voluminous shots of me and my voluminous titsand this time i am poolside and in a bikini so what could possibly be better than that rightvoluminous tits horny smile gleamin Hey guys! Time for large shots of me and my large tits!And this time I am poolside and in a bikini so what could possibly be better than that, right?voluminous boobs, sexy smile, gleaming skin and bright sunshine. :-). Miriamgonzalezbighearts1miriamgonzalezbighearts01 Miriamgonzalez-bighearts01. September carrino september carrinopurple velvet 21 minutehey guys and happy friday i have a very lascivious new hd video strip tease for you today with my allnatural jjcup huge tits in my sultry purple lace lingerie outfit Hey guys and Happy Friday! I have a very horny new HD video strip tease for you today with my all-natural JJ-cup huge tits in my sultry purple lace lingerie outfit.. Excited curvy asian babe posing in excited pink lingerie Horny busty asian babe posing in horny pink lingerie. Angela white - private school girl Private school girl Angela White dressed for school. This is not a stretch of the imagination. Angela went to a university in Australia, but she did not wear anything like this.I usually wear my little Dickie dresses, Angela informed us. The brand Dickie came out with little dresses. I always have to order my Dickies from America and pay three times as much. They call them their nurse dresses. They're short and they button all the way up, and they come in different colors. In this video. Angela is amazingly talented and extroverted for a new model who'd just graduated from high school. She seems to be as much at home in the SCORE Studio as she would be in her own private bedroom. Jiggling her big, gorgeous breasts or rotating a toy cock in and out of her wet pussy, Angela savors every second of the moment as our behind-the-scenes cam records the horny Aussie babe at play. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Lana kendrick lana kendricknew years sunset 23 minutesfor this one the recipe was simple1 shower 1 bottle of champagne 1 pair of big breastsadd in equal portions and then add more champagne as needed and voila For this one, the recipe was simple:1 shower, 1 bottle of champagne, 1 pair of great boobs... add in equal portions and then add more champagne as needed and VOILA! ;-). Sarah nicola randall red and white christmas01 videosbusty sarah nicola randall gets into the christmas mood Busty Sarah Nicola Randall gets into the Christmas mood. Audrey maxx: pool hustler, tool handler Audrey Maxx: pool hustler, cock handler Audrey, an exotic 40something with a husband and son at home, is out for a night on the town, showing off her lusty side. She's playing pool with a couple of young guys, and they think they can hustle her.If we beat you, you buy us drinks for the rest of the night, one of them says. And if you win, we'll buy you a bottle.How about when I win, I'll tell you what I want, Audrey says.Well, two against one seems unfair, but much to the guys' surprise, Audrey clears the table.So, I get to tell you what I want now, she says. You're two pretty boys. I think I'd like to have you both at the same time.They fill her mouth, they fill her pussy, doing much better with her fucked holes than they did with the holes on the pool table. She jacks both of them onto her face. Two against one Unfair. Two on one In Audrey's world, definitely fair.I have a very normal life with a son and a husband, Audrey said. I'm a card-carrying member of the PTA. I volunteer at my son's school. But now here I am doing this!After these two guys shot their loads all over her face and tits, she phoned her husband and told him all about it. Just like a pretty wife should! See More of Audrey Maxx at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Rachel aldana - purple lace jacket gopro 2 - 1 minute. Rachel Aldana Heya, heya everyone... Weekend time is here and that means new HD video is here as well, so get your eyeballs ready!My big tits are here and right in your face, so let's get this going and kick off the weekend the right way, sound good?. Rachel Aldana. Rin aokirin aoki showing her heavy natural large boobs plays with some kind of titty cock sucking object and blows a guy great ejaculate Rin Aoki showing her hard natural large boobs plays with some kind of Auto buff Auto Buff Super-sized, super-stacked Danielle Derek is soaked as she buffs and shines away at her outdoor car wash. She's attracted a sizable crowd, some gawkers hanging out of their windows in the surrounding buildings. If you owned a car wash, this is the kind of babelicious hottie you'd want to work under you. Look at the detail and body English she puts into it. Those of you who have seen Danielle's scenes know what kind of world-class buffer she is.One of the guys I shot a scene with, I think it was Jimmy Dix, called me a make love doll. I love being a make love doll. I love being a guy's sex toy. But I'm also a strong-ass slut too. I've always been in this for the fun and the sex. That will never change! I'm so divine, guys can pick me up and move me wherever they want, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around them, and they make love me against the wall. I love to wear high heels, full porn hair and lashes. It makes me feel hot. I like living in Miami much better than in stodgy, conservative Manhattan. People are very conservative, and New York is also the kind of place where people just put their heads down and go. They never look up. And I couldn't go out to a fancy restaurant in New York and not expect to get dirty looks. Manhattan has a very particular type of woman, and I am definitely not it! In Miami, the girls have large asses, large tits, long hair. I saw a girl walking in the mall in a mini-skirt and a divine top, so I know that down here, this look is way more accepted. And we have better and bustier car washes in south Florida.See More of Danielle Derek at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bangin' the window washer Bangin' The Window Washer Brick gets two warnings from the owner of a house whose windows he is going to clean. Warning one: do a pretty job. Warning two: stay away from his big-busted daughter or there will be trouble. Since his daughter is Paige Turner, there's going to be trouble. No man can resist Paige, not even a kung-fu monk.Brick sees Paige and decides to clean her bedroom glass door first. Paige gets into bed and teases Brick. She's already making trouble. Paige walks over to the window and takes her violent boobs out. She presses them against the glass and taunts him. But Paige is no penish teaser. She crooks her finger and signals him to come in. The first thing she does is give him mouth-to-mouth because she loves kissing. Brick feels up her curvy anatomy and boobs, takes off her thong panties and squeezes her soft cans. You've got to work fast in the window cleaning business.Paige takes his dick in hand and gifts him with a deep throating, sucks his shaft all the way down, drool dripping out of her hungry mouth. She sticks his soaked weiner between her twin flesh pillows and bounces on the bed. This lusty, curvy girl really knows how to tit-bang. In an interview, Paige said I can deep throat and I do an amazing Russian experience. Amazing is right. Getting on the bed, Paige opens her legs wide and spreads her kitty lips apart so Brick can enter the gates of heaven. See how Paige twerks and bounces when she's on top. She is one smashin' hottie and she likes it hard! See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. Give tarise an Give Tarise anTarise Taylor, who's 47 and getting ass-fucked on-camera for the first time, was a Raiderette when the Raiders played football in Los Angeles.I've been a cheerleader my whole life, said Tarise, who's from Southern California. At one time, Michael Jackson had a studio, and I worked underneath him. I choreographed. Through all my training while being a kid to a young adult, my mom swore I was gonna teach dance.She didn't.No, but I ended up in everything else. Acting, modeling, female mud wrestling. Wrestling Ted DiBiase.Yes, she wrestled The Million Dollar Man, who wouldn't stop hitting on her and getting nowhere. Nowhere near where Carlos gets in this video. Carlos gets into Tarise's ass. It's her first time getting ass-fucked on-camera. We bet Tarise's mom never swore she'd do porn.And, by the way, if you have thin walls, keep the sound down: Tarise is a screamer when she has a big cock in her ass.When this scene opens, Tarise is wearing a bra, panties and stockings. She's looking very sexy. She's a blond with DDD-cup tits. Very impressive. This is her third scene at, and we think it's her best.Tarise is our kind of woman.I'm a big kid, she said. I'll play basketball with you or we could go to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day. Once, I had a nice, long dress on, and I took off my underwear and I just had them in my hand. I nudged my date and put a hotel room key in his hand, and the day before I'd put champagne and rose petals in the room. Music already going. I never had a champagne bottle being opened in me. He popped the cork first, but the champagne went in my pussy. It didn't all fit in there, but he took care of that!See More of Tarise Taylor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. 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Bi-curious, lesbian, or even just wanting experience and an expert's opinion on toys and masturbation!SCORELAND: Have you ever done a husband-wife couple or the husband when the wife watches or the wife when the husband watchesHolly: I've done all of it! Multiple times! Sometimes it's just about the wife, other times it's just about the husband, sometimes it's just a wild free for all. Every couple has their own story and set of rules. And every time it's a blast!SCORELAND: Are any models or Bunny Girls an inspiration to youHolly: Air Force Amy is such a huge role-model. She has set the standard in the industry, and has taught me a lot. She's bigger than life and so full of personality. It's impossible not to laugh and smile around her. She also has such a huge heart and gives back to so many causes.SCORELAND: You and Air Force Amy have teamed up for two girl parties. Tell us about that. Holly: Amy is hands down the wildest woman in the industry. 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