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Busty emma - bake & shake

Bake & Shake busty Emma and her 40DDDs are here to show off a lovely cookie and other assorted tasty cakes. She bakes, she shakes and she's got a creamy filling. Satisfy your craving for sugar pies.XL Girls: What three sex experiences do you remember most-fondlybusty Emma: Anytime I have sex with an older guy in his 30s, 40s or 50s, it's always a big experience. When I was tied up and make love hard--because I love rough sex and being submissive. The time I had sex outside on my car.XL Girls: What do you do if you see a guy you likebusty Emma: I would go over to him, flirt, and hope the night will end in a happy ending.XL Girls: Do guys ever talk to you about your boobs, point blankbusty Emma: Someone asked to see my boobs. He said they were fake! I knew he only said that to try to see my tits!Guy with no couth get no cooch.See More of busty Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!


Busty emma - the way busty emma likes it The Way busty Emma Likes It It's busty Emma's first boning at XL Girls. In our video portion, Emma talks to TSG editor Dave in the models' dressing room while Jimmy sits in on their chat. Talking on-camera with an editor makes Emma a little nervous. Giggling, she says she's shy. She's anything but shy have sexual intercourse on-camera. This contrast is not new. We've seen it before with other girls. After Emma talks breasts and shows her self-blowjob and penish-blowjob skills, the happy couple leave Dave and adjourn to the bedroom. It's time to get the action going. Emma is eager to get it on and Jimmy is eager to get his penish back in her throat. He has some interesting blowjob job positions for her to try.My favorite position is cowgirl when my breasts are bouncing in the guy's face, says Emma. My kind of foreplay is titillating my breasts and my body. I love blowjob penish and playing with my vagina in front of a man. Back home, I have sex at least once a week with my have sexual intercourse buddy. I'm passive and I need a man to control me. I love violent sex. Currently I have been single for over two years but I really love giving a guy head and deep throating him to make him feel special. Outside of bed, I would take dirty pix and videos for him while he's at work to tease him a little and know that I am thinking of him.Sounds like girlfriend material to us! Thanks, Emma!See More of busty Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Busty emma - new girl New GirlI like simple dates, says new girl curvy Emma. A movie and dinner. Not anything special. I'm an easy-going girl. I get hit on a lot. Someone once asked to see my tits because he said they were fake. He only said that to try to see my tits! Well, now that guy can log-in and see them at XL Girls. My sexual fantasies are anything that has to do with me being tied-up and being servile and the guy being very dominant. I'm a passive girl so I need a strong guy. I'm really satisfied when the guy is in control and there's rough sex.My kinkiest sexual experience is when I went to a sex club with my have intercourse buddy and he tied me up in a room. The room had windows open for others to see me tied-up and him enjoyment me. My favorite position is when I'm in cowgirl and my tits are bouncing in the guy's face.When next we meet curvy Emma, she'll be getting on the elegant pole and dirty-dancing. See More of curvy Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Emma twigg vol01 set01voluminous breasted british babe emma undressing outdoors Big breasted British babe Emma undressing outdoors. Emma twigg emma twiggvol2set 1the british babe with the considerable tits is backit has been so damn long since we first featured her that it is practically like we have got a new considerable tits model debuting with us this week as we happily It has been so damn long since we first featured her that it is practically like we have got a new large tits model debuting with us this week as we happily bring back <b>32DD Emma Twigg</b> to the PinupFiles fold for her encore photo set.. Emmatwigglakeside01emma twigg lakeside Emma Twigg lakeside. September shake weight01 trailerseptember carrino playing with shake weights September Carrino playing with shake weights.