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How a 40something keeps her cunt in shape

How a 40Something keeps her cunt in shape Sage Quest, a 41-year-old divorcee from Atlanta, Georgia, is working out on an exercise machine. I'm so hot, she says. I like working out. It makes me feel hot. I wish I had someone here rubbing me down after a workout. She puts her hand down her workout shorts. She can play with her cunt and workout at the same time! Then she proves she can play with her little titties and workout at the same. She takes both hands off the machine and starts working her cunt. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! FOR SAFETY REASONS, ALWAYS KEEP AT LEAST ONE HAND ON THE EXERCISE MACHINE WHEN JACKING YOUR COCK! Later, she uses the workout bench for wank purposes. Then she demonstrates the one piece of equipment every 40something should have in her home gym: a dildo. Work it, Sage! Work that cunt!See More of Sage Quest at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!


She's getting older and better She's getting older and better Looking kinky and enticing in a black dress, a leather jacket and stockings, 49-year-old Natalie Lorenz returns to show off her hot body. Natalie displayed impressive cock sucking and have sex skills in her videos at 40Somethingmag.com, and now, we get to learn a little more about her.40SOMETHING: How do you feel about turning 50 NATALIE: I like getting older. In my 20s, I had a lot of self-judgment. I was more repressed. As you get older, all that starts to fall away. You become more relaxed in your own skin. You're able to speak up and say what you want and what you don't want. I just like getting older. The not-so-fun part is that your body starts to change. 40SOMETHING: It looks like your body is changing pleasant well, and you are experiencing the reasons we like mature women.NATALIE: Yes. In my 20s, I was very self-conscious about being sexual. I was worried if he likes me, if I was doing it right. It wasn't easy. It wasn't how it should be. Over time, I became more and more uninhibited. My mindframe changed about sexuality across the board. I was ingrained with this Puritanical belief about men. If he cheats, you leave. But you really have to accept the nature of men. Fidelity can't be 100% over a long period of time. I'm not saying that there aren't men who are faithful. For me, it's like, as long as it's not my sister or my best friend, it's okay to mess around. 40SOMETHING: Let me get this straight: If someone is dating you, it's okay for them to have sex around with other women if you don't find out NATALIE: I mean in a relationship that's more than casual sex. In a serious relationship, if he's on a business trip, I don't want to find out about it. Just be safe, be discreet. And maybe it would be okay with me if I did know about it. Just be respectful. I think the nature of men is that they need variety. But me, when I'm happy, I don't really need that. I don't go out looking for dick.40SOMETHING: So you're a one-man woman then. NATALIE: Yes. When I'm in a relationship, I don't need anything else. But I understand that men are a little different. 40SOMETHING: What would be your porn story if you could make one up NATALIE: I like being with younger guys. They just have a different energy. They compliment me a lot. 40SOMETHING: What would be the scene that you would set up NATALIE: I was literally on this airplane and I started flirting with this young Russian guy. There was probably a 15 year difference between us. We were both flying from L.A. to New York and we hit it off. When we landed, he said,I have to see you tonight. He came to my hotel and it was like the whole night. That's the other thing with young guys. They can go all night. It was to the point where I almost couldn't even stand up. 40SOMETHING: So this was one night NATALIE: I did see him again, but it was only about the sex. It wasn't about the relationship. He was an actor, so he was chasing that dream, and I had a job. We didn't fall in love or anything. 40SOMETHING: So you don't have to fall in love with a guy to have sex NATALIE: Hell no. Right now I'm not dating anybody, so I'm only having sex with myself. I don't go out and have one-night stands. If it happens, it happens, no problem. But doing porn could become my steady sex life. See More of Natalie Lorenz at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Breaking and entering jazella's pussy Breaking and entering Jazella's pussy Beautiful, blonde 40something Jazella is lying in bed, playing with her pussy, while some dude wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt with a stocking over his face, is lurking outside. When she's done playing with herself, she turns over and takes a nap, which is when this guy makes his move. He walks into Jazella's house (the door is open) and starts going through her stuff. But she catches him.Who the hell are you What the have sex are you doing in my house she says. I should call the police right now. How old are youHe says, 19. She says, You're just a kid. I'm old enough to be your mother.But then Jazella lets us know what this is really all about, saying, Thank God my husband isn't home today because when I left the door open, I knew you were orgasm right over.These 40something have the kinkiest fantasies!See More of Jazella Moore at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Erina yamaguchierina yamaguchi posing in several bikinis the shape of her inviting big boobs Erina Yamaguchi posing in several bikinis the shape of her lovely big breasts.. Helena's kitty cums alive Helena's vagina cums alive My vagina came alive when I divorced my husband, said 50-year-old Helena, an executive assistant from California.We've heard that before.Here, Helena meets a young stud who mistakes her for being much younger than she really is. Delighted by the compliment, Helena deep-throats his cock and even has him face-have sexual intercourse her down to the balls. She has this young stud have sexual intercourse her hungry vagina in every position possible before he withdraws his cock from her old-but-tight cunt and blows his load all over her seductive face.I'm 50 now, Helena said. I've posed by myself for 40Something magazine and lived out my fantasy of have sexual intercourseing a guy on video, so what should I do next See More of Helena at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Little sage gets a big, fat penish Little Sage gets a large, fat penish Getting divorced was the best thing that ever happened to me, 44-year-old flattie Sage said. My last husband didn't like me dressing exciting or getting wild in the sack. It got stale quick. I've spent the past few years catching up with all my fantasies.That's what we're here for: to make everyone's fantasies come true.The most fun I've ever had was modeling at 40Something, Sage revealed. I enjoy being a bad girl with a stranger once a month, and this allowed me to satisfy that fetish. I like to show off my body, so I wear shorts, tank-tops or tight skirts and blouses. I have a lot of fantasies. Some of them are very dirty. What I really want is to be pumped full of cumshot in my cunt then in my butt by a group of aggressive men with cut, seven-inch or largeger penishs. I can't resist a large, thick, rock-hard penish. That's why I love this scene. I only get sex about twice a week, and I'm satisfied best when I ride a very large penish then get a long-lasting and hard-hitting doggy fuck.A giant penish unleashes the wild woman in Sage in this scene. She's visiting the office to get some cash to go shopping, but when she meets the new, young intern working there, Sage forgets about spending money and buying shit and all she wants is his huge shaft plowing into her mouth and cunt. Sage's large penish fantasy is fulfilled. For now!See More of Sage Quest at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. 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