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Sin with flynn

Elle Flynn is looking bustier than ever and she was already busting her bra straps during her trips to SCORELAND. She's the answer to a tit-man's prayer for a girl packing all-natural, major sweatermeat. It's been over two years since her last appearance. And now Elle's back for more. A TSG editor had asked about Elle in February of 2016 and what she was up to. And then months later, an email from Elle with recent at-home photos came in. After years of guessing, I finally got a bra fitting, Elle said. I'm officially a 34HH. I had to move into European sizes. Their underwire is made of rebar. Ha! I'm kidding! But they are sturdy. They would need to be with boobs that heavy. So where's Elle been When we first photographed her, she was a bartender in Utah. Last we knew she was living in Las Vegas. Elle has seen all of her scenes, usually with someone, and she did make love as they watched them. It was almost like I wasn't seeing myself but instead, a naughty doppleganger. No matter who's watching them with me, his jaw drops and the blood rushes from his cranium. Elle is now a Love Ranch Girl in Crystal, Nevada, near Las Vegas. She saw an ad and she applied. It's not surprising considering how eager and hot she was to get boned here. She can make love your brains out. See More of Elle Flynn at SCORELAND.COM!


Elle flynn - elle flynn's creampie art class Elle Flynn's creampie art class First of all, I'd like to know why when I was in school, none of the students dressed like Elle Flynn is dressed here. Oh, sure, there were some hot girls with large tits, but my classmates didn't wear low-cut tops that showed off 90% of their large naturals, short skirts that barely covered their butts and fishnet stockings that were open at the slit.Of course, not many girls are like Elle. I'll give her that.In this scene, Elle is a student in an art class. Turns out she's the only student in the class. I suspect that the male members of the class are all in the bathroom jacking off to Elle. Anyway, Carlos, the male model, comes over to Elle's desk to see what she's drawing, and she ends up cock sucking his cock and have sex him. Yep. Happens all the time. He also gives her something to remember him by: a creampie in her pussy.I'm usually dressed appealing conservatively, said Elle, who's a bartender back home. It probably depends on what I'm doing or where I'm going. If I'm going out on the town, you might see me wearing something like a corset that shows off my large boobs.I suspect that there's no hiding Elle's large boobs.By the way, Elle never modeled or have sex on-camera for anyone but us. God bless her.See More of Elle Flynn at SCORELAND2.COM!.