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Devin does south beach ch 5

Devin Does South Beach Ch. 5 A tableful of melons and other fruits before her prompts Devin to say that fruits are libidinous and orally stimulating. I think fruits are sensual...just like me, Devin says. In this final chapter of the DVD Devin Does South Beach, Devin's boobs are shoehorned into a too tight leopard-skin bra, which creates heavy cleavage mounds. She points out that in paintings throughout history, couples are shown eating fruits while indulging in titillating pastimes. As the camera rolls, Devin has a taste of these juicy foods to warm up her titillating engine. Devin says that in high school, her nickname was Peaches. There will be cream in this video. Yes, there will be cream. See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!


Devin does south beach ch 4 Devin Does South Beach Ch. 4 Even though Devin Taylor is on vacation, she doesn't neglect a work-out in part four of the DVD Devin Does South Beach.It's too hot and sunny to train outdoors. Devin arrives at the fitness room in a two-piece that decorates her body like frosting on a cake. Devin is as serious about her work out as any other dedicated person. She doesn't baby herself. You're luckier than the guy who may spot her working out at the gym, because at the gym she doesn't let her heavy, meaty 38GG tits pop out of her halter while she's jogging or stretching. At the gym, she doesn't remove her top and shorts. Just here; totally bare. At last, finally a work-out video you can drop a load to. See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Devin does south beach ch 3 Devin Does South Beach Ch. 3 In Chapter 3 of the DVD Devin Does South Beach, chesty enjoyment Devin finds herself bored with board games. Breast games is a better idea. How about some titty teasing she sweetly offers. Do you like my bra I love it! You'll like it even better when I take it off. And while we as boob men enjoy all bras because they hold the things we love, Devin is correct. We like bras better when they're on the floor. Devin has brought some boob novelties with her on this trip, and play with them she will. Mini-suction bulbs for nipple elongation that you will see in extreme close-up. Nipple clamps. Two breast pumps. All the things a huge-breasted girl needs for a week in Florida. See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Devin does south beach Devin Does South Beach Devin Taylor was one of the top XL Girls of them all and was a major crush for many guys. Pretty, sexy, huge titties. Not a single tat on her perfect skin. A man could spend all night cock sucking on those great fat knockers. In this scene from the XL Girls DVD Devin Does South Beach, Devin begins her Miami Beach trip with a stay at a swanky hotel. In the morning, she's rung up by front desk to get a jump-start on her day. Devin bathes and then luxuriates back in bed with a cozy session of toy jerk-off before the rest of the morning kicks into high gear. The first time I posed for XL Girls, I didn't change my weight at all, Devin told us during the shoot. But for this movie, I lost about 10 to 15 pounds. I wanted my waist to show a little more. I'm proud to have great boobs and a great butt, and I think they show better when I'm more defined! See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Devin does south beach part 2 Devin Does South Beach Part 2 In part 2 of the XL Girls Classic DVD Devin Does South Beach, the award-winning XL model Devin Taylor, is horny to be waking up in the city by the ocean, Miami Beach. After bathing and having an orgasm, Devin prepares to tour some of the area. She dresses but feels that her top is not excited enough. After all, Miami Beach, like Las Vegas, is a sex and breast-drenched town. Devin decides to change to a lower-scooped blouse. This way, the tourists could enjoy seeing her famous girls bounce as she walked. A smart young lady Devin is. This is getting to be the pin-up doll, getting to dress up and wear good clothes and make-up and high heels, Devin said. I love lingerie, and I always wear matching bra and panties, even under sweat pants. I do that for me! I deserve it. Devin strolls by the world-famous beach near her swanky hotel, her melons trembling and bouncing with each step. She returns to her luxury suite to try on some clothing purchases in scenes that will induce wrist spasms. Devin takes advantage of the Miami heat by adding her own heat. She heads to the terrace to oil her stacked body in the sun because nothing is better than oily jugs. Then she caps off her plush afternoon by luxuriating in her personal hot-tub. See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. Devin taylor: the only interview Devin Taylor: The only interview In this ultra-rare interview, the only video chat with Devin Taylor in existence, the star of the DVD Devin Does South Beach chats with two XL Girls' editors about her interests, her extraordinary anatomy and tits as well as her background. This interview was conducted after the DVD completed filming. Devin was very protective of her image. She wanted to be presented in a way that followed that philosophy. Guys on message boards and bloggers can be very derogatory and nasty about girls in the adult area. Devin hates this attitude. We never heard her use salty language during her visits to XL Girls.I love thongs, says Devin in her very pleasant, precise and soft-spoken voice. Some people feel that if you're over a certain weight, you shouldn't wear a thong, but I think that's bull. If I feel horny in a thong, then I'm going to wear one! I love lingerie, and I always wear matching bra-and-panties, even under sweat pants. I do that for me! I deserve it. I wear a lot of skirts, short tops. Not too many v-necks because I get stared at. There's that idea that if you have big breasts, you're trampy or looking for attention, but I've had them all my life! See More of Devin Taylor at XLGIRLS.COM!. South beach shenanigans South Beach Shenanigans Christy loves her fans and interacting with them is one of her favorite pastimes. On this particular day, we set her loose on South Beach to make new friends and chat with her fans and, of course, she ended up causing all sorts of mayhem. First of all, you can't have tits like Christy's and walk around in a skimpy top on the beach. The men were crawling all over themselves the minute she hit the pavement. Second of all, Christy loves attention, which is why she stopped to talk to every single lascivious guy that came her way. It was hijinks and shenanigans on South Beach and she loved every minute of it. At the end of the day, Christy had signed autographs, played Guess What's In My Tits, let her rack get soaked and even let a few fans grope her cannons. It was a full day but she wouldn't have traded a second of it. It was all for my fans and it was so much fun. I can't wait to do it again! she squealed. We're sure most of you can't wait, either.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!.
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