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My, grandma, what a appealing mouth you have!

My, Grandma, what a appealing mouth you have! Born September 23, 1955, Honey Ray, an executive secretary from Florida, pulls the old, send the granddaughter on an errand so you can seduce the boyfriend, trick. There are a few things about this video that we'd like to point out. The first is that Honey has really appealing tits. She says she wears a C-cup bra, but we bet she'd fit better into a D-cup. And the second... I love to suc penish, she said. I just love how a heavy penish feels in my mouth. I even like having a soft penish in my mouth and feeling it get heavyer as I suc. Sometimes I'll suc a man's penish for so long and I don't even realize it, and then he's cumshot in my mouth and I'm thinking, 'Damn! Now he can't fucked me.' Of course, I have ways of getting him ready again. We're sure she does. Honey Ray is just more proof that mature women are better in bed than younger women. Honey Ray keeps getting better.See More of Honey Ray at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!


Grandma jeannie lou tool sucking a 24-year-old's tool Grandma Jeannie Lou tool sucking A 24-Year-Old's penish Now 63 years old--her birthday was less than a week ago--Jeannie Lou, who has kids and grandkids back home in Minnesota and South Florida, returns to MILFTugs.com for a rare encore. She's wearing almost nothing, which is just the way we like her. make love talk is pouring out of her mouth, just the way we like it.I want some of this tool, she tells her 24-year-old stud. I'm going to take care of you today. I want some of that young tool and cum.Hey, that's what Jeannie Lou came here for, and that's what she's going to get. She talks dirty, even saying something about getting the tool in her pussy, which is not going to happen here. Because although Jeannie Lou loves fuck young tools, this is about the guy getting tugged and sucked, not about Jeannie Lou's holes getting plugged. 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Now, most grandmothers would scream or run away or say, What are you doing Get out of my house immediately and never come back! Maybe they'd pass out from the shock.But Jewel isn't like most grandmothers. She watches him for a while then walks into the room and catches him off-guard. She pretends to be shocked. He's mortified, but his dick is still hard. He confesses that he's been jacking off to her every morning since he's been there. Jewel knows how to take a compliment, so she jacks his dick for him then blow it then fucks it. She talks dirty to him, too. Hey, we never said Jewel was your average grandma.Jewel is 68 now (she was 67 when this scene was shot). She's married and lives in North Carolina. She's one of the most down-to-earth women you could ever meet, and she's always a enjoyment to have in our studio. She's a nudist but hasn't been a swinger for a long time. She doesn't have any fetishes.She is, in almost every way, the epitome of the Southern belle. Almost. 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