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An hungarian wife who's hungry for cock

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Arianna sinn - arianna's picnic: it's all you can eat! Arianna's Picnic: It's All You Can Eat! Arianna, wearing exciting lingerie, leads you to a picnic blanket in this video shot on-location in the Dominican Republic. As she puts out the wine glasses, the camera lingers over her cleavage. She pours you and herself a glass of wine, then she pulls a banana out of her picnic basket and eats it sensuously. So, for the first time, we get an idea of what it might be like to see Arianna giving a gulp job.I like banana, she says, but what she really means is, I like violent cock.Check out the bra in this video, gentlemen. Arianna's G-cups look spectacular in this bright-red support bra that creates acres of cleavage. When the bra comes off, Arianna tit-fucks a wine glass and asks, Do you want to drink from my cupClearly, not a lot of eating is going to get done at this picnic. 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