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Christy Marks meets Monster penish Christy Marks loves to make love. I've never seen a girl, especially one so young (she was just 19 years old when this scene was shot), who's so in love with the penish. I mean, this is a girl who, just moments after being make love on-camera, was prowling the hallways of our castle in Hungary looking for more penish to make love. Finding it, too. But I'd never seen Christy more nervous than she was the day she make love Ramon, aka Monster penish. The funny thing is, she actually requested this date with Monster penish. She'd heard about him and wanted to make love him. But you know what they say...be careful what you ask for. You might get it. Christy was about to get it and get it good, and you can't blame a 19-year-old girl for being a little worried about make loveing a penish that most experienced porn starlets would think twice about make loveing: 11 inches of rock-hard dick meat, thick as a soda can. I hear it's like Godzilla-penish big, Christy said before the shoot. I'm horny to see if I can do it. I'm scared, though. I don't know if it'll fit. Then Monster penish showed up and Christy tried to sucks it. I don't think I can get the whole thing in my mouth, she said. Not with my tonsils still intact. Well, Christy's tonsils survived, and so did her pussy. And the best thing about a 19-year-old pussy It snaps right back. Tight as before. She came. She conquered. He came. See More of Christy Marks at SCORELAND2.COM!


Monster cock Monster tool What exactly makes a cock a monster cock Well, the size, for one. But we also happen to think that it has something to do with the reaction a cock gets from even the most-cock savvy, cock-hungry babes around. For example, take our favorite busty princess, Christy Marks. Christy has seen a lot of cocks, man. In fact, she has rocked a lot of cocks, too. But when she catches wind that she will be orgasm face-to-face, or rather, face-to-cock with THE Monster tool, she actually gets nervous. We know, it seems almost violent to believe that Christy could get nervous about tackling a huge dong, but it's true. The anticipation almost kills her, but when the Monster tool shows up, all that nervous energy turns into lascivious chemistry. She watches in awe as this dude's huge kitty pole springs free of his shorts and bobs in her face. She looks at it and you can almost see her calculating the size vs. the width of her tight fuckhole. This feat might seem impossible for other chesty chicks, but as you all know, our Christy is a champ. She grabs on to that cock and she fucks it for all it's worth. In the years to come, the debate will rage on...did Christy Marks take on the Monster tool, or was it really, the Monster tool takin' on the horniest of all the hootered hoochies, Christy Marks. The world may never know. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Angela meets christy marks in big boob paradise Angela meets Christy Marks in large Boob Paradise Shot on-location in the Caribbean, this is large Boob Paradise. Angela and Christy Marks, two of the most-popular SCORE super-models, get down and dirty on the beach. Here is what happens when two cover girls bump T&A. Clash of the tit-ans!Who is the most-aggressive of the two Both girls are aggressive. Both are passive. This one-and-only pairing has been called epic. They were separated by half the world, yet they became BBFs (Busty Breast Friends). This sex rave was a highlight of living in paradise for a week. They are the ultimate girls-next-door.You'll see how fascinated they were by each other's super-bodies as they explore their nipples, wet cunts, asses and every other erogenous zone a chick has.Angela White, hands down, said bikini-buster Christy when she was asked who was her favorite to do girl-girl with. She was really into it. Personality-wise, she was the best, too!The biggest tourist attraction in Sydney, Australia, Angela was equally horny about her beach blanket bang partner.Christy's boobs are just out of this world! Angela said. I think they are the biggest I've ever seen, especially on a girl who is as slender as Christy. That makes her even more phenomenal than most others. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Autumn meets dildoman Autumn Meets Dildoman This set was shot during the filming of Autumn's most bone-inducing video sextravaganza, Stacked & Packed 4. 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Bigger than 99% of the men on the planet, maybe 100%. And when she starts licking it, you're gonna start thinking, How the hell is she ever gonna get that red monster inside that little pussy of hers But you know what She does it. That Karina...she's quite a woman.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Secret cock-umentary Secret Cock-umentary Can anything involving Christy Marks and a tool stay secret for long Probably not. But, we were surprised when we found this tape of Christy have sex and suc this stud in POV. Why Because this naughty nymph shot the entire scene all on her own doing exactly what she likes to do...and that is blowjob tool. Christy has a real oral fixation and she could blowjob the chrome off a fender, that's why she was more than happy to smoke this guy's pole in her Cock-umentary. Seriously though...wouldn't you want to stick your tool in Christy's mouth and have her look up at you with her excited eyes full of satisfaction Of course you would. 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