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Butt-stuffin' bad girl

Butt-Stuffin' Bad Girl Christy's a bad, bad girl. You know the type. They do whatever they want and just want instant satisfaction. And Christy is into instant satisfaction. That's why she goes into the girls' room and writes on the walls and smokes cigarettes. Then, like the bad girl she is, she starts playing with her tits and cunt and watching herself in the mirror because she gets off on that. But the real clincher is that she doesn't want just her twat diddled...she wants her ass stuffed! So, she pulls out a toy and rams it right into her tight back door, right on the floor of the ladies' room! What a dirty, nasty little slut...and we love her for it! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!


Venezuelan butthole Venezuelan arse Vanessa Luna is a spicy Venezuelan chica who makes you say, She can get it when you see her walking down the street. If we sound a little bit lusty right now, it's because we are. It's always a treat to have a new thick girl here with us, and our boy Jason Brown is the perfect person to lead Vanessa's welcoming party.Jason is the type who handles a new chick with care, especially when she's workin' with the type of 'donk Vanessa is.Aw yeah, that's a beautiful butt, Jason says as he's smacking and playing with her butt. Where'd you get all that butt fromWe know she got it from her mama, but surprisingly, Vanessa said her butt didn't sprout until about six years ago.I didn't always have a big butt, she said. I love it now because all the guys love women who have a big butt.Girl, you're speaking our language. analy is our favorite thing in the world, closely followed by dick-filled pussy. Jason takes care of the latter by having Vanessa hop on his cock reverse-cowgirl, doggy style and from the side before dropping a hot load of cum on her butt.Welcome to arseLicious, Vanessa. See More of Vanessa Luna at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Sydni takes it up the backside and loves it! Sydni takes it up the butt and loves it! Sydni Lane enjoys butt sex on-camera for the first time, and she isn't shy about telling the whole world about it.This is my first time getting make love in the butt on-camera, and I can't wait, 61-year-old Sydni says. I'm already getting chills.Funny, but we didn't notice any goose bumps on her butt while she was getting drilled in her butt-pipe, but maybe we weren't looking closely enough. Actually, we were. We were watching while Sydni was getting butt-make love every which way, in every possible position, and moaning and screaming and taking every inch...like a porn starWell, yeah, like a porn star, but Sydni definitely isn't one of those.I haven't seen that much porn, Sydni said. I told my friend that I really didn't want to see too much porn or look at too many magazines because I just want myself to come out and be myself, not pick up somebody else's style. I just saw a little bit to get an idea.Says Sydni near the end of the scene, I would love you to ejaculate on this butt!Was that being yourself, Sydni Or was that an idea you got from watching pornEither way, it works for us.See More of Sydni Lane at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Have sexual intercourse my ass! Fuck My Ass! I always kind of knew that I would love butt. I was never afraid to try new things, and one day I just stuck my finger in my butt. Just as I suspected, it was great. It would get to the point where I wouldn't even bother to touch my cunt when I played with myself. I'd just go straight for my ass. Don't get me wrong, I love to be have sex in my cunt. And I don't do butt with every guy. But if the moment is right and I'm just that turned on, there's nothing like getting have sex in the ass.See More of Ana Adams at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Karina hart: the girl who has everything KARINA HART: THE GIRL WHO HAS EVERYTHING The poll on this week's Scoreland Blog asks readers to list their most preferred anatomy parts, in order: tits, butt, face. Because, sometimes, a guy has to choose. Like, large tits. Not much of a face, but I love her tits! Or, She doesn't have much of a chest, but she sure is charming! or If you turn her around and bang her from behind, you'll have a considerable time! But with Karina Hart, you don't have to choose. You get considerable tits, considerable butt and a charming face all in one package. On top of that, she's happy to show off every inch of her anatomy and drill her pussy with voluminous dildos, like the baby blue one she's using here. large tits, considerable face, considerable butt, does jackable things to her anatomy. Karina is a rare find.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Open tryouts Open Tryouts What does a chick with a great ol' butt do when she's lookin' for work Well, if you can drop and pop it like our girl Luccia Cardona, you tryout for a chance to be a dancer at one of the most poppin' clubs in town. Our boy Carlos owns one of the best in town, and he needs a girl just like Luccia.What makes you different from the other 27 girls that came in Carlos asks Luccia Cardona as she drops and pops her butt in hopes of becoming his newest dancer.I think I have a lot of potential for a first-timer, Luccia responds. Oh, and I have this.Luccia is referring to her phat, tan donk. If it were up to us, we'd give this bad lil' Latina the job right on the spot. But Carlos can be a bit more demanding than we are. He requires a hands-on approach. Carlos cups, smacks and kisses Luccia's butt to begin her final examination.Oh, is this part of the job, too She asks. That's awesome.Luccia gets on her knees and gives him a sloppy cock sucking before he bangs her cunt out doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. When he's done evaluating, Carlos drops a huge load on her ass. Luccia definitely has the job after this. She passed the interview with flying ejaculate shots. See More of Luccia Cardona at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Amelie's anal adventure Amelie's butt adventure Question: What do you call a 40-year-old Czech woman who takes it up the butt on-cameraAnswer: the woman-next-door.Yep, Czech women take it up the butt like American girls give hand jobs, and that's a considerable thing. Amelie, who's divorced and has kids, has gone from have sexual intercourse on-camera for the first time to doing butt on-camera for the first time. Why Because she wanted to. Because she knows she's hot and sexy. She has charming tits. She knows that, too.Amelie is a store clerk. She says that one of these days, she might surprise one of the handsome male customers by showing him her photos. That might get her fired.It also might get me laid, Amelie said.We don't think she has any trouble with that.I don't, she said. And now I am a porn star!Welcome to the Czech Republic. Welcome to 40SomethingMag.com.See More of Amelie Azzure at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!.
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