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The libidinous art teacher The lascivious art teacher I really mean it when I say that sex is my hobby. I want it all the time, said Kali Karinena, a 44-year-old wife and mom from Los Angeles, California.Here, Kali is an art teacher. Imagine if your art teacher had looked like Kali. You probably would have still failed because you'd have been staring at her legs and anal in that little skirt. In reality, Kali probably wouldn't be able to get away with dressing like this as a teacher, but here, she can be the hot, slutty teacher you never had.What really gets me off is having sex with strangers, she said. I know it's weird, but I confess it. I define stranger as somebody new to me. Somebody I just met.It's not weird at all. It's actually very convenient since that's what she did in our studio.Kali looks large and is often mistaken for being younger than she is.What I normally hear is that I'm well-preserved. I've always had this body. It's just gotten better over the years. I'm living a fuller life now, and my body reflects this.When she says a fuller life, she means one filled with lots of new cock and pussy.My husband and I are swingers, and I have sex as often as the moon rises each day. Sometimes more! I like to teach younger men to be better lovers.There's that teacher thing again.See More of Kali Karinena at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Kali west in iscoretv/i uncut & uncensored Kali West in SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored To me, this is the definition of unfair...I'm sitting there interviewing Kali West for the SCOREtv show that used to air on SCORELAND. When Kali walks onto the set, her boobs are pouring out of her short dress. I'm trying to keep my eyes on her eyes, but my eyes keep going down to her boobs. Notice how her eyes don't keep going down to my tool. Never happens.We talk about how she's a girl-next-door. I'm very sweet, she says. I'm a attracting girl. But when she walks into our studio, she says, I become a naughty girl.And, I admit, I ask for what happens next. I tell her that we're going to bring out a guy so she can show us what she likes a man to do to her. So what did I expect I tell her to take out her boobs. Meanwhile, she has a porn stud standing right behind her. Put a bone in front of a dog and he's going to chew on it, right Put a busty chick with her boobs pouring out of her dress in front of a porn stud and he's going to make love her, rightWell, I'm hoping for a simple demonstration. Show us how you like having your boobs handled, Kali. Show us how you like your nipples pinched, Kali. Show us how you like to give a tool gulp job, Kali.I want you to show us how you enjoy gulp tool, Kali, I say.So what happens What do you think happens Kali gets so into gulp tool and then getting her cunt eaten that a scene breaks out.So, yeah, I got my interview. But I didn't get the cunt. I never do. 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