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The milf-next-door loves anal, too The MILF-next-door loves anal, too As you watch this scene, it's important to keep in mind that Stella Rose is a 48-year-old woman-next-door from upstate New York, the kind of woman you might see at the mall or the supermarket or even at the gym. Got thatI really wanna be have intercourse up the arse. I'm gonna find a hot stud to have intercourse me in the arse. I need to be have intercourse in my tight arse so hard, Stella Rose tells us as she touches herself all over at the start of this scene.Come here, baby, she says to her stud. I need to be have intercourse in my arse so hard. You want this arse, babyBy the way, the people back home in Stella's town don't know about this. Nor do her kids. Or her ex-husband.The stud spanks her arse then pulls down her pantyhose and slaps her bare arse. She lies back so he can finger her arsehole.Oh, deeper, baby! she moans, her arse getting even more in the mood than it was before.She suc his dick. 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My penish did but not the rest of me.That scene was for the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. The scene you're about to see was her first on-camera arse. Kali doing arse came as a great surprise to me because of the following conversation I'd had with her:Me: Have you done arse Kali: No. Me: Plan to Kali: No.Apparently, in this case, no didn't mean no. Well, it did to us. We didn't ask her again. We respect a model's right to say no. But then she called us and said, I want to take a great penish up my tight butt. Well, she didn't exactly say it that way. What she said was, I'm ready to do an arse scene.Yes, by the way, definitely means yes.So here it is, Kali's first arse. She gives the guy a lap grinder while he sits on the bed and tells him she wants a penish in her butt. He give suc and kisses her tits. She gets a loud cunt-slurping eat-out that turns her on.I want to taste your penish, Kali says.pussy fuck and butt fuck follows.Kali looks like a charming girl. 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Polish milf's first black cock, first booty Polish MILF's first black dick, first booty This is the first booty scene for 55-year-old divorcee Ellie Anderson, and it starts out with a brief interview.They told me you have a little surprise for me, Lucas says, thinking this is merely Ellie's first interracial scene and nothing more.Yes, I do, Ellie says.Ellie tells him that she's from Poland. Now she lives in Portland, Oregon.Do you like surprises Ellie asks.We like surprises that are encased in tight, short leather skirts.Finally, Lucas removes Ellie's skirt and discovers her surprise...in her ass! It's a arse plug! Ellie's analy is in training!Did you put that in there for me Lucas asks.Yes. Do you like it Ellie says, a question that needs no answering.So, while the arse-plug is secured firmly in her analy, Ellie dick sucking dick then she gets her pussy fucked and then the arse plug comes out and Lucas's dick goes in.Surprise! Everyone cums! 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