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From girl-next-door to curvy porn star

From girl-next-door to curvy porn star If a guy can make me happy, it turns me on, and then I want to make him happy, Kali West once told us. I want to put a smile on his face, too! Kali has been putting smiles on a lot of guys' faces since debuting in Naughty Neighbors (yes, our amateur magazine). Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Kali was only 20 years old when she decided to give nude modeling a try. That quickly turned into riding the meat pole on-camera when she realized how much she liked it. Very early on, she was telling us how she was having the time of my life and doing something I never thought I'd do. I was living in Tampa, working at a boring office job that was taking me nowhere, then a boring restaurant job, living in an apartment my salary couldn't afford and not having a car, which really sucked, Kali said. I decided to get into modeling, and that was the start of everything pretty. I'm just glad I have great tits and that guys want to see them. Every day is a new, libidinous experience. Every time Kali shows up, it's an libidinous experience. She has done anal, she's done interracial, she's done a tug job and tit-fuck while pregnant, and in the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored, she gave some guy a sucks job while sitting about a foot away from me. To this day, I don't know how I kept it in my pants. I know for a fact that Kali enjoyed teasing me. I also know that once the guy's tool came out, Kali became a different person. One moment, she was a sweet, blonde, girl-next-door. The next second, she was a tool-gobblin' nympho. That transformation is always a lovely thing to watch. Which brings us to this scene, in which Kali plays a street girl who picks up a guy and gives up her mouth, tits and kitty for money. The first thing you'd think is, Pretty, all-American girl. And pretty, all-American girls aren't supposed to be street girls. But we know that's a fallacy. My friends were very surprised when they found out I was doing porn, Kali said. They just saw me as the girl next door. They never thought I'd do porn. I was always the pretty girl. I wasn't one of those stuck-up, snobby girls who thought they were all that and a bag of chips. I was just a pretty girl who did what she was supposed to do. Went to school. Got pretty grades. Listened to my parents. And did porn. Imagine that!See More of Kali West at SCORELAND2.COM!


Vicky soleil - naturally chesty Naturally Chesty I sometimes communicate with models I know to see if they know any new girls we can shoot for big bust. I found Romanian bra-buster Roxanne Miller on a cam site called MyFreeCams and over time, she's become a regular model, shifting from curvy to XL Girls as time went on. She's even modeled pregnant for XL. (I hope that guy realizes how lucky he is.) Anyway, Roxanne's become a go-to girl when I want to connect with any promising Romanians. One day she told me about a fellow Romanian cam girl who called herself Adelinn1 and was interested in SCORE. She was eventually booked and proved to be a hot girl, changing her name to Vicky Soleil and going hardcore.I like to have sex everywhere, said Vicky. First teased, then fuck until I cum. Vicky's English is pleasant good. Vicky used to be a secretary but said she got tired of it. I usually wear dresses or blouses with big decolletage so I can be appreciated for what Mother Nature gave me. I get a lot of attention because of my tits and I am proud of it.The thing about Vicky is that, like a lot of the European sweater-stretchers, she looks like the girl-next-door, not like a porn star. If you passed her in the aisle of a supermarket, you'd check her out but porn wouldn't enter your mind. Except for those guys who think every girl they see is a porn star. See More of Vicky Soleil at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bthe sex bomb next door/b The sex bomb next door 36G boobs and a 42-32-42 figure. A woman-next-door look and personality. Victoria Lane fit my ideal of a curvy Girl. She was one of the top 100 V-Girls ever in the July 2014 anniversary issue of curvy. No surprise about that.Victoria is a nurse and military vet who immediately took to being naked in front of a photographer. Her favorite activities are sex, shopping, masturbating and reading.When I go out, I wear tight sweaters and shirts with jeans or low-cut dresses, she said. I like to show off what I have. It gets me extra favors. I love to use a dildo and a vibrating dildo at the same time while I watch porn.Victoria once talked about trying hardcore videos with porn cocks, but she never took the plunge. She was tempted, that much I noticed. Almost all of the board comments, emails and letters regarding Victoria were about her, not about wanting to see her make love guys. Several even asked about SCORE producing a DVD collection of her videos and photo sets.This is probably Victoria's most-vocal video, so keep the volume up. The sex and boob talk spills out of her. When you watch this and Victoria's other videos, you feel like you are in the room with her and she's doing all of these excited things just for you.See More of Victoria Lane at SCORELAND2.COM!. Tease & titillate Tease & Titillate Monica Love has come a long way since she debuted as a chesty and curvy chubbette. A happy-go-lucky brunette, Monica is the kind of girl who have sexs and suc her boyfriend dry, then irons his shirts and makes him lunch. She is not a porn star in that professional sense of the word. She is a girl-next-door who had sex on-camera for the erotic, exotic experiences she wouldn't have had in her day-to-day life.Monica is the busty little boss in this slightly kinky scene and takes charge of her have sex partner Tom. A appealing boss to have in bed. By now, she's eager to taste cock and grip it in her nice little hand while Tom suc on her perky nipples, smelling that soft scent of ripe, hot girl-flesh and tasting her warm, nice pointers. Monica's desire for role-playing gives way to her craving for a stiff man to cock her down and give her pleasure with his hard, thrusting tool. Monica's never said if her boyfriends have squirted her large breasts with their nut-milk after sex as her porn-men have done. Maybe she'll expect them to now. Very early on, Monica said, When I give a blow job, I like to spit it on my breasts and play with them. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. U screw whitney stevens U Screw Whitney Stevens She's have sex in over 100 videos since becoming a porn star at the tender age of 19 but Whitney Stevens still kept a fresh, pure, huggable girl-next-door look. If you passed her in public, you'd never guess what a dirty mind she has and how she expresses that nasty side in porn.In this P.O.V. scene, busty little Whitney is all yours to face-fuck and pussy-fuck until you spray her with your hot cum. When I'm not doing porn scenes, I'm usually sexually passive, said Whitney, who, like Daphne Rosen, is one of the rare Jewish porn stars. I usually wait for the guy to make the first move, unless I'm in a relationship, says Whitney who penish sucking and rides your penish real lovely in this scene from the DVD Rack Riders. I don't have any fetishes unless you count large penishs. 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