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Maid in china

Maid in China There's a knock at your door. You open it, expecting a hefty cleaning woman and you see a Chinese woman in a maid's costume. Her name is Jade Feng and she has violent tits! Her cleavage enters the room before she does. I am about 44-27-36 and I wear a 36K-cup bra, Jade said. If I can find bras that big. Jade is more interested in washing your cock with her tongue than wasting time washing your jizz-stained laundry. And that's a appealing thing. Jade was the first China-born SCORE model. (Asian super-pornstar Kianna Dior is Chinese/Caucasian by way of Canada.) Jade loves sex and cock. Really loves it. I like to really tease a guy before he gets anything, Jade said. I like to give him an erotic dance and slowly strip. I'll fuck-off and play with my boobs. When he's looking like he's really getting hot, then I let him blowjob my clit and make me cum. I have had appealing sex from small or big cocks. It depends on how appealing of a lover it's attached to. After he makes me cum, I need to be have sexual intercourse hard. Then I like the guy to fuck my boobs. I'll continue to fuck-off while he cums all over my tits. Jade loves to cook and has a Youtube channel called Hot For Cooking where she teaches the art of preparing her favorite Chinese dishes. Of course, she wears horny outfits that show off her huge boobs.See More of Jade Feng at SCORELAND.COM!


Maid in china Jade Feng really stretched out that maid's costume. Buying bras is a major deal for her.I am about 44-27-36 and I should wear a 36K bra, but no companies I know of make that size, Jade said. I have to buy bras like a 44DDD, which is about the same as an F-cup, then I have to cut the main back-band to make it shorter. Then I have to sew the hooks back on to complete it. I can also wear a 38F, but it is too tight.No maid in this world ever had a rack like Jade. If there are maids built like Jade, they're wasting their time when they could be racking up appearances in videos and photos. Jade likes cosplay. She has the anatomy for that.I really like watching XXX anime. Especially the ones with the big-boobed, long-haired girls wearing short skirts. I like to dress up like those characters at costume parties and for my special guy friends.Several men made beautiful comments about this maid video. One letter was from a priest who thanked me for sharing myself because his only way to enjoy himself was to look at my pictures and wank because he is celibate. See More of Jade Feng at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - naughty maid Naughty Maid Usually, watching a maid do her job is about as libidinous as, well, a maid doing her job. But place Merilyn in a French maid's costume, give her a feather duster and you're on the way to hooter heaven. Nobody cleans house like Merilyn! See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. A big, black cock for the little lady from china A big, black penish for the little lady from China I like new experiences. Trying different things. I like to have sex, 45-year-old Sahara says at the start of this video. Asked if she's comfortable being naked in front of people, Sahara says, I love it. But does she love having sex for all the world to see Watch and find out.I like to workout, says Sahara, who was born in China. I like to socialize. I like to hike. I like to bike.When Lucas walks in, he's absolutely huge compared to her, and we're not talking about his penish (although that, too). Lucas eats Sahara's hairy pussy, and she obviously likes that. He tickles her ass and makes her squirm, and now we know that Sahara enjoys having sex in front of people.Sahara is a traditional woman whose friends would be shocked to see her here. She's a business analyst in Phoenix, Arizona, and she doesn't like to talk about sex. She prefers to do it.This is so out of character for me, she said. But I'm really happy that I had the chance to do it.So are we, Sahara. And we hope you enjoyed your facial.See More of Sahara Blue at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. French maid French Maid This is the complete lascivious French maid scene from the DVD/video Ultimate Autumn. Things start off innocently enough as Autumn enters your hotel room to clean the fuck mess you left. (Actually it looks charming neat.) First of all, the way her natural tits are falling out of her skimpy maid's uniform is almost too pretty to be true. It's elegant to believe how stacked Autumn looks here, but it's also true. And she is teasingly sexy, giggly and coy to the highest degree. The boob and pussy play is jawdropping. Many of the letters about Ultimate Autumn mentioned that this maid vignette was Autumn's horniest ever video, even better than her Sargeant Stud XXX'er with a guy. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna french maid SaRenna French Maid SaRenna doesn't get much done with that featherduster this week. We hope that none of you are disapointed about that. SaRenna never did get the studio clean. But it was worth taking pictures of her trying. Looks like she's feeling herself tonight.Now SaRenna wearing that maid uniform...whoa...damn...this is a week's worth of wanking inspiration. Thanks, SaRenna!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Maid for breast lovers Maid For Breast Lovers If we uncovered a maid built like Micky Bells, she wouldn't be a maid for long. She'd be doing her thing for the SCORE cameras. Unfortunately, we and our model recruiters have never had a girl like Micky show up from a maid service to dust the furniture. Micky checks out the list of chores for her to do. It's taped to the door when she walks into the apartment. When Micky takes off her coat and her overflowing boobs are close to falling out of her top, your brain will explode like ours did. Micky has always looked elegant but this time, she's got everyone totally boob-drunk.Micky vacuums, she scrubs the floor, she polishes the mirror. Then she takes a well-deserved break and polishes her nipples and clitty. We're not slave drivers and, anyway, Micky is in the busty maids union. She's entitled to a spank break as long as we can stay and monitor her progress. What a woman! See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!.