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Dazzling star

Dazzling Star My sexual fantasy is to have sex on a lovely sandy beach where no one is around, Erin Star replied when we asked her what she dreams about. Some place tropical and sunny, like a quiet island in the Caribbean with empty beaches and no people around for miles. It would be very romantic sex. That is my fantasy but I have others. I prefer much kissing, titillating and foreplay. My favorite position is doggie and I like to have sex three times a week. I like a guy with a voluminous cock. It depends on my mood if I swallow or spit. I am turned-on by strong guys who know what they want in life and know how to treat a woman properly. I do not care for rudeness of any kind. We have to have three elegant dates and there must be a connection before I think about sex at all because I am a very traditional girl in many ways. See More of Erin Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


Dazzling star Posing for a pro photographer was a first-time experience for webcam girl Erin Star but she hopes it won't be her last time because she really enjoyed it. We've encountered webcam girls who are scared to leave the comfort zone of their wired-up bedrooms. Thankfully, this was not the case with Erin or her sister Helen.Erin was slightly nervous at first but quickly settled in, partly because her equally-incredible voluminous sister was around as was our photographer's translator, XL Girl and all-around sweetheart Mia Sweetheart. Having seen the results, Erin is happy.Natural tits are almost like fingerprints, differing in shape, areola size and color, nipple size and color, the way they hang and their symmetry. Natural natural tits are rarely perfectly symmetrical. There are usually variations between the left and right breast. Erin's left is a little voluminousger than her right. She has large, pale, veiny areolas that are close to six-inches in diameter, the kind that are prized by some breast aficionados. Erin is blessed with all-around large looks from head-to-toe and a fun, girl-next-door personality, a true natural wonder. See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!. How you fuck a star How You make love A Star After a long couple of days fucked and blowjob all the tools she can get her greedy cunt and mouth on, Christy needs a break. And what does a exciting girl like Christy do on her break from fucked make loves, of course. She just happens upon a new male stud she has yet to get her hands and her cunt on and she convinces him that he should stick his tool in her if he wants to be someone in the biz. (And who would say no to Christy's cunt) She blows and bangs him right then and there and proceeds to ejaculate so many times that she can't think straight. (Or walk straight.) She takes a pounding worthy of a star, and that's because she is a star, a porn star of course. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Star woman Star Woman Early on, Sandra Star was inspired by Minka and Elizabeth Star. She admires Amy Anderssen, one of the hottest of the super-boobed porn stars, like Sandra is.Sandra is a free-spirit. I like to live my life spontaneously, said Sandra. I don't have a list of goals I want to achieve. I just believe in being the best I can be.Sandra's favorite cuisine is French and Italian and she drinks white wine and malt whisky. She likes to go to beach bars when she's on holiday. I like to wear tight swimsuits that show a lot of cleavage and cut high in the hips like Baywatch-style or bikinis.Men usually ask me questions about my boobs. About their size, their weight and the effect they have on people. They fascinate the guys I meet and I can see in their eyes that they want to touch and kiss them. See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. All star They come in pairs. The Star sisters, that is. And no sister act has the natural considerable tits that Erin Star and her sister Helen have and dare to bare. If there are other siblings that suc up their bras like these two lovely, young girls, we want to know.When I go out, I like to put on horny clothes and show everyone how busty I am, said Erin. Since Erin and Helen only speak Romanian, XL Girl Mia Sweetheart translated to English. Erin is a traditionalist by nature. I like romantic dates, a beautiful dinner, and maybe dancing. A guy should be a gentleman with me and be a charming kisser. I don't care for the playboys. I'm not into girls either. Romania really is becoming the place for considerable-boobed hotties.See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Professor sandra & her star pupil We're not saying that Sandra Star missed her calling by not training to become a teacher. She already does a voluminous job teaching men more about sex education than they ever learned before meeting the German porn superstar.When Professor Star spots a slovenly punk student in the hallway, she furiously seizes him by the collar and flings him into an empty room. What will be his punishment by this super-stacked sexbomb Her disciplinary action begins by jamming his face between her big tits. She grabs him by the penish and balls and gives him an oral lesson. Then Sandra tit-fucks him, something all her guys love. This is punishment She completes her tutorial by making him fuck her cunt and butt on one of the tables. Professor Star is stern but fair. No student may leave until their balls are milked for her pleasure. What a woman.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. The erin star workout The Erin Star Workout It's a beautiful, sunny day at the pool, perfect conditions for Erin Star to get some workout time under an umbrella. Erin takes off her top and ass as she goes through her fitness routine, stopping to make her voluminous breasts all shiny with some suntan gel. Erin is a miracle of nature. And there are two of 'em! Her voluminous sister Helen also has one busty rack.I had so much fun at my first shootings, Erin wrote to our studio team in Miami. It was the most-fun thing I ever did, and it paid so well. Erin said she doesn't work out, but she's doing a good job of it in this scene and shakes her voluminous breasts extremely well. Practice makes perfect. See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!.