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The legend of british porn

The Legend of British Porn Toni Evans is a beautiful, buxom, big-haired blonde vixen with legendary status in UK porn. She was everywhere in the 1990s and known under a variety of modeling names, some created by the editors of whatever magazines her layouts were published in. Those names included Kirstyn Halborg, Kirstyn London, Cristin London, Janet Tennant-Smythe, Kirsten Churcher, Kirstyn McLeary, Kristen Churcher, Kristen, Lu Lu Lamborghini and Petula Pearl. At John Graham's studio in London, she used the name Toni Evans. Born in Wales, Toni had triple-D boobs at 13. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. At school I was known as juggs, Toni said. Toni was once interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn producer and performer Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). I was in Stringfellows and Linsey Dawn McKenzie came up to me gave me two business cards. One was John Graham's and one was David Sullivan's. I called David Sullivan because I lost the other card. Besides posing for magazines and doing hot porn, Toni also owned an adult entertainment modeling agency. She was married to the giant-dicked porn star Omar. Her filmography is as massive as her boobs. She shot porn all over Europe and was game for anything. When I was asked to do DP, it was like 'No. No!' Then two weeks down the line it was like, 'I'll have a go!' Toni posed for busty magazine as late as 2006. See More of Toni Evans at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


An american legend An American Legend Even if Trinity Loren hadn't made a slew of porn scenes in every category, from straight sex to preggo, and had only done nude posing, she still would have become the big-bust legend she is today. While the British dominated the big-bust mags and videos in the 1980s and early 1990s, American bra-smashers with natural natural boobs were relatively rare. All the boob visual specialists wanted to shoot Trinity when she began her career.Besides her magazine spreads and hardcore videos, Trinity also tried the strip-club circuit. She was a natural in many ways besides her pleasant body. When she spread, she spread wide and when she used dildos, she stuck them in deep. Nothing was half-measured. As she matured, her natural boobs grew bigger and she became more voluptuous. When she became pregnant, she didn't sit at home, she modeled. And when someone needed a milk squirter, she was ready. See More of Trinity Loren at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. An american legend An American Legend Trinity Loren was an American big-bust star from 1985 to 1995. Sporting natural 38E-cups, Trinity dove into the hardcore pool head first but also had a big following of guys who were happy without seeing her take the cock. Her attractiveness, exuberance and real woman appeal come out in this pool scene as she suc on her nipples, fingers her pussy and has a good, exciting afternoon in general.Trinty was slightly heavier and more zoftig than most of the girls in the Los Angeles nudie and porn biz (and this became more pronounced as she grew older) but this put her in a league of her own. In ten years, she shot over 315 scenes from solo toying, have sex and bondage to pregnancy, anal, multiple partners and girl-girls. You name it, Trinity did it with some of the best-known male stars in porn. Yet many of her scenes were shot with little emphasis on her stand-out hooters, as if she was just any porn star. Trinity seemingly had no sexual limits. When she got pregnant, her belly and tits got huge and she lactated, creating yet another niche for herself.Trinity was everybody's favorite, said one of her photographers. She had a big personality, was genuinely pleasant to everybody and was the best big-bust model around.Big-tit fans are still trying to find the next Trinity Loren, said John Fox in the mid-'90s. That'll be tough because she was truly one of a kind. See More of Trinity Loren at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. British bon bons British Bon Bons Amanda White should have had a bigger following, at least with fans of British adult videos and mags. She had the stuff to be the biggest, bustiest black porn star on their side of the pond.Amanda joined the ranks of the English super titter parade that included Sammie Black, Jennie Hill and Chaz but none of those bust stars did hardcore. She lived in London, where she read our newspaper ad asking for figure models. This notorious classified, which conjures up images of guys with beards and berets sketching models in a sun-windowed loft, is one of the all-time greatest pieces of copy writing. It was a mammary magnet in its day. This scene opens like Alice's scene, with Amanda flipping through a SCORE Group magazine. The cameraman-director gives her step-by-step directions, from her oiling and breast play to her toy fucking. There's audio no one has ever heard before outside of the editing room because it was all wiped clean.There is an element of total male control and domination that the director's verbal direction brings that transforms what would have been a routine masturbate video into something that makes everything hornier. See More of Amanda White at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Staircase playtime I like English girls, they are so proper even when they are dirty, commented Pauly. This is true. English babes speak so well and act so formally even when they're shoving a dildo in their pussies. They're clean even when they're dirty.British BabeStation beauty Tia Clegg gets herself cumshot on the stairs with a large dildo. The way she handles it, Tia must hold a black belt in fuck-toy masturbation.I love these hardbody girls with large fake tits, wrote L.O. I am a fanatic about them. They don't have to do porn to look slutty. It would be large if you guys could get her to shag a guy, even one time. She's definitely built for porn stardom. See More of Tia Clegg at SCORELAND.COM!. Beck is czech for tits Beck Is Czech For tits P.G. wrote, Just writing to let you know I have been a SCORE Group fan for many years with XL Girls and Voluptuous. You guys have managed to get so many tiny women. But there's one goddess I must mention, and that's the awesome Anna Beck. This Czech beauty has such a appealing face, large bottom and especially those huge, pendulous tits with those blue veins running through them! This lady could be a legend!Thanks, P.G., Anna Beck already is a legend at XL Girls--an active legend--and we hope she keeps us up with her activities for a long time to come.When Steve needs advice about what tie to wear, he asks Anna Beck, his ever-helpful hotel concierge. This is a large idea to get a girl to come close to you without invading her personal space. And when Anna gets close, her super-huge naturals block out everything else in a guy's line of sight.Anna invites Steve to examine her tits while she teases him without pity. And then she shows mercy and lets him play with her gifts of nature. It's not a birthday party for this dude, it's even better. It's Anna's large tits day. Her nipples and the rest of her lush and plush plumpness could use some manhandling so Anna is game for some tit suckin' and fuckin' and some rough wood polishing of her clit and pink poonani. She's found the right horndog to spend the morning with.No matter what Anna Beck does, whether it's breast play, masturbation, showering, full-sex or just walking around Prague jiggling, everything she does freezes us in our tracks. She's so eager to please that she seems like a mirage most of the time. But she is real, incredibly real! See More of Anna Beck at XLGIRLS.COM!. British super-tits British Super-natural tits Shannon Blue wanted to change her life after hitting fifty. She wanted to have bigger boobs. A British grandmother, she got divorced and used part of her settlement to supersize her boobs from 34D to 32MM. One of her goals is to have the biggest natural tits she can bust a bra with.SCORE's editors read about Shannon in the British newspapers and made contact with an invitation to pose. Shannon accepted and was flown to Prague to meet one of our photographers. She took to nude posing as if she had been doing it for years.Shannon's happier now. I can't get enough of my new boobs, she said. They've completely transformed my life and they look and feel amazing. Most of my clothes are stretchy so my boobs are always on show. Now living in Bulgaria with her fiance, Shannon is geared up to show off her huge natural tits on-camera more often. She's found her pleasant spot as a model instead of working as an office administrator.See More of Shannon Blue at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!.