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Living doll

Living Doll If Anastasia Doll spent some of her bikini time poolside at any public pool sucks a long ice pop, as she did in this scene, she would need two anatomyguards flanking her at all times. Lithe and sensuous, Anastasia keeps her tight anatomy toned and taut with lots of gym time, boxing and yoga. Boxing with her would be dangerous. She'd knock you out with a right cross while you were staring at her voluminous tits. I like to have sex almost every day, Anastasia said in her French-accented English. I love doggie-style best of all. I love to have my tits fucked. I do not care for booty sex or three-ways. I am bisexual but only with very, very pleasant girls with voluminous tits.See More of Anastasia Doll at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


My living doll My Living Doll This is no ordinary day. Today is special delivery day. Please sign here. You have been chosen by the TushnaMatic Corporation. You are now the proud recipient of the newly developed Linsey Dawn McKenzie amniatronic mechanoid. In layman's terms, a living, life-size doll. But not just any doll. This doll walks. She talks. She looks and sounds exactly like Linsey Dawn. Her natural tits are just like Linsey's world-famous knockers. It could be Linsey. Weird science does bring pleasant things to life. Let Mecha-Linsey make you a happy man. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. The french doll The French Doll Marseille doll Anastasia Doll is a living doll and she enjoys every minute of it. She has the SCORE Girl slim & stacked figure and the BootyLicious back end. Anastasia loves to travel for delight to holiday spots like Ibiza. 'One time there, I met a guy who took me to the 7th heaven, Anastasia remembered. A lot of men want to meet me. I am the kind of girl who wants to be treated like a princess.Sex in public is one of Anastasia's sensual interests. I've done this in many public places. The cinema, beach, Jacuzzis. I love that. I don't care for threesomes but I would like to have sex with three girls at the same time. I don't like butt sex. It's not what I enjoy. I love to be have sexed between my breasts. I enjoy that a lot and how it looks. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. Bliving doll/b Living doll I was a geek at school, always studying and being a goody-two-shoes and doing the right thing, said Dolly delight, a slim 'n' stacked J-cupper with a dirty mouth. I was in the choir. I was always singing on-stage and in shows. But I transformed myself, and now people can't believe how much I've changed. It's fun to be one thing when people expect something else, especially the people I grew up with. I mean, they see my tits and my anatomy and they can't believe I'm the same person.One and the same. Dolly is a walking, talking doll. A have intercourse doll. Tight and right. Blonde. Stacked. Loves to show off her tits and her shaved snatch, as she does in this video.I like being watched, she said. That definitely turns me on. I'm a real-life Barbie doll but with much largeger tits!Dolly is a bit unusual in that she's a Brit who super-sized her rack. Most British girls have come to us in their nature state, but Dolly pumped 'em up and took 'em out. She transformed herself into the ideal woman.I love large tits and I always wanted to have them, Dolly said. I always had large tits, but now they're super large, and I love them. I just think they look super, super lusty and they make a woman a woman.When she was young, Dolly would stuff balloons down her shirt to make herself look bustier.I guess you could say I'm living a dream, she said.Dolly started off as a singer, so she's used to performing for an audience. Now she's a SCORE Girl and her audience members have their cocks out.That's how it should be, she said. I love being someanatomy's fantasy girl.See More of Dolly delight at SCORELAND2.COM!. Princess super doll Princess Super Doll Princess Pumpkins is a living doll. Naturally, she dresses like a living doll.A cam-girl, Princess loves cosplay. You can tell she enjoys fantasy role-playing. She likes to attend cosplay and comic book conventions in costumes. I love video games, sci-fi and anime. I'm not really into sports unless you consider female Jello wrestling a sport. In fact we do. Female mud and oil wrestling also.SCORELAND: Has anyone ever said to you, Are they naturalPrincess: All the time. My second boob job, I thought I was going to get rid of that. I was 2000ccs. I thought There's no way anyone's going to think I have natural boobies now, but I got it then and now I still get, Those are real, right And I say, No, but please find me a girl who has large, perky titties like this and I would love to see her.SCORELAND: I can think of only a handful of girls whose natural boobs are as large as yours. Beshine is one. Do you think Minka is as curvy as youPrincess: I don't know. I'm finally up there where my natural boobs are as large as those girls'.SCORELAND: I saw on your model info sheet that you know Sarah Rae, who's an XL Girl. She's natural. Is she as curvy as youPrincess: I think I'm bustier than her. Her natural boobs are very, very large, and in a bra, they look humongous. They are humongous, but I still think I'm quite bustier than her.SCORELAND: At what point did you become fascinated with large, fake boobsPrincess: Probably around my second boob job when I was discovering more models like Amy Anderssen, Candy Charms...those models really inspired me to get that look of large, round boobies. See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. Holly brooks - a living doll A living doll I love to age play and role play for guys, Holly Brooks said. It excites me to see a guy take his cock out of his pants for me. I love it when a guy talks dirty to me and my twins.Holly was a financial analyyst. Then she gave up that job for modeling, stripping and porn action. That's quite a leap from bean counting, but Holly is lovin' it. Being a sex bomb gets her warm between the knees, and she dresses to let you know it. Holly started modeling in 2009 as Victoria Strong. She was a ring girl at boxing matches, a dancer and a swimsuit model then got into porn in 2012. And very intense porn, too. She's done some wild analy sex videos at SCORE that I thought were real whack-off material. Like I always say, girls have to start somewhere and they change their minds a lot, so when someone says she has no interest in adult modeling, it's not written in stone. Holly did a hot scene with Sheridan Love in 2014, the only girl-girl they did at SCORELAND. It's part of Sheridan's All The Way In DVD.Last I knew, Holly was living in Reno, Nevada and was at the Wild Horse Spa & Resort (a legal bordello complex) for a while. I don't know if she's still there. She also does Internet phone sex for those seeking eargasms.See More of Holly Brooks at SCORELAND2.COM!. French doll French Doll Modeling is the most-fun thing I have ever done, said Anastasia Doll, a gray-eyed French doll with triple-Ds who was contacted on Twitter. Anastasia spends most of her time taking pictures and traveling. I would like to go around the world. She loves shopping for horny outfits and heels. Stacked and super-slim, Anastasia's sleek physique looks very fit and athletic. She usually doesn't workout in high heels but she does here.I workout four times a week. I have a private coach who trains me and motivates me. I practice yoga and boxing. I don't really support any professional sports teams.Anastasia has a cute incredible bubble-booty too. Like we needed to point that out. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!.