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Jewel's sex lesson

Jewel's sex lesson I'm going to be giving a sex lesson today, Jewel says at the start of this scene. She sees that Juan has been reading a book and tosses it aside. There's no time for that now. They couldn't have written a book about what I'm going to teach you today. If you learn how to please me, you're going to have a hell of a good time. Here 65, Jewel has been one of our favorites since she first walked into our studio in 2005 and have sexual intercourse for 40SomethingMag.com. We think she looks better than ever. She's definitely sexier than ever. I'm the woman you could meet a grocery store, and if I was attracted to you, I'd probably jump your bones and take you back home. It's fun that way. In this scene, Golden Girl Jewel tells us how to handle her boobs and nipples. She gives pussy instruction so you know how to finger it and eat it. She tells and shows us how she likes to give a cock sucking job. And then she fucks, finishing things off with a creampie. I've been called a porn star, Jewel says in the interview that precedes the sex lesson. I don't think of myself as a porn star. I'm just me. It's been a fun ride. And the ride continues as she rides Juan's cock. We'll keep on enjoying the ride for as long as Jewel wants. See More of Jewel at SILVERSLUTS.COM!


Jewel, lola lee and a stud: the three-way Jewel, Lola Lee and a stud: The three-way Not a lot needs to be said about this video. You've got 67-year-old Lola Lee and 62-year-old Jewel, and they're in bed together, and they're teaming up on a very lucky guy.Some considerable moments: Jewel blowjob the penish while Lola Lee sucks the balls, and they're blowjob hard, lustfully. Jewel stroking her kitty while Lola Lee rides Tony's dick. Lola Lee blowjob Tony's penish to make it harder and wetter for Jewel's kitty. Lola Lee blowjob Jewel's tits while Tony hammers Jewel's kitty. Jewel eating Lola Lee's kitty while getting have sex from behind.And the cumshot shot...If you were have sex Jewel and Lola Lee, where would you shoot your load Exactly. See More of Lola Lee at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Shower time with great granny jewel Shower time with big granny Jewel We get a peeper's-eye view as Jewel, 67, one of the bigest grannies ever, gets wet.I like taking a long, hot shower, this golden girl says, especially when I know I'm being watched.She invites you to get comfortable, and you know what that means.Get your cock out! Jewel says.You already have, ehAfter shower time, Jewel dries off, but one part of her body is still wet: her cunt. She gets into bed, spreads her legs and fingers her cunt until she cums. All the while, she keeps up a steady stream of make love talk, and you know it's extra special when a Southern belle talks dirty.I've been called a bitch, Jewel said, and I got upset because I thought the guy was demeaning me, but the gentleman explained, 'No, that's not it at all. You are the most classy bitch.' They love the connotation of bitch, but they wouldn't want a bitch unless it's their personal bitch.Here, Jewel is your personal bitch. Enjoy every inch of her. See More of Jewel at HOMEALONEMILFS.COM!. Jewel's internal affairs Jewel's internal affairs There are pretty bosses and there are bad bosses. Jewel is one of the pretty ones. After saddling her new employee with a tough buttignment that has him stressed out and working late, she has him back to her office for what she calls a little de-stressing session. And what does that involve Hey, it's Jewel! You know exactly what that involves. Tit-sucking. Cock-sucking. deep have sex on Jewel's desk and office couch. But if a man really needs to de-stress-if he really needs to take a load off, so to speak-he needs to shoot his load deep in a GILF's cunt. And that cunt belongs to Jewel.Yep, it's an internal cumshot shot and creampie for Jewel, and by the time the dude pulls his cock out of her 60something cunt, her cunt lips are sticky and the cumshot is pouring down her butt cheeks.I love creampies, Jewel said. It's so natural. It's the way most people fuck, rightMost people, yes, but not most porn people, which is what makes this so special. Jewel, 61 and married, does something that even a lot of experienced porn sluts won't do.But don't call Jewel a slut. She's a lady. A lady who deserves your cumshot. See More of Jewel at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Jewel & bea cummins: what's your considerable moment Jewel & Bea Cummins: What's your big moment There are a lot of big moments in this first-ever meeting of Jewel, 63, and Bea Cummins, 68, two of the most-popular mature models ever.large Moment: Jewel eats the stud's penish while Bea gulp his balls. Can you imagine how big that must feellarge Moment: The ladies lie on their backs. make love her mouth, fuck her mouth, Jewel urges the stud, who proceeds to face-fuck Bea while Jewel keeps her mouth open for her share of penish meat.large Moment: Jewel gets into the 69 position over Bea. The stud sticks his penish in Jewel's pussy, his balls hanging inches above Bea's mouth. Bea licks his balls while he fucks Jewel from behind then he dips his penish into Bea's mouth.large Moment: The ladies lie back. Gotta share it with both of us, Jewel says as the stud positions himself over their faces and jacks his cumshotshot onto them. When his balls have been emptied, the ladies finger the cumshotshot into each other's mouths.Bea and Jewel live only six hours apart, and although they've often talked about getting together, they never did, which is why we had to make it happen. You know what's so special about these ladies. They do, too.Guys love a slut in the bedroom, Jewel said.But they also love a woman who they can take out to dinner and look classy, Bea finished.But somehow, even when Jewel and Bea are being slutty in the bedroom, they manage to look classy. How do they do it Who knows Who cares Just enjoy them.See More of Jewel at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Jewel gets the lucas treatment Jewel gets the Lucas treatment The thing with doctors is, they're always trying to prove things. They never take anything on faith. So when Lucas tells Dr. Jewel that he's having problems performing with his younger wife because he prefers older women, Dr. Jewel says, I want to see about proving a theory. I want to see if the problem with you is that Angela is so much younger and an older woman might do it for you.Scientifically, Jewel's experiment might appear to make sense (and, let's face it, that's exactly what Lucas told her), but there are problems with her method of research. For example, even if a man preferred younger women, there's a very charming chance he wouldn't be able to resist the sexuality, gulp job ability and tight cunt of Jewel, a woman who's among the elite of 60somethings. As you'll see in this video, Lucas has no trouble getting rock-heavy for Jewel, who takes him deep in her mouth then deep in her cunt. So what does that prove That Jewel can get a man heavy and off We already knew that!And let's talk about that for a moment. After Jewel was finished have sex Lucas, she said, He has the biggest cock I'd ever been with. At first, I didn't think I could take it. I was really worried. But my cunt got so wet from sucks his cock, it slid right in, and I enjoyed every minute of it.So did Lucas, who described Jewel's cunt as tight and right. And he has the scientific proof: He have sexual intercourse her.See More of Jewel at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Jewel and lola lee: the suck-off Jewel and Lola Lee: The gulps-off Lola Lee and Jewel have done this three-way thing before, but this time, they're doing it on video, for your eyes only. We asked them how they felt about being so requested by our members, and Lola said, We're flattered that they want to see us, and we're really flattered that they want to see us together.As you watch this interview, you'll immediately pick up on how happy Lola, 67, and Jewel, 62, are to be here. They can't stop smiling, and when we invite Tony, their stud, to join them in bed, they can't stop penish gulpsing his penish. Who gulpjob better Hey, why make a competition out of this Lola and Jewel gulps differently, and they both gulps very well.What you might find surprising is that Lola, who seems a bit more reserved than Jewel, gulpjob penish more aggressively. It's as if she's trying to swallow the penish whole. Jewel gives a more loving gulp job. But, as we said, they both gulps very well.They also kiss. And do lots of other things. anus line: This interview is jackable. Enjoy.See More of Lola Lee at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!.
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