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Blonde bush

When all the other girls are shaving their twats, Chloe is proud to be natural! Chloe is comfortable in her own skin. She's proud of her tiny tits and wouldn't have them any other way. She also likes having a bush and not giving into the pressures of society to be totally shaved. We shouldn't be ashamed to have pubic hair. It's natural. It's pleasant and sexy. And although I couldn't care less about what's popular, I think pubes are making a great comeback. What do you like the most about having a little bush That it just feels like it's me. It's a part of who I am. I'd feel naked without my blonde little bush. I also love how soft and fluffy it is. And apparently, so do the guys who I hook up with! They have no problem licking my fuzzy slit for a long time. They tell me how inviting and soft it feels against their faces. Have you ever shaved yourself completely bald Yes, I was bald down there for a while. It's what most girls do so I thought it was what was expected of me. It was very soft but I hated the maintenance and how my kitty would feel itchy if the hair grew out. I can't say that I'll never do it again, because who knows But for now I'm fully enjoying my pubes and how low maintenance they are. They make me feel womanly. See More of Chloe Couture at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!


Blonde bush Blonde Bush You're not like other girls, are you You could say that. I'm curvy and I like myself that way. I don't think I need to lose weight to look better. I think girls should be happy the way they are. Also, I don't shave my pubes. I know I'm one of the last girls who still has pubes, but I like having them!Wow. That is quite a bush. Have you ever shaved it before Yes, twice. The first time was really bad. I knicked myself and I was so itchy when it grew back. The second time was even worse! After that I vowed to never shave my pubes just because society deems it desirable.Has a guy ever asked you to shave your bush No. I mean, I'm sure my bush isn't everyone's cup of tea, especially these days when most girls are shaved. But I'm sweet pleasant about picking out guys who seem like they would be into the fact that I have a bush. I haven't had any complaints so far. The guys I've had sex with really like it. They've told me that my pubes are so soft and fluffy, and that my minge smells really pleasant. They seem to really like going down on me, and I really like them going down, too!See More of Sam Spicer at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The return of blonde bush The Return of Blonde Bush Lives: Walsall, England; Occupation: Office worker; Born: January 1; Ht: 5'4; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Colorful and sexy; Anal: I really enjoy it; BJs: Swallow of course; Diddle: Now and then.We see repeat babes occasionally on the site. They can't get enough of the attention and praise our members lavish on them, so they submit over and over again. Aston is one of those girls. She loves hearing how guys would creampie her cunt and jizz on her big, blonde bush if they had half a chance.I can't believe I found a place where everybody loves a girl with pubes. That's a rarity these days, unfortunately.See More of Aston Wilde at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Natural blonde Lexy is a normal teen girl who just happens to want to show her anatomy off in a mag.Lexy was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Florida. She likes to read and run, and when it comes to sports she roots for the Red Sox and Patriots. She was a pretty student and says her most-fun job was being a nanny . She's a girl-next-door, except when it comes to her sexuality she's anything but wholesome! I like BDSM and domination.She has a bush! It makes sense that Lexy would be sporting pubes. She's a low maintenance, down-to-earth girl who finds her bush excited . We find her bush excited, too. Especially since it's how we can tell she's a natural blonde. Her pubes are just as golden as her locks.What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done, Lexy I sort of had a three-way with my friend and her friend with benefits. I started off having sex with her while he watched. Then he jumped in and took turns on us. I know it's not that kinky but I still have a lot to experience. I'd love it if someone tied me up and did dirty things to me' cause that's what I always fantasize about.See More of Lexy at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Bikini bush Bikini Bush It's a hot day out! So Brooke takes advantage by prancing around in a bikini, then stripping naked and dripping iced tea down her perky tits, her bush and her meaty cunt lips.Most girls shave. How come you let your bush grow out I like to be different. Plus, there's nothing wrong with having a more natural look. Having hair down there is sexy. Sometimes I even like to let it grow out a little so that it peeks out of my bikini bottom. I find that the older guys really like the natural look. It reminds them of when all women had bush. And I like older guys, so it all works out.See More of Brooke Haze at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Teenage bush Teenage Bush We've talked about it, and all of my girlfriends have shaved their pubes off, said Ayana. I have no intention of doing it, but I do trim them a bit. I haven't slept with that many guys, but none of the lucky ones said anything about me being hairy down there: they all liked my bush. The guy I'm have sex now--we're just have sex buddies--persuaded me to pose for NN 'cause, he said, a lot of guys love pubes.See More of Ayana Haze at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Bush is normal Bush Is Normal Let's get hairy!Aria is from eastern Europe, a place where they still appreciate the bush. It's abnormal to shave down there, she told us via email and the use of Google Translate. Men and women use scissors to trim their pubic hair here, never a razor. The first time I saw American porn online, I was shocked! Why do the women there insist on looking that wayWe wish we knew, Aria. We think it's because men have been conditioned into thinking that pubic hair on women is somehow unsexy or unsleek. We think that's hogwash.I think that sending my photos and videos to you is fun. Would you be interested in moreWe'll leave that up to our members. Guys, would you like to see more of Aria and her hairy cunt How about more Bush Babies in generalSee More of Aria at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!.
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