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The hot chick

After her first taste of stripping during a vacation in 1995 at a club called Zonkers in Daytona Beach, Florida, Coree resumed dancing at Deja Vu in Nashville, Tennessee. Dancing beat selling pagers at the mall for minimum wage, Coree said in a chat with a SCORE editor when he was preparing her debut June 1996 issue for the printers. I was born and raised in Boston. Then I moved to Nashville after high school because I thought it would be a pretty change of pace. From there, I moved to Asheville in North Carolina. In Nashville, I was dancing at Deja Vu. Traci Topps was there as a feature dancer. She had the biggest boobs I'd ever seen. I would watch her shows when I had the chance. I knew she was a famous magazine model and I wanted to know how to get into that with professional people, safely, without any headaches or problems. Traci was very pretty and helped set me up with SCORE. Coree's sexy, sleek gams got her a pictorial in Leg Sex magazine also. See More of Coree Monroe at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


The hot chick The Hot Chick The hot chick. You see her at the beach or at a hotel pool. She shows off her shapely bod in a string bikini, knowing all eyes are following her. She enjoys that. After the beach, the hot chick sits with friends at a sidewalk cafe table in a graceful dress and high heels, supple legs crossed. The hot chick motto: if you have it, flaunt it. The hot chick's got the X factor, the combination of super-sexy qualities that produce boners wherever she goes. On Miami's South Beach, Kitana Flores is one of those hot chicks. Kitana knows she has the voluminous breasts and the exciting bod. She's making the most of it and she likes to share the wealth. That's what hot chicks are for. And in the evening, the chances are good that the hot chick will be make love her brains out.I think my breasts have a charming shape, Kitana said. A lot of women have told me that. One is pointier than the other probably because of how I lie down. But I can make them both pointy. My back is smaller, so that makes my breasts look voluminousger. It's weird. I'm a 33 and a half to be exact, and I'm a double-D. The bra size I wear depends on who makes it. See More of Kitana Flores at SCORELAND.COM!. Look under her hood! Look Under Her Hood!Gentlemen, start your engines! Christy is back and this time, she is your Nascup fantasy girl in a stretchy, clingy one piece that we think Danica Patrick should start wearing to races, too. We don't know about you, but there is something hot about a chick all sprawled out on a car. Maybe it's a little bit like that Whitesnake video, where the chick is doing somersaults on the hoods of some dude's Rolls Royce, but the idea of banging a chick on the hood of a cool car is kinda fuckin' hot, eh Imagine you come out to your garage and there is Christy, in this outfit, laying spread-eagle on the hood of your auto and telling you something like, I think you need to get under my hood and check my fluids. The only answer to that would be a polite, Fuck, yeah! followed by some gratuitous fucking, right So go ahead, buddy, take yourself right to the finish line with these hot pics of Christy, a girl whose Nascups runneth over!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Hurtin' for a squirtin' Hurtin' For A Squirtin' Have you ever been hanging out with a couple of your buddies and you happen upon a chick with huge boobs and one of your buddies says,Oh, man. Look at that rack. That chick wants it. She wants me to give it to her... Well, we are here to tell you that your buddy is 100% right. Don't look so surprised. Your buddy may not be NASA material, but he calls 'em like he sees 'em. You see, chicks with heavy boobs are lascivious all the time. They want it all the time. That's why they are built the way they are. Why do you think they have chesticles that considerable It's not because they like to wear heavy bras, oh, no. It's because they are hornier than most women and those heavy boobs are designed to get your attention so you can fuck 'em every which way. Just check out heavy-titter Daylene Rio. This rackalicious chick can't even get through an interview without suc cock and riding the baloney pony. She gets lascivious just having a conversation with a guy. It's almost unfair how easy it is to cock down her dugs. See More of Daylene Rio at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. The hot sweater chick The Hot Sweater Chick Leanne goes for the hot chick look. Tight Cardigan over orange brassiere that supports her 34J's. Tight jeans. Thong panties. Skyscraper heels. It doesn't get better than this, SCORE Men.When Leanne is out in public, how does she dress herself We saw a glimpse in On Location Puerto Vallarta and Leanne's Stacked Summer.I have so many different styles, Leanne explained. I never stick to just one look. Sometimes I dress like a rock star with laced-up boots and funky jackets and ripped T-shirts with faces printed on them. I have my girly days of all pink. I have my classy days of smart blazers and lovely heels. Or I'll have my lazy day and you'll see me in a hoodie and leggings. It just depends on my mood that day. I go through color phases sometimes too. I'll love red and buy everything that color and wear that for a while , then I'll change to another color! See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Whitney stevens - considerable tit angel Large Tit Angel Every guy wants a busty girlfriend who is a lady in public and a total have sex whore in the bedroom. You know what we're talking about, right guys We all want that chick who sports a attracting dress while you're out and about, and then casually leans over and tells you that she is not wearing any panties. The kind of girl who is willing to fuck you and blowjob you off in the parking lot right before you go into a fancy restaurant. The kind of chick who waits for you to get home from work while wearing nothing but a whipped-cream bikini. The kind of chick who takes pole-dancing lessons at the gym, not to stay fit, but to give you what you deserve when you're doing the dirty. curvy brunette Whitney Stevens is that kind of gal. She knows that in order to keep her man satisfied, she has to ho it up in the bedroom, so she gives her dude a nasty lap dance to get him going and fuck her until she creams. And who wouldn't want that We say all girls should rub and grind their girly-parts on cocks. It should be a requirement. See More of Whitney Stevens at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. The pink chick stick The Pink Chick Stick Kerry's venture into toyland allows us the chance to see how she'd treat a man's schlongeroo, even though toy plugging and suc are better on video than in stills. The dildo has a semi-realistic penile look to it which helps the imagination, especially for suc poses. Pressing the buzzer buddy against her nipples gets them hard. Kerry's good cunt is tight and that thing is thick, so a dab of lube helps to slide that fucker in deeper.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!.