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Boobquake! BoobQuake! Enzo can't wait to get his hands all over short and stacked Daniella Grey. This little baby doll is perfect for anatomy surfing all night long.Daniella is single, wears a bra for titty support all the time, likes to go to book stores in her spare time and thinks a guy is lustful when he has goals and intelligence. Daniella doesn't wear panties and likes to wear vintage and rockabilly outfits. She's had sex with other girls. Her kinkiest time was a threesome (two girls one guy) in a truck in front of security cameras in a park. The thought of being seen by strangers as well as have sexual intercourse a guy with another chick got her pulse racing. We live to find girls like Daniella. Believe us, it's not easy finding them and persuading them to take their clothes off for the XL cameras, let alone asking them if they'd like to go for a mustache ride with a stud, and we have the lumps on our heads to prove it. See More of Daniella Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Milky knockers Milky Knockers Madison Lee was a well-kept secret. She was a web-cam girl and had never posed for magazine layouts, websites or DVD companies. That's always surprised your friendly, neighborhood XL Girls editors...why web-cam girls don't pursue other areas and get out of the bedroom now and then. But when Madison decided to pose for XLGirls, after trying the amateur model scene, which is somewhat popular in the United Kingdom, we hooked up with her in London. Now when we first saw that baseball bat-sized pepper grinder, we got a little concerned, but then we saw it was just a phallic symbol. And we have to admit that the milky dildo photos near the end of the set were unusual. Madison really works her cunt up with it. Then again... she gets a lot of practice as a web cam girl. See More of Madison Lee at XLGIRLS.COM!. Honey girl Honey Girl Monica Love is a honey of a girl. She likes honey in her tea and she likes honey on her voluminous boobs. Monica gravitates to posing with everyday themes. Playing in the kitchen. Showering. Lounging in a sauna. Working out in a gym. Even in her Bonus video chat, Monica answered questions while she was ironing one of her dresses.When I want to feel very sexy, I will wear a bikini and high heels. I love to go to the pool like that. I got to wear a bikini in the sauna shoot I did. A member wrote that I 'lack a little in bulk around tum, hips, thighs and bum' but I am very happy with my body.I enjoy seeing the look on men's faces when I walk past them, said Monica. Guys are funny. I like guys to respect me and be gentlemen. They will tell me how voluminous and lovely my eyes are while they are looking down at my chest. But that's okay. I know they can't help it and I like it if they are nice. One man said to me that I am the most sexual girl he has ever seen. I was not doing anything special, just doing what my girlfriends with me were doing. Maybe you just have that sexual charisma, Monica. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Pleasant & tasty Lovely & Tasty Covergirl of XL Girls magazine SP 299, Allie Pearson goes Hawaiian in Florida with a flower in her hair as she goes bare. Super-popular Allie has never left the Top 20-rated Models page since her debut. Is it Allie's big G-cup tits, her happy smile, her bright, wide eyes, her cheery personality or is it all of the aboveWhen I go out, I like to show off my body, says Allie who had never modeled before until she contacted XL Girls. It depends on my mood, just like everything else. I would say that I don't dress to show off my chest, but when I do, I enjoy all of the attention. I always wear a bra. I don't dress to show off regularly. When I do, I love it. I love being the center of attention. I love having my makeup and hair done at The SCORE Group. All those things. I've always been such a girly-girl, but the opportunities that have presented themselves, and where I was at, it never became an option for me. I never thought that it would be something so professional and glamorous and comforting.Allie's never owned a sex toy so when she has a chance to jerk-off at home, she uses her fingers to rub her clit until she she's doing here. See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hot angel Hot Angel How did XL Girls find Charlotte Angel We didn't. Charlotte found XL Girls. Charlotte's sister is a friend of SCORE Girl Sheridan Love. Charlotte and her sister went to an adult entertainment convention and talked to Sheridan about modeling. Sheridan recommended that Charlotte contact us. Thank you, Sheridan Love.So how far does Charlotte want to take this As far as I can, said Charlotte who impressed us as a lusty, lascivious woman from the start. It's fun, it's exciting, it's different and you get to... Charlotte makes the hand sign for large cock. I saw Sheridan's first SCORELAND scene with JMac and when I saw him here for me, I said, 'Yes!' So here's Charlotte in her first horizontal cha-cha at XL Girls.Charlotte reminds us somewhat of the actress who plays the lusty wife on the King of Queens TV sit-com. Her voice is similar too. Except Charlotte has a lot more in the tits and assed department.Before Charlotte decided to try XL Girls, she worked as a security guard in a gated community. You know, the guard who opens the gate for your car. Being an XL Girl is much better, and the paycheck is better, too. I think it's kind of a rush being watched while I have sex, Charlotte said. It's a rush watching Charlotte. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Plump plugging Plump Plugging Kelly Shibari likes to stare into a man's eyes when she engulfs his dick between her lips. So you start have sex Kelly. Her hands are off her tits so you can savor how they splay. You slide it into her pussy, making her gasp and moan with pleasure. She begs you to slap her clit with your beef-tool. Her meaty, chubby anatomy is yours to have sex as you please. Kelly stares at you and begs for more penetration. You flip Kelly over and jam it in doggie-style. By now her pussy has been opened up for every inch of your dick. It's time to cream Kelly so you whip it out of her pussy and give her the nut-sauce she loves.I want the guy to make the first move. But I can be impatient. So if he doesn't, sometimes I end doing some of the things that get him to initiate things. I'd rather he just take me by the hand and whisk me away. We don't get why a guy would spend time with Kelly and not make a move.I always get turned on by a smart, excited guy. I guess you could say that I'm into confident men, but dickiness is definitely not excited. I love having a guy quietly tell me what to do! I'm very passive and submissive. See More of Kelly Shibari at XLGIRLS.COM!. Webb of tits Webb of tits It's time to sit back with a beer and look at these pictures of Alice Webb working out. Alice said the funniest thing that ever happened to her at a gym was when a guy approached her and said, Excuse me, I am about to go home and jerk-off and I need a name for your face. Alice has a nice sense of humor so she thought it was beautiful funny. But how does a guy really get her interest unlike that gym dude That look in his eyes that tells me that he wants me. It can't be faked. Eyes give it all away. I also like to look at a man's fingers. How does Alice dress when she goes out I am a total tomboy, Alice explains. I wear movie T-shirts and a skirt. I always wear a bra. A girl with 40HH boobs like mine has to. It's a must. I've always been a tomboy. See More of Alice Webb at XLGIRLS.COM!. A milf with really big hooters A MILF With Really great Hooters Giant-titted MILF Cami Cooper says she likes it when guys undress her with their eyes. I like the attention and I don't mind it at all. I usually like to wear V-neck tops that cling to my tits and if I didn't get checked out, I would wonder what's going on. Cami can buy her bras off the rack which is surprising since she's got 38G-cups.There are three things on my to-do list, says Cami. Go on a cruise. Go to Amsterdam. Have sex with another girl. Hopefully, she'll check off all three before long. Carlos gave Cami a rough and tumble time in her first XXX scene Roughing It. She liked his barbarian approach and looked like she wanted more of it. The neck-kissing will be saved for another time. See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. What a sweetheart What A Sweetheart Mia Sweetheart's name proves there is truth in advertising. She is a sweetheart and our photo team vouched for that. Writes BBWLover: Ever since her debut, I have been chomping at the bit for more of Mia! Being stationed in Romania, I am constantly on the prowl for more women like Mia! Especially in Bucharest and Constanta! Mia is a true BBW Goddess! XL Girls: Mia, do you ever store things in your cleavage, like moneyMia: No, not really. Maybe just popcorn! Anytime I go to the cinema, when I get home, my bra is full of it.XL Girls: When you meet a guy, how can he win your interestMia: If he makes me laugh he is halfway there , he has to be smart and have manners.XL Girls: Are you called by any pet namesMia: Yes, my family calls me Biba. I do not know from where it comes but they have called me Biba since I was a kid. See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. The way curvy emma likes it The Way curvy Emma Likes It It's curvy Emma's first boning at XL Girls. In our video portion, Emma talks to TSG editor Dave in the models' dressing room while Jimmy sits in on their chat. Talking on-camera with an editor makes Emma a little nervous. Giggling, she says she's shy. She's anything but shy have sexual intercourse on-camera. This contrast is not new. We've seen it before with other girls. After Emma talks breasts and shows her self-suc and dick-suc skills, the happy couple leave Dave and adjourn to the bedroom. It's time to get the action going. Emma is eager to get it on and Jimmy is eager to get his dick back in her throat. He has some interesting blowjob job positions for her to try.My favorite position is cowgirl when my breasts are bouncing in the guy's face, says Emma. My kind of foreplay is sensual my boobs and my body. I love suc dick and playing with my vagina in front of a man. Back home, I have sex at least once a week with my fuck buddy. I'm passive and I need a man to control me. I love rough sex. Currently I have been single for over two years but I really love giving a guy head and deep throating him to make him feel special. Outside of bed, I would take dirty pix and videos for him while he's at work to tease him a little and know that I am thinking of him.Sounds like girlfriend material to us! Thanks, Emma! See More of curvy Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hot mama Hot Mama Huge titted girl-next-door April McKenzie was a hot momma-to-be when she shot this scene. April started off modeling with toys, then quickly jumped into full-sex, doing the dick in the movies Pounding The Pledges and boobs On Top.April likes to make love and has a very active sex life so getting laid on camera is fun for her. She has few inhibitions and loves guys. When April got knocked up, she called us, said she was pregnant and asked if we thought the Boob Brotherhood would like to see her having sex with a seven-month baby bump. Once the surprise wore off, we told her to come on down and go to town. An invitation like that doesn't come often. Her breasts were bigger than her last visit and her areolae darkened, which happens during pregnancy. It was clear that April needed an above-average plowboy so JMac, her partner in Pledges and boobs On Tops, was called to service the huge-chested preggo.See More of April McKenzie at XLGIRLS.COM!. Miss isabelle opens up Miss Isabelle Opens Up Miss Isabelle was a very lovely pro-am model we invited to XL Girls. She has what some would consider the perfect body for BBW modeling. She developed young and said she went from flat to a D-cup literally overnight. It took time for Miss Isabelle to lose her self-consciousness about her large boobs. Isabelle got into modeling to pay off those damned student loans. She dabbled in bondage modeling also.The plump redhead talked about her kinkiest sex encounter as she posed. She got hotter as she told her story. Her erotic imagination and interests are very strong. It was in a theme motel a male friend of mine recommended. We were in this room called The Cave. It had brown shag carpeting and a bed that was sunken into the platform with mirrors on the ceiling. We were both laying down looking at each other in the mirror and the Prince song 'Darling Nikki' came on. We're getting into the music and start touching our own bodies, each watching the other in the mirror. As the song played we began pulling off our clothes, touching our bodies and singing along while looking in the mirror. It was very sexy. We were both so turned on by the end of the song we had amazing sex. I'll always remember the sight of him in the mirror and the sight of myself playing with my body. I really recommend every guy take a girl to a theme motel from time to time. It will charge their sex life up!See More of Miss Isabelle at XLGIRLS.COM!.
Bubbly angel Bubbly Angel An Angel flew into XL Girls and she's brought some champagne and an ice cube to rub around her voluminous breasts. Then she takes off her tight dress and heels and plays her titillating zones like a finely tuned instrument, making mammary music and finger-strumming her pink cunt, hitting the right notes. Music for a Rubenesque babe to cumshot by.When I'm feeling in a horny mood, I'll wear no panties and a horny, tight outfit, says Angel. But just being myself and not trying to be someone I'm not makes me feel horny. I think my best physical feature is my legs. Guys might say my breasts or my ass. I do love to show off my breasts so I'll wear low-cut and tight tops.I'm very flexible and I have a talent that makes guys and girls go crazy. I love to use ice inside my cunt and I sometimes stuff my panties inside my cunt also. We've seen Angel do that in the models' dressing room.Angel talks about being a cam-girl in a Bonus video filmed the same day she did her Bubbly Angel scene. XLGirls: Angel, do you find yourself titillating your breasts without thinking about itAngel: All the time! Adjustments are often necessary and when I'm in public I tend to forget that so I just do what comes naturally; adjust my breasts in their faces!XLGirls: What do you like to do most on a free nightAngel: Play video games especially Ark Survival Evolved on my Mac at the momentXLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beAngel: The Queen of TeaseXLGirls: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wearAngel: Usually a one-piece but I always seem to only find two-piece bathing suits. And whether it's a one or two piece, my breasts always just seem to be there.XLGirls: What do the fans want to see you do the mostAngel: sucks their dick...or me on top! See More of Angel DeLuca at XLGIRLS.COM!. New discovery! New Discovery! When we first saw Nila Mason's test shots from our European correspondents, there was a compulsion to roll around the floor and bark, like Curly from The Three Stooges. However self-control prevailed. Nila (pronounced Nee-la) is spectacular--a real brick house of a girl with M-cup tits, a pretty face and exciting eyes. She's not shy.I think my best features are my chest and my face, said Nila with the assistance of one of our translators. She speaks Russian and only a smattering of basic English. Her accent is very exciting. Also I am very open and friendly. People say I have a warm personality. I have a curiosity about life and experiencing different things. That is one reason why I decided to try applying to XL Girls.I really enjoyed my shootings, the preparation and the people. I hope that the guys will like me and write nice things about me because I want to come back.As a second video, a Bonus extra, Nila measures and tries on tight tops and bras. All we can say is: we've fallen and we can't get up. See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Nerd tutor gets fantasy bra-buster Nerd tutor gets fantasy bra-buster When you read the news, there seems to be an epidemic of teachers and tutors having after-school specials with their willing students. Your XL Girls editors never experienced this phenomenon, having had hatchet-faced, sexless women over 50 as tutors and instructors. This dork tutor is trying to help Marilyn Mayson with her studies but his mind keeps drifting to the assets that even the shyest nerd can't stop thinking about...especially since Marilyn takes pride in her global achievements and likes to dress to attract.The material Tarzan is trying to teach Marilyn is of no interest to her. She's more interested in seeing what this clod can do to get her off. She steers the lesson over to her big breasts that he's been staring at and he reacts with a mix of reluctance and excitement. He can't believe what she's offering him. You're not going to jizz your pants, are you Marilyn teases. She enjoys this game. Taking her tits out of her dress, she lets him touch her twin girls.I'm just really in a excited mood, otherwise this would not be happening, Marilyn tells him. I take pity on you. I'll teach you some new things, you teach me some new things. Pity sex is better than nothing. She reaches over to rub his junk. Now that he's been cleared for take-off, Tarzan drops trou and Marilyn pops his shaft in her mouth. He's about to get lesson number-one from this excited brunette. See More of Marilyn Mayson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tit goddess Tit Goddess I always wear a bra to bed, mammoth-chested Bunny Michelle told us. My boobs are too big to sleep comfortably without a bra. Bunny has a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes. Her idea of a favorite day would be Breakfast in bed, a massage, a walk downtown and maybe a movie. She likes reading, sewing, dress designing and watching television.Bunny said she's an assertive girl in bed. I don't have any fetishes although I meet a lot of people who do. I need sex at least twice a week or more depending on how I feel. I like my partners to give me a lot of attention on my tits and clit. I also like a threesome now and then to add variety to my life. Most of the time I initiate sex because I like to make a guy pretty and rough and teased before I give him a taste of me. It's a shame Bunny didn't shoot more. She was made for it. See More of Bunny Michelle at XLGIRLS.COM!. Gaggin' for a shaggin' Gaggin' For A Shaggin' Gwen Etoile breaks the ol' heat-o-meter. In the video section of this scene, a letter writer named T.M. described his wishes and hopes about Gwen. Here, B.C. contributes his own dream.Gwen's voluminous 38DDs get my full attention and make me wish my cock was between her huge tits. I'd slide between Gwen's squished jugs, pinching her rosy-red nips as my balls spank against Gwen's hooters. I'd slide my cock between Gwen's huge fun bags with my balls spankping against her awesome, huge rack, heavy and fast till I blew my load all over her sweet, red lips and tits, letting Gwen blow the last of my cumshot from my pulsing cock. Now there's a man with a potential career in erotic fiction writing. We also enjoy Gwen, especially when she's bouncing on the pole of love. She's a fun, nasty, bad girl with no strings attached! The best kind, in our opinion. And heavy to find! See More of Gwen Etoile at XLGIRLS.COM!. Butt day Analy Day Lucy Lenore works in an adult store, one of several XL Girls who's had a job in the retail end of adult entertainment. I get to help people have a better and more fulfilling sex life, said Lucy. That's the spirit! One of the regulars at the shop I work in told me about the ads for models in SCORE's magazines and I decided to apply. I thought I would do well. And Lucy has.I have sex three or four times a week. Between life and work, that's all I can manage. I wish it was more. I have to be literally worn out to be totally satisfied. I have to cumshot until I hurt to be satisfied. I have been called sexually insatiable more than once.Has Lucy ever have sex outside the bedroom I haven't but I used to dream about having sex in dirty public bathrooms, like in a bar. I don't really know why but something about being able to not care about noise or other people hearing us is really hot to me. See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. New discovery New Discovery Say hello to Laddie Lynn, our second June newcomer. Whoever told Laddie (pronounced Lady) to apply to XL Girls did the right thing. She took his advice and now she's here to show you her goodies. I generally spend my free time watching local bands play, doing yoga, and playing board games with my sisters and parents, said Laddie. I really would like to travel more. Australia and the Dominican Republic are at the top of my list. I've been to Florida before but it's my first time in Miami.Laddie has heavy assets starting with her KK-cup boobs. I dress conservatively when I go out. I hate for people around me to be uncomfortable or give me extra attention. I don't think I get a lot of attention because of my chest. Nobody ever believes me when I say that. Trust us, Laddie. We're never uncomfortable around heavy boobs and we always pay attention at all times. See More of Laddie Lynn at XLGIRLS.COM!. Miss white & mr black Miss White & Mr. Black Harmony White smokes the pipe in her second XXX scene at XL Girls and this time, Mr. Jax Black has the honors of providing the pipe. Mr. Black gives Miss White the works, dicking her charming and unloading on her large, creamy jugs.XL Girls: Do you like to have your nipples pinched or pulled Harmony: Both. My nipples are very sensitive and I get a lot of delight from hand or mouth contact with my breasts.XL Girls: What makes your nipples very roughHarmony: I think because I am always lusty and always thinking about sex. They just stay rough all the time. XL Girls: What is something you have tried, but will never do againHarmony: Wall sex. I'm a large girl. I guess I make guys weak!XL Girls: Are any models an inspiration to youHarmony: Jenna Jameson. The first one I ever saw! See More of Harmony White at XLGIRLS.COM!. Vanilla & creamy Vanilla & Creamy I love being overwhelmed by sex, said Lilli Blue, a a big-chested Georgia Peach and a housewife who lives, sleeps and breathes sex, sex, sex. I love a man's desire, his needs and the scent and feel of skin on skin. Lilli had never met Lucas Stone before. His black make love stick sent her to the brink of ecstasy quite a few times during their brief encounter. How many times have you had interracial Stone asks Lilli. A couple, Lilli replies. How many times have you had good interracial Lucas persists. Once, answers Lilli with a wry smile. He asks her what she expects from him. I'm expecting a good, elegant make love. That's what I want to hear, Stone tells her. She met her sex master and learned to follow every piece of instruction, every command and eat every drop of his make loveing cum.See More of Lilli Blue at XLGIRLS.COM!. Berry hot Berry Hot Sadie Berry is berry, berry sexy. She's from Detroit, Michigan and has a job working with numbers. Her own numbers add up to a perfect figure. I just love to watch porn, Sadie says. Especially group sex videos. I would love to be with a girl, especially Daphne Rosen. I'd love to have hardcore, strap-on sex with a girl with voluminous boobs. I've made out with a few girls but just a lot of kissing, boob-squeezing and drunk action. I jerk-off a lot. I usually just use lube and my fingers on my clit with a porn DVD on. A lot of guys don't realize that girls do what guys do because most girls just don't talk about it but we do. Guys think that girls find porn gross but that's not true. Some do but a lot of girls love to watch porn and cum. Sadie only dabbled in nude modeling and porn but, boy, did she dabble. We regret that she declined our proposal of marriage. What a voluminous wife she would have made.See More of Sadie Berry at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ejaculate on lila Ejaculate On Lila Massage therapist Lila cute says she's told that she has a healing touch. For sure. Lila just loves gulp on those voluminous cocks. I love strong guys that spank and slap me and have intercourse me hard, says Lila.The thought of guys jerking off watching me gets me wet. I hope some of them time their cumshots with me so we can cumshot together. Doing porn is the best.What's the hottest sex Lila's had in public I once had anal sex with a guy on a nature walk just off the trail in the woods. It was very hot and the thought of someone catching us made it even more exciting! See More of Lila cute at XLGIRLS.COM!. The breast of times The Breast Of Times Busty, brainy and beautiful, Roxanne Miller is close to the main event and her lush body is showing the transformation that pregnancy brings. Bigger, heavier boobs. The nipples changing color. The veins becoming more prominent. The surge of hormones making her hornier. Check out the Tit Chat video in which Roxanne talks about her pregnancy.XL Girls: Have you weighed your tits recentlyRoxanne: They are around 12-14 pounds together. I put them on a kitchen scale.XL Girls: What is the best thing about having bigger titsRoxanne: Having the big tits, ha-ha! Well, when you have bigger tits actually you become more unique because you leave behind those with big boobs since you now have HUGE boobs! XL Girls: What is so much fun about your boobsRoxanne: They are full and lovely firm for how big they are. They are fun bags, not just a pair of long socks hanging from my chest area. Do I sound mean But, hey! I love my tits!XL Girls: Thanks, Roxanne. A girl loving her tits is the best. See More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!. Nila needs roadside assistance Nila Needs Roadside Assistance Several XL Girls members found the arm stamina to write-in about new discovery Nila Mason. Nila is gorgeous, what a discovery, please post more from this beauty, commented Chappy. A major discovery. A top class XL Girl, PW commented.Nila (pronounced Nee-la) is all that and a whole lot more. We've seen Nila's debut and a Bonus video trying on tight tops and bras that laid us out. She's a girl who makes a man proud to be a man. Now we get to see this dreamgirl in her first hardcore scene as a delightful damsel in distress and in need of roadside assistance after her car breaks down. She tries phoning for help but the operators don't speak Russian. When Nila spots Denis ambling down the street towards her, she asks him for help. What would you doUnfortunately, but maybe fortunately, Denis knows jack about motors but he does know a catch when he sees her and quickly invites Nila to his place so she can call for a mechanic. Offering Nila some wine at his pad, Denis accidentally on purpose spills some on her unbelievably magnificent cleavage. Nila quickly gets out of her wet dress. Denis loses his mind seeing Nila in her bra and panties. While they wait for the call back from roadside assistance, Nila rewards her knight for saving the day. Denis is not one to turn down the ample charms of this brunette bra-buster. And what would you do See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Angel of sin Angel Of Sin Angel Sin from the Archives; Not only does webcam hostess Angel Sin have a hot, juicy, plump anatomy and nice 38FF's but she's good and talks dirty on video. She's one of those girls that becomes a real big-titty kitten anytime the camera is turned in her direction. Her idea of a perfect day is to wake up with a smile on her face, exercise, go to work, then go home and unwind with a nice, hot bubble bath with all that candle stuff and relaxing music that only chicks like. Angel reads, paints and cooks. She rides a beach cruiser for fun. She likes tall, skinny guys with tattoos. On her cam, she is into giantess fantasies, boob, foot and leg fetishes and said her kinkiest experience was when my ex-boyfriend used to dress as a woman. (We assume this was for sex games, not sticking up convenience stores.) Angel likes make love best when she's on top and can be dominant or submissive. It depends.See More of Angel Sin at XLGIRLS.COM!. Beautiful & thick Charming & Thick XL Girls: What is the kinkiest thing you've ever donePorsche: I guess my first girl experience was appealing kinky. I had toys so we were just going at it with each other like crazy. We were using vibrators. I love vibrators, especially if they have the little clit tickler on them. I prefer the vibrators over dildos. They feel better. XL Girls: Do you get a lot of comments about your natural tits when you go out Porsche: I get a lot of chicks who hate on me, especially at the mall. I don't know what it is about the mall, but if I'm walking through there they'll just stare at me. Then they're in their little, cliquey groups talking shit about me. I notice their boyfriends looking especially when the girl doesn't have any natural tits at all. It's not my fault he's looking. They should get mad at him for being rude.XL Girls: Do you think it's rude when someone is looking at you Porsche: It depends on how they do it and what they look like. A lovely guy who is checking me out and smiles at me is different than a guy who is just creepily staring at my chest. If I'm out and about and a guy makes conversation with me, it's a million times better than staring like you're about ready to jack off. XL Girls: Thank you, Porsche. We'll save the jacking off for later when we watch your video.See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ample amiee Ample Amiee Usually you will find me wearing a low-cut tank top and jeans except at the office when I wear regular business attire, 40H-cupper Amiee Roberts tells us. It makes me feel lusty to have my boobs getting attention from guys. I feel the sexiest in the morning. A really lovely outfit, make-up and hair done, makes me happy.Getting attention from men, even by doing photos and videos, is very nurturing to me. I admire the girls with my kind of body that go for it and do nude modeling. It makes me proud and I'm sure they feel the same way I do.Veteran TSG fan Maddien wrote, She's unbelievably lusty. The look in her eyes and lusty face make me cream in my pants within seconds. She has the special touch. See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!. The office, xl girls style The Office, XL Girls Style You're hired. That's what your XL Girls camera crew and editors would say to Angel DeLuca immediately if she ever wanted a job at the TSG offices. Now this human resources director has to ask Angel all these questions about qualifications. Qualifications Is he have sexual intercourse farsighted Angel has tons of qualifications. Face, hair, tits, ass, legs, feet. Her assets are ample and staring right at him. Eventually he falls for Angel's chesty charms and they do the nasty right there on his hiring couch in his office, going over such office procedures as tit-banging, have sexual intercourse, deep-throating, face-jizzing and more. Now we ask you. If you were hiring and Angel came in for an interview, what would you do XLGirls: Angel, what is the most unusual sex position you've ever triedAngel: Trying to have sex on a super skinny couch while spooning, the constant feeling of thinking I'm going to fall off the couch and make a fool of myself and then laugh it off. Of course, I would immediately get back up and start have sexual intercourse again like nothing happened!XLGirls: Let us ask you, how many days do you think you could abstain from sex or masturbate Angel: Not too long. I usually become bitchy if I haven't had it for more than a week.XLGirls: We don't want that happening, Angel. Keep getting your sex on. See More of Angel DeLuca at XLGIRLS.COM!. Big hooters need cumshot Large Hooters Need cumshot Analee Sands truly fits the definition of All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump. What a babe! Her fetish was CMNF aka Clothed Man Nude Female sex. Her fantasy was to have her own nude beach.Analee: I'm a cock chick. XL Girls: Does the size matter Analee: Not really, as long as you hit the right spot. XL Girls: Have your tits ever fallen out of a bra or shirt by accident Analee: More times than I can count. My family hates it when I wear tanktops. I'll bend over too far and my tits just migrate and fall out. I love horse-back riding, and the joke was that they needed duct tape and a bungee chord to hold my tits in. I need to wear two sports bras to ride a horse for 10 minutes. XL Girls: Your tits fell out while you were riding a horse Analee: One time they did, yes. And my family never let me live it down. They were just bouncing around so much, and I was wearing a regular bra, and there was no way they were going to stay inside.XL Girls: Now you embrace your tits and want to show them off Analee: Sometimes. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I can be outgoing, sometimes I just want to be alone. But whenever I was in the mood to be outgoing, my friends would run for the hills. Because if I came out, you just wouldn't know what to expect. I've dressed up in some of the smallest tops and some of the skimpiest little bottoms. Like, for Halloween.See More of Analee Sands at XLGIRLS.COM!. It's showtime in the vip room It's Showtime In The VIP Room If there was a strip club with a girl like Jaden Suede available in the VIP Room, we'd be there. But we don't think that's very likely. It's inhuman finding strip clubs with curvy Girls or XL Girls. If they did exist, we'd send our scouts there! Jaden, who only modeled for a short time, said she likes Genuinely funny guys who are responsible and supportive yet still a kid at the same time. I like a guy who will stand up for me. Someone who likes adventurous dates, not the same old movie and dinner. Like going to a theme park or a sex club. Jaden added that she likes to dress very '80s. She is a girl who enjoys showing her stuff and loves it when men admire her bod. I like to wear stockings, G-strings, boy-shorts, mini-skirts, platform shoes, baby-doll T-shirts and dark glasses. I always wear a bra. I love when my tits feel constricted. My sexual fantasy is to be with two men at the same time. Can we film that No, I'm too chicken. I'm scared about doing that. make love is too personal. I'm impressed by the girls who can do that. See More of Jaden Suede at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bubbly boobs, bubble anal Bubbly Boobs, Bubble butthole XL Girls: Roxee, if you could be invisible for a day, what would you doRoxee: Probably spend the day causing harmless pranks. Seems like a fun way to spend the day.XL Girls: A SCORELAND model we know named Casey Deluxe gets and saves fan emails of her photos that have been jacked on. What do you think about emails like thatRoxee: I have gotten some email like that as well. I have fans that will buy my panties and they jack off on them and they send me pics and vids as well. I am always flattered. I am very satisfied knowing I have this affect on them. I don't save the vids and pics. I have so many pics and clips of myself and I'm always producing more constantly that I just don't have storage space.XL Girls: Do you read the comments you get at XL GirlsRoxee: I do read the comments. I love reading what fans are saying.XL Girls: What do your fans ask you to do the mostRoxee: Girl-on-girl boob action. To show my ass off more. To do boy-girl hardcore.XL Girls: Any comments for the fansRoxee: I love all my fans. Kisses! See More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tits, tugs and throat Natural tits, Tugs and Throat Outstanding video! wrote Seanster about busty beauty Allie Pearson's previous natural tits & Tugs. Allie's tits are sensational. Watching her furiously jerk that penish whilst her huge naturals jiggle is an awesome sight. More please.This natural tits & Tugs scene is all that and more, and longer by ten minutes. I'm going to be giving a hand job and a gulp job and wrapping my tits around some penish, Allie said to the cameraman and Brad the stunt penish. Once again, Allie takes things in hand and sucks, tit-fucks and jerks a happy chappy off all over her magnificent tits without him getting in on the act. Allie does it all by herself with her own two hands, two tits and wet mouth and that's voluminous to watch, and watch again. And watch again. Guys ask to touch my tits all the time, Allie said about the effect she has on the male brain. And they'll say, 'Are they real' I've been motor-boated in public, so maybe that's the craziest boob thing I've done in public. I'm sure all girls with considerable tits know about motorboating.Allie Pearson. She turns our brains into pudding and it's worth it. See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!. First xxx First XXX It's the first XXX scene for Amiee Roberts! Amiee modeled for the first time at XL Girls last year. We kept in contact and invited her to try a boy-girl scene. It took some time and eventually, Amiee decided to go for it.XL Girls: So, Amiee, what did you like better, the video or the still photos Amiee: I liked both but if I had to choose I would say the still photos because they look amazing!XL Girls: Will you be watching this scene at home Will you watch it alone or with a boyfriend Amiee: Yes, I will be watching this scene at home and I will probably watch it alone. I like it better that way.XL Girls: Compared to regular guys you have dated, how did you find a professional stud as a sex partner Amiee: Much better, less drama attached. And I find it lascivious to have sex with a professional stud. I can just let everything go.XL Girls: Had you ever met a pro porn performer in person before this scene Amiee: Yes, I met one a couple years ago at the AVN Awards show.XL Girls: What kind of advice or tutoring did Tony give you before or during the shoot Amiee: He told me to look in the camera while I was having sex. Guys want to look directly into your eyes.XL Girls: Do you have any favorite porn performers, either female or male Amiee: Since I'm so new to the boy-girl scene, I don't have a favorite performer...yet! XL Girls: Do you watch adult videos at home Amiee: Yes, sometimes. See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!. May the fourth (of july) be with you May The Fourth (of July) Be With You These classified photos of the busty legend Cherry Brady in her army uniform at her barracks have been passed around military bases all over the world since they were first released. They've led to a huge uptick in enlistment in the U.S. military ever since. She makes us proud to be tit men. Even Cherry's doohickey is camouflaged. fuck or fighting, we'd follow Commander Brady anywhere. What's a national holiday without those voluminous breasts and lascivious bodyCherry likes riding dirt bikes and is proud to have a concealed weapons permit. She's one of the voluminous tit self-suckers in our history. Her dream car would be the Brady Bunch's station wagon. And her voluminous sexual fantasy is to get gangbanged by a boatload of sailors.I have a very adventurous life, said Cherry. I like to get out there and do all sorts of stuff. I like to ride dirt bikes and scuba dive. I like to see where the road takes me. I like to get into stuff. I usually get in trouble. One time I even broke all Ten Commandments in one day! See More of Cherry Brady at XLGIRLS.COM!. Lusty cassie Horny Cassie I've never had trouble getting men's attention, said Cassie Blanca. They've always told me, 'Your eyes are beautiful, your smile is beautiful.' And of course they're like, 'Your boobs are great.' But still, I didn't think there would be such a large market for larger women. I'm glad that there is though. I look back at all the people who've given me advice, and I wish I would've listened to it. And I wish I could've been the person I am now for all those years back then. I've worked very massive and I have a very clear path. I'm not afraid anymore. I was afraid of actually experiencing really lovely sex, or having toys or doing kinky things. Now I love having sex outside and I didn't before. I was always afraid of what people would think of me. But now it's like, 'Oh well.' If they don't like it I can't change it. I'm happier than I've ever been and I'm safe. XL Girls: What would you say is your kinkiest sexual encounter Cassie: Probably doing the pile driver position. Before I did it, I didn't even know it existed. Basically your head and neck are on the floor and the rest of your body is in the air and the guy is orgasm down like an oil drill. XL Girls: What position do you like the most Cassie: When my head is off the bed, the guy stands over me and tit fucks me while I suc on his balls. See More of Cassie Blanca at XLGIRLS.COM!. The bod in the mirror The Bod In The Mirror Like we mentioned last time, Charlotte Angel's face and voice reminded us of the hot wife in a popular TV sit-com. And that's a inviting thing. Charlotte has a very excited personality and with tits and anal like she has, she's double-dynamite.XL Girls: Are you a swinger Charlotte: I'm not really a swinger. I went to a swingers' club once and it was an interesting and fun experience, to say the least. We met a couple who were much older than us but they were gorgeous. The wife made it a point to tell me that 32 years of marriage gets you a sweet rack! She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits and was like, Aren't they nice They were. It was just a funny moment. XL Girls: Do you jack-offCharlotte: I don't usually but I have a friend who makes custom toys and I've started using a few of those. My favorite so far is the simple dark wood one. He's given me a much larger, ribbed one that feels inviting for sure but that one is going to take some getting used to. XL Girls: What about fetishes Do you have a kinky sideCharlotte: No, I was never big on any fetishes. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cami's fantasies ejaculate true Cami's Fantasies ejaculate True Newcomer Cami Cooper gets complimented whenever she features and this has encouraged her to continue. The models read what you write so keep this in mind when you see someone you want to see again.Cami does some domestic stuff waiting for the cock man to show up. She's perfect for that homemaker fantasy. Mr. Cooper is away and Cami is horny as usual. So she vacuums the carpet and makes the bed, just so she can mess it up as she said in the video version of this scene. When Mr. Tarzan swings in for a visit to Cami's place, she gets to play out her sex fantasies with a professional cock-slinger and have a no-strings fuck and sucks afternoon. As Amiee Roberts said, I can just let everything go. Cami really gets into blowing and breast-squishing Tarzan's beef baloney, like she just can't get enough. Her huge natural tits and her belly jiggle and shake like crazy as he spears her pussy-hole. When Cami's rough ride ends, her boff buddy uncorks a load all over her face that she rubs into her skin. See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Scarlett's job interview Scarlett's Job Interview A job interview This suit has the balls to ask Scarlett Rouge to sit down for a job interview Scarlett doesn't do interviews. He's lucky she doesn't take his file and shove it up his corporate ass. Scarlett is here to lay on his desk and get have sex beautiful and violent by a guy who knows how to lay the wood. Big, large boobs taste great in a man's mouth and Scarlett has yummy nipples made for deep sucks and licking, and a pink hole made for drilling with the flesh hammer. This is how a supervisor gets into great trouble with Human Resources but screw it. You only get a crack at a delicacy like Scarlett once in a blue moon. The trick to a beautiful blowjobjob job I think you need to make sure that it is appealing and lubed up and that you don't get teeth in there, said Scarlett. Teeth and blowjobjob jobs do not mix! And just deep throat as much as you can, but don't throw up. You have to relax the throat and then it will go down easier. See More of Scarlett Rouge at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hot tits, sticky toys Hot Tits, Sticky Toys Czech babes really love showing off their breasts and pussy. The fall of the Iron Curtain opened the flood gates and years later, a new generation really got into it. We salute their sexual flexibility. Posing for adult photographers is huge in Europe and when our photographer in Prague learned about Denisa, he showed her XL Girls and the XL Girls website. She didn't have a boyfriend at the time to block the idea. A few days later, Denisa rung him up and brought her bag of horny clothes to the studio along with some toys. Denisa didn't speak English but her body spoke plenty. Our photographer mentioned that Denisa was easy to direct and she took to getting loose for the camera very quickly. It was as if she'd been looking for the opportunity and finally one came her way. See More of Denisa at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sweater bustin' coed Sweater Bustin' Coed She's a coed whose student body shouts, Gimme a T, gimme an A, what's that spell T&A! Suzumi Wilder walks into a clanalroom dressed like a typical college girl or breastaurant waitress. She's looking for her instructor. He's not there, unfortunately for him. Suzumi proceeds to get naked and slap her tits and cunt right there on his desk. Too bad he missed her.Does Suzumi get any girls hitting on her in clanal or after clanal I have never had sex with another girl but I have been close, Suzumi revealed. We were kissing and taking each other's clothes off. She gently sucked and bit my nipples and I did the same to her. And then That was itWell, Suzumi is into guys and getting her anal licked and fucked. cock is her main event, not thick, juicy girls like herself.See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Time for love Time For Love They don't come more XL Girl-next-door than Monica Love. She's always smiling and giggling, a real sweetheart. She's studious about domestic tasks too. We'll bet she's an artist in the kitchen. And we already know how talented Monica is in the bedroom.Monica knows what she wants. She wanted to become a model and she did, very successfully too with people who appreciate her. She likes that kind of appreciation in a dude also. She wants a man to lavish attention on her. I am looking for a nice, respectful guy who likes a girl with my kind of boobs and my body and will share my interests. I was the girl with the biggest boobs in my neighborhood and I was very happy about that, that I was exclusive. Now, I get a lot attention from the guys and the girls too. Oh, that is one of my fantasies, to go to bed with a girl. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Great bang for a brit Voluminous Bang For A Brit That Brit lascivious hot totty Samantha Sanders brings her great breasts and great ass back to XL Girls for a bed-bouncin' bang with Steve. It's their second go-round and Sam was eager to open wide for his Czech chubby since she had charming times with him in their first have sexual intercourse fling. large Britain leaving the EU didn't dampen their party.XL Girls: Samantha, how did you start modelingSamantha: When I was 18, someone entered my pictures to a face and figure competition in a British newspaper and I won, so I won a modeling contract. I liked it right away. There was no problem in taking off my clothes. When I saw my nude pictures for the first time, I really liked them. I modeled for a few years, then I stopped. Now I'm doing it regularly plus going on adult British TV and I'm building a website as Sammy Sanders.XL Girls: Sammy Sanders. We like that. So you're comfortable with public nudity, going to nude resorts or topless beachesSamantha: Yes, I like going on holiday to nude beaches. No tan-lines. Not so much in England because it's not very warm. I like Spain.XL Girls: You're a lawyer and also a competitive horsewoman. Have you ever ridden one of those mechanical bucking bullsSamantha: I actually did that in Tenerife when I was on holiday. I wore a bikini and I actually won. I also won Miss Bikini in Tenerife as well.XL Girls: Tell us about your sexual fantasies. Do you have anySamantha: I have one about two guys. Which I've actually done. I have another fantasy about Jason Statham. Laughs I went to a swingers' party once. I didn't know it was a swingers' party. I watched but I didn't join in.XL Girls: Are you more assertive or servile in bedSamantha: Bossy! Laughs Sometimes it's charming to be bossy, sometimes it's charming for the guy to take charge. See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. A guy always wants moore A Guy Always Wants Moore We asked XL Girls readers what their idea of a dream date would be like. A man can dream, can't he Here are some of the responses. The idea of a perfect date with Maria Moore would probably start with a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant with everything from champagne to caviar. I would look across the table at her in a very tight dress that shows off her amazing tits. After dinner I think we would go out for drinks and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. Then of course I would want to take her to an expensive hotel for an entire night of making every one of my dreams come true. I would have her in some very skimpy lingerie that would show off every one of her amazing curves. The only difficult part would be watching her walk away from me the next day but somehow I think I would even get delight out of that.-B.D.I've been meaning to write to you about Maria Moore for a while now. She has got to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest woman you feature in XL Girls and V-mag. I'm seriously in love and have been since the first time I laid eyes on her when she debuted in the Oct. '03 issue of V-mag. I'm totally enamored by her unbridled beauty! I've fantasized about her for years now and think she just keeps getting prettier. I've never wanted to meet a model so bad in my life. I'm 31 years old (and also share the same birthday as Maria, June 12) and have looked at porn for a long time. Not too many models or porn stars get me turned on like Maria. She's so have intercourse hot! I haven't even been laid in years because I can't find a girl even remotely as attractive as Maria. I have the worst luck ever. Oh, well! Keep up the big work!-T.E. I would start by having a limo pick her up. While we were being driven to Shula's Steakhouse in the Alexander Hotel on Collins Ave in Miami Beach, we would talk and I would get to know her better and she would get to know me. I would like to know the real Maria, and not just the sex symbol she portrays in her pictorials and videos. We would enjoy a quiet dinner, where I would be getting envious stares from every male in the restaurant. After we were done eating we would stop by a couple clubs in South Beach and dance and have drinks and continue getting know each other better. We would then stroll the beach for awhile and once we found a quiet spot we would sit down and, with Maria leaning back against me with my arms wrapped around her waist, sit there and watch the sun come up. Finally Maria would have the limo take us to the SCORE headquarters where I would get to meet the staff and have the privilege of watching Maria do a photo shoot. I would then take her home and when I dropped her off, give her a hug and kiss and tell her I can't wait until we can go out again.-P.P. See More of Maria Moore at XLGIRLS.COM!. The awesome tit power of vanessa del! The Awesome Tit Power of Vanessa Del! Vanessa Del. This Dominican traffic-stopper had appeared with fellow Dominican super-juggies Miosotis and Kristina Milan in solo and hardcore have sexual intercourse action. Here Vanessa is hot to sink the meat-pole once again into her greedy cunt and between her deep cleavage valley. Mr. cock is playing foosball with Vanessa but his mind is not on the game. What's left of his mind is spinning from the size and look of Vanessa's jumbo 40-JJ tetas. The game can wait. He wants to play with Vanessa's foosballs instead. Those super sucklers getting doused with man-juice is a sight to remember. Vanessa and her friends don't say much in any language. What they do is revel in their own raw, earthy sexual heat. They know they're crazy-hot, and they get off on driving guys equally crazy. See More of Vanessa Del at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kinky paddle Kinky Paddle Kamille Amora is dressed to slap as a fetishist clad in boots and a black cage dress. It must be Saturday night at the kink factory. She's got a paddle in her hand too. Assuming she's not conducting a sorority hazing, we figure that paddle might be for her own ripe booty. Kamille has whacked off a few studs at XL Girls but not with a paddle.Is Kamille, a lap dancer and now a porn star, really into a kinkster lifestyle back home Not really.I'm charming simple and old-fashioned, Kamille said. Dinner and a movie. Some conversation. If we hit it off, maybe go home and watch a porno.Kamille loves watching porn so when it came to do it herself at XL Girls, she was gagging for it. Her most recent was during a trip to our certified boob doctor. He treats XL Girls with special attention.I have sex almost every day. I'm kind of rough to keep up with. I love doggy style, and if a guy wants to put his penish in my ass, he can go right ahead. Let me know first, of course, but I love anal sex. It makes me squirt rougher. See More of Kamille Amora at XLGIRLS.COM!. If the bra fits If The Bra Fits Laddie Lynn is a cam model and recent arrival to XL Girls. She's into all kinds of interesting hobbies. She described some of them in an interview.XL Girls: Hi Laddie, what kind of fun and games are you intoLaddie: I enjoy being submissive. I like to play with hot wax. Giving guys jerk-off instructions, doing small penis degradation and bondage are all very fun. Lately, I've been wanting to explore foot fetish.XL Girls: That's quite a list. You toyed yourself in this video. Our cameraman got in very close and that squish-squish sound came through loud and clear. Then you licked the dong.Laddie: I've also been playing more with ice and squirting lately. XL Girls: What gets you off bestLaddie: I absolutely love being fingered until I squirtXL Girls: Your cunt got very wet in your video. It was a hot show. See More of Laddie Lynn at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex night Sex Night It's happened again. An XL Girl wants to go out for the night. The guy dresses before she's ready to leave and while she's pampering and primping and putting on some hot outfit for him, he falls asleep in his clothes. When she's ready and wakes him up to leave, the sight of her dolled up creates a giant boner and he puts the moves on her. They end the night in bed have sexual intercourse and the date goes up in smoke. This is why the girl should dress before the guy. The odds are lovely that he's going to get laid when they get home but at least she gets her dinner and dancing instead of a Chinese food delivery after the sexin'.This time, it's happened to Nila Mason, a recent arrival to XL Girls with a spectacular body and sophisticated face. When Tom sees her plump hotness, all thoughts turn to getting his cock buried inside her tight cunt and blowing his load all over her great boobs as she stares at him. We can't blame the guy. We'd all be the same way.My opinion has changed about sex, said Nila after doing her first scene. She was a stranded motorist who needed roadside assistance and she got it from his apartment. I really enjoyed it. I want to watch my videos with someone and see the look on his face.Be sure to let us know, Nila! See More of Nila Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Latex mistress Latex mistress Dedications to Samantha 38G from loyal fans.Samantha looks better than ever. I love the way she poses. Sex with her has to be incredible. I am so glad she is back and modeling for The SCORE Group again. Thank you so much, Sam, for continuing to model and give us boob-hounds massive-ons year after year. While so many have retired, you have continued raising cocks all over. You are a symphony of curves and proof that bigger women have it all.-R.K.This lady has been my one and only BBW. I love big-titted women, and she definitely is one of a kind. That pretty face, those huge mammaries, the pouty cunt and that large ass...I've collected every big-titty mag that features this hot, lustful young lady and also most of her DVDs. I know she will go down in history and on a few more cocks before she calls it quits. When she does, it will be a large loss for all us excited BBW lovers. I'd love to have her wrap those soft, pouty lips around my massive cock, blowjob it until I unload a volley of man cream, having her take most of it all over those monumental, dark areolae, massive-nippled tits. I'd bury my face between her soft, creamy titties and taste her pretty juices and pump that lustful ass. I'd like to say to Samantha, 'Thanks for your mammaries!'-B.W.B. See More of Samantha 38G at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bake & shake Bake & Shake curvy Emma and her 40DDDs are here to show off a beautiful cookie and other assorted tasty cakes. She bakes, she shakes and she's got a creamy filling. Satisfy your craving for sugar pies.XL Girls: What three sex experiences do you remember most-fondlycurvy Emma: Anytime I have sex with an older guy in his 30s, 40s or 50s, it's always a big experience. When I was tied up and make love hard--because I love violent sex and being submissive. The time I had sex outside on my car.XL Girls: What do you do if you see a guy you likecurvy Emma: I would go over to him, flirt, and hope the night will end in a happy ending.XL Girls: Do guys ever talk to you about your boobs, point blankcurvy Emma: Someone asked to see my boobs. He said they were fake! I knew he only said that to try to see my tits!Guy with no couth get no cooch. See More of curvy Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Beck is back to bone Beck Is Back To Bone Many call her the queen of the Euro-plumpers. Always looking to improve her English, Anna Beck, she of the super-natural mountains of XL Girls, spends the afternoon with Dellon. They go over the Czech pronunciation of English words while Dellon understandably finds it difficult to concentrate with lascivious Anna's hard cleavage trying to control his brainwaves and succeeding.What do the English words long, giant, and juicy mean to Anna You betcha. Their flirting word games and hand gestures lead to bigger and better things when Dellon reaches out for ample Anna's voluminous and thick jugs of jubilation. She accepts his lascivious handout and turns around with her assed pressed against him so he can encircle her boobage and help her drop her bra. And when Anna Beck's titanic ta-tas are released from her hooter holster, step a foot back! More than a handful, Anna is a juicy, ripe melon waiting to be savored and squeezed.The English lesson can wait while they bone on the couch and forego word pronunciation. Dellon gives Anna's boobage lots of attention, the attention they so rightfully deserve with hands- and face-time in her cleavage. He drives his skin bus through her steep mammary mountains and takes the detour south to her tunnel of pink love. Anna needs to teach him some Czech words for boobs and assed...after he delivers his pocket rocket fuel. See More of Anna Beck at XLGIRLS.COM!. Voluminous boobs and a tight booty Large natural tits And A Tight anus Kendra Grace has a husband...a liberal one, like several other XL Girls (Jasmine Jones, Jordynn LuXXX, Danica Danali). In this remastered scene, this XL fuck-man got Kendra's butthole for the afternoon. A happy event anyway you look at it. It was her first anal.Kendra discussed her open relationship with an XL Girls editor. As long as we stay honest with each other everything is fine. We're both on the same page as far as our feelings about having an open relationship so it works out large for us. We do our own things separately. But like I said, as long as we're both honest it's fine. Neither of us has anything to hide so there's no reason to lie.Kendra loves nut-juice. How many times do you think I've had my face busted on Enough to know that ejaculate really does wonders for your skin! I recommend it to my friends. it's like an all-natural protein shake for the skin. It gets it pleasant and plump and smooth.Kendra was a little late to her cherry-busting. I lost my virginity when I was 22 years old. I was more shy before that. I think that when I grew tits I became more confident and open to saying what I wanted. And that's probably why I didn't have sex until I was 22. See More of Kendra Grace at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex in the titties chapter 1 Sex In The Titties Chapter 1 Selena Castro and Scarlett Rouge are excited day and night. They're in their prime for mating and the juices are flowing. The girls hit a club in Miami known as a meat market and wait for the right penish to appear. They need some no-strings fun sex. The choice of man-sausage is made and the three retreat to their pad for a night of sweaty, raunchy threeway breast-sexin', just the way Selena and Scarlett like it. Their new fuck-boy of the evening guides his penish into their mouths, their pussies and between their huge jugs. Selena and Scarlett share the penish, their tongues flicking up and down the shaft. Scarlett gets her tits suckled while Selena eats his knob and dick sucking his balls. Selena gets her tits suckled while Scarlett swallows the rod. Each girl gets make love while she eats the other out. Selena goes for face-sitting while Scarlett goes for penish squatting. The permutations and configurations go on all night. They get the job done before the dude explodes in a mess. The girls are satisfied for the time being but it won't take long for them to go on the prowl again for fresh studs to take home and jump on. One man can't satisfy them for long.See More of Selena Castro at XLGIRLS.COM!. Behind the veil Behind The Veil Some people who know me might be shocked to see me here, but most of the people I know wouldn't be too shocked, Charlotte Angel said. I was always a little wild, even in school. I liked to party and have fun. I was never shy about sex, so something like this wouldn't be a huge shock to the people who really know me, the people who've been with me.Charlotte, whose face and voice reminds us of a well-known television actress, thinks confidence is sexy. Just being comfortable with who or what your really are is sexy. If you don't like how you look, change it but support who you are at the moment. Take pride in how you look.If you've seen her first XL Girls XXX scene, you saw that it was a very hot boning session with a very enthusiastic lady. Charlotte likes a hard, thrusting pounding and getting slap (The noise is the best part about it.) and that's what she got. She did not look disappointed and swallowed every drop of cumshot that came her way. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Welsh whoppers Welsh Whoppers XL Girls hasn't hosted many girls from the UK in recent times. There's Gina George from England, Samantha Sanders who just made a voluminous comeback in late 2015 and a few years ago, the dynamic duo of Terri Jane and Dors Feline. Sarah Jane is a new arrival from Cardiff, Wales. If you're a SCORE and busty follower, you know what superstar also lives there.Sarah Jane likes walking and swimming and one of her hobbies is making jewelry. Her main hobby, passion and career is sex and a lot of it from wank to shagging heavy men. In the video, Sarah suc her own nipples and tastes her fingers fresh out of her pussy.Sarah loves cock sucking voluminous dicks and getting have sexual intercourse from behind while her G-cup tits swing like bell clappers so she's made porn and escorting a full-time career. My favorite foreplay is getting my pussy licked by a pretty tongue, either a guy's tongue or a girl's tongue. I love lots of cumshot on my face and I try to have sex at least five days a week! See More of Sarah Jane at XLGIRLS.COM!. Personal trainer Personal Trainer Sweet-faced, titillating charmer Monica Love has decided that she needs personal training. What Monica wants, Monica should get. This trainer she's arranged has a time-tested method in his fitness courses for young ladies. He often uses an oval exercise ball because boning his nubile and excited students on the floor is very unprofessional. Most trainers would agree.First, Monica gets stretched out to warm up her limbs. Next up, the oval ball. He lays Monica on it, on her back, and gives her an assist as she does some abdominals. When her big, mouthwatering breasts are in his face on the upswing, they make that special connection and her clothes wind up on the floor. They face each other sitting on the ball and her trainer feeds his need for Monica's magnificent mams, succulent and soft. The scent of her anatomy intoxicates him. He stands, boner out, for Monica to pleasure with her warm lips and deep cleavage.Laying back on the ball, now naked, Monica waits for the next exercise. He parts her legs a little more and eats her out, lapping her inviting vagina and tasting her flowing juices. Feeling like she's ready to complete today's training, he slides his dick into her wet cookie and pumps away as her breathing deepens and she moans with gratification. Exercise is heavy work. This program makes it fun. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Fresh hot boobs Fresh Hot tits In this reformatted scene, Brianna Falcone takes on a fuck-pro and gives him a heavy experience. This brickhouse said she buys 44DDD bras but doesn't always wear one. Sometimes I like to go out without a bra just to watch the men stare at my chest as they bounce, says Brianna. Not all the time, of course. I have to wear one for decency's sake or I'll attract too much attention and you know how catty and nasty other women can be in public. Tease! We love it.Brianna talked about her first time.My first sexual experience was receiving oral. No one was home and he ate my cunt on my parents' bed. I am very orgasmic. I love to cum. I've always played with my cunt, not from lack of large sex but from wanting one more orgasm. I've been with other girls. In my 20s I was so attracted to one of my closest friends that I'd tell my husband my fantasies about doing her together so one night I brought her home. A blonde and a brunette. Everyman's fantasy, right You got it, Brianna! See More of Brianna Falcone at XLGIRLS.COM!. Nice rack! Beautiful Rack! In this chapter of Sex In The Titties, Renee Ross, Selena Castro, Haydee Rodriguez, Scarlett Rouge and Hillary Hooterz get off listening to Camelia Davis' story about her latest conquest.To recap, Sex In The Titties is about a group of huge-boobed girlfriends who meet in a high-rise apartment building in Miami to talk about their sexual adventures. When Camelia joins her friends, she tells them about a fling she just had. She caught the eye of a tit-man in the street, and he was anxious to have sex her brains out. Camelia was more than receptive to his signals. It's cute to see a shot of Camelia walking down the street in the beginning of this scene before the stranger catches her eye. Watching big-boobed women bounce and walk is a sight most tit-men love to see. I like attention, Camelia told the editors. I think I live for attention. It makes me feel elegant and it kind of makes me horny, too. I like it when I get stared at by both men and women. It makes me feel really elegant that they are looking at me and I know that they all want to have sex me. I love cock. I love to cock give sucking it, over and over, for a long time. I love to give head. Maybe it is because I am so elegant at it. I like to get it cute and wet and cock give sucking on it like it's my lollipop. It feels so elegant in my mouth. I like ejaculate. I really do. If a guy wants to ejaculate in my mouth, I don't mind. And if he asks to ejaculate on my tits, that is elegant, too. I like to see it splattering all over my chest. I like to play with it and rub it into my nipples. I think ejaculate is sexy. See More of Camelia Davis at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cat's back Cat's Back Cat Bangles is a naturally super-sexual girl and being at The SCORE Group gave her the freedom and the opportunity to release all that lustful energy. The very first day Cat was here, she said in an interview, Smacking my clit with your dick is the perfect way to get my cunt ready. It gets me really wet. I have a nice, big clit, too. She gets really violent and pops out and looks at you. When you lick it or touch it, she gets really violent and it's like she's looking back at you.Now Cat's returned for more fun and games after being incognito for months. She's been loyal and has only modeled here. Cat watches all of her scenes and she's often had sex while watching them.I like to turn the volume up so I can hear myself moan. I get so wet and try to go violenter than the scene. It's like a competition with myself, both ending with me climaxing!That's very hot. And a appealing lovely idea for a future video; Cat masturbating while she watches a video of herself masturbating. See More of Cat Bangles at XLGIRLS.COM!. Speculum play Speculum Play Laddie Lynn used a speculum at XL Girls for self-pleasure, to explore her body and to see deep inside my vagina when she checks out the resulting pictures and video. First Laddie plays with her big, pliable breasts and digitizes her wet, pink vagina before giving herself the full speculum treatment.Laddie likes kinky play. Bondage, hot wax, jerk-off instruction, small-penis humiliation (no, thank you, Laddie), playing submissive, Sugar Daddy role-play, butt plugs, Ben-Wa balls and handcuffs. Quite a list there and that's only a partial. My 2016 resolution is to figure out how to milk a prostate, says Laddie. She'll have no shortage of volunteers.Some of cam-girl Laddie's fantasies that she writes about on her cam page are: I've always wanted to walk up to a stranger, drop his pants and give suck him off. I sometimes think about a man urinating inside me. I think it would feel amazing because it's so warm. Laddie looks like the girl-next-door. The girl-next-door with a freaky-deaky imagination. See More of Laddie Lynn at XLGIRLS.COM!. Curvy emma's revenge sex Busty Emma's Revenge Sex busty Emma is in her bathroom when she spots something in her waste basket that gets her steaming mad. It's a rubber and it's not a new one. She realizes that her boyfriend was have sexual intercourse another girl when she wasn't home. Now busty Emma wants to get even and she has a plan to get her vengeance as soon as possible. The opportunity comes when her boyfriend's brother Tony phones about orgasm over to see him. Emma tells him to come over. She's going to let Tony pound her as revenge for being cheated on. He cheated so she'll cheat back and his brother is the perfect guy to cheat with.When he gets to the house, Tony is taken aback when Emma comes on to him. He's always been turned on by her and when he jacks, she's his go-to girl. Brother or no brother, Tony weakens at the sight of Emma, and because he would never have hit on her otherwise, this is his chance. His bro is not home. We can never tell him, Tony tells Emma. Don't bet on that, dude. Tony can't even wait to go to the bedroom. He's all over Emma on the couch, have sexual intercourse her throat, cleavage and pussy. She chokes and gags on his bloated shaft and that gets her even hornier. Emma is a screamer and every thrust into her pink taco pulls a loud scream out of her. Her revenge is complete when she takes a faceful of brotherly jizz. Maybe she'll even show her boyfriend these pictures. See More of busty Emma at XLGIRLS.COM!. Lunch with lola Lunch With Lola Lola and the guy she's hanging out with decide to order in. Two large cheesy pizzas should do the job. Her feeder-friend gets off feeding Lola while he's sliding his personal pepperoni sausage into her hot slice. The sight of her eating makes him harder. Lola likes being fed by her cock-daddy because she likes dudes who take control. Her flawless body is his to enjoy...because man does not live by pizza alone. Lola didn't get those cushy curves by starving herself. Whenever I go out with friends on the weekend, the guys are always hanging all over me much more than the skinny girls, Lola says. I think guys would rather be with girls built like me than them. Lola is hot and horny. If she has no boyfriend with her, she helps herself. When I masturbate, I like to put a small dildo in my bum, a large dildo in my kitty and a mini-dildo on my clit. You might think that a girl would need three hands or someone else to help out but there are so many toys that can do all that. There's dildos with a part for a girl's kitty and an extra prong to stick in her bum and little clit dildos that a girl can wear. But I'd still rather have a large cock to play with than masturbate.See More of Lola Lush at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sexin' hillary's titties Sexin' Hillary's Titties The dream goal of many. To pork Hillary Hooterz. To travel the cleavage pass between her mountains with his dick-train. To stuff her pussy. To fill her mouth and throat with cock. Yes, that is the wish for many and that's the purpose of this Sex In The Titties pictorial starring Hillary. Plenty of titty play, suckin' and fuckin' just the way we like it. Two of our Boob Brothers once ran into Hillary in person at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. She was with Mianna Thomas on the convention show floor and they were flaunting their enormous chests at everyone, just like the nice girls they are. Those guys still talk about that. So you never know. You yourself might bump into Hillary one day. It could happen to you. And that would be a big thing. Anything is possible.See More of Hillary Hooterz at XLGIRLS.COM!. Mrs robinson busts out Mrs. Robinson Busts Out Your XL Girls staff could keep praising Roxee Robinson all day but let's have a reader do that. This is from P.B. Roxee has got it going on! The tits, the ass, the hair, the skin, and the charisma...I love this Canadian girl and would love to see more of her. She makes nice eye contact with the camera and does a great job playing to the viewer. I feel like getting to know the girls better makes for a more-intimate and perfect connection and heightened jackability. Roxee doesn't try to hide what some women in this society would see as imperfections, meaning her soft belly and busty thighs. Please give us more of this stunner.-P.B. XLGirls: Roxee, do you have any girlfriends with big tits like yours We're always looking for newcomers.Roxee: A few come close but it's cruel to find HH-cups.XLGirls: Do you get better service at stores or any place elseRoxee: I think so, especially in bars, restaurants and nightclubs.XLGirls: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedRoxee: I do. I like cooking naked, except when I am cooking bacon. I wouldn't want to burn my precious tits.XLGirls: Ouch, no! Have you ever thought of making a plaster cast of your bustRoxee: I would totally get one done.XLGirls: What are the weirdest questions people have asked you Besides mine.Roxee: I would say the weirdest question is Can I ask you a question I get that all the time.See More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!. A relish for fetish A Relish For Fetish So what's Marilyn Mayson doing poking around in this dark warehouse She's found someone's hiding spot complete with furniture and a mirror. Judging by the fetish toys all over, someone's been getting their cookies off there. She checks out a paddle shaped like a hand, a sorority paddle and nipple jewelry. Someone's been a bad girl. Marilyn decides to try them on her own dynamic danglers. She can't find a toy for her cunt so her finger will do. Fingers don't need batteries anyway.I have a small bottom toy, very small, that has ridges on it, kinda like bottom beads, Marilyn said. I like that a lot. I like to sit on it and then play with my big, white dildo. That's my favorite toy. The only two toys I use in my cunt are absolutely redonkulous. I need a medium-size one; between the little one I have now for my anal and the huge ones I have for my cunt. Perhaps that could stretch my bootyhole out a little bit.See More of Marilyn Mayson at XLGIRLS.COM!. A large bang for a excited brit babe A voluminous Bang For A excited Brit Babe English cutie Sarah Jane is in Prague for XL Girls. Local stud Steve has made it with a number of hot XL chicks (Brits Beti Phellasio and Samantha Sanders, as well as Monica Love, Nila Mason and Anna Beck). Steve has the honor of showing Sarah around Prague and takes her shopping. When they get back, Steve is wiped out. So would any guy who has to go shopping with a girl.But Sarah won't take that lying down. She will take lying down, however. The crew is waiting to film and Sarah wants to get shagged. Sarah's a naughty minx and likes a lot of sex. So she teases Steve, dangling her breasts in his face and rubbing his junk. That's like smelling salts to our man Steve and he revives to make love Sarah's natural tits and face, eat out her British box and prong her pink hole. Holding her hips, Steve rams like a locomotive into Sarah who is anal up, face down.I love giving sucks jobs, says Sarah. I could do it all day. I love having my pussy licked and Steve did it quite well. He aims to please, shopping or no shopping. Sarah did go home with a smile on her face. It was a pleasant successful trip. See More of Sarah Jane at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hooter hottie Hooter Hottie Blonde knockout Anna Kay gives her booty-call Carlos a really appealing time. Anna is indeed a Hooter Hottie.In a lot of ways I've been conservative about sex, but as I get older I find that I want to try new things, Anna said in one of her interviews. I get bored very easily, so I've been wanting to do things that are out of the norm more and more. I don't like just the same old wham-bam every time. I need to spice it up. Fellow model Kaytee Carter, a SCORELAND Girl who met Anna on the set of the movie More To Fuck, wrote, This girl is not only make love lustful but she knows how to have a appealing time and her personality is a breath of fresh air. I had a chance to spend some time with the fabulous Anna Kay and needless to say we rocked it wherever we went!Anna knows that real tit guys love to stick their cocks between a pair of considerable knockers. Some say it's a must when they're in the sack with a girl. A lot of guys haven't had the chance to experience what it's like to have titty-sex with considerable boobs. Because with little boobs they can kind of rub on them, but they're not going to fit around their penish like a coochie. And they just love the fact that they can do that, that my boobs will actually wrap all the way around their cock. And then they just love being able to squirt on your face and your titties. See More of Anna Kay at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex in her bottom Sex In Her bum It's moving day but the only thing Haydee Rodriguez wants moved is the earth. She aims to please. Haydee gets into some very jackable have sexual intercourse and suc positions. Some of the favorites: Haydee on her back spreading her cunt lips open while she sucks the tool behind her. Haydee kneeling with tool sliding between her enormous Texas towers. Haydee sitting on tool, pulling back her labia so we can see her clit hood and some of her pink love tunnel. Haydee on the floor on her back, the tool in her buttpipe, pulling open her cunt lips so we can see the entire pink vag completely unobstructed. Haydee on her knees on the floor, spreading her abundant butt cheeks open with her hands for a doggie drilling. All hot, stroke material of a huge-jugged babydoll. We've said it before. They sure grow them Texas titties big.See More of Haydee Rodriguez at XLGIRLS.COM!. Good & juicy Lovely & Juicy My God, this woman is nothing short of spectacular! writes Tom, a longtime XL Girls member. Mia's a web-cam model and posing for XL Girls was her first time at a photo studio. She enjoyed the experience. It was fun! said Mia.XLGirls: Mia, do you like looking in a mirror during sexMia: I have never watching myself having sex. I think I might make strange faces Laughs.XLGirls: Do you like to talk dirty in bedMia: Yes. I love to dirty talk in bed!XLGirls: Do you have any special sexual fantasiesMia: I have never had sex in water so I would like to try that. See More of Mia lovelyheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cream dream Cream Dream Queen of the Euro-Plumpers and Euro-Plumper sex, Anna Beck's return was greeted with a welcome sigh of relief by many of her followers and fans. An easygoing girl, Anna likes the simple pleasures of life. Reading, spending time with pleasant friends, walking her dog. Then there's the side of Anna that enjoys showing off and playing with her giant hooters and having porn studs pluck her magic tulip.My favorite position is from behind and I like a man to take his time with foreplay and make it long and slow. I had been thinking for a long time about having a three-way and then I finally tried it and liked it (Anna's First 3Some). I did it a second time and I am going to have another one soon so please expect it. I have read some comments about wanting to see me with another girl. I'm not against that but I prefer men.Now it's time for another jiggle show with the succulent and fantabulous Anna Beck. See More of Anna Beck at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cat's hot date Cat's Hot Date No matter what kind of a day a guy has, a video or photo set of Cat Bangles saves it and makes it better. Cat started modeling in the summer of 2014 after applying to TSG. A excited girl by nature with hot Latina blood, Cat really showed how smokin' she is when the cameras rolled. This is a girl who almost made JMac lose it fast.Sadly, Jimmy has to wait for Cat to get ready to go out for the day. His waiting was worth it because when Cat appears at the top of the spiral staircase in a super-tight dress, her great tits ready to pop out, Jimmy gets the message. Instead of leaving, they need to get it on hot and voluminous right then and there, boning on the couch. Cat's voluminous breasts are a perfect fit for all kinds of fun and games and her pleasant kitty wants to be stretched and satisfied. Jimmy's up for the task.Cat likes to hear herself moan when she watches a video. There's lots of that going on as he thrusts in and out of her. Cat says her top three exciting times were with a one-night stand and with TSG X-Men Tony Rubino and JMac. What will she say about this hot date See More of Cat Bangles at XLGIRLS.COM!. Making melonie max Making Melonie Max I swallow, said the large Melonie Max. Melonie also starred in the DVD feature More To have intercourse with a large cast of girls. nice girls always swallow. I like to spit on the dick during the penish suc job, of course, but when it comes to the cumshot, I swallow. I have only done the whole cumshot on the face thing once and that was because the guy wasn't comfortable cumshotming on my face more than once. He wasn't into it. And I think you have to be intimate with someone for that kind of thing. It can't be some random guy. But anywhere else on my anatomy is fine.Who would not go crazy seeing Melonie busting a sweaterMy breasts are extremely sensitive. Guys want to titty-fuck me. All the time. They all do. I mean, it is just something for them to do, you know what I mean When you have great breasts, all men are going to want to do it. I love suc penish too. There has to be lots of cruel suc. If it's too loose and all over the place, it's no good. It has to be tight and very cruel suc. At least in my opinion. It's gotta be cruel suc to make the penish suc job really good. See More of Melonie Max at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex in the titties orgy Sex In The Titties Orgy Renee Ross gets it on with her Sex In The Titties friends Selena Castro, Haydee Rodriguez, Hillary Hooterz, Camelia Davis and Scarlett Rouge. Never has so much breast flesh and plump rump gone down in one room before. Tit-suckin' and lip-lickin' with toys added is the menu for today. There's so much going on, who knows where to look first A studious examination of each photo is highly recommended. You may catch stuff you missed on the first go-round. Renee is waiting for Mr. Right but until she finds the dude, her hot, chubby girlfriends and Mr. Big, her battery-operated boyfriend, will fill her hot sugar pie and give her cruel orgasms high above the city streets in their swanky penthouse.See More of Selena Castro at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ready to pop Ready To Pop Roxanne Miller checks herself out in the models' dressing room mirror and looks pleased at what she sees. She spends some me-time with her engorged natural tits and bushy kitty while our camera captures the fun.XLGirls: So, Roxanne, do you sleep wearing a braRoxanne: No. In the house I am braless.XLGirls: What is the best thing about having greatger natural titsRoxanne: The best thing is having the greatger natural tits! When you have greatger natural tits you actually become more unique because you leave behind those with great breasts since you have huge, much greatger breasts than them! XLGirls: And you do have huge breasts now from being pregnant. What is so much fun about your breastsRoxanne: They are full and nice firm for how large they are. They are fun bags not just a pair of long socks hanging from my chest area. Do I sound mean But, hey! I love my tits!XLGirls: Any comments for the guysRoxanne: In life, always go for great breasts! Be healthy, jerk off a lot and stay away from troubles and bad energy. Try to be happy!XLGirls: Sound advice. See More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!. New discovery New Discovery Have a seat next to Mya Blair. Her personal class is about to start and it's all about her shapely coed body and girl-next-door personality. School's back in session and it's going to be a exciting semester at XL Girls U.Born in North Carolina, living in South Carolina, Mya's a blue-eyed curvy blonde and she fills her cups with 40DDDs of natural goodness. In school she was a catcher on the softball team and played basketball. I was raised an NCSU (North Carolina State University) fan, said Mya. Mya gets a lot of attention, naturally, and she likes it. it's become a part of my life and a good ice breaker. I don't dress to show off my breasts, purposely. I like to wear V-cut tops and necklaces that stop at my cleavage. I also like corsets. I almost always wear a bra. I like to lounge around the house without one or if I'm wearing a tight shirt.Mya's very comfortable on-camera. She's most definitely an A+ student in our book. See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!. The wrath of samantha 38g The Wrath of Samantha 38G Samantha 38G is not home, giving her roommate's boyfriend Tarzan time to poke around her bedroom. That's what he thinks. Going into Sam's lingerie closet, Tarzan fondles one of her bras, amazed at the size and sniffs a pair of her panties.Unfortunately, or maybe ultimately fortunately for Tarzan, Sam comes home and goes straight to her bedroom, leaving the panty sniffer trapped in the closet and unable to escape. He freezes, trying not to make noise as Sam, still dressed, decides to give herself a quick slap on her bed. Tarzan watches through the closet curtain as Sam fingers her pussy and he tries to not breathe heavily.Hearing funny sounds orgasm from her closet, Sam springs out of bed with a shoe in her hand, ready to crack it on the head of a burglar. When she sees who it is, she explodes on him. Tarzan can't lie his way out of this one. Sam is no sucker. She threatens to shout out to his girlfriend and move Tarzan from the frying pan to the fire. He begs for mercy and says he'll do anything to apologize. What Sam wants is for him to make love her.Sam gets her way. Not that she's done with him after the sex is over. See More of Samantha 38G at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bust cream for alix lakehurst Bust Cream For Alix Lakehurst Alix Lakehurst admires herself in the mirror. She has a great, succulent rack that Jarrod admires. These porn dudes have the life, eh He reassures her by giving her huge jugs the attention they deserve. Alix is rubbed down with skin cream by her arse call buddy which gets them both so worked up, only fuck can relieve the pressure. Having her nipples creamed and sucked makes her cunt self-lubricate. She wants a stiffy after this breast massage and nipple blowjob. If this dude had left her high and dry, she probably would have masturbated with a big dildo. For a girl like Alix, penish is always more satisfying. After lavishing this care on her sweater-globes, he slips her the ol' meat roll. Her mouth wraps tightly around his schvanz, blowjob the shaft in preparation for slipping into her tight, pink slit. Her reward for being a hot fuck is the gift of nut-juice on her face and tits, chock full of creamy goodness for a girl to swallow. See More of Alix Lakehurst at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tits bigger than your head Boobs considerableger Than Your Head What type of man gives Rose Valentina (My considerable Plump Wedding) a lady bonerI'm an equal opportunity employer, Rose said. If you've got it, you've got it. It's not all about looks, I'm not shallow. I do have to be physically attracted to the guy but you could have a six-pack or be chubby. If you make me laugh that's all that matters. In her free time, Rose keeps herself available but has a playbook she lives by. My best friend and I go to the gym or we lay out at the beach. People will definitely remember me if I come back to a club. They might not remember my name, but they'll remember my boobs. They get me to the front of the line. We check out all the pleasant guys. It doesn't matter what we do, we make sure we get out and we're not at home staring at each other. I'm a appealing Jewish girl. Kind of. I try to be. But just because I did porn doesn't mean I'm going to have one-night stands. I still have the same morals. I wasn't promiscuous before doing porn so that's not going to change. Obviously I love sex but I'm not going to go around and just have sexual intercourse any guy I meet on the street. See More of Rose Valentina at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bubbles & tits Bubbles & tits I buy different types of bras for different reasons, says our longtime British bathing bra-buster Samantha Sanders. Some that fit me and some that make my cleavage look bigger. I usually buy bras online. When I go out I show off my boobs. If you've got it, flaunt it! I get loads of attention and I love it.The only time I don't wear a bra is in bed. My partners like to see my boobs bounce when they shag me and how could they suc on my nipples if I have my bra onMy tit wanks are very pleasant, adds Sam, who's not boasting. You've seen the proof. She can engulf her bed-mates' chubbies with her 34JJ pillows and likes to see them covered in spunk after they give her a proper cruel have sexual intercourse and a pleasant tongue lashing.See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. The show me state girl The Show Me State Girl Porsche Dali has been a frequent visitor to XL Girls since 2010. She exploded many heads when she debuted and she still continues to rock the house. Porsche added some tats since she first appeared and had a change of hair color as well. Other than that, she's still the same girl. Friendly, upbeat, horny....XL Girls: What should a guy do to get your attention Porsche: Be friends with me first. It's pretty to be complimented, but I don't want someone to come to me and say, 'Hey babe, pretty boobs. Can I touch them' So just be friends with me, find out what I like, what I don't like and let it go from there. XL Girls: Are the guys you date typically boob fanatics Porsche: Yeah, or booty fanatics. I'm packing booty, too. But I normally get the boob guys. XL Girls: So do guys say things about your booty too Porsche: Yeah. The best thing was when I was a senior in high school. We were all getting ready to graduate. I graduated from a pretty large school and one of the guys I knew was like, I gotta do something. So he stood me up in front of everybody at the bootyembly and said, I just want to let everyone know this is the finest booty I've ever seen on a white woman. XL Girls: Have they ever popped out by accident Porsche: Swimsuits are absolutely awful for large boobs. I've been in family functions and been swimming and they popped out. See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex in the stacks Sex In The Stacks XL Girls occasionally gets emails and comments about what it's like to work at TSG. You people have the best jobs in the world, What's it really like thereand I wish I could work at XL Girls are just a few examples. We used to give a guided tour of the building now and then (and the studio if the timing was right) when a very motivated reader either contacted us or simply showed up at the door. Guys have even brought their wives or girlfriends along to see how it's all done.This video is a typical day at the office. Our content Archivist, a very important employee, shows a new hire around the building and her department. You'll recognize our Archivist as none other than Charlotte Angel, who's a model herself, and her new assistanr is Peter, a guy you also know as a hired cock-man. Charlotte shows Peter his desk and computer, then takes him into the stacks, a series of shelving that contains the older slide content before digital took over. (Some of this material is still used now and then for the print version of XL Girls, such as the December 2014 15th Anniversary issue.) The aisles are a tight squeeze for two people, especially for a girl whose own stacks extend approximately one foot from her chest. She can't help but press them against Peter as she shows him this part of the Archive. Those soft, warm, thick pillows, perfect for sliding your cock between, make Peter lose it and he starts to play with them. Since they're now technically on a lunch break and their time is their own for an hour, they decide to cement their new working relationship with a hot make love and suck. The management is actually okay with this but would prefer it if they were alerted first so the cameraman could run over and film them. After all, these days you've got to maximize content production and revenue streams. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Blonde pussy for stone Blonde cunt For Stone Seeing as how Sienna loves big, ebony dicks and the guys who like to bury them in busty, white blondes, XL Girls hooked up Sienna with Lucas for a hot afternoon of make love and sucking, just the way she likes it. I love my anatomy and I'm proud of it and I like to show it off, Sienna often tells us. Lucas gets to stuff his thick slab into Sienna's cunt and between her huge, fleshy jugs and Sienna gets the chocolate fuck-club she loves. That's a fair trade. I really love oral sex and I give a really charming blowjob job. I love to give head and I love to have my cunt licked. Sienna is the only girl we ever met who owned her own newsstand in Little Rock, Arkansas. She sold TSG magazines and DVDs. See More of Sienna Hills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Plump & pink Plump & Pink Close to a year after her debut at XL Girls, Amiee Roberts decided to take the plunge and try a boy-girl scene. Compared to everyday sex, Amiee found the experience, in her words, Much better, less drama attached. And I find it libidinous to have sex with a professional stud. I can just let everything go. Newcomers often share this same point of view, even if they have zero plans to ever become professional porn stars.XLGirls: So Amy, do you like to talk dirty in bed Amiee: At times I think role playing can be fun and arousing as well!XLGirls: What is the craziest thing you've ever done in bed, either alone or with a boyfriend Amiee: I've masturbated while a guy was having his tool sucked by another woman.XLGirls: What superpower would you like to have for one day Amiee: I want to fly.XLGirls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be Amiee: Goddess.XLGirls: What do you consider the perks of having large tits Amiee: A lot of attention from guys, and girls sometimes.XLGirls: Have you ever dated a shorter guy whose face was level with your tits Amiee: No, I haven't.XLGirls: Hey, you're missing out. Thanks, Amiee. See More of Amiee Roberts at XLGIRLS.COM!. The power of maserati The Power of Maserati Maserati lays waste to her monokini in this shoot under the Miami sky, her first TSG shoot outdoors since her debut in 2011. She's never ceased to drive guys insane since she decided to become a nude model and porn star, one of the best and bustiest. She has the Super-Wow factor, a rarity out of millions of girls, and we're not the first to state this.Maserati always had considerableger breasts than most girls. Girls hated me, Maserati said. My nipples are always hard. She sported double-D cups in ninth grade and by the time she left high school she was a triple-D. They just kept growing.Most guys like to get pounded in their face by my breasts, Maserati said. When I'm make love them on top, sometimes I need them to support my boobs with their hands.In a candid chat, Maserati talked about the difficulty of balancing her life as a celebrity and a regular girl.I want a guy who's okay with me being a lady and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets. I love that you jerk your cocks to me. I'm glad that you guys aren't tired of my considerable boobs. See More of Maserati at XLGIRLS.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Gamer babe Suzumi Wilder swaps out a console's joystick for another kind of joystick when she meets and greets Bambino and plays a game of a different kind--his bride for the night. This cuddly, creamy coed with a big, fleshy ass and perky, thick ta-tas blows the man down, cleavage-crushes it and then opens wide for a heated ride down mammary lane.I like to get make love as often as possible when I have a partner, Suzumi says. One to three times a day is nice. Doggie is the best position and I like it deep and slow...sometimes...other times deep and rough.What about getting down outsideI've had sex outside in a hot tub. My partner bent me over the edge and make love me rough while pulling my hair. I played with my clit until I came around his cock! Suzumi always stood out. I have been the bustiest girl in all the schools I went to. I started to develop attracting early and you know that girls develop faster than boys. I don't play any sports and I workout casually. I like to run a few times a week and do yoga and squats. I like to watch roller derby and rugby. My favorite rugby team would have to be the All Blacks. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Coed's all nighter Coed's All Nighter I think I was either a D or a DD in school, said cutie-pie Anna Kay (More To make love on DVD). I played basketball, volleyball and softball. In fact, around then, I had to quit sports because my tits got too big for me to handle. It was just uncomfortable. I felt, like, they were just too big. I could never find any sports bras that would fit and it was a pain. I felt like everyone was staring at me when I'd be running up and down the court. And I felt like my tits overshadowed my athletic skills. So I quit. I would say I am active nowadays. I don't necessarily work out, but I do a lot of skating and bowling. I play a lot of baseball with my family. Now I wear two sports bras when I'm doing anything active. And one is a little loose and one is usually a lot smaller so that it really pushes my tits down and holds them in. Has Anna ever woken up the neighbors when she was with a have sexual intercourse buddy I'm sure I have. But I don't think that it's something they wanted to complain about. I know roommates that have heard me have sexual intercourseing and masturbated to it. Like, 'Your sex sounds so awesome, I just had to tell you I masturbated to it!' And that was a female roommate!See More of Anna Kay at XLGIRLS.COM!. She'll make you go pop! She'll Make You Go POP! Happy Fourth of July from Christy who thought it was her patriotic duty to sport the red, white and blue for you and barely anything else. Christy is wild for Fourth of July because she loves fireworks and BBQ, probably a little more than the average girl. And when she saw this 4-wheeler, she went just a little nuts, asking if she could ride it right away. (Of course we were hesitant because we didn't want her to get hurt, but we had to give in because you really can't say no to Christy.) So sit back and watch Christy get naked and play with her cannons and remember, she is doing it for her country! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Dare to stare Dare To Stare The thing about me is that I love to show my natural tits as much as guys like to look like at them. That's why we all love Christy. Not only is she stacked, but she's an exhibitionist, too. She knows that natural tits like hers were meant to be shown. Just imagine what a waste it would be to keep those puppies hidden under layers of clothing. Concealing such an epic cleaveage could almost be considered a crime. But all libidinous justification aside, releasing her rack is also a practical thing for Christy to do. Bra shopping is already a mission for her, and her natural tits expand the fabric of anything she can manage to pull over them. So why not just let them hang free When Christy unloads her hangers, she doesn't know what she likes more, the cool air on her bare natural tits or the hardening cocks all around her.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Christy the cock cabbie Christy The penish Cabbie Are you ready for transportation SCORE style Then hop in to Christy's cab, where the fares are fair and the cabbie is takin' you straight to delighting Town. When this guy hops in her backseat, he has no idea what he is in for. Then he gets an eyeful of his driver's cleavage and he decides that maybe he can cop a feel. good thing for him that cabbie Christy is all about service, with a smile, and she pulls over for some sexy-time with this businessman. Watch as she bends in all sorts of positions for more fillin' and harder drillin'! When Christy pulls up in her yellow cab and tells you to hop in, she means both into her cab and her love hole. Makes you wanna go for a ride, huh Us, too. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Perfect together Perfect Together Two voluminous legends, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder once said, Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony, and man were they right. Just take a look at the perfectly round and mocha perfections that are Janet Jade's jugs lined up next to the creamy, ripe wonders that are Christy Mark's cannons. Watch them give you a show, side by side, showing you what makes these girls the cream of the crop. great titties, asses, legs and pussies you would love to fill and drill. It really doesn't get any better than this. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Motorcycle mams Motorcycle Mams Hot chicks and fast motorcycles go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Like football and beer. Like ass and titties. It's science, man. Who doesn't want to see a busty babe mounting a speed machine All that tit power and all that horsepower combined is amazing. That's why when Christy saw this speed machine parked in our lot, she had to get her hands on it. (Make a mental note here, fellas...if you have a fast bike, the chicks will be all over you. FACT.) So, being the perverted geniuses we are, we told her to wash this bike while we snapped these shots. (Yeah, we know the power of a voluminous pair of wet titties, too!) Christy, a fast motorcycle and sudsy, wet's a trifecta of goodness. It's what we like to refer to as JACK-TACULAR. Go ahead and check it out. You can thank us later...after you have washed your hands. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Slippery when wet Slippery When Wet Is there anything better than spending a lazy day in the hot tub, just soaking all your worries away while on vacation How about getting some afternoon delighting with chesty Christy in a hot tub while on vacation Yeah...that sounds much better to us, too. And she even dresses her titties up in nice heart pasties. That just screams, Hi. I know you love my tits, and now you know they love you right back. cumshot on them. (We know. We are tit experts.) Watch Christy frolic in the water (little beads of moisture clinging to her whoppers) and then spread her coltish legs wide to show you the sweetest slit there ever was. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Frisky fruit Frisky Fruit Christy knows that the way to keep her boobs in tip-top shape is to exercise and eat right, which she does on a daily basis. (That's why she's so flexible and able to put her long, coltish legs right behind her head and spread her cookie wide for us to check out.) So we commend her for her dedication to her strict diet and yoga regime. That doesn't mean she can't have a little fun, too, right Who says you can't play with your food, too Who says you can't get a little frisky with, oh, let's say a phallic fruit, like the banana Certainly not us. And certainly not Christy. Watch her fool around with these fruits. It's delicious. And we promise that you will never look at produce the same way again. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. The little tugger that could The Little Tugger That Could Once upon a time, our little Christy Marks had never beaten some rough meat on camera before. (Yes, there was a time that this curvy vixen was, dare we say it, not the cock-rocker she is today!) We all prayed for the day that she would tell us that she had a yearning to grease up some tube steak and make it squirt, and when that day came we were grateful to the boob gods above. This is Christy's first time with a cock and although she didn't go all the way, this little nymph proves that kitty is superfluous when you're stacked and horny. Watch her use her large tits, lips, ass cheeks and kitty lips to give this guy's Johnson the fuckin' friction it needs to unload all over her mounds. Christy was a sex-star even before she gave up her slippery slit!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Tea time! Tea Time! For those of you who think that sitting down and having tea is probably the most-boring thing in the world, we would like to offer up this lustful tidbit: Apparently, drinking tea makes Christy horny. (Although at this point we think just about everything makes this lustful curvy babe horny....) She claims that she gets lascivious because the hot beverage makes her feel warm all over. We can buy into that and add that we think she just likes to pour honey all over her hooters and lick it off. Regardless of what the reason is, if Christy ever wanted to sit for tea with us, we'd make sure that we buttered her muffin. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Beach balls Beach Balls This is one of our favorite sets of Christy because: 1) It was shot on-location in Eleuthera in the Bahamas and 2) Anytime you can get a glimpse of Christy wet and naked, it's a inviting thing. Her beach balls look all that much better with water cascading off of them. At this shoot, the sun was setting and the water was getting colder, but Christy didn't mind turning into an icicle for you. The water makes my nipples so hard! she screamed and then she rubbed them and giggled. With Christy, naked and wet, and this charming beach, we'd say that this is the perfect tropical getaway. Wouldn't youSee More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. You rack 'em You Rack 'Em Watching a girl with big natural tits play pool is as entertaining as it gets. Imagine going to your local pool hall and spotting Christy racking up some balls and sinking them into different pockets. The vision of her bending over to line up a shot, leaning over her cue stick and pumping it back and forth in between her's elegant fuck hot, right Imagine watching her bend over and getting a clear shot of her cleavage. If you are the creative type, you can almost imagine your cock in that good valley of flesh. We think that pool is a elegant excited sport and Christy is as hot as they come, so having her pose for these photos was enjoyable for both us and her. Rack 'em up Christy!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Busty bad girl Busty Bad Girl Christy is a bad, bad girl who likes to the break the rules. We know this because she thrilled us with stories of how she would sneak to the bathroom when she was in high school and wank between classes and then sneak a smoke. (And you thought that girls spent so much time in the bathroom because they were doing their makeup, eh) So, we let her reenact her naughty high school bathroom trysts for our cameras. The results, Christy naked and writhing in a bathroom stall, pinching her tiny nipples and have sexual intercourse herself furiously until she cums. And, of course, lighting up and smoking in the girls' room like the bad girl that she is. (Kinda makes you think she needs a spanking, huh)See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Busty bosom besties Curvy Bosom Besties Watching Christy frolic in the sun is one thing, but watching her get frisky outside in the open with another curvy gal pal is another. And when that gal is Angela White, it's a thing of perfection. These two titters out by the sea, rubbing and teasing is incredible. Christy's H-cups pressed up against Angela's's beautiful. It brings a tear to our cocks. A tear of pre-cum, that is. We are not sure if it's their sun-kissed, milky skin or the fact that when we interviewed Christy she said that this girl-girl with Angela was the best thing that ever happened to her, but this set makes us hornier than ever. And it'snot even the pussy-licking or the dildo have sexual intercourse that really does it for us. It's the girl-on-girl kissing that makes this set an A+ in our book.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Tropic thunder Tropic Thunder Some sun, some breeze and a whole day in the tropics sounds like the perfect vacation. But throw Christy Marks into the mix and you've got yourself the perfect perverted getaway. You see, you can't keep Christy clothed for too long. She might start off in her jeans and bikini top, but she ends up naked and plugging her pussy on the dock of the bay. Just you and Christy on an island somewhere and she is cum for you and the day hasn't even started yet. That, my friends, is the ideal vacation...for you and your cock!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Stacked sluts in a stable Stacked Sluts in A Stable Christy and Terry are wandering around the stables of the busty Riding Academy when they bump into Carlo, the stable boy. Knowing how much Christy likes to ride, Carlo offers to give her a that she'll never forget. Christy lets her friend Terry in on the action until Carlo's boss, Chandler shows up and almost puts the kibosh on their threesome. That is until Christy offers up her pussy in supplication and this threesome turns into a hot and large orgy. Christy and Terry take these two guys for a major roll in the hay and end up with tits covered in cum. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Vintage marks Vintage Marks In the beginning of her career as one of the all-time best boner-inducing hotties of the universe, Christy Marks was just an 18-year-old girl from a small town in Pennsylvania. And although she knew she had large knockers, she didn't think that those H-cup boobs would be the catalyst that would make all of us jack in wonder and awe. She was shy and self-conscious. She did things that all teens did; yoga, listening to music and dancing. And, in all the naivety of youth, she was beautiful unaware of her sex appeal. In fact, she didn't really get what the large deal about her boobs was. (As if H-cups come along every day!) Thank goodness we knew a treasure when we saw it! In this set (Shot on Christy's first visit to SCORE!) Christy was just beginning to bloom as a model and become less self-conscious about her body. And what an amazing body it is. This is one of those moments, captured in time, that mark the moment when a star is born. That star is Christy Marks and this is her moment to shine.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!.
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