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Tessa fowler tessa fowlerblack lace gopro 5d 13 minuteshey gang and happy friday this is another large one featuring my voluminous boobs popping out of my lascivious slingshotstyle onepiece bikini here and the warm afternoon sunshine we got for thi Hey gang and happy Friday!! This is another large one featuring my heavy boobs popping out of my lustful slingshot-style one-piece bikini here, and the warm afternoon sunshine we got for this certainly helps take the whole thing up a notch or two as well.. Lana kendrick lana kendrickred corset top 23 minuteshey guys and happy friday this is my second hd video from my red corset shoot and of course i have to wear a gstring for it just to show off a little morehave a terrific weekend and stay tuned f Hey guys and happy Friday! This is my second HD video from my Leanne crow workout babe 5d 13min September carrino september carrinojungle vixen 11 minutehey everyone this is the first hd video installment of my jungle vixen shoot and it definitely fits the bill as far as giving you all those lascivious large boobs shots and nipple closeups yo Hey everyone! This is the first HD video installment of my Busting in the new babe Busting In The New BabeMarie Leone answered the SCORE cameraman's probing questions about her life back home in LA, where she was born. Marie's voice is also as distinctive as her body. It'll stick in your head, like her fantastic breasts. She's adorable. Like a doll. A living doll. But she's real! Incredibly real.I started to develop when I was 14, but before then, I was extremely flat-chested and skinny. By the time I got to 8th grade, I was even bigger than the teacher, says Marie, so matter-of-fact about her graceful body and her incredible breasts. It's true that guys are more horny about big natural breasts than the girls who actually have them. It's like they're thinking, What's the fuss What's the fuss We'll tell ya what the fuss is! Marie used to work in an auto shop back home. She got into cars growing up, influenced by her sister. Not dolls or music or the teen idol of the year. The auto customers must go make love crazy when they see her. This is how a business is built up. You hire girls stacked like Marie, if you can find them! However, Marie says she doesn't dress like she's dressed in this scene. Maybe it's better that way.When Marie's date comes onto the set to greet her, he takes both of her 34J-cup whoppers and shakes them instead of shaking her hand. That's what all of us would do in his place. His eyes make love pop out as she shows him her naked breasts.As soon as Marie takes her huge breasts out of her bra, he makes his move and helps Marie undress. Without skipping a beat, she's on her knees blowjob pole and massaging it between her hard melons. She is the perfect have sex doll. Their first position is reverse cowgirl. Lubricated by her saliva, his pipe slips right in and fills her 19-year-old taco. Marie isn't a dirty talker when she have sexs but you'll see right away that this chick really likes to get have sexed hard.Marie loves 69 and getting talked dirty to but she says 'I don't talk dirty because I do not curse. Funny, huh Look at me doing porn and I can't say 'have sex' worth a damn! These days, Marie does a lot of webcam masturbation. See More of Marie Leone at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerwebcam 6trailerhey guyselegant news here on a wednesday i have a special new webcam wednesday video for you to hopefully enjoyi recently got back from my preholiday trip to see my family and friends back in south caro Hey guys!cute news here on a Wednesday, I have a special new WebCam Wednesday video for you to hopefully enjoy. I recently got back from my pre-holiday trip to see my family and friends back in South Carolina, so I brought back this very authentic-looking cowboy hat, and I thought I would do a little video for you while wearing it. ;-). Rachel aldana webcam 100back from holiday5minhiya guys i am finally back from holiday and feeling a bit tired Hiya guys! I am finally back from holiday and feeling a bit tired.... England's gold medals I used to tell my mom all the time that if I didn't have boobs by the time prom came around, I was not going, Leanne Crow remembers. I mean, I always envisioned myself in a long dress with cleavage at my prom. Then, a few months before my prom, I went from nothing to a C-cup. They just sprung out and all of a sudden, I had boobs. I prayed pretty hard. My prayers were answered. They grew almost instantly from a C-cup. They just kept growing and growing and growing. And then I went to get measured and they were like, 'You are an F-cup.' And I was in shock. I was buying C-cup bras and I was an F-cup! I was busting out of my bras, but I thought I was, like, a D-cup. But it was because at that point, I didn't understand cup sizes. I was only around 17 at the time.See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. September carrino september carrinoblue streak 2unbeatably appealing and ohsocurvy heavy boobs are back3minthe incredible parade of incomparably hot and curvy heavy boobed babes continues at pinupfiles today as we take you into your weekend with  The incredible parade of incomparably hot and busty large boobed babes continues at PinupFiles today as we take you into your weekend with another incredible HD video gem from our unbeatably lovely and oh-so-busty Official Premiere Model, .... Rachelhotshower02rachelhotshower02 Rachel-hotshower02. September carrino september carrinored tie 15 minutesthe bodacious large tits of none other than the scintillating 32jj september carrino of septembercarrino com are backalong with the rest of herthey both kind of go together that way stay tune The bodacious big tits of none other than the scintillating 32JJ September Carrino of SeptemberCarrino.Com are back -- along with the rest of her -- they both kind of go together that way! Stay tuned for more big stuff from September. ;-). Three in a hot tub Are you getting heavy taunted Brandy Talore when she and April McKenzie strolled past Johnny on their way over to the hot tub. I can see it through your shorts. All the while they were plotting and scheming to get make love but they didn't want to make it too easy for him. Still bulging out of their bikinis, the eye-candy girls enjoyed each other's succulent bodies, in awe of their violent hooters. Brandy and April are alike in many ways but different enough to provide a contrast. These two curvy, creamy girls really know how to worship the dick, and as a dream team in a hot tub, they were experts at tease, denial and then finally fulfillment, gulp and fuck Johnny dry. See More of Brandy Talore at XLGIRLS.COM!.
Kayla kleevagekayla kleevage hard tits in hardcore action Kayla Kleevage heavy tits in Hardcore action. Maggie green maggie greenpink mesh 1the delectable great boob delights of 36ddd maggie green are back in swing5minthe delectable great boob delights of 36ddd maggie green are back in swing as our original girlnextdoor glamour gal with the huge bo The delectable large boob delights of 36DDD Maggie Green are back in swing as our original girl-next-door glamour gal with the huge breasts gets her large ones back out again and on display for you.. Rachel workout02 videosa teasing busty rachel topless while she works out A teasing curvy Rachel topless while she works out. Janadefivol02set02janadefimerrychristmas JanaDefi-merrychristmas. Special rental rates for big-boobed hotties Special Rental Rates For Big-Boobed Hotties Bailey Santanna's sleazy landlord is pissed off. The apartment complex he runs is a dump. Making things worse, Bailey's behind on the rent. In her defense, a girl needs to invest her money in more worthwhile things, such as bras, hot clothes and high heels, instead of throwing it out on rent. He furiously knocks on Bailey's door. She gets off the phone to open it, dressed in a low-cut top and a tight bra that pushes her natural boobs up and out. That doesn't interest him as he screams about the trash in the hallway and her being three months past due. Bailey begs off, saying she doesn't have the money or another place to go. She drops to her knees, a tactic that gives him an even better view of her impressive cleavage. A woman on her knees! What kind of place am I running here he hollers. Bailey is unstoppable. She strokes his pants and begs him, dropping her top to show her hooter holster. That does it. In one second, he's squeezing one of her girls with a boob-itchy hand. I think we can 'cum' to an understanding, Bailey suggests. Playin' with these might give ya a couple of weeks here! says the landlord, already breaking the payments down. Bailey's aggressive, and takes matters into her own hands, opening his fly and taking his dick out of his pants so she can give him a grade-A, hands-free blowjob job as she frees her natural boobs from their prison of fabric. They adjorn to the living room couch for a quality tit-fucking and a cunt slam-bam. Makes you want to go into property management, doesn't it But how many tenants would you get like Bailey Not many! She's special! See More of Bailey Santanna at XLGIRLS.COM!. Two is better than one Two Is Better Than One Haileey and Angelica are firm believers in the buddy system. They go to the bathroom together, they go to the mall together and they hitchhike together. But best of all, they even fuck together. These bisexual cuties enjoy eating each other out as much as they do dick sucking dick. So when they team up to fuck some guy who gives them a ride, they all get double the pleasure. One girl blows the guy while the other dick sucking his balls. Then they take turns have sex him while licking the other girl's breasts and pussy. Haileey spreads her legs for a dick while Angelica spreads her pussy for Haileey's tongue. The girls go from suckin' to fuckin' to suckin' and fuckin' over and over again. Obviously, these rough riders are down for anything. This guy was good enough to give us a ride, so we wanted to repay him with another kind of ride, said Angelica.See More of Haileey James at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Leanne fabfourth01 videosleanne crow in red white and blue Leanne Crow in red white and blue. Princess of pumpkins Princess Pumpkins always reminds us of the SCORE Girls of the voluminous '90s such as SaRenna Lee and busty Dusty. Some of our models weren't born during the peak years of Angelique and Tiffany Towers and Princess is one of them. In a way, they've picked up the torch and are carrying it high.SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite sci-fi fantasy characters, TV shows, movies, books and graphic novelsPrincess: Generally I can't pick one of anything! My favorite fantasy characters are Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern. My favorite TV shows are Rick and Morty and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My favorite movies are Stardust and The Fifth Element, and my favorite comic book is Saga.SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on any free night, away from the computerPrincess: If I'm in a relaxed mood, I'll just want to invite some friends over, hang out, play some video games and just chill. However, if I'm feeling frisky, the girls and I will get all dolled up, hit the town and see how many guys' eyeballs pop out of their head while I try to keep my natural tits contained in a dress. SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wearPrincess: If I actually have to wear one then I make sure it is the least-covering one humanly possible. I'll take skinny dipping over a bikini any day of the week! SCORELAND: What is something you have tried but will never do againPrincess: I've done a lot, and in all honesty I can't say there is anything I wouldn't do again. Twice.See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne yellowlace set1leanne crow slips out of her yellow bra Leanne Crow slips out of her yellow bra. Samantha sanders - brabuster of britain Brabuster of Britain Samantha Sanders's return after a lengthy hiatus received a warm welcome. In this case, absence made the hard-on grow harder.Wrote Pete. large to have Sam back. I keep hoping to bump into her seeing as England is a small place and she's single again.Besides the video that matches this photo set, we have a second chat video with Sam. Our favorite lawyer in large Britain tells all and shows her briefs.XL Girls: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beSamantha: Boobs!XL Girls: How do you rate your sex drive from 1 low to 10 high Samantha: 9 to 10.XL Girls: What is the most unusual sex position you've ever tried Samantha: I had sex on a motorbike once from behind whilst I stood up. This was quite unusual!XL Girls: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex or masturbate Samantha: Yes, this is a large turn-on. I love to watch the guy fuck me.XL Girls: Do you socialize with other curvy women Samantha: Sometimes.XL Girls: Are there any British girls with large tits you would like to have sex with Samantha: To be honest I prefer guys although it's beautiful to play with large tits.See More of Samantha Sanders at XLGIRLS.COM!. Danniella levy - vol 1 - set 2. Danniella Levy Well, all we can say is just look at how she rocks it!Those firm, round big breasts of her's are the perfect compliment to a tight top like this one and even though she doesn't really have it on for good much the entire set.. Danniella Levy. Denisemilanivol06denisemilaninewstudioshoot DeniseMilani-newstudioshoot!. September carrino - rock waterfall 1 - trailer. September Carrino Hey guys! I'm back again with another excited voluminous boobie treeat for you here to get your weekend off on the right foot, so let's get started shall we?. September Carrino. Get rid of the blahs Lives: Dallas, Texas; Occupation: Unemployed; Age: 19; Born: August 31; Ht: 5'8; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Nope; BJs: I spit; Diddle: Sometimes.I didn't feel shy at all with Levi, even with the camera guys there, said Kelsey who admitted that before this day she preferred to have the lights out when she was having sex. I'm not a flirt or an exhibitionist, so doing this is totally out of character for me, Kelsey said. I had the blahs big time because I couldn't find a job and my boyfriend suggested that I do something horny that might make me feel better. This was his suggestion! He's 30 and he's a major voyeur. I wasn't sure, but he pleaded so much and so well that I couldn't refuse him. I had the best sex of my life, learned a lot and certainly didn't feel blah after I'd ejaculate a few times. Check out the video as well.See More of Kelsey Jones at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. A big fuckin' arse scene A big fuckin' anal scene When this scene opens, 43-year-old Soleil almost has the guy's tool in her mouth. She strokes it and squeezes it, her mouth is open, and you know there's nothing she wants more than that tool in her mouth.Unless, of course, it would be that tool in her vagina.Or her ass.Oh, I want it in my mouth, says Soleil, an Ohio-born almost-divorcee who's now living in Florida. And does she get that tool in her mouthEventually. Not before the guy suc her massive nipples and fingers her vagina. But before long, Soleil (who we think was born for porn) is going deep on his tool, getting it wet and deep into her mouth.More highlights from this scene:The through the legs, up the vagina views of Soleil blow dick.Soleil getting her legs behind her head so the guy can eat her vagina and butt.Soleil, in an orgasmic frenzy as the guy fucks her butt, pulling his tool out so we can see her gaping butthole.The guy having his way with Soleil's butt as if it's a second vagina.Soleil, face covered in cum, cleaning the dude's tool with her mouth.You're gonna love this woman. See More of Soleil at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Katie thornton katie thorntonhappy new year 21 minuteit is time for another slice of large bust heaven here on a friday just in time to take us all into the weekend feeling fine and this comes courtesy of the lovelty and fantastiacally busty 32j ka It is time for another slice of big bust heaven here on a Friday, just in time to take us all into the weekend feeling fine, and this comes courtesy of the lovelty and fantastiacally busty 32J Katie Thornton, who rolls right in and takes our breath away yet again with her pleasant smile and smashing big tits!. Rachel aldana red sweaterhd videopart 1 3 minutered sweaterhd videopart 1 3 minute Red Sweater - HD Video - Part 1 3 minute. Rachel aldana rachel aldanared ruby bra 5d 11 minuteheya everyone time for a ruby red valentine just for you i have my elegant natural tits packed into this tight red bra and they are itching to be set free so why not come on inside and help me o Heya everyone! Time for a ruby red Valentine just for you! I have my cruel natural boobs packed into this tight red bra and they are itching to be set free, so why not come on inside and help me open up your Valentine? ;-). Rachel aldana rachel aldanawebcam 1751 minuteheya everyone i figured i would go a little more active with my webcam video this time around because i got this new boob creme to give my considerable boobs a little boost as if they actually need t Heya everyone! I figured i would go a little more active with my webcam video this time around, because I got this new You want to shoot a nice, big load, don't you You Want To Shoot A Nice, large Load, Don't You Erin knows how to get us off. She starts off with a slow strip, licking her nipples. She's standing at a bar. Can I get you something to drink she asks. Maybe something sweet, fruity Maybe some massive liquor. Would you like something on the rocks She rubs an ice cube against her nipples, then rubs it against her stomach. Then she starts getting creative. She pours herself a shot and says, Why don't you come here and do a body shot She pours the shot down her cleavage, and the guy eagerly licks it off her body. She licks some off her tits, too, then takes his dick out and starts jacking him. We get a large close-up of her shaved cunt as she slowly strokes his dick. She has her cunt up against his dick while she's jacking it, and this guy is as close as he can get to her cunt without actually have intercourse it. You want to shoot a nice, large load, don't you she says. All over my titties. Wherever. We just want to shoot.See More of Erin Marxxx at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Sarah nicola randall yellow glow 5d 35min Katie thornton katie thorntonholiday wishes 2trailerthere is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with voluminous boy and tits that makes us go absolutely bonkers and katie is the epitome of the kind of superstacked babe we absolutely adore so There is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with great boy and tits that makes us go absolutely bonkers, and Katie is the epitome of the kind of super-stacked babe we absolutely adore so stay tuned for more incredible stuff from her comeing soon, including her first strip tease!. That busty, excited spanish teacher That Busty, libidinous Spanish Teacher Who better to teach Spanish than this libidinous damsel Miss Daylene Rio, SCORE Girl and part-time Spanish-language instructor in an adult education class, is trying to tutor a guy who has other things on his mind. These things include Miss Rio's whopping blouse mountains, her jutting bubble bottom and her dick-sucking lips plus her lovely face and shapely legs. Who the make love can concentrate on any subject with an instructor like thisDuring a private Spanish lesson, student Johnny loses his mind, makes a grab for her culo and then her whoppa-whoppas. Miss Rio is shocked at his overgrown-delinquent behavior but not so shocked that she doesn't cave-in to her own libidinous desires. Before she can say Class dismissed, her thick nipples are being sucked and her considerable tits make loveed right there by her desk.Throwing caution (and her skirt, low-cut top, bra, heels and panties) to the wind, Miss Rio finds her hot hole getting finger-banged. There goes the Spanish lesson out the window. Daylene drops to her knees and, her massive, naked tits dangling and hanging free, feasts on Johnny's extra-large enchilada, trying to stuff as much as she can into her hungry mouth. She squeezes her considerable pillows together--with his dick in the middle--one of her favorite things to do for a guy. If his dick were a tube of toothpaste, every speck would have been squeezed out.Daylene gets on her desk for her first dose of rough wood in her pussy, and by the time her boob-shaking make love class ends with a splash, they'll have make loveed on the floor, make loveed standing up and make loveed on a chair. He even picks Miss Rio up and carry-make loves her. Looks like he's getting an A and a gold star from Miss Rio. When the teacher is stacked and hot Daylene, who would not want to be her #1 pupil This student has taught the teacher a few tricks!See More of Daylene Rio at SCORELAND.COM!. Maggie toys with you Maggie Toys With You Wearing a fetish femdom outfit complete with elbow-length black latex gloves, Maggie Green oils her great natural tits, shaves off her bush, fingers her now-hairless pussy and then toys herself with a rubber cock. And for a post-cum, Maggie, looking into the lens, tongues the head of her cock-toy which is wet from her pussy juice after she pulls it out of her tasty fuck-hole. SCORELAND: When did you first become a D-cupMaggie: I was a DD at 16. I don't even remember being a regular D-cup.SCORELAND: When you go out, what do you wear You're not going to wear a fetish dominatrix costume....Maggie: It depends on my mood and where I'm going. Sometimes I feel like laying low and wear jeans and a T-shirt. But when I want to feel horny and attract attention, I make sure to put on a tank top and a bra that gives me major cleavage.SCORELAND: How do you care for your titsMaggie: I always use lotion after a shower and before bed.See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerpinup polkadots 5d 25 minuteshey guys and welcome back to another friday weekend i have a very libidinous and exciting new hd video of me rubbing and playing with my voluminous natural boobs outdoors in the glorious sunsh Hey guys and welcome back to another Friday weekend...I have a very libidinous and libidinous new HD video of me rubbing and playing with my big natural tits, outdoors in the glorious sunshine, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did shooting it for you!. Andria zammiandria zammi posing in a horny colored bikini Andria Zammi posing in a libidinous colored bikini. Leanne crow purple shadows01 videosa hot great titted leanne stripping off her lingerie A hot large titted Leanne stripping off her lingerie. Angela's bikini bangeroo Angela's Bikini Bangeroo Angela White dropped a bombshell on the studio that launched her career, I want to do hardcore.In Angela's Bikini Bangeroo, the wonder from down-under dons a excited string monokini and shows off her incredible bod at poolside in St. Maarten.It's a wonder that Angela didn't turn the pool water into steam with her overheated body. This stunning Australian coed worships the voluminous penish as only she can. Angela accomplished her goals of becoming not only Australia's most-well known porn star but one of the stars of the international scene. And to think it all started with an 18-year-old teen writing a letter to SCORE and enclosing some photos in the envelope in 2003.See More of Angela White at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Push into mischel's bush Push Into Mischel's Bush SCORE magazine's editor and SCORETv host Dave always has praise for Mischel Lee. More is better with Mischel Lee and she has a lot more! Her waist has gotten smaller, her natural tits have gotten bigger and her bush has gotten bushier since last year.I had rings put in my pussy lips for my own pleasure, said Mischel on-set as she was getting made-up for her have sex date with George. The men I meet love to play with them and my hair. Sometimes I think they love it as much as they love my bigger tits.George does what we all would do in his position, which is go bonkers waiting for this slim Czech cleavage chick to come out of the bathroom all dolled-up in a tight dress and no undies and jump his Johnson. She lavishes her lips on his boner and he laps her bushy box, they have sex and fondle and he bones her natural tits. While he's sliding into Mischel's cleavage, she takes his skin-flute in hand and jerks his ejaculate out on her smiling face because she's a hands-on girl and she'd rather do it than see the guy do it.Mischel always says she has no special talents and usually seems surprised at all the attention she gets. The advice we have for Mischel is to look in the mirror!See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Angel austin's debut Angel Austin was a young (20), elegant dancer who got herself a big pair to expand her opportunities as a stripper. She sized up to the measurements she wanted and thought she looked best in and got herself a ring through her cunt lips. She was one of those girls that everyone looked at and when she was in London for shoots, guys gave her the eye when she went out for the evening.Despite the glam girl looks, Angel was not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She liked to work on cars. I love fixing things and doing cars is a very erotic experience. I'm not kidding. All of that oil, and the parts have to fit just right. Why do you think mechanics make the best lovers No doubt all of the mechanics who watched her take off her clothes on stage in Pennsylvania appreciated that. Angel never ventured into hardcore but she did do a girl-girl scene with another American dancer called Bodacious Babbette.See More of Angel Austin at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Growth potential Growth potential Bea Cummins, 66 in this scene and married, is sitting on a couch, hearing about her options for retirement. But Bea isn't interested in hearing about retirement plans. That's boring as shit. And you'd think this guy would notice that she's sitting there with her boobs practically hanging out of her dress and stroking his leg. On one hand, Bea looks so respectable, so normal. On the other hand, you know she wants it.So the guy is going on about the growth potential of her plan, and she's more interested in the growth of his dick and how it might benefit her libidinous pussy. She starts stroking herself, then asks, Are you sure that's the best deal Yeah, he is, but Bea doesn't want to talk about economics right now. So she takes out her boobs, and finally, the dude gets the idea, and that's when the real growth in his pants begins, and Bea helps it along by gulp his dick.Bea is from Kentucky, she works in sales and marketing with her second husband (the first was a complete backside who didn't allow Bea the sexual freedom she needed) and fucks around with her hubby's complete blessing.I love the way I look now, Bea said. I'm proud of what I've got, and I don't mind showing it.See More of Bea Cummins at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Jasmine's j o encouragement Jasmine's J.O. Encouragement Most British girls have a special knack for hot jack talk in their videos. Jasmine Jae has skills at J.O. encouragement and this scene is the proof. This slim and stacked brunette has quite a proper dirty mouth on her.Originally from Birmingham, Jasmine lives in Los Angeles and told us about herself after this introductory scene and before her second scene, a DP with two dudes.I graduated from university with a first-class honors degree in business management and marketing. The first time I had sex was run of the mill. I was 18 and it was with my long-term boyfriend at the time. Things got more adventurous and fun later in life.Jasmine said she's an exhibitionist on-camera but not off-camera. She's sexually assertive and has sex every day. I see what I want and I go after it. My fetish is considerable cocks, if that's considered a fetish! See More of Jasmine Jae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Andi james' first time Andi James' first time I'm completely open to new experiences, said 52-year-old Andi James, a mom and divorcee who's having a new experience right here: penish sucking and have sexual intercourse her first porn penish on-camera. And it's a big one: JMac's! He's have sexual intercourse this big-titted beauty every which way and cumshot on her face.Some of the people I know would be surprised to see me here, said Andi, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now lives in Central Florida. Not some boyfriends. Everyone else, absolutely.Of course, that's part of what makes so special: Women who nobody would expect to be here and doing this come here and do this. They're not porn stars. They're not even aspiring porn stars. They're just regular women from all walks of life who are fulfilling their fantasies and ours.Andi has worked in public relations and marketing. She's been a dancer and has been in the theater. She enjoys yoga and spending time with her family. We asked her what she wants to do that she hasn't done yet, and she said, Porn, escorting and being a phone-sex operator.She's now crossed one of those off her list, and she could easily do the other two. We'd pay to make love her and to hear her talk dirty.Andi is a swinger. She likes women. She loved JMac and he loved her. You will, too. See More of Andi James at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Busty angelina p o v Curvy Angelina P.O.V. First, a modeling show with Angelina Castro's new string bikini. Then an oily titty rub. And then jerking, tit-fucking, cock blowjob and a good, wet cunt pumping. Cuban-American Angelina is always dressed to kill in tight tops, push-up bras, tight, short-shorts and the highest heels. She lives in Miami and is well-known around the Magic City.I love it here...the beaches, the weather, the parties and the night life, said Angelina. The only thing I don't like is how some of the guys talk to girls. If I had a dollar for every guy that said to me 'Hey, Ma, what's up', I'd have a lot of money!See More of Angelina Castro at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Kay loove kay loovered and black bra 13 minutesit has been way too long since we featured this spectacular czech bombshell but the beautiful news is that we have rectified that injustice today with another sizzling entry from the awesome and aweins It has been way too long since we featured this spectacular Czech bombshell, but the lovely news is that we have rectified that injustice today with another sizzling entry from the awesome and awe-inspiring 34H Kay Loove!. Katie thornton katie thorntonvol1set 2she is just too damn libidinous and mindblowingly curvy for us to stay away from as the lovely and awesomely endowed 32j katie thornton comes back to us yet again with another winner of a photo set this being She is just too damn exciting and mind-blowingly busty for us to stay away from, as the nice and awesomely endowed 32J Katie Thornton comes back to us yet again with another winner of a photo set, this being the second set from her debut shoot with us.. A diamond in the buff A Diamond in the buff I worked in a sex shop and enjoyed it, said Romanian hottie Roxanne Diamond, who was born on Valentine's Day. She was made for loving. I enjoyed modeling for this video and the photos and I am looking forward to seeing them and making more soon because it was fun.This was her first nude shoot, so Roxanne broke her modeling cherry with us.I get a lot of attention and compliments from guys all the time, but I do not usually dress to show my boobs like this when I go out. I am not shy, obviously, but I am more of a private person.Which seems appropriate because here she's showing off her privates for all the world to see. She's using a shower head on her tits and pussy, too, which is very nice. There's nothing like wet, young pussy.Roxanne's hobbies include reading, writing poetry, music and drawing nudes. She was referred to TSG by a friend, another Romanian SCORELAND model. You know her: Joana. Joana, Roxanne and another of Joana's discoveries, Amorina, even did a scene together at SCORELAND.Guys are always asking me questions about my boobs or giving compliments, Roxanne said. If I go out for the night, at least two or three guys will talk about my boobs and ask questions. The main question is whether they are real or not. Yes, they are real. If a stranger has manners and is a gentleman, I will be happy to make conversation. Of course a few men that are not gentlemen, men in the street, make comments that are not nice. I will not pay any attention to them.Yeah, make love 'em! Besides, a few of them have probably jacked to these photos and the video already, anyway. See More of Roxanne Diamond at SCORELAND2.COM!. Rachel aldana rugby tops with september carrinohd videopart 2 5 minuterugby tops with september carrinohd videopart 2 5 minute Rugby Tops with September Carrino - HD Video - Part 2 5 minute. 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Big, latina milf breasts Big, Latina MILF tits If you look up the definition of big-busted Latina hottie in your Boobster's Dictionary, you will see pictures of Daylene Rio, Kitana Flores, Cat Bangles, Angelina Castro and many others, including the Colombian Tit Squad: Shara Lopez, Katy Shavon and Shanie Gaviria. Now there's a new entry for the dictionary and this dime piece's name is Alessandra Miller, originally from Bolivia, and now a south Florida resident.It's a privilege to be a SCORE Girl, Alessandra tweeted. lovely girls are just bad girls who didn't get caught, she joked. One of the hottest scenes I did so far was with Carlos Rios. It was amazing. Our scene came out so hot. I love to go down on this papi. I loved my scene with JMac. I couldn't get enough.Alessandra dances in this scene, stripping off piece by piece until she's totally naked in high heels, bouncing and shaking her big, natural natural tits and giving herself the finger, building up to a wet cum.SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sexAlessandra: I love it.SCORELAND: Do you watch your videos alone or with a manAlessandra: Alone. I like to feel myself.SCORELAND: What is your favorite position for giving gulp jobsAlessandra: On my knees.SCORELAND: What's your favorite position for tit-fuckingAlessandra: Me on top.SCORELAND: Where you ever an exotic dancerAlessandra: No, too shy for that but I'm a charming dancer in private.SCORELAND: How is porn sex different to you from private sexAlessandra: They are both the same. I act like a porn star in private. I like to keep it real.See More of Alessandra Miller at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Minka's first photo shoot Minka's First Photo Shoot This military uniform shoot was the first pictorial Minka shot for her debut in SCORE. The edition's coverdate was December 1994 and Minka was the covergirl. This was a breakthrough issue in several ways. great bust magazines were hesitant about putting an Asian girl on their covers. SCORE had no hesitation. Minka remembers that time. When my girlfriend showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that's what I called. I sent three Polaroid pictures. Next, one of the owners and the chief photographer John Graham got the pictures. He called my house and said, 'An airplane ticket is going to be at your house in one or two days. I want you to come to England.' That's it. So I went to England. And he took a test picture and said I would be on the cover, and then he said that I would be a feature dancer. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was going to be the first time an Asian girl was on the cover. 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I figured it was as pretty a time as any to get started with my Halloween costume for this year...I have a feeling that I might get a few volunteers for this kind of duty, if you know what I mean, LOL.. Leanne Crow. Bjenna's boobs underwater/b Jenna's natural natural tits underwater I would rather have a guy come up to me and tell me I am lovely or even inviting than for him to tell me that I have voluminous natural natural tits, said Jenna Valentine, who does have voluminous natural natural tits.She's also lovely.But she has voluminous, juicy, natural natural tits. Of course, she knows that. She looks down all the time and sees them. She doesn't need to be told that she has voluminous natural tits. It's a fact, like the sun is hot and the polar ice caps are melting.But guys spend so much time fixated on her natural tits that some of them don't even notice she has a face. So a girl needs some reassuring once in a while.I'm sorry, Jenna. 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They have to be in the middle of nowhere for 21 days with a hatchet and they have to survive. I also watch Boardwalk Empire.I don't really watch a lot of TV because I work a lot, and I like to read, too, so I have to choose if I'm going to read or watch TV, and sometimes I just need a break from the world and want to watch grown-ass women yelling at each other. They have so many problems! I can't watch the Kardashians. They're so boring. I can't get into it. I love when Gordon Ramsay yells at people. I think it's lascivious. There's something lascivious about him. He spits out food and throws stuff. It's funny.If she says so.By the way, when Jenna laughs, her voluminous natural natural tits jiggle, so funny is lovely when she's around.See More of Jenna Valentine at SCORELAND2.COM!. I'm a good jacker I'm A appealing Jacker. 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I didn't like it that much, but I had a friend who knew a girl who did webcam modeling, and that is how I started. The first day I tried it, I fell in love with it. I was like, 'This is amazing!'Bella is amazing. She measures 40-24-38 with G-cup tits. She has long, blond hair and a cute face. She looks almost too lovely to be true. She's a sophisticated model. The way she plays with her vagina, whether using her fingers or a toy, reminds me of Morgan Leigh, another slim 'n' stacked vagina magician.I met Bella at our studio in Miami, Florida, the day before she flew to the Bahamas for her shoots. This photo set and video were her first. She starts off in lingerie, then she takes a shower. I love the photos in which she spreads wide and we can see the soap bubbles inside her pink vagina.Elliot wrote, Bella seems the type to always look perfect at all times. 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Every girl knows how to do that arms-crossed shirt removal technique, and every girl knows how to pose lascivious for a camera, even if it's their first time. It's nature.See More of Emily Cole at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Leanne crow leanne crowgrey bra gopro 15 minuteswho is up for some exciting sideboobi know how much all of you like seeing voluminous beautiful tits from all angles and it seems like the sideboob angle is one of the favorites out there Who is up for some exciting side-boob? ;-) I know how much all of you like seeing large beautiful tits from all angles, and it seems like the Septembercarrino com purple bracandidsset 2so who wants to see some hot fully naked pictures of me my large boobies which are now doubleh cups really look large and full and big in this sethopefully this will help jazz up your weekend just a litt So who wants to see some hot, fully naked pictures of me? My great boobies which are now double-H cups really look great and full and large in this set. Hopefully this will help jazz up your weekend just a little. xoxoxo -- September. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerwebcam 85 minuteshey guys and welcome to a new weeki decided it was time to do a new webcam video and use the allotted time to try on a few bras and put them around my great natural tits and see how they fitcare to jo Hey guys and welcome to a new week!I decided it was time to do a new webcam video and use the allotted time to try on a few bras and put them around my big natural tits and see how they fit... care to join me? ;-). 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