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Jenna's yoga three-way Jenna's yoga three-way Tony and Carlos are pissed that their coach sent them to yoga class.Next thing you know, we'll be doing fuck ballet or something.What's up with coach Why are we here for yogaBut then their instructor shows up. It's 51-year-old Jenna Covelli. Jenna has shown up for class in short, blue shorts and a cut-off tank top with no bra. Her nipples are hard. Her pussy is pulsating. She stretches and shows off her remarkable flexibility. She gets her legs all the way back and spread. This is a yoga pose Looks like a fuck-me pose. But despite Jenna's obvious MILFosity, the guys are so anti-yoga that they refuse to get with the program. Jenna has a solution.We need to be more in-tune with our yoga, she says, and in order to do that, we need to completely reveal ourselves.She really means reveal. She takes off her shirt.You must follow, she says. She takes off her shorts. Let's expose our skin so we can get more oxygen, she says. They take their shorts off. Jenna notices that, if not oxygen, blood is rushing to their cocks. This yoga class is about to become very exciting. Jenna bends over to demonstrate downward dog. Carlos slides his cock into her pussy. Tony slips his cock into her mouth. Namaste.See More of Jenna Covelli at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Bcindy and the glory holes/b Cindy and the glory holes The video portion of today's posting attempts to answer the question, What if Cindy Cupps had blowjobed a real dick on-camera She never did. She tit-have sex in the first boobs 'n' Tugs movie, but that real dick only got to feel Cindy's considerable boobs wrapped around it and not her mouth. I remain convinced that if Crystal Gunns, Cindy's bosom buddy (Cindy discovered Crystal), had said to Cindy, Let's do a suc job scene together, Cindy would have been in. But Crystal never blowjobed and have sex a real dick on-camera, either.Is that beautiful Is that bad Did we really need to see Cindy gulp real dick on-camera Wasn't it enough to see her cute face and huge boobs and tight cunt I love hardcore, but I never really wanted to see Cindy doing hardcore, as much as I liked her. And she was one of my favorites.In this scene, Cindy is in a room. The walls have holes in them. There are fake dicks sticking through the holes. Cindy blowjobs them.I'm cute much a loner by nature, Cindy said. I like my privacy, being in my own little world. I'm not saying I'm anti-social. I like to go out and have a beautiful time. But I'd rather just stay home most evenings and watch a beautiful movie.Or blowjob fake dicks through glory holesI'd never done that before, she said. Just this once.Cindy is retired now. She was an exotic dancer in South Florida, and she could've been a feature dancer but decided not to take her boobs on the road. Cindy did what she wanted to do, and if she didn't enjoy something, she didn't do it. Cindy wouldn't have sexual intercourse on-camera. She likes sex, but like she said, she's a private person.I wonder what would've happened if somebody had accidentally-on purpose stuck their real dick in one of those holes Would Cindy have blowjobed it We'll never know. See More of Cindy Cupps at SCORELAND2.COM!.