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Leanne crow yellow laceset 1hey there i did a set a while in a yellow bra just like this one and i liked it so much that i decided to get one just like it and bring it back for an encore with a bit of a different flairi will chat with you soonxox Hey there! I did a set a while in a yellow bra just like this one and I liked it so much that I decided to get one just like it and bring it back for an encore with a bit of a different flair. I will chat with you soon. xoxoxo -- Leanne. Sarah randall sarah randallsugar plum babeset 2this year i decided to go a little different with the color scheme for my holidaysthemed shoot and with any luck it will leave you with some visions of sugar plums dancing in your head once you see my  This year I decided to go a little different with the color scheme for my holidays-themed shoot and with any luck it will leave you with some visions of sugar plums dancing in your head once you see my large sugar plums busting out of it. ;). Hitomi tanakaanother scene of the sexiest busty japanese i knowhitomi tanaka monster huge natural boobs Another scene of the sexiest busty japanese I know - Hitomi Tanaka! Monster huge natural tits!. Sarah randall sarah randallcool mint lingerie 23 minuteshi there guys ar you ready for more fun and voluminous tits on a friday i am back again with another new hd video bag of goodies of my voluminous natural tits in a horny mint green lace bra Hi there guys! Ar you ready for more fun and voluminous breasts on a Friday? I am back again with another new HD video bag of goodies, of my voluminous natural tits in a horny mint green lace bra.. That golden glow That Golden Glow Every time we see Merilyn, she looks better and better, sexier and prettier. Her confidence is also increasing. Your editors began hyperventilating and suffered stiffness in their joints when they first saw this photo set and matching video of Merilyn stretching an extreme, metallic gold bikini to the max. She's like a goddess in human form. I'm very proud to have been blessed with this body, Merilyn says. I love to read compliments about me. It makes me feel more confident and secure! I want to be the best girl I can for the guys.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerchristmas is orgasm 23 minutesthis is the second half striptease segment of her christmas is orgasm and even though christmas is over and the new year is what we are celebrating on this day tessa is the perfect addition to  This is the second half strip-tease segment of her Hitomi tanakahitomi tanaka is have sexual intercourse again by a japanese guy Hitomi Tanaka is have intercourse again by a japanese guy. Tessa fowler tessa fowlertopless gold 21 minutei have been shooting some different stuff and some different locations and this one was especially cool because i got to go out on a sandy and sunny beach andit was so private and secluded that i cou I have been shooting some different stuff and some different locations and this one was especially cool because I got to go out on a sandy and sunny beach andit was so private and secluded that I could just take my top off without any problem whatsoever.. She's not afraid of a big, massive penish She's not afraid of a big, violent penish Today, we're going to get to know 47-year-old Summer Meadows a little better before the make love begins. First she talks, then she fucks. But when she's talking, she's wearing a sexy bra and panties that barely cover her thin, fuckable body, and that makes us even more attentive.Summer is from outside New York City. She's an outdoorsy girl who likes kayaking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing and hunting. And when she goes hunting, she wears sexy, revealing camo tank tops and shorts.I'm not afraid of anything, she said.What's there to be afraid of Tony's big, violent penish She's definitely not afraid of that.Summer enjoys oral sex, especially 69ing so she can have her vagina eaten while her soft lips are around her man's penish. She's a MILF. She's not a swinger of a nudist.I just love sex, she said.'Nuf said.See More of Summer Meadows at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Squirting schoolgirl Squirting Schoolgirl Melody is pleasant ballsy. Not only is she getting naked in class, but she's gonna spray her teacher's desk, too! She climbs on top of his desk and her super-pink pussy starts dripping right away. She finger-fucks herself and rubs her G-spot until she's sitting in a puddle of her own juice. My booty is sliding! she says.Melody puts on one hell of a pussy show. We can see the inside of her pussy throbbing as she cums. When she gets on all fours we can see her pussy juice glistening on her butthole and running down the side of her leg. She's doing this to get back at her teacher for giving her detention, but he might just like it. Hell, we would. See More of Melody Wylde at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Pinupfiles com dahlia darklavender bubble bathpart 2 1 minutewe are always suckers for excited ravenhaired darkeyed gals with great tits that literally bust right out of their tops which is why we simply had to sign up delicate 32gg dahlia dark the We are always suckers for lustful, raven-haired, dark-eyed gals with big boobs that literally bust right out of their tops, which is why we simply had to sign up elegant 32GG Dahlia Dark the moment was saw her and put her in a lustful silk robe that could.... Tit chat Tit Chat Susie Masterson has a chummy boob talk with the studio manager about why she decided to become an XL Girl, what she likes to do for fun and other important issues. Susie has a shy side that shows in this bonus video. Her 38G tits are heavy-looking and tan-lined and she can self-suck them. That's a talent breast-men love to see.See More of Susie Masterson at XLGIRLS.COM!.
Rachel aldana webcam 86time for another great boobed webcam wednesday diary updatescreenshotsheya everyonetime for another great boobed webcam wednesday diary update and it is freezing cold here but i did manage to strip down to my tank top for y Heya everyone!Time for another large boobed webcam Wednesday diary update and it is FREEZING cold here but I did manage to strip down to my tank top for you, because I have gotten a number of requests for a tight tank t-shirt sort of t.... Perfect view Perfect View When you look like Sara Jay, every side is your lovely side. But we can't lie, there's nothing like getting a nice, long look at her backside. Sara Jay, one of our baddest whooties ever, is well aware of the effect she has on men because of her phat booty.I love it, Sara says of guys checking her booty out. I'm a tease, too, so I'll pretend I'm a bit annoyed when guys comment, but I love it. I always dress to show my booty off. I want to stop traffic and make guys stop and check me out.That's exactly what happens when our boy Johnny Rod spots Sara relaxing out on her balcony, booty looking as round and fuckedable as ever in her tight jeggings. Sara, being the cock-loving nympho she is, eagerly invites him upstairs.I try to fucked every day if I can, Sara says. If I have the time, I'll try to get in a morning lay and then fucked again in the evening. So, preferably, I'm fuckeding twice a day. And hopefully my man can go more than one round. I'm addicted to dick.In one of the raunchiest POV scenes you'll ever see, Sara sucks and fuckeds in multiple positions before having her vanilla buns basted with hot man-cream. It's a perfect view of the perfect whootie. See More of Sara Jay at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. V is for curvy V Is For busty Alexsis Faye is an assertive girl in every way. Her perky, bubbly, pretty personality is as bouncy as her bodacious breasts. The kind of girl who makes a guy feel pretty. It's interesting that Alexsis said that girls look at her red-hot rack more than guys. Jealousy Envy Admiration LustTo think Alexsis was toiling at a desk job in a travel agency. What a waste had she continued, unseen and unknown except to a few people. Now she's found her dream job, makes her own hours and doesn't think of it as standard work because she is her own boss.SCORELAND: Alexsis, what is your favorite thing about modelingAlexsis: My favorite thing about modeling is that I am able to transform for a shooting. I can do things normally I am not able to do in my day to day life. For a photo shooting, I can be a excited secretary or a nurse and when I see the final result it's so exciting. Modelling for SCORE was thrilling, glamorous, fun and different and I loved it! So I am doing one of my favorite things and making a pretty living at it! SCORELAND: What clothing do you think you look sexiest inAlexsis: I have so much clothes and I love to dress up, from secretary to flight attendant but my favorite one is my Japanese schoolgirl 'cause it mixes being naughty and innocent at the same time. SCORELAND: When you go out in cute weather, what kind of tops do you like to wear because they show off your breasts the best Alexsis: When it's cute outside I like to wear tight tank tops in white or light colors with funny messages. Whatever I wear it's cruel to keep them hidden.See More of Alexsis Faye at SCORELAND.COM!. Janadefijuly4th1janadefijuly4th01 Janadefi-july4th01. Leanne crow leanne crowpurple shadows 1the intoxicating considerable breasted magic of 34hh leanne is back5minthe incomparable beauty and awesome considerable tits of 34hh leanne crow have been captivating us in ways that we cannot even properly  The incomparable beauty and awesome great breasts of 34HH Leanne Crow have been captivating us in ways that we cannot even properly describe ever since she made her grand debut with us just over a year ago and the intoxicating great breasted magi.... Panty pudding Panty Pudding When I am with a man, I want to be have intercourse on every surface in my house. I want to try as many kinky positions as possible. And I want to be ravished. I know that most women want sensitivity and all that fluff. Not me. I want a man to take charge and use my anatomy for all his sexual pleasure. But I also want to be in control, sometimes. If a man can treat me like a dirty, sex-crazed whore, and make me cum, then I will return the favor. I'll let him wear my pantyhose and then fucked him for all he is worth!See More of Bailey Brooks at LEGSEX.COM!. Clothed seduction Clothed Seduction When Scoreland took a poll to find out what were the most asked for fantasy layouts, Harem Girl is one of the all time favorites. I, myself, have thought that wearing a very see-through harem outfit was extremely sexy. I have worn one as my personal favorite masquerade ball outfit. One year I took belly-dancing lessons just to complement my Halloween costume. I got so many compliments and I can't tell you how many men came to tell me that they thought I was the sexiest person in the room. These were fans of mine who have seen me unclothed, and I think they like me with my filmy harem pants even better. I know ChloesWorld people will argue that point, but when you think of the popularity of all the Victoria Secret models, and how cherished that catalog is, perhaps, more (clothes, that is...) is better. When I shop, I often like to buy clothes, which cover a lot, but at the same time show a lot also. I know I attract a lot of attention because of my voluminous boobs. But I attract a lot more attention wearing a tight dress with everything covered, violently any cleavage, but having my violent nipples protruding out of the fabric. I am told it drives men crazy. Many times, I can feel them mentally undressing me. And, how they love to undress me! When I was modeling for this photo shoot, I found that wearing a veil, made me work violenter. I found that I was being more expressive with my eyes. I was flirting with the cameras more. I was moving my anatomy more hands, and my fingers were more expressive...I felt so much more sexy. Perhaps when fans ask for a harem girl photo shoot, fans are asking for the mystery...the exotic seduction of just seeing enough to whet the appetite, and then letting the imagination take over. We had jasmine and sandalwood candles burning and lending a harem feeling to the set and my anatomy was responding to this titillating aromatherapy. I was horny! I was wet! I was ready! Perhaps that is why the sultan always had eunuchs in the harem. Fortunately for me, The SCORE Group have no eunuchs, just good-looking webbies and editorial guys. Lucky me! As I go on to the next fantasy layout, let me know if you have a fantasy that needs to be fulfilled. We aim to please! Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Sex in the pink Sex In The Pink Russian sex is a slang term for tit-have sexual intercourseing. Sex scholars don't know the term's origin, but Russian blonde Jordan Pryce is a pro at it in more ways than one. Jordan is best at have sexual intercourse scenes. Seeing Jordan in solos is okay, but her forte is raw, dirty porn sex.I like boob have sexual intercourseing, Jordan said. I like when a man sticks his tool between my boobs. I like when he gulp my nipples while he's have sexual intercourseing me. I also like when he is have sexual intercourseing my boobs and I can cock sucking his tool, too. I caress it with my mouth, and I always pay a lot of attention to the balls. I like to get them in my mouth and get them beautiful and wet. Sometimes men cumshotshot in my mouth before they have had the chance to have sexual intercourse my cunt. But that's okay. Then they can eat my cunt and I will cumshotshot anyway.Jordan is boob-centric. She's devoted to her breasts. They're sensitive, especially my nipples, she said. I can give myself delight every time by playing with my nipples and rubbing my cunt, sometimes just by rubbing my nipples. Sometimes I will be out in public and I will find myself touching my nipples. People will be staring, and I will be like, 'Ooops!'See More of Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND2.COM!. Autumn and lilith Autumn And LilithWhat happens when the fantastic Autumn-Jade and Lilith decide to baste their pussies We drop a lot of loads watching them, that's what. This is the large bra show from the mid-portion of Ultimate Autumn. Once the bras have been tossed off, the rug munching and nipple blowjob begins. deep French kissing with lots of tongue twirling, deep vagina blowjob and eat-outs, clitty licking, mound-to-mound mashing---our two mammazonian morsels do it all. Autumn has a lovely tasting pussy. I should know! I went down on her! said Lilith that evening. I liked Lilith. We had fun making this. I've become more assertive since my original girl-girls in London, when I was in the hands of Linsey, Chloe and Kathy, Autumn said during an interview at SCORELANDSee More of Lilith at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. I love toys & boys I Love Toys & Boys Savannah Stevens said she hates wearing clothes.I'm constantly naked at home, so this is my dream job, adult entertainment. Getting to lick and play with voluminous ding dongs, that's the most fun thing I've ever done.Savannah knew about SCORE magazine and the girls prior to modeling for us. If this girl doesn't look like a living sex doll, I don't know who does.When I wear low-cut tops, people give me car repairs, treat me to meals and they always pay attention to me. I like to wear tops that push my natural tits together so they bounce around and jiggle.When I called Savannah a doll, I didn't mean she looks like an innocent doll you bring home to mama, unless mama is an ex-stripper or porn star.I've done everything in adult entertainment. I've stripped, I've escorted, I've had lots of sexual escapades...I'm charming well-rounded...especially in the sex world. See More of Savannah Stevens at SCORELAND2.COM!. Jaden suede - it's showtime in the vip room It's Showtime In The VIP Room If there was a strip club with a girl like Jaden Suede available in the VIP Room, we'd be there. But we don't think that's very likely. It's brutal finding strip clubs with busty Girls or XL Girls. If they did exist, we'd send our scouts there! Jaden, who only modeled for a short time, said she likes Genuinely funny guys who are responsible and supportive yet still a kid at the same time. I like a guy who will stand up for me. Someone who likes adventurous dates, not the same old movie and dinner. Like going to a theme park or a sex club. Jaden added that she likes to dress very '80s. She is a girl who enjoys showing her stuff and loves it when men admire her bod. I like to wear stockings, G-strings, boy-shorts, mini-skirts, platform shoes, baby-doll T-shirts and dark glasses. I always wear a bra. I love when my tits feel constricted. My sexual fantasy is to be with two men at the same time. Can we film that No, I'm too chicken. I'm scared about doing that. make love is too personal. I'm impressed by the girls who can do that.See More of Jaden Suede at XLGIRLS.COM!. Lana kendrick - silk specter - set 2. Lana Kendrick Hey guys...I'm getting a jump on things with my latest Halloween custome...Some of you hardcore comic fans will know this one by heart. :-) That's because it's not just Halloween time, it's big titty time too!. Lana Kendrick. Cream filling As soon as Sienna Hills and Mr. Largo started make love their brains out, we could hear her screams of delight through the thick walls of the XL Girls studio. This gal really loves the cock. This time was creampie time. Instead of taking the pop shot to her huge melons, mouth or face, Sienna's gonna get zinged right in her deep pink and she's gonna let it drip out.Her giant tits will swing like bell clappers when she's banged in doggie by his express train of man-sausage until the missiles are launched. It's Sienna's first creampie make love and she was game to go. We could hear Sienna urging him to paste her vagina and who's gonna say no to this hot piece of buttI love to make love doggie-style, Sienna told us in one of our interviews. That is one of my favorites. I like a guy orgasm at me from behind and I can reach back and grab a hold of him and make him go faster and harder. Yeah, I love it! We've been in touch with Sienna who first came to XL Girls when she owned a magazine shop in Little Rock, Arkansas where the customers would beg her to model for TSG. The store closed but will Sienna ever make a comeback Only time will tell.See More of Sienna Hills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Getting wet Getting Wet Lucie has tiny tits and a juicy butt--both emphasized by the bikini she's wearing, although it doesn't stay on for long. There's something about skipping school and being at a pool that makes her feel frisky. Maybe it's because she's all alone with you, and it's so easy for her to pull aside her top and remove her bottom, exposing all the bits you're not supposed to see. But Lucie is comfortable with it. So comfortable that she pees right there in front of you. A nice clear stream shoots out of her pussy, giving her the relief she needs to stick her fingers in and diddle herself to a cum. After playing in the pool, urine and cumming, Lucie ends her skip day totally soaked. See More of Lucie at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Paisleylingerieset2paisleylingerieset2 Paisleylingerie-set2. September carrino webcam 112prechristmas great breasts cheer5minhiya everyonei have a little prechristmas great breasts holiday cheer to spread your way today in the form of my latest webcam video here Hiya everyone!I have a little pre-Christmas large tits holiday cheer to spread your way today, in the form of my latest webcam video here!. Hosed Hosed So this scene of the big Rachel Love has everything. A sunny garden. A wet tee-shirt. Ridiculously tight anal shorts. A garden hose to spray Rachel down with. A guy with a hard-on to donate to Rachel. Most of the pictures are shot with you, the viewer, in mind as Rachel's make love buddy. When she's not feeling the urge to be a bad girl, Rachel pays the bills with real estate work. But this kind of action is always on her mind. After the tool has been in my cunt for a while, I love to taste my cunt off his tool, then put that tool back inside. violent it up again until I get so happy, I'm going to end up squirting on it.I think doggie-style allows a little more depth inside my cunt. Reverse cowgirl is not the same because I'm in control when I'm on top whereas when it's doggie, my partner is in control, so he knows how much he's going to give. When I'm on top I wonder if I can take more of it inside me. See More of Rachel Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerwebcam 61 minutehey guysbeautiful news here on a wednesday i have a special new webcam wednesday video for you to hopefully enjoyi recently got back from my preholiday trip to see my family and friends back in south c Hey guys!lovely news here on a Wednesday, I have a special new WebCam Wednesday video for you to hopefully enjoy. I recently got back from my pre-holiday trip to see my family and friends back in South Carolina, so I brought back this very authentic-looking cowboy hat, and I thought I would do a little video for you while wearing it. ;-). Rachel purplescarf01 trailerrachel aldana slips off a purple scarf Rachel Aldana slips off a purple scarf. My guy wants this Lives: Parkland, Florida; Occupation: Unemployed; Age: 18; Born: April 15; Ht: 5'4; Wt: 126 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: probably way too much.I thought that I'd find some kinda job when I graduated high school, but I can't, Rebecca said. My folks won't let me work in any fast food restaurant, so that limits things. I'm not going to college; that would be a dead waste of money and time. So, when my folks are at work, I hang out in the sun, go to the mall, watch TV...or have sex. My boyfriend goes to college not far away, so he often comes over during the day so we can screw. He'd heard about the website so we checked it out one day, and I started thinking about doing a stud with a voluminous dick. Thinking about it led to diddling myself and imagining it, and now here I am! My guy's all for it. He can't wait to check me out online. I bet that leads to some voluminous sex. Check out the video as well.See More of Rebecca Ivy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Tessa fowler tessa fowlerwebcam 81 minutehey guys and welcome to a new weeki decided it was time to do a new webcam video and use the allotted time to try on a few bras and put them around my great natural tits and see how they fitcare to joi Hey guys and welcome to a new week!I decided it was time to do a new webcam video and use the allotted time to try on a few bras and put them around my big natural tits and see how they fit... care to join me? ;-). Rachel aldana webcam 4130sechey everyone hope you all are having a big week Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a big week.. Suzie sun - the girl in red shoes The Girl In Red Shoes 22-year-old DD hottie Suzie Sun comes from a small Czech city near the border of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A beautiful girl with elegant features and very pliable boobs, Suzie has a nice little bod. This is her first time at SCORELAND. Suzie was spotted by one of our photographers, the same shooter who discovered Jessie Simmons, Lola Hot and others. Europe is his beat and he knows a choice number when he sees one.Suzie checked out SCORELAND after he met her and she wanted to join in after seeing all of the Czech girls who've posed, some names she's heard of. She had no shyness about baring her bod and natural tits on-camera, spreading the pink and fingering. Suzie decided to try hardcore after talking it over with our shooter and we'll be seeing her soon in a XXX scene.See More of Suzie Sun at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne crow leanne crowhot tubpart 3 3 minute34hh leanne crow returnsleanne has reached nothing short of ultimate goddess status since making her big debut with us back in april and this new hd video makes history once again as her incredible all 34HH Leanne Crow returns!Leanne has reached nothing short of ultimate goddess status since making her big debut with us back in April, and this new HD video makes history once again as her incredible all-natural HH breasts fill our video screens once.... Monica mendez spring timelingerie 1 3 minutehey guys so lets start the weekend with a excited strip teasewatch me trying to squeeze my huge firm boobs into a excited lingerie then peeling myself out of it for you to see i hope you have a big weeken Hey Guys! So lets start the weekend with a exciting strip tease. Watch me trying to squeeze my huge firm breasts into a exciting lingerie then peeling myself out of it for you to see! I hope you have a big weekend and be safe! Love Ya, Monica XOXO. Septembercarrino com hot oilcandids 2 great squeezable oiled up huge tits for youhi guys in some of these photos i want to reach out and squeeze my own tits they look so irresistiblei think you are really going to like this one especially if you  Hi guys! In some of these photos I want to reach out and squeeze my own tits they look so irresistible! ;-) I think you are really going to like this one, especially if you like really beautiful firm and shiny considerable tits!xoxoxo -- September. Rachel aldana glamour tops with rachel aldanahd videopart 2 1 minuteglamour tops with rachel aldanahd videopart 2 1 minute Glamour Tops with Rachel Aldana - HD Video - Part 2 1 minute. Nice creamer Cute Creamer Daria's tried on bras in a previous Bonus video. SCORELAND's never-satisfied photographer now pushes for more...hanging out with Daria as she shaves her legs silky smooth. When she's done, she applies her special cream on her huge, natural boobs and rubs the stuff in. This is a daily thing with Daria, boob moisturizing. Her areolas are very voluminous and Daria says her nipples are very sensitive. I like to touch them, she says, smiling mischievously. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. The post-graduate study of daria The Post-graduate Study of Daria At SCORELAND for post-graduate studies of the female body, anatomy award winner Daria is the graduate and we're the students. We asked Daria a few probing questions because it's a tradition here to get to know a girl who's sharing her gifts.SCORELAND: Do people ask if you are a modelDaria: It's heavy to guess that I'm a model in regular life. People have an idea in their minds of a model that fits a certain way from TV and magazines. Very thin and tall with long legs. A look like that.SCORELAND: Do you sleep wearing a braDaria: Of course not! I like freedom.SCORELAND: Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go on vacationDaria: I'm going to try this year on holidays. I just bought one.SCORELAND: Send us some selfies when you do.See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. September carrino september carrinored tie 1trailerthe bodacious considerable breasts of none other than the scintillating 32jj september carrino of septembercarrino com are backalong with the rest of herthey both kind of go together that way s The bodacious big tits of none other than the scintillating 32JJ September Carrino of SeptemberCarrino.Com are back -- along with the rest of her -- they both kind of go together that way! Stay tuned for more large stuff from September. ;-). September carrino september carrinoonyx cleavage 1classy big tits from a seriously pretty curvy babe 5 minuteour official premiere model the sweet and talented and mindblowingly curvy 34jj september carrino has always been know not only for her hug Our Official Premiere Model, the lovely and talented and mind-blowingly curvy 34JJ September Carrino has always been know not only for her huge tits, but also her incredibly lovely demeanor and girl-next-door smile.But one side of September you .... Lana kendrick lana kendricknew years sunset gopro 13 minuteshey guys happy weekend if you have wondered about what it looks like to pour champagne straight from the bottle over a pair of allnatural considerable tits then this video is for youthis Hey guys! Happy weekend! If you have wondered about what it looks like to pour champagne straight from the bottle over a pair of all-natural great tits, then this video is for you. This one gets right up close and low, so you can practically drink the bubbly right off my great boobs as I pour it! ;-). The body comparison The anatomy Comparison Valory and Chica became fast friends when they met. Dominican Chica even took Ukrainian Valory around for a tour of the area when they had some play time. Long-time member N.C. thinks that Chica resembles the famous Savida. Facially, Chica seems more like legendary busty Angelique. As for Valory, no one's comparing her to any other models. Some say her boobs remind them of Danni Ashe's famous knockers. In this video, Chica and Valory get down to the sound and shake their booties and titties in a anatomy beat. It looks like Valory doesn't mind leaving the cold of her town for the warmth of the Caribbean. The ass-swinging traditions of the Dominican Republic seems to agree with Valory. One of the large pleasures in life is when buxom beauties dance and bounce their boppers. These two have it down.See More of Chica at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Christy marks - creamin' the prom queen Creamin' The Prom Queen You'd be surprised how many men have fantasies about getting down and dirty with the prom queen. And why not The prom queen represents everything that was nice and pure about your former high school days, right (Probably not. Chances are that the prom queen was an ice queen who only wanted to nail the jocks and treated everyone else like dog shit.) Well, Christy is here to remedy your hurt to splurt on she who was high and mighty in those days. You see, Christy was not the prom queen. Nope. She was the nice, quiet, voluminous-titted chick who would always chat with you and sat next to you at football games. The kind of girl who wanted to go all the way with you on prom night. So when we told her that she got to wear a crown AND get her rack coated, she was in to it in a voluminous way. Can I wear the crown the whole time she asked. You bet we told her yes. So whip it out and rub one out for Christy, who will always be the queen of our hearts and hard-ons. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Xl girl worships black tool XL Girl Worships Black cock Holly Jayde from California receives a healthy serving of interracial cream-pie courtesy of Mr. Asante Stone who appears to have doubled up on the Muscle Milk before making his way to XL Girls' headquarters, judging by the voluminous volume of ball batter he ends up injecting into Holly's pussy. Holly and Stone are stuck together so tightly from the very beginning of this scene that you couldn't pass a playing card between them. They seem glued to each other. Maybe XL Girls should go into the matchmaking business on the side. For a girl who loves fucking, this merger must have hit all the right G-Spots for Holly. I would have sex three times a day if I could, Holly had written on her model's bio sheet. Although she says she is the sexually passive type that turns control over to the man, Holly plays Stone's skinflute like a member of a symphonic orchestra, pumping it to rock-hardness. She then mounts it in cowgirl for her first ride before she's polished in side-saddle, doggie and missionary and then shellacked inside her pink pussy-hole. When Stone has finished his spasms inside Holly, he steps out of the picture so the cam can capture an unblocked view of Holly squeezing the nut-cream out of her ravished pie.See More of Holly Jayde at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Jaime hammer jaime hammercowgirlpart 21mindoubleddlicious 32dd jaime hammer comes back to pinupfiles in a newly remastered fullsize video from one of her early shoots with us Double-DD-licious 32DD Jaime Hammer comes back to PinupFiles in a newly remastered, full-size video from one of her early shoots with us.. Ericacampbell pinkbikini01erica campbell in a horny pink bikini Erica Campbell in a sexy Pink Bikini. Karina's special bra Karina's Special Bra The main focus of this week's photo posting is Karina's blue bra. Okay, check that. When Karina's in the picture, the main focus is always on her lovely face, her bodacious body. But what makes these photos even more special is the blue bra. Now, we haven't seen Karina in a lot of colorful bras, and we're not sure why. Although she is. I have a very difficult time finding bras that fit in any color but white or black, she told us. When I see a colorful bra that fits, I always buy it. I bought two of of these, one in blue and another in pink. Of course, isn't it just like us to have Karina take off the blue bra so soon after she put it on Hey, let's face it: No matter what color bra Karina is wearing, we always like it better off than on. I think I would like to wear this bra under a sheer, white button-down top, Karina said, feeding our imaginations. I bet you that would get a lot of stares! A lot of stares, a lot of boners. A typical day in the life of Karina Hart.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Rachel aldana rachel aldanawebcam1701 minutei hope you all are having a pleasant week thus far and are ready for the back half of it here on our collective hump day so come on in and say hello and see what sweet updates i have for you as well as  I hope you all are having a beautiful week thus far and are ready for the back half of it here on our collective Hump Day, so come on in and say hello and see what cute updates I have for you, as well as treat yourself to more eye-popping glimpses of my cruel tits here. :-). Monica mendez - kayak flash 1 - 5 minutes. Monica Mendez Hey Guys And Gals! So I am back and back for good! I have been spending my spare time hanging on the beach and playing with my new camera so I will have a lot of new beach cams foe you.. Monica Mendez. 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Among the many girls were Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Teresa May, Annette Christianson and Lorna Morgan.Adele was one of the busiest British models of the 1990s. She seemed to work non-stop during that decade and into the 2000s and was constantly traveling to photo assignments. (Adele, Linsey and Linsey's friend Andrea were once flown to Israel for modeling sessions and interviews. On a free day, they went to the beach. Models have a cruel life.) The sheer number of Adele's pictorials for magazine after magazine is astounding. Blessed with a gorgeous, slim and stacked anatomy and a lovely face, Adele parlayed her flawless assets and became one of the top models of the 1990s and early 2000s. See More of Adele Stephens at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. 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And the shoot went really smoothly.V-mag: You liked the strap-onAnnie: Yeah, that was my favorite toy.V-mag: You liked using it or having it used on you Annie: No, I liked using it.V-mag: You liked having a cockAnnie: Laughing Yeah. I got to use it on Autumn.V-mag: So now you see why guys like having cocks so much.Annie: Yes, it's fun. Except I couldn't get mine to stay on right.V-mag: What do you meanAnnie: It was like baggy, I guess. And it wouldn't work as well as, obviously, a real penis.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Busty milf from fucktown Busty MILF From Fucktown Porsche Lane turns heads wherever she goes. She's proud of being a mature large-titted swinger and all-around slut. She's into group sex and swinger cruises on ships. She's an ex-cheerleader and now a personal trainer. Of what fucked She likes pussies too. It's obvious that she likes a guy to pound the shit out of her. Now about those bra-stuffers. I love having large breasts. 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Tampa has a ton of strip clubs and I love going there to watch the girls dance! I debated doing an amateur set once or twice, but I'm kind of a clutz!I'm a total spaz when it comes to dating. I try to act ladylike, but then I'll end up having too many drinks, and I'll start making really bad jokes. But, I sometimes put out on the first date, so that makes up for it, rightI'm much more comfortable when I'm naked. I think my local pizza place has me marked in their system as a nudist. Whenever I get a delivery, the guys are there within fifteen minutes.See More of Riley Star at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Personal trainer Personal Trainer Sweet-faced, titillating charmer Monica Love has decided that she needs personal training. What Monica wants, Monica should get. This trainer she's arranged has a time-tested method in his fitness courses for young ladies. He often uses an oval exercise ball because boning his nubile and excited students on the floor is very unprofessional. 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Can you imagine having Renee as your nurse We asked her to describe her typical day in the hospital, where she works as a cardiac surgical intensive care nurse. Of course, we asked her what she wears, and she said, I am in scrubs and, like, a T-shirt and a lab coat. Or I will wear a V-neck sometimes. I work nights, so it is a lot easier to get away with wearing something tight-fitting. But when I do wear those kinds of shirts, my co-workers, whom I am very nice friends with, freak out when they see how big my breasts are. I don't really wear stuff like that often, but when I do, people notice.I'm guessing male patients go out of their way to extend their hospital stays when Renee is their nurse.We also asked her about that cheerleading thing, and she told us, I even did gymnastics at one point, but I had to quit because of my breasts. I couldn't do any of the moves because my breasts had become too big. I was the girl with the biggest breasts on the squad, that was for sure. 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Shirts don't fit on top in my size because designers don't think about the girls who are big-chested but skinny. I'm 34 around my ribcage, but I have an F-cup. And I definitely can't find bras that fit, at least not in the stores. I have a couple I bought from Frederick's because they sell them in bigger sizes. Like we say all the time, girlfriend material. See More of Kali West at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. A creampie for katarina A creampie for Katarina It's not unusual to see beautiful, curvy girls make love on-camera, but beautiful, curvy girls who look as charming and innocent as Katarina Dubrova and have sex on-camera are a rarity. I think that accounts for at least part of Katarina's appeal (the other parts having to do with the fact that she's curvy and beautiful). 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See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND2.COM!. Tessa fowler - mint bikini 5d 1 - 3 minutes. Tessa Fowler Hi and hello everyone! I am back again with my HD video goodness for you today! It is time to get our large boobs party started once again, as I pose poolside in my mint green bikini here, with my large natural tits all oiled up and ready for their closeup. ;-). Tessa Fowler. Rachel aldana blue babe bed gopro 15minhey guys and happy friday Hey guys and Happy Friday!. Rachel sugarplum fantasy01 trailerrachel aldana on holiday in plum Rachel Aldana on holiday in plum. Luscious in lingerie Luscious In Lingerie Sha pondered the reactions she gets just by being Sha. Every woman likes feeling attractive and knowing that men admire you. But sometimes it can be a bit too much. There should be a balance to it. Men shouldn't just stare all the time. They should sometimes look at my eyes.It's difficult to just look at Sha's eyes. There is so much of her that is pure eye-candy.They look. They stare. They sometimes say things like, 'Nice body,' or 'Nice breasts.' Sometimes they don't say anything, but I know what they are thinking. Sometimes they are with their girlfriend or wife and she gets mad. I think that's funny. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Anna kay is feeling herself tonight Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight There's a misconception that women don't go to strip clubs that have female dancers. They sure do and Anna Kay goes when the spirit moves her. She went to one strip joint while visiting us. I feel relaxed at strip clubs, Anna explained. I can sit down and have a drink and be entertained and I actually fit in. I am not some girl who stands out because of my great natural boobs because everyone in there has great natural boobs. Like...I don't have to worry about everyone looking at me or hitting on me. Or even about someone's girlfriend getting jealous because he's flirting with me. At strip clubs, I can just relax and watch the show. 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But I really like it outdoors too if it's not too hot or buggy out. So when I was asked what part of the apartment I'd like to have sex in for this video, I suggested the terrace and that's where we did it! It was quite a view of the city. It was a little tight for space but we did it. Maybe people were watching us from their windows. I didn't notice anyone spying...I was too busy taking care of P.D.'s cock.See More of Daphne Rosen at SCORELAND.COM!. Breasts in tight tops & bras Tits In Tight Tops & Bras The XL Girls Archive upgrades this Jelena Jasper scene shot during a visit to SCORE model Merilyn Sakova in Kiev. Jelena, a Ukrainian, was already living in the United Kingdom and acted as a translator and all-around production assistant. With tits like hers, she just had to do something herself for our cameras.You know what are some of the most-hypnotic sounds in the world The sound of bra straps snapping and the rustling sound of fingers rubbing against the fabric of a woman's bra as she adjusts her precious cargo within the soft cups. Jelena's a very expressive woman--a writer as well as a model--and she's very comfortable speaking on video from being a web-cam babe. I love to be naked, hot and naughty, and I do look fabulous being naked, Jelena says. But the BEST thing is for me to wear a tight bra and a tight top. Nothing can be better than that! See More of Jelena Jasper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Leeanne lovelace: the fantasy dolly parton LeeAnne Lovelace: The Fantasy Dolly Parton Sometimes blonde, other times brunette (in this shoot, she's a redhead), LeeAnne (Leanna) Lovelace was sometimes billed on strip club marquees as The Million Dollar Jewel Box. That was because of her pierced cunt bejeweled with ten diamond studs.LeeAnne got her start when she went into a topless bar to apply for a waitress job. The manager offered her a dancing position instead and she started immediately. Over time she became a traveling feature stripper and got into porn.LeeAnne said she enjoyed blow tool more than getting head from guys. While LeeAnne licked cunt in videos, she wasn't into women off-camera. When it came to fucking, she was traditional. Being screwed in the missionary position was her favorite. See More of Leanne Lovelace at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Bikini bath babe Bikini babe Joana is not shy. She doesn't want to see if her bikini will shrink in the bath tub while she's wearing it. She just wants to field test her new suit and a swimming pool is not available. Hey, Joana, you look awesome in that bikini. 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