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Champagne room boom boom Champagne Room Boom Boom Stephanie Stalls' resting metabolism is normally high-energy and hyper-sexual. If her sex drive could be compared to a car engine, it would be a V-8 Twin Turbo. Those twin turbos Stephanie shakes around the USA get a real cruel and nasty work-out in Champagne Room Boom Boom at SCORELAND.The sexually-aggressive, Tennessee-born tit-an (part Cherokee, Irish and Scottish), who happens to live in Kentucky, goes wild on the stunt-dick, starting by pouring champagne all over her great boobs. After she and her booty call lap that up, they pour it on his cock so Stephanie can lap that up with her long tongue. Then they breast-bang and have sexual intercourse like it's an athletic competition, Stephanie's huge knockers bouncing with every stroke. How the bed didn't break under them was investigated by SCORE engineers. We're not saying this kinda thing goes on in every champagne room out there but it did here and Stephanie is responsible. She makes a lot of porn stars look like they're taking a nap during their scenes.Even guys where I live just freak out when they meet me, Stephanie said when she first came to SCORE. 'You're in magazines' and 'You're in porn' They love it. But I feel like I'm an ordinary person. I feel like I'm a regular girl. I don't think I'm anything special.Stephanie couldn't be more wrong about that. See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND.COM!. Boom-boom in the vip room Could you handle curvy dancer Alura Jenson if she was stripping for you in the VIP room of a strip club with no bouncers to get in the way You'll need all of your strength to keep up with her but she promises you the thrill and the ride of a lifetime. Alura's rewards would be worth it all. It's no gamble. She's a sure thing.Alura used to teach fitness classes. Originally from Philadelphia, city of boob smotherly love, Alura changed direction and became an exotic dancer and porn star. She's assertive, only masturbates when she has to (meaning when there's no guy to jump) and likes guys with body hair. Even though she can get into sex positions many wives and girlfriends won't do, Alura says that the basic missionary way is her favorite. Don't laugh! Alura said with a toss of her blonde mane. The first time she had sex was on a football field. He lifted my skirt, got on his knees and ate my cunt right out in the open!There's always time for Boom-Boom In The VIP Room with stacked strippers. It's the American way. See More of Alura Jenson at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexis silver - the boom-boom room The Boom-Boom Room Alexis is a big-titted street girl. She is a really good street girl. She is like the Bruce Lee of street girls. The kind of ho that you know really loves her job. The kind of ho that gives it her all. She is the kind of street girl who will blowjob you, have sexual intercourse you, let you stick some of your body parts in her booty and then she will eat your cum. Alexis is the kind of street girl all street girls should aspire to be. Watch her be all that she can be on this guy's rod. She picks him up in the street and then takes his meat to go, leading him to the Jacuzzi room in a rent-by-the-hour hotel. Here, in the comfort of this seedy hotel room, she works his junk like a seasoned pro, and she works her crisp British accent, too, which is very have sexual intercourseing hot! So you're probably wondering where all the big-titted, British cock-rockers are hanging out in your area, right You'll just have to find the right corner, buddy.See More of Alexis Silver at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Boom-boom in the vip room Boom-Boom In The VIP Room Ultra-stacked blonde sex-bomb Alura Jenson is from North Las Vegas. She's a shapely stripper with huge boobs at the world-famous Palomino Club, the only all-nude dancer club in Vegas that serves liquor. There, in that palace of pulchritude, Alura struts her sweet, horny stuff while the patrons watching her sit, sip and grow enough wood to stock a lumber warehouse. Alura has been dancing for Mr. Largo in the VIP Room, and when her set is over, she gets off the little stage and goes crazy-wild on his penish on the adjoining couch. She likes thick cocks. Anything goes in this VIP room. He has hit the jackpot with this bodaciously brazen babe. There is no hotter couch dance than this. Alura jerks his penish with a talented hand and blows it with a talented, experienced mouth. This dancer really loves the cock. She squeezes her great tits together, his penish between them and gives him a nut-churning tit-fuck. Alura and Mr. Largo are ready to screw. She climbs on his lap, shoves his prick into her stripper pussy and rides it like it's a bucking bronco at a western bar. And that's just the beginning of the ride.See More of Alura Jenson at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Autumn-jade - rockin in red Rockin In Red Listen up, Autumn-Jade maniacs. The lady's a cockrocker in red. Our horndog photographer was slobbering all over himself as he shot A-J in this oriental-style boom-boom room. When we saw this set, our nutsacks lost control. What is it about Autumn Set after set, she never strays from the basics. That cum-all-over-my-sweet-face look. Those fleshy floppers she loves to fondle. Those million dollar legs we'd love to rub our hot pricks all over. That pert little analy that begs to be plugged. And a twat that's always fresh and hot.Don't you know Autumn asks us. It's called K-I-S-S. 'Keep it simple, stupid'. I keep it simple. 'Cause I know what you all want. And I'm just so thrilled to keep on giving it to you. So, gentlemen, give the lady in red some respect. And a healthy dose of your man-glaze. It's the right thing to do.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Boom-boom in the champagne room Boom-Boom in the Champagne Room Some people will tell you that they went to the champagne room in a strip club with a hot girl and that they scored a piece of cunt for a reasonable price. We think that maybe that might have happened. But it doesn't happen all the time. Others will tell you that they went into the VIP and tried to score some cunt and got tossed out on their asses. We think that happens more often than not. We are here to tell you what probably happens in the champagne room on the regular. You spot a hot girl like Summer and she's dancing, swaying those jugs around like a couple of pom-poms. You pull out some cash and give her what we like to call a, dance donation, for her tit-swaying prowess. This convinces her to unveil said natural breasts and mash 'em on your face and crotch. This leads you to give her another dance donation. Whilst giving her your violent earned bucks for making you violent, she catches a glimpse of your wad o' cash and tells you that she will take you to the VIP room for that wad o' cash. What do you get in return Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you like natural breasts. Summer has probably had that figured out since you gave her the first tit-swaying dance donation. So, she whips your tool out, whips her natural breasts out and connects the two in a furious pumping and mashing experience that we like to call a tit-and-tug-aganza! Her talented tatas sucks your wad, she takes your wad o' cash, she wipes off your baby batter, exits stage left not a hair out of place and lives to dance another day. That sounds like it could happen, right Like it does happen, right Much more than your buddy's tall tale of banging a stripper like a jackhammer in the VIP, right Yeah, we think so, too. That's why we like the natural breasts-and-tug job so much. It's like the fast-food version of a appealing time. You get in, get off and get that order.See More of Summer Sinn at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Champagne room boom boom Champagne Room Boom Boom Stephanie Stalls is an aggressive woman, a sexual blow-torch, and she needs an aggressive man to satisfy her. After handing her have sex-friend a glass of champagne, Stephanie takes off her bra to give him an eye-popping look at what's in store.Her great boobs get a manhandling and a sucking. At one moment during their breastapalooza, he feeds Stephanie one of her own nipples to happily suck. Pouring the remainder of the champagne all over her boobs, Stephanie wants him to lick it off.Peeling off her skimpy panties, Stephanie lays back on the bed, her legs spread wide, her vagina waiting to be finger-plugged and then tongue-lashed. She suc on one of her nipples while he's driving his tongue into her pink cooch.Stephanie is gagging for the penish to slide into her throat. He pours some of the bubbly on his rod. Her eyes light up. She digs that. She sticks her tongue out as far as she can to catch some of the pour and gets wild on his dick.Stephanie wants penish between her huge boobs. Whatever Stephanie wants, she gets and she wants her bazooms banged rough and fast before they have sex. She sticks her tongue out to flick the head as it reaches her face.When he drives his penish into this huge-titted stripper like a ramrod, Stephanie's boobs shake and quake. She's getting the wham-bam slam-dance, nasty talking and spanking she wanted. Her screams fill the room as they have sex in different positions. When he's ready to blast his nut, she jerks him off into her mouth, and when he's drained, she looks at the camera with a satisfied, happy smile. Stephanie Stalls is not a porn star who has the guy do it all while she lays there. Stephanie is a high-energy SCORE Girl who pulls out all the stops.See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND.COM!. Pick-up on jugs lane Pick-Up On Jugs Lane Mr. B. & JMac are cruising the streets in a car looking for big-titted girls who will put out immediately. Call it drive-by fucking. They stop at a house where stacked Karla Lane is checking her mail. They actually jive-talk their way into her place and within minutes, she's blow and jacking J Mac's meat, squeezing his balls and swallowing his penish to the hilt. Mr. B. watches and photographs Karla. This lovely Latina really digs wrapping her lips and tongue around cock! She spits on his penish to lube her boobs for fucking. Karla says she loves tit-fucking. JMac spreads her legs open and gives this short 'n' stacked girl a solid boom-boom. See More of Karla Lane at XLGIRLS.COM!. Daniella grey in the great girl strip club Daniella Grey in the considerable Girl Strip Club Daniella Grey is one of the most-popular girls at the considerable Girl Strip Club and this glimpse into the private Boom Boom Room explains why. Mr. X is a regular and enjoys the action little hottie Daniella gives him. She gives me a hard-on that will not go down, declares Mr. X, who raves about Daniella to every customer within earshot. This lap dance fan goes to BGSC once a week to savor Daniella's incredible dances, her balls-deep cock sucking jobs, her huge tits on a tiny, sweet body and her sweet, tight pussy. Her tight ass, oh, yeah.Every city should have a BGSC with thick strippers. Why do all the strip clubs we know about only have skinny strippers with very little tit-flesh who look like they all came out of the same factory Where are all the strip clubs with chubbies and plumpers Don't they hire any Do none of them apply for stripper jobs It's a shame. See More of Daniella Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Dancing at the big girl strip club Stripper Alix Lakehust has a sex-crazed admirer. He's a customer at the big Girl Strip Club where Alix dances. He's been watching the well-cushioned cutie for a while and is going berserk over her shaking tits, thick body and bouncing anus. After her show, Alix talks him into a private couch dance in the VIP lounge, also known as the Boom Boom Room. Alix grinds her plump anus against his bone, giving him a lap dance that he'll want to try again and again. Alix is too good, however, and he's got a woodie that is killing him. As is often the case in these clubs, the private dance gets carried away. He begins dry-humping Alix and squeezing her big, fat tits, rubbing her nipples and enjoying the feel of her so-soft breastflesh. She reciprocates by blowing his stiff meat, sucks his ball-bag, jerking him and squeezing her jiggling jugs together so he can slide his cock through the valley surrounded by her hills. Someone's going to drop a hefty load, thanks to ultra-sexy Alix Lakehurst. She's a fine lap dancer, too.See More of Alix Lakehurst at XLGIRLS.COM!. Daniella grey in the big girl strip club Daniella Grey in the large Girl Strip ClubThe large Girl Strip Club boasts many hot and fleshy dancers. Daniella Grey's one of the most-popular strippers at BGSC. Daniella loves to entertain the guys on stage when she's in the mood to take a booking at the club. She's very agile and pulls Alix Lakehurst on stage to dance with her.Mr. X goes to BGSC once a week to get a private dance from Daniella in the Boom Boom Room when she is performing. A very private dance. A have intercourse dance. He wears sunglasses so no one will recognize him. Anything goes in the private room so he can have his way with her. He enjoys her deep throat sucks jobs, her big, natural breasts on a tiny, busty anatomy, her perfect, pink kitty and her tight butt-hole. When he's done, he suckss a load on the anatomy part of his choice. Her big, fat breasts catch the cum after he have intercourses her.She gives me a hard-on that will not go down, raves Mr. X. He talks about Daniella to every fellow patron in the club. Perfectly understandable.See More of Daniella Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Daniella grey in the large girl strip club Daniella Grey in the considerable Girl Strip Club The considerable Girl Strip Club boasts many hot and fleshy dancers. Daniella Grey's one of the most-popular strippers at BGSC. Daniella loves to entertain the guys on stage when she's in the mood to take a booking at the club. She's very agile and pulls Alix Lakehurst on stage to dance with her.Mr. X goes to BGSC once a week to get a private dance from Daniella in the Boom Boom Room when she is performing. A very private dance. A make love dance. He wears sunglasses so no one will recognize him. Anything goes in the private room so he can have his way with her. He enjoys her deep throat give suck jobs, her big, natural boobs on a tiny, curvy body, her perfect, pink pussy and her tight butt-hole. When he's done, he give sucks a load on the body part of his choice. Her big, fat boobs catch the ejaculate after he make loves her.She gives me a hard-on that will not go down, raves Mr. X. He talks about Daniella to every fellow patron in the club. Perfectly understandable.See More of Daniella Grey at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Big southern charms Great Southern Charms When Stephanie Stalls first strolled into SCORE in her sky-high heels that arched her back, thrust her great tits out and made her butthole stick out, SCORE editor Dave noted, Blonde hair, long legs, great butthole, great tits, pierced nipples, pierced clit...if any girl looks like a porn star, it's Stephanie. She wasn't a porn star on that day. She became one over a year later.Stephanie's a redhead now but every other part of her is the same including her boom-boom southern charm and wild sex drive. The only place she's have sexual intercourse on-camera is at SCORE. Now she's added webcam to her moves besides dancing at clubs around the country.You can sweet much correctly guess what you'd see Stephanie wearing back home during the spring and summer. A pair of shorts and a tank top. Flip-flops or tennis shoes. It's violent to hide my boobs. I wear a tank top. They have to be tight and they have to show my cleavage. I like shirts that are tight on my boobs. Stephanie likes to put on a show. I like to be looked at most of the time. I'm used to being looked at all the time. If I'm walking somewhere, guys will whistle at me or say, 'You're hot.' I wouldn't be here at SCORE if I didn't like the attention. See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND.COM!. Kelly kay - perfect pointers Perfect Pointers See Kelly Kay on DVD...because your massive drive might go boom one day and your collection will disappear. Alone With Kelly Kay is an all-Kelly DVD with nine scenes-with backstage video-as she poses alongside her mother, plus a slide show and several other backstage scenes. curvy Jack Girls features one Kelly video plus videos of sweater-stretching Romanian girls Crisa, Joana, Augustina, Florri and Petra. Crisa and Joana are now superstars.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Latina heat One of the large sex stars of SCORE, sultry Daylene Rio's round anus and heavy tits leave a trail of gawkers and exciting tit-men. The brunette Latina has enough boom-booms and bum-bum for three women. She's whacked more guys than the mafia.Daylene meets voluminous Pike and easily mounts Pike's peak in this steamy scene. A woman like Daylene deserves a thick pipe fuck her cunt and mouth. Pike has have sexual intercourse a score of SCORE hotties before but has never laid the wood to Daylene. He gives Daylene a royal screwing fit for a queen.Shooting my first scenes at SCORE did change me in a nice way, said Daylene. I am much more open to sex and I think I'm more aggressive now.One thing that's puzzling is what Daylene said about her dates. I've watched my SCORE videos and DVDs by myself, but for some reason when I'm on a date, the guy is always showing me clips of my scenes. Maybe because Daylene brings out the beast. See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Sheridan love - first threesome First Threesome Two mob guys are sent by their boss to his home for a special job. Keep an eye on his wife Sheridan Love for the day. If she wants to go shopping or out to lunch, they have to stick with her and make sure she gets home safe and sound and unmolested. If not, then it's badda-bing, badda-boom for the two of them. Sounds like an easy assignmentNot really. The wife is known to be a frisky type who likes to dress exciting and flirt. She's a handful and has an unbelievable body and big, soft tits. Some of the boss's men have been known to have gone fishing for taking liberties with his hot wife. Mob guy #1 lets mob guy #2 know to watch it and keep a distance from this maneater.Good advice. Sheridan answers the door when they pull up. She eyes them up and down and wants to know what's going on. When mob guy #1 tells her they're her escorts for the day, she gets annoyed. Eyeing mob guy #2, Sheridan tells mob guy #1 to inspect the premises. When he returns from checking the locks, he's shocked to see Sheridan on her knees blow his associate's boner, the drool dripping from her lips. What the have sex is going on here, he yells. You just killed us. We're done. We're done! Well, in that case, Sheridan interrupts, a string of her spit attached to mob guy #2's zucchini. You might as well join in. Seeing the logic in this, mob guy #1 takes his sausage out too and the two syndicate soldiers enjoy their last meal with Sheridan as the main dish. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Patty & the painter Patty & the painter European girls like to cock sucking penish hands-free. They get it. They get that by keeping their hands off the penish, their hands and arms don't block the photographer's view of their dangling boobs. Patty Michova also likes to make popping sounds as the penish exits her mouth. She knew everything about making sex look hot and horny when she did her first hardcore.Patty is a dancer. She likes to watch motorcycle racing, and she's a fan of the Yamaha Austria Racing Team. Daily workouts at a fitness center keep her trim anatomy tight and toned.When Patty first started, a SCORE reader wrote, She seems a cross between Linsey Dawn and Veronica Zemanova.I can see the Zemanova part. Veronica is a slim-and-stacked Czech model who was very big in the men's 'zine scene during the late '90s and early '00s. I just don't see any similarity to Linsey Dawn McKenzie, one of the all-time greatest naturals.Patty is from Slovakia and lives in Austria. She was encouraged by a friend to contact a SCORE photographer in the summer of 2013. Her first appearance at SCORELAND2 was in a hardcore scene called Pole-dancing fantasy girl. Boom! Right to the chase. Shot in a strip bar, it worked well since Patty has the dance moves and can do pole tricks, such as an upside-down cock sucking job.See More of Patty Michova at SCORELAND2.COM!. How to pick up big-boobed hotties Dulcinea is on foot looking for a friend's address. She's using her phone to guide her, but that's not working too well. A top-heavy tourist in town, she's lost. Tony comes to her rescue, stopping his car in the middle of the street when he sees this bosomy brunette. He offers to drive this busty stranger over and once they get to the house, he gives her a welcome bang to kick off her vacation in a show of heartwarming local hospitality.Most people would probably guess my boobs are what I consider best about me but after spending time with lots of men and women, it's most definitely my eyes, Dulcinea said. I love putting on a bit of makeup to emphasize them and then taking my time with a long, sloppy blowjob, making eye contact the entire time. The only reason guys last is because I draw out the tease. If I can tell they're close, I just softly say, 'Wanna cum on my lovely face' Boom! Instant orgasm!Which SCORELAND models does she highly admire and would like to meet one dayI have so many I admire! My husband and I are really into Sha Rizel and Hitomi, and I would love to hang out with Milly Marks, Jennica Lynn, and Micky Bells.Dulcinea's got a much higher sex drive compared to the women she's known.Definitely! A lot of girls are somewhat repressed and see sex as sort of a 'duty.' This is weird to me because I love have sex! And I love to do it all the time. It's also surprising to find out that a lot of girls don't get into it. I'm like, 'You haven't come so massive you blacked out You don't grind his penish until you can't move!' That is have sex sex!A swinger, Dulcinea's enjoying the ride. Everyone has been so supportive. The best reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. He was so stoked I did modeling so he wanted to watch it before he and his wife played with my partner and I. It was easy to tell he was really enjoying watching me because he got crazy massive in the first few seconds. I was too nervous to make the first move, but I should've gotten things started by suc his penish right there! See More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND.COM!.